This version of the Honda CR-V ranked near the top of the small-SUV category during its time. The rear seat is roomy, the interior is flexible, and handling is improved. Simple controls, a steady ride, and a smooth, responsive powertrain are strengths, but the sleek styling has a negative effect on visibility and cargo space.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very good acceleration and handling. Does very well in snow."

ROBERT P., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"For long trips it's very comfortable and handles well in mountainous areas. It has plenty of pick-up when needed."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"For a not very sporty car, the CRV handles really well on mountain roads and has good acceleration entering a freeway or maneuvering in traffic."

P T., UT (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration is poor and no one seems to be able to align it correctly anymore-it constantly pulls to the right."

MANDY E., NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Especially like the mileage, by being light on the accelerator, we exceed posted mpg. Rides comfortable and is responsive when needed."

STEVE S., IN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"needs a bit more power"

JEROME P., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Reliability and versatility"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Good handling"

P B., NE (2008 Honda CR-V)

"it does not turn as I would expect on slippery roads/winter conditions. when skidding, you have to get off the brake and give it gas to get out of the skid, counterintuative."

VERN V., MN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Fun to drive like a little jeep"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"It is perfect for me, b/c I am short and my husband is taller, it makes for easier handling for both of us."

NICK-MAUREEN S., OH (2008 Honda CR-V)

"good acceleration and handling"

KENNETH J., NC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent drive control and handling, even after 120000 miles"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very dependable after 8yrs and still fun to drive."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"When you accelerate and somewhere when it hits about 25 rpms, there is a high pitch noise. I took it in, but folks at the dealership could not hear it (nor my husband). My daughter and other female friends have noticed this as well."

Anonymous, LA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"It has lived up to its promises. I still get wonderful gas mileage and everything works. I have a recall on my air bags and Honda has given me a rental to use until the parts come in for my auto."

JAMES B., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"It's awkward in reverse."

IRENE F., CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Acceleration with the 4 cylinder engine needs improving, especially when passing cars on the open road."

JOHN E., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)


JACK C., TN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Drives great!"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very comfortable for long rides and gets great milage on highway. Very little maintenance"

Anonymous, QC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"This is actually a very well built and fun car to drive. I like to throw it around like a sports car at times. Being a 4wd the gas mileage isn't the greatest (about 21 mpg avg., 28 mpg the best). The only real negative here is the lack of power. That little 4 banger really works well, no problems whatsoever, but if there were ever a car that needed, or could use, a turbo, this is it. After 8 years of driving in all weather conditions and roads, it is still a solid, rattle-less, squeak-less"

K J., TX (2008 Honda CR-V)


Anonymous, NJ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"the acceleration is very adequate for regular driving in town and driving on the freeways."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle drives and accelerates extremely well. It is an excellent around town car."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Honda CR-V)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Would like to have memory seats. Newer high end model has this feature."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"VERY roomy interior,particularly for back seat passengers. Comfortable in both front and back for adults."

LUANNE G., NM (2008 Honda CR-V)

"would like the ride to be smoother when making turns"

M W., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"this model does not dampen outside road noise very well -"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"We test drove other vehicles in that class: Nissan, Hyundai, etc. but both my wife and I loved the Honda CRV immediately because of how it seem to fit us more comfortably than the others. It's a great size without being too big or small."

MARK O., MO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats stiff. Ride somewhat noisy.. Brakes very responsive. Blind spots during shoulder checks.."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are really uncomfortable with very little cushioning."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats very comfortable, climate control works well, but there is a lot of road noise during highway driving, and the ride is not fabulous."

M H., WI (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I LOVE my seat warmers. Too bad they're only in the front seats."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very bad road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The road noise is loud in this vehicle."

Anonymous, LA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is a bit crude and noisy"

JEROME P., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Noise level is high"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Too much road noise."

RICARDO M., IN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Just that there's road noise"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Cabin seems very noisy. road noise etc."

PAUL F., NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are uncomfortable. The headrest is tilted too far forward. The air conditioning system does not work as well as my van."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"noisy interior"

RANDY B., CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise on the highway makes it difficult to listen to the audio system."

RANDY C., NE (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Main complaint about comfort is road noise. But I understand that's been improved in newer model years."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I consider the wind noise while driving at highway speed with windows closed to be excessive."

JERRY L., WI (2008 Honda CR-V)

"SEATs could use a few more adjustments A little noisy inside car"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The leather seats has remained in almost original condition, driving noise is noticeable, the climate system is adequate, the ride is comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Front seats (non leather) are very uncomfortable and not supportive."

