The Ford Ranger falls far short of modern pickup-truck standards. It's ungainly and stiff-riding; has a rough, noisy and inefficient engine; plus a cramped and uncomfortable cabin. The interior is crudely finished too. Compact dimensions and a usefully sized bed are the Ranger's only pluses.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "4 wheel drive great for backroads. Acceleration and handling very good!"

    Jim Q., ON (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I love driving the Ranger on short trips. It handles like a go cart and has good acceleration."

    Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It's a great looking and great performing small pick-up. The mileage isn't good, but I didn't buy it for that. It's hauling capacity is limited by is's small size (width and length of bed), but it carries almost anything I need. It's a great small truck."

    Richard S., IL (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "very good for a pickup"

    Anonymous, SD (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Solid, dependable small truck. I wish it had a few more "bells and whistles", but then I bought it used; so someone else chose the options."

    Harry R., MO (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "POWER... it hauls ass"

    Roger Z., TX (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "great acceleration adn handles very well a nice vehicle to drive"

    Lloyd H., ON (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Quick acceleration and tight handling."

    Karen M., OR (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Good acceleration, Power, Rough ride, and bump control."

    Anonymous, UT (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It's a light pickup, stiff but a snazzy older car and a pleasure to have."

    Bill K., AZ (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It feels as much like driving a car as a 4x4 truck can. I used it on a 7,000 mile road trip last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it."

    Anonymous, WA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It is a speedy little truck, it handles really well cruising on the freeway right alongside all of the compact cars."

    Anonymous, NM (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "smooth, can keep up with traffic"

    Anonymous, NC (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It is what we wanted in a pickup truck. Good size and easy to drive."

    Gayl T., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "This is a pickup with 4 cylinder with manual transmission. It has no problem accelerating or keeping up with traffic. The handling is good, but rough roads and road imperfections cause rear wheels to loose contact with the road."

    Robert C., NY (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Acceleration is poor when engine operates below 2000 RPM."

    MERVYN B., GA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The Ford Ranger is under-powered, especially for highway, and the ride is super rough and jolts terribly. It has no power but the suspension is tuned for hauling a heavy load (that it wouldn't be able to pull)."

    JEFFORY S., NE (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Acceleration and power is excellent. My RANGER has the 4.0 V6 SOHC engine, which pulls our 1200 pound, 16-foot travel trailer so easily that you wouldn't even know it's hitched behind you."

    Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Good: Reasonable power-to-weight ratio, with good fuel economy; very good ABS; good feel to the power steering. Not a great ride but the Ranger feels solid and is a no-frills, tough truck. Bad: 5-speed manual transmission is sometimes balky. I'd bet this is a US-made transmission, as opposed the Mazda-made 5-speed manual transmission in my old 1992 Ranger."

    MIKE B., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "acceleration and handeling are good but i would have bought the full 4 door model instead of the half back doors,"

    WALTER J., PA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Must force the transmission to up shift when driving in the mountains."

    Anonymous, AZ (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I have the "edge" model which has a larger engine and great acceleration."

    Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Ranger)


    Anonymous, DE (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "This is my third Ranger over the years. It is small enough to get good mileage and big enough to carry anything that I get at the Home Depot for projects around the house.It is comfortable on longer drives and is extremely dependable."

    PAUL W., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Still rides nicely, seats comfortable and quiet (solid, no rattles) even though 6 years old."

    Harry R., MO (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The Ranger has a very stiff ride and is uncomfortable for long drives. The seats are stiff and the headrest pushes your head forward too much making it necessary to recline the seat further to avoid being uncomfortable. The noise level is good when all the windows are closed or open."

    Anonymous, IL (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "As your organization found out years ago, Ford Rangers drive like trucks...choppy and stiff ride, hard seats, somewhat noisy acceleration. But I still love Rangers, and am sorry Ford didn't upgrade them and keep a small truck line."

    Bruce R., PA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I wear ear plugs for outside noise ride in 2011 Ranger is just like our 1988 Ranger because interior styling is exactly THE SAME"

    Catherine F., WA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "ride too stiff"

    Gregory R., NV (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Cab is too small for someone of my size (I'm 6'4"), it's impossible to find a comfortable driving position for long trips."

    Roger B., OK (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Cabin is just too small. Very snug for me as I'm 6' 4"."

    Gloria B., OK (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Smooth ride, comfy seats, low road noise"

    Roger Z., TX (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The handling is not very good. Don't expect to maneuver out of someone's way quickly. Performance of the V6 (when the tires can handle the torque) is pretty good."

    Justin G., PA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I prefer bench seats but this has semi-bucket seats. Noise is probably more than in many vehicles but I don't care. Ride is on the rough side, just as your review said the year I bought it, but that's not a big concern for me., either."

    Tecla L., MI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "It is a 4X4 and the ride is really brutal. Other than that it is a good truck."

    Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Comfort is just OK; this vehicle has been out of production for 7 years and was last updated in the early 2000's, so it is comfortable only from the standpoint that is was good in its era."

    Anonymous, NH (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Seats become uncomfortable after driving for a couple of hours straight."

    Patrick N., MI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Lots of road noise heard inside the vehicle. The seats are manually controlled and made of cloth. I improved the ride by upgrading the suspension system."

