The Fit is roomier on the inside than you might expect, with an interior that is unusually versatile and flexible. It also has easy cabin access and a panoramic outward view. Well equipped, the Fit also has comfortable seating. Lightness and agility make it fun to drive, plus the powertrain is smooth and willing and fuel economy is enviable.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"About 15 to 20 more horsepower would have been nice. With the later redesign of the Fit I can't see why Honda id not do this and switch to a six speed automati in 2014.. Handling is amazing."

D T., WI (2010 Honda Fit)

"Steering very responsive; peppy for such a tiny engine; the 5-speed gearing is well suited to the small engine, and the paddle shifters make it easy to handle the hills; good air conditioner for such a small engine too. Blind spot on right side requires extra care in changing lanes in California traffic."

Anonymous, UT (2010 Honda Fit)

"Could use a bit more horse power to get out onto highways. Back seats fold down, nice for groceries etc. Dont have to lift over rear lip and stuff stored in rear section."

BARBARA S., NJ (2010 Honda Fit)

"Its hard to see the front corner of the vehicle so I sometimes hit curbs with the front wheels"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Honda Fit)

"I like everything about how it drives except that the steering seems rather stiff."

ROBERT H., NC (2010 Honda Fit)

"I feel the ride is a little rough in terms of feeling the uneven pavement. Also, the tires are too small to give good traction in the snow."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Honda Fit)

"I don't have any problems with acceleration or handling, but I do have a problem with road noise, ride and poor headlights when on dim."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Eccellent acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Oversensitive steering control....reacts to the slightest wheel turn."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Drives somewhat like the sports cars I have owned in the past."

WILLIAM M., CO (2010 Honda Fit)

"The car ,as it has aged, does not have the acceleration that it used to have. It also seems to have much more road noise than it used to."

CHRISTINA C., WA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Had a manual transmissio in my previous Honda CRX. In comparision, Fit automatic seems sluggish re acceleration."

IRIS L., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"I like the size and it's fun to drive"

RICHARD S., CT (2010 Honda Fit)

"Gearing is such that it's a pleasure at city speeds. It's a slug on freeway on ramps."

C L., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"It has stiff steering and the handling is sort of abrupt, choppy not smooth. But the car is totally worth it."

MELISSA B., OR (2010 Honda Fit)

"Pleasure to drive. Excellent acceleration in the city. Superb handling, very good breaks. Engine is a little bit noisy but this sound is nice.The best car for city driving. The rear seats are fantastic (cargo). AC broke after four years."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Honda Fit)


LILLY B., NY (2010 Honda Fit)

"Incredibly nimble in corners. Acceleration is a little weak, even with manual transmission."

RICHARD D., ON (2010 Honda Fit)

"Acceleration is excellent (the car has a standard transmission) and it handles very well."

BARRY H., NJ (2010 Honda Fit)

"Acceleration is poor and handling on windy mountain roads is tenuous."

WILLIAM J., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"It handles well, but doesn't have great acceleration. However, I don't expect this in this kind of car."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Honda Fit)

"It's an economy car but that affects acceleration. It's not the fastest car getting up to freeway speed."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The acceleration leaves something to be desired. Driving a stick I can make up for it, but it's not fantastic. Certainly better than some small vehicles I've driven for sure, just could use a little more."

JOSH J., MN (2010 Honda Fit)

"This Fit handles nicely. The biggest drawback is acceleration and staying power on steep hills. First, from zero to any speed, the Fit is slow/sluggish to reach the first gear change, which ends up being a nuisance in constant stop-and-go urban driving. Second, when driving up long, steep hills, the Fit does not have to power to maintain speed. These are the only times when I have had to drop down to much lower gears in order to make it up the hill without burning up the engine. Even tr"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Handles well and is fun to drive. Acceleration is modest but acceptable."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Smooth shifting, and great handling."

Anonymous, HI (2010 Honda Fit)

"Although heavier and only 10 horsepower more than my previous 1992 Honda Civic, it accelerates quicker and seems to handle as well. Like the civic, road noise could be improved."

RANDALL A., HI (2010 Honda Fit)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very practical interior design. Ride is rough with substantial road noise."

Anonymous, ME (2010 Honda Fit)

"Drivers seat is not high enough for me"

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Fit)

"Seats are comfortable, though not much adjustment is available . Climate control is a bit weak, air conditioner button had to be replaced, a common issue with the Fit. Ride is a bit noisy and rough, but the audio system covers that up pretty much."

Anonymous, LA (2010 Honda Fit)

"It's very LOUD!!!"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Honda Fit)

"air bags needed replacing , very noisy passenger seat, generally very noisy car to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The flip-up "magic" seat bottoms in the back are amazing. The extra cargo space is huge and especially useful to minimize lifting. My wife uses this space all the time to load a wheelchair."

JOHN J., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Three years in, I underwent 3 weeks of pelvic radiation "therapy" and had to drive 20-30 minutes to the treatment center. By the last week of this, I could barely sit in the car, and even though I've mostly recovered from treatment, the driver's seat has been uncomfortable ever since. It's lower than I need it to be, even though it's higher than my previous car. Additionally, I'm noticing that the car feels like it might flip or not stop when I have to brake quickly--highway driving in this ar"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Honda Fit)

"Large black dash board makes it hard to cool car adequately when outside air is in the 70s. AC works best when outside air temps are in 80's or higher. Also, there is a bit more road noise than ideal."

KAREN G., OH (2010 Honda Fit)

"Both look great when cleaned, get super gas mileage on a long trip (44 mpg) and great mpg in town (33). A/C comes on quickly and is easy to merge into traffic when trying to enter interstate from an on ramp."

PATRICIA C., VA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The front leg room is uncomfortable and really boxy- which makes it hard to put your feet some place other than flat on the floor (this is an issue for a 6'2" guy who can't stretch his legs out). The back seats though have nice leg space because of the magic seats (nothing underneath the seats)."

JOSH J., MN (2010 Honda Fit)

"Due to small engine and primar driver desire for most MPG AC must be tired of during steep climes."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Fit)

"The seats have been uncomfortable (lumbar support) and it is noisy on the highway. Brakes were once replace prematurely and back brakes will be replaced again soon."

MATTHEW W., AE (2010 Honda Fit)

"Weak a/c"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"A bit noisy, but everything works as it should."

RICHARD J., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The only problem I've had is with the angle of the drive pedal -- it is a little severe which causes some discomfort to my ankle, having to keep it at a virtual right angle."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Honda Fit)

"No Seat Height or Steering wheel adjustment."

T R., MN (2010 Honda Fit)

"I don't like dark dashboard. Hard to see in bright sunlight."

M S., SC (2010 Honda