Anonymous, CT (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The A/C system is not very good. You already reported this. Reading CR is how I found out Honda would pay for new compressor and clutch. Thank you! The road noise is pronounced and the ride is too choppy."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"interior picks up all the noise from the outside. also the ride can be rought."

JOSEPH B., PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Re call on passenger air bag Not addressed"

JACK C., TN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Noise. Rear wheels make a distinctive whoshing sound. Dealer/service dept. unable to make sound go away. Don't know if it's a defect or not. It's annoying."

DORIS E., MD (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Automatic climate control - set it and forget it. We tried several smaller vehicles and this was the only one my wife and I found comfortable regarding seating. On the down side, only the driver's seat is four-way adjustable. The passenger's seat lacks lumbar support."

ALLEN W., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"This is the "EXL" trim. Ride is harsh, Tire & wind noise; Not as quality sound system (AM/FM/XM/CD) as I hoped. Seats good; dual climate control excellent."

RANDALL G., AL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"My biggest issue with the CRV is road and wind noise. The seats are comfortable and the car handles reasonably well for a SUV but the quietness have to improve for me to consider another CRV"

ROBERT C., MN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"After 227000 miles the heat and AC still work great, and the seats are super comfortable, even on long drives."

JUDITH N., CT (2008 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is uncomfortable, noisy and lacks storage. Plus the gas mileage is poor for a small car."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I wish it was quieter."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The feel of the road is a bit more noticeable and on other vehicles I've owned."

MARI A., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Has a lot of road noise = noisy"

CHARLES B., AK (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Both front seat cushion started to fall apart after about five years and the passenger rear door lock is erratic."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I have "leather" seats which are cracking on the side. I was told only the top is leather- the rest is vinyl, hence, the cracking. Also , the seats could be a bit more luxurious i.e, padding, style etc. I would prefer that the second row of seats would fold flat rather than fold against the front seats."

BONNIE H., IL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise still a huge problem with the cr-v. Considering another brand."

ROBERT N., OH (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Over the 8 years I've owned this vehicle, I've learned that the way the back seats fold down is not the best. They don't fold flat, but it would have been better if they had."

JUDY Y., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"This vehicle is noticeably less quiet & A/C is slightly less capable (I've had it serviced to be sure). Ride & seats are fine."

MAURICE S., SC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is very noticeable"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are way to short and not comfortable at all and lots of road noise!"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats are sagging and decreasing in comfort, The road noise has been bad from new until now"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Like s tin can. Can always hear road and wind noise. Passenger tire front always needed air from day one and finally blew when driving on freeway and was at less than 18000 miles. Dealer was always saying there was no tire issue!! Also the promised to install backup beeping device then did not at time of purchase"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The drivers seat is a little uncomfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"A lot of road noise (some of which may be from the tires),"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I have always found the seats in the CRV to be hard. and the ride stiff. I know its related to the wheelbase, but there is little cushioning to the ride inside. This is my wife's car, so its not so much an issue for me, except when we take her car rather than the Ridgeline."

RAMON B., SD (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Back seat is uncomfortable."

LESTER M., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Ride is uncomfortable on long road trips. It is also very noisy."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats not comfortable on long trips. That's why we bought the GMC."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The highway noise is too loud."

MARY B., WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Climate control"

JONATHON P., NC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"If I could improve anything on this car it would be the seats. They do not provide good support like my Volvo seats. On long trips my lumbar area burns from lack of support in the CRV seats. This never has happened in my Volvo. Also, a bit quieter ride would be a plus."

CYNTHIA M., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise from tires is bad."

KENT C., IL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Comfort, ride & noise - all superior, better than most previous cars owned or driven"

W N., PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats have no lumbar support and are not comfortable for driving long distance"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Not enough leg room, road noise"

JAMES S., AZ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Since I don't have much "butt" muscle, I have to sit with a cushion on my seat (the CR-V doesn't have the most comfortable seats)."

DONALD A., SC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats in LX model could more comfortable. Cabin noise is higher than I would like."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Problems with A/C system. Now on third attempt and a total of $12000 to try to get it fixed. A/C is clearly a weak area in an otherwise acceptable machine."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are getting more uncomfortable after years of use. Also the leather on driver side armrests have ripped and really wearing. The leather seats do not hold up well and hard to clean. They are very uncomfortable in hot weather and skin sticks to them. Would have chose cloth seats if it was available or better leather."

