The world needs more small trucks. They’re easier to park and maneuver and cost less to feed than full-sized behemoths, like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500. But then the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado twins came along with the first modern compact truck redesign in 11 years. GM had high hopes for this truck, and sales have been strong.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handling is good, is a little high centered. acceleration is okay not as quick as the other cars"

Anonymous, CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Bad: Truck sometimes hunts for the right gear when accelerating causing some hesitation. Good: good power and handling. Tows trailer well."

Bob F., FL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Does not accelrate smoothly, transmission seems to be in the wrong gear."

Anonymous, IL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Good handling; good visibility; no blind spots; responds well;"

Stan T., TX (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The Duramax diesel gets great mileage with the average around 26 mpg. Has good acceleration for a 4 cylinder diesel."

Anonymous, WA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Transmission does not shift smooth."

Ray S., PA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The four cilinder engine has no pick up power. Guess engine is too small for the truck. Truck has beautiful. Lines. Should have bought the six. Cilinder instead."

Lisandro L., FL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Maintaining a slow speed (20-25 mph)the engine will act as if it missing, i.e.,it runs rough until you accelerate to increase speed. This is especially noticeable when going up a slight incline."

Lawrence R., LA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"This truck is perfectly optimized for towing. It is rated for 7500 tow GVW and handles it with ease. It gets 20-22 mpg towing on flat land and has all the systems on board one would want for towing."

Gary D., OR (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Performance with the 2.5L duramax diesel has exceeded my expectations. Acceleration is much better than anticipated and engine noise is much less than any other diesel I have owned. The vehicle is a pickup and had handles like a larger vehicle, but is decently responsive for a little truck built on a frame. Suspension is quite stiff with the 4-wheel drove."

Matthew G., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Holds the road, corners smoothly."

Anonymous, IL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"great looking, comfortable to drive and park. fair gas mileage"

Michael H., CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"the v-6 does everything i want or need. good mileage. handles fine. safety features are a benefit. may have averted a problem."

Charles W., CO (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Easy to drive and park. Fits in my garage. Diesel is astounding, 28.4 mpg for almost 5,000 lb vehicle. Carries heavy loads of gravel or sod with no problem. Takes off like a rocket at stoplights, even though engine is running at 2,000 rpm torque amazing, Iwould probably be getting 30 + mpg. 4 WD excellent."

James B., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"I have a Canyon diesel. The ride is great, acceleration is fine and I have no complaints whatsoever about the handling"

Paul-Peggy B., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Transmission shift points unsatisfactory. The transmission often seems to be searching for the right gear. It lugs badly after turning a corner, and needs a firm kick on the gas pedal to force a downshift."

Michael A., FL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The deciding factor to purchase this GMC Canyon over a Toyota Tacoma was the 2.8 litre turbo diesel. The engine is well paired with the size of the truck. If offers good acceleration (for a diesel engine), it has a smooth ride and precise steering for a pickup. I like the size and easy of driving. We pull a T@B travel trailer that weights about 2,000 pounds and it does this very well still getting about 13 litres/100 kms. Without the trailer I can get into the mid 7l/100 kms on highway trips. I think this truck and engine have filled a gap that existed in the Canadian market."

Warren M., AB (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Fantastic Diesel Power. Relatively quiet and easy to drive and park. Glad I did not buy a full size pickup truck, which don't need."

JAMES B., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Plenty of power in the V-6, but the six-speed transmission is a disappointment. From a stop, the transmission rushes thru the gears in order to achieve mileage goals. Slow down, then accelerate and it hunts for the correct lower gear. Feels like going too slow in fourth gear on a manual transmission."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 GMC Canyon)

"por gas mileage"

ALAN W., OH (2016 GMC Canyon)

"excellent power and acceleration, ride and handling seem solid."

FRANK R., AR (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Manual transmission only comes in 4 cylinder -- should make a 6 cylinder option -- pretty weak on inclines."

DONNA M., CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"It drives like a truck. It's fun."

JOSEPH D., MO (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The 6 speed transmission on the 6 cyl does not down shift properly. Too wide a range in the gear ratios. Wish it came with a cd player."

Anonymous, CO (2016 GMC Canyon)

"After the vehicle warms up and I need to accelerate like getting on to the freeway, the vehicle is sluggish and won't get moving. You have to really tromp on the gas pedal to get it moving."

Anonymous, NM (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Acceleration is poor on this vehicle. Its the 6 cylinder model."

JEFFREY E., AB (2016 GMC Canyon)

"As an emergency responder, Paramedic the acceleration and response are superior."

RICHARD H., NY (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Acceleration is the weakest point for the Canyon. It's got a V6 similar to the Camaro, but compares like a snail to a jack rabbit. I am strongly considering an aftermarket tune to allow the truck to get out of it's own way"

SAM S., NJ (2016 GMC Canyon)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The front seats are poorly constructed and the leather cover does not stay attached at the front of both the driver and passenger seats. It has been back to the dealer several times and they are unable to correct. GM has been unable to address the issue besides thanking me for the feedback so they can address in a future model. The trim is not what you would expect for a truck that costs more than $40k."