    Scott B., IA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "driver's seat is quite uncomfortable; had to put a wedge-shaped cushion on the seat"

    Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "handy truck to have rides nice quiet and dependable nothing is bad about this truck."

    Anonymous, NY (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I'm 6"4" and this truck is just too small."

    GLORIA B., OK (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The seats are terribly uncomfortable in this model year. I had a 2002 Ranger and it was very comfortable. I don't know what it is about this model year but driving it for more than an hour is painful. Other than that it is a great truck and very capable."

    THEODORE K., NJ (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Noisy when driving, have to raise volume on talking or using entertainment system"

    JANET P., GA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Stiff suspension results in rough ride."

    Anonymous, ON (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Great truck but rides hard."

    EILEEN M., NC (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Seats need to have better padding. After a couple of hours of continuous driving the seats feel like your sitting directly on the coils. Somewhat noisy at highway speeds. Ride is very stiff. During any try of rain the right rear tire spins during right turns unless the vehicle is in 4 wheel high."

    PATRICK N., MI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "noisy and bumphy ride."

    Anonymous, UT (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Too bad FORD stopped offering the RANGER pickup trucks. It was the very best of midsize trucks, and they finally got the ride correct. My 2011 RANGER feels more like an automobile suspension, but it's still a durable and well-built workhorse in all other aspects."

    Anonymous, CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Seating is surprisingly comfortable. Truck is noisy when moving. Armrest breaks down often. Brake system always feels like rotors need turning, even after service. (Rough feeling when braking)."

    Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Ranger)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Gas mileage not as good as I would have liked."

    James K., MT (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "We love our Ford Ranger and will keep it as long as it still runs since they don't make it any longer. It was a good buy and we wouldn't be able to replace it for anywhere near the amount we ended up paying for it."

    Catherine B., OH (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Very good value for what it is used for."

    Gayl T., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I bought mine on a great sales promotion. The truck has been worth every penny."

    Mark V., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Good price and utility in a small truck. Resale value seems good."

    Anonymous, VT (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "we got about 10 grand reduction in price - good bad is the automatic transmission mpg"

    Catherine F., WA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Although it represents old technology, my Ranger does everything I need it to do, it fits in my garage, and looks sharp. I thought the all-in price of $20k was outstanding given the much higher pricing on the other pickup trucks."

    Anonymous, MI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I got a safety recall in July 2016 from Ford Motor Company because of the Hakata Passenger Side Airbag (Potentially Life Threatening). To date, Ford Motor Company continues to be unwilling or unable to correct this defect due to lack of parts. They continue, of course, to build and sell new Ford Trucks. I cannot imagine any circumstance in which I would be willing to purchase ANY other Ford product! at any time in the future!"

    Mervyn B., GA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "At the time of purchase when new, one could not have found more truck for the money and additionally it has depreciated little."

    Anonymous, MA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Great little truck. It's not anything to do real farm on construction work, but it's great to have a bed to throw things in, bikes, camping stuff, and any other gear."

    Anonymous, NM (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "My Ranger is experiencing excessive body rust given the age, low mileage, and good care that it receives."

    Edward K., WI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "I paid 14,800 for this new in 2012 and very little has gone wrong with it. It has very good fuel mileage, for a small pickup , that ranges from 26 to 31 mpg when driven conservatively. I can see rust spots developing on the bumpers and in other areas."

    Robert C., NY (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Great look and ride. Wasn't too much truck or horsepower, but definitely enough for what I needed."

    Karen M., OR (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Many people stop me to talk about this one. It's clean, small, very classy for a pickup, with 40 some thousand easy miles. I'll have no problem selling it when I run out of time!"

    BILL K., AZ (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The vehicle I purchased has the extended cab, which makes extremely versatile. I also opted for a manual transmission."

    Anonymous, FL (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Got a great price for an end of production vehicle."

    MARK V., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "This truck only had 6100 miles on it at purchase which was on target as for as market value at that time."

    Anonymous, DC (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Factory Rebate Price $ 7500 as model was being discontinued."

    Anonymous, PA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Purchased used at a massive reduction from the new MSRP"

    DANIEL A., NC (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "The dealer just sent an offer to me to purchase it back for more than I paid for it. I have had strangers offer to buy it from me when I have been in parking lots or at a gas station. I guess it was a good value. I'm not selling it."

    Anonymous, MO (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Compare this vehicle to popular premium trucks from Toyota, Nissan, etc. I believe the Ranger was actually manufactured by Mazda, and is competitive at a lower price."

    Anonymous, CO (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Got a very good deal on this vehicle as it was being dropped from the Ford lineup."

    MIKE M., WI (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Still holding value"

    ROGER Z., TX (2011 Ford Ranger)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Color, wheel well protectors, grill - all good"

    Anonymous, IN (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "Thought when I bought it, it had rear doors that open. It does not and is very inconvenient."

    JANET P., GA (2011 Ford Ranger)

    "All black leather interior and support in just the right places. The comfort and convenience items show a real concern for driving comfort. I think they made this car with my wife in mind because it is so comfortable. The turning radius and backup camera make it a breeze to get in and out of parking spots at Costco. It is fun to start moving without a sound when pedestrians are walkng behind me."

    PAUL W., CA (2011 Ford Ranger)

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