MARILYN R., PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"They could make the seats as comfortable as the Nissan..."

ROBIN S., VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are not very comfortable especially for long drives. I think I would buy a new CRV if only the seats were more comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"the noise factor on the highway could be quieter"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The car is not well insulated and road noise is lout. Ride quality is very average, feel most all road bumps."

TOM D., TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"a little small for tall people"

Anonymous, GA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Road noise is too loud, especially at freeway speeds.Tried two different sets of tires, including high-grade Michelin tires, but didn't solve the problem."

HARVEY B., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats themselves provide pretty good support especially for longer trips. Road noise about average and was helped a lot from better tires (which I bought based on recommendation from Consumer Reports)."

MICHAEL R., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Several features inside are lacking in convenience or space consideration. Very little hidden storage inside."

Anonymous, IN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Comfortable but lots of road noise. Live the heated seats."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"My only complaint w/ this car is road noise. From reading on the Internet, I'm not the only owner w/ this complaint. Other than that, the 08 was a great year for this car."

ANDY B., GA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"More road noise than I would like."

CARL E., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The ride is a bit harsh. A softer ride over bumpy roads would make the car near perfect."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Seats do not have enough rearward travel for tall people and aren't that comfortable."

THOMAS S., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seating and interior have not held up as expected from a Honda. We purchased the premium leather seat package, but have several areas like the armrests where the trim is wearing much more than it should for a car of this age / mileage."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Honda CR-V)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great car. Seats are tough to take after 3-4 hours."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"In 8 years there has never been a problem with the vehicle. No repairs have been needed other than regular maintenance, including replacing the brakes and tires when worn."

STEVEN R., WA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Value good, but gas mileage has been disappointing from the start. It also is hard on tires, which somewhat undermines the economy realized by low maintenance expenses."

M H., WI (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I just passed 200,000 miles (in 8 years). There was a major problem with the AC which I had to pay for in full because the vehicle was over 100,000 miles. If it had been under 100,000 then Honda would have paid for it."

MANDY E., NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Best car I ever purchased. Minimal upkeep costs and great performance."

JAMES B., MO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I purchased this used car at a dealership; the interior facing on the door cracked within the first year; all four of the door actuators have Been replaced and I am in negotiations to have the ones not covered under recall paid for also. Thus far, no luck. The weather stripping around windows also is peeling."

ALANA C., TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Had a door lock recall and airbag recall. Informed about airbag recall because of death causing shrapnell. We were informed in November of 2015 and it is now August 2016 and theystill don't have the parts to fix them."

JOSEPH A., NJ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The quality of the interior and accessories for the price is really good."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I got a reliable roomy car for a good price. The only problems that I have had was with problems that were recalled and were paid for by Honda. And I think that is amazing!"

MARILYN S., OK (2008 Honda CR-V)

"No service issues until 70,000 and then standard repairs. Very interested in annual upkeep costs as well as a reliable vehicle. Honda meets exceptions."

M K., WV (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I have over 200,000 miles on my C-RV and have only had to do routine maintenance and minor wear and tear issues (A/C compressor, cooling fan motor, etc). It's been a great car for the money. It runs like a top and I hope to drive it until it reaches 300,000 miles."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Easy to drive and park, good driver visibility, good gas mileage, great for the mountains and taking the dogs to the Vet, Has all the trim packages and looks good in public. Wife's car."

JAMES H., CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I consider it overall basic transportation. It is good enough to haul some items when I am doing work on my house. The TPMS system has been an annoying feature going off and on at random...and this after I replaced all the sensors after the last time I had new tires installed."

MICHAEL R., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent "bang for the buck." Fantastic vehicle with minimal maintenance requirements."

MELISSA H., TN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Since I bought this unit used, I only paid about 25% of what a new one wold cost. With low mileage and a three year warranty (and excellent condition), we are very pleased with our purchase. Gas mileage and reputation are great."

ALLEN W., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"We got our money's worth. Very low maintenence"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Good value for the money. Noisy when driving"

DAN D., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The CR-V is not exciting to drive but it is an INCREDIBLE value. We got 300,000 miles on our first CR-V and are up to 227,000 on this one (2008) with only one major repair. Extremely reliable & durable."

JUDITH N., CT (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The primary reason for the purchase was the wide 90 degree opening doors. It gives easy access to someone in a wheelchair and easier entry to anyone of advanced age or disabled in some way."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Bought new, wife drove 7 years w/no problems, BUT has been sitting in our garage since 4/16 because of Takata airbag inflator recall. Honda is providing a rental car while waiting on inflator."