Matthew G., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Ride is stiff"

Anonymous, AR (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The canyon overall is a great pickup, however with GM there are those issues that always pop up. The truck just hit 36,500 miles and the leather seats are ripping in the seam. Knowing GM they won't fix it. However my 19 yr old son, who drives the truck, told the service manage " I now see how gmc works and don't you think I will buy a lot more trucks in my lifetime." I'm sure his next truck will be a Ford."

Jill F., IN (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Very comfortable especially on long trips."

Douglas P., TX (2016 GMC Canyon)

"th seats are supportive and comfortable even on long drives even for me who is 61 in tall"

Anonymous, TX (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Comfort ride but some noise from out side"

Harold J., MI (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Excellent seat height with good adjustable lumbar support. Seats are not as comfortable as what I had in my Honda Odyssey, but excellent for a smaller pickup. Ride is somewhat stiff with the 4 wheel drive and short wheel base with the short bed. This was a trade off to be able to flat tow the truck behind a motor home. Back seat is tight for adults, but front is very roomy."

Matthew G., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Seats are a little narrow, they could have deceased the size of the console."

Anonymous, MS (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The Canyon is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever experienced in my life. The heated seats are outstanding"

Paul-Peggy B., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"I find the seats comfortable and the ride and noise levels very good for a mid sized truck."

Anonymous, NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The Canyon rides like a luxury sedan disguised as a pickup; most comfortable vehicle I've owned in the 7 decades that I have owned vehicles."

Anonymous, IL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"furstrating parking brake mechanism. ignition key had issue with sticking and not coming out."

Michael H., CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Seats are uncomfortable. Front power seats do no go up & down, they pivot on the back making the front of seat and the rear not level as they go up and down. For $43,000 the seats should be much better."

James B., NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Seat position not as comfortable as I would like."

Anonymous, IL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The seats need to have more adjustment settings"

Anonymous, PA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Perfect size and extremely dependable.... Love it"

Mary C., DE (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Rough bumpy, need to improve and less rough bumpy"

Anonymous, ID (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Drivers seat could use more lumbar support."

CHARLES W., CO (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Drivers seat only raises or lowers the back adjustment which tilts it forward when raised. Therefore the adjustment is limited and the seat rides higher than I would like. Also there is no left footrest within reach of my leg"

Anonymous, CT (2016 GMC Canyon)

"quietest truck I've ever driven, blocks out road very comfortable, very smooth ride unlike choppy stiff ride of Tacoma, good quality leather, no blind spots-great visibility"

Anonymous, WA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Very solid body structure; compliant ride; secure handling; excellent and easy to use infotainment screen/system"

DANIEL D., PA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"One of the most comfortable vehicles I've ever owned. It is especially good for long road trips. Lots of room, amenities and very supportive seats - front & rear."

Anonymous, TX (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Seats are not adjustable enough, only 4 way power, heated but not cooled. The ride is good, noise level is good. Truck has no moonroof available. This truck can tow 7700 lbs. but has no tow mirrors !!!"

JOYCE H., SC (2016 GMC Canyon)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"For money looks great is very quiet for a truck but is some what a little rock and roller as trucks go."

Anonymous, FL (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Great size, comfortable, great voice controls, perfect size for small tasks"

Randy M., ON (2016 GMC Canyon)

"I am not satisfied with the transmission. In particular, it downshifts when going downhill and using the brake. Thatis not the problem. The problem is upshifting when I accelerate after it downshifts. From 3rd to 4th it won't shift till you hit 4000 RPMs. GMC won't look at it to fix this."

Anonymous, PA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Great truck that has the comfort and features of a SUV."

Anonymous, VA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Best ride in a pick-up for the money."

Douglas P., TX (2016 GMC Canyon)

"We feel like we got a very good price compared to what our options were for the F-150 and the Ridgeline. All our friends were buying F-150's, but they are too long to fit in my garage, and I didn't want to buy something I'd always have to get into and out of in bad weather, or which would be 120 degrees when I opened the door at the store."

Anonymous, NC (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Price to high"

Harold J., MI (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Excellent price for it. It was a new 2016 which we purchased in 2017. I gave the dealership a price we had from another dealer for a 2017 Toyota and was the GMC beat that price by $3,000. I got almost 8,000 off on the MSRP."

Anonymous, OR (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The price is a little high for a truck, but it is what you have to pay if you do not want a full size truck. Overall the vehicle offers a lot of details and accessories."

ANTONIO G., NM (2016 GMC Canyon)

"I have not found anything about this truck I don't like."

RICK M., CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Buy it for the price/value."

ROBERT B., FL (2016 GMC Canyon)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Love the overall look and size of the vehicle, but very disappointed that tail lights and DRLs are not LED."

SAM S., NJ (2016 GMC Canyon)

"The color we got was that pearly red and people have stopped my husband and told him how pretty the truck and color are. Seats could be more comfortable though."

JUDY W., AR (2016 GMC Canyon)

"Very good looking truck. The interior is great and well finished. Feels great to drive"

ANTONIO G., NM (2016 GMC Canyon)

"It is Avery nice looking truck and the perfect size"

MICHAEL H., CA (2016 GMC Canyon)

"improved turning radius over past models"

DAVID L., OR (2016 GMC Canyon)

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