JOHN M., AL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"High reliability, sufficient cargo room."

RICHARD C., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Excellent value for price paid; hardly any issues to note other than Takata airbag replacements"

STEVE H., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"A solidly reliable car, with great carrying capacity, good gas mileage and comfortable seats and interior. I love this car."

ELISE H., VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Relative value to price I paid is fair to good. We have had numerous recalls which Honda has taken care of, except the airbag - we have been waiting 3 months on that. The air system is problematic, but is used quite a bit. I am frustrated by the airbag issue - I feel like I am driving a death trap as they still don't have the parts to fix it."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Fairly expensive to buy, but holds value well."

Anonymous, MN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"just happy we only drive that CR-V 2000 km per year"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable, always starts,decent comfort"

JOHN L., IL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Value is excellent. I do regular maintenance, and have not had a single emergency repair since purchased. I bought a top quality car, and have had no reason to see it differently. 102,000 miles."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I bought this car in 2007 and have had little to no trouble with it. If it weren't for the fact that it's 2WD and the air conditioning doesn't work (not the fault of the original system - it had to be rebuilt after a wreck), I would keep it longer."

MICHELE F., PA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"In 8 years, I have yet to have any repairs needed. Far exceeded my expectations."

MICHAEL S., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Only spent $21,500. So far in nine years, the car has performed very well."

ROBERT P., MA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Super reliable"

PAT J., CT (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Storage wholly inadequate. No room for documents, manuals. Luggage storage is minimal. Two undercover storage areas in rear are completely impractical and useless. Third row of seats too congested and uncomfortable for adults."

RICHARD J., VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Reasonable price for what the car has"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Bought second hand at low mileage and good price."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable vehicle that has been worked hard for 8 years not only driving but also pulling a utility trailer for home improvement projects. Also goes through snow like a snow machine. It has 350000 Kilometers"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Car is an excellent fit for short women. Had controls, and arm rests - which most sedans do not. when replaced - the next car will also be selected for fit and comfort first (likely a small SUV)"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"We have had very good experience with this car. Road noise a little high. Mileage has been good in town and on the road."

WILLIAM F., CO (2008 Honda CR-V)

"It can be towed behind an RV with all wheels down. New model CRV cannot which is disappointing."

PAUL N., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"The seats are very uncomfortable for long trips. This car barely excelarates when you push the gas pedal on the way down. It's very noisy drive."

JOANIE P., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Honda knowingly sold CRV's for many years that had A/C units that would fail. It cost us about $2000. to have repaired out of warranty. This problem existed years prior to our 2008 mfg. Never consider Honda brand in future."

PETER B., FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I love my CR-V. I'm just very disappointed of all the recalls & air condition issues due to poor design & choices."

Anonymous, FL (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Couldn't have picked a better car for my needs. Just the right size for family travel and local driving economy. I particularly like sitting above the other vehicular traffic. Greatly appreciate the dealer service regardless how little I need it."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"As much as I dislike the high noise level in my CRV and the failure of the clutch in the AC compressor, it has still been an amazingly reliable vehicle over my 8 years of ownership. I believe that Hondas, more so than any other brand, are built to last."

ROBERT C., MN (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Very reliable, holds its' value."

JAMES K., AR (2008 Honda CR-V)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The color I thought I was getting is not what I got. When I test drove a CRV, it was a pretty green & when mine came in, it was olive green."

TONI C., NY (2008 Honda CR-V)

"My CRV has a leather interior. I only have 39000 miles on the vehicle and the "leather" on the driver side arm rest is wearing off - it appears to NOT be leather - looks more like a paper thin piece of plastic. That is my only complaint with this vehicle --- not critical but very annoying."

JUDI C., AZ (2008 Honda CR-V)

"I had a 2000 CRV before this one; I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, except the AC didn't work even though it was replaced twice. The back door opened sideways on the 2000 so I could fit more things in it. The 'new' design is such that people with physical difficulties cannot easily enter and exit the 2008; the door configuration on the 2000 CRV was designed wider and easier to get into with walkers and to pivot from wheelchairs."

ALANA C., TX (2008 Honda CR-V)

"17 inch wheels. Overall shape"

ALLAN K., CA (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Love the fact that it hasn't gone out of style!"

NICK-MAUREEN S., OH (2008 Honda CR-V)

"Classic look"

JONATHON P., NC (2008 Honda CR-V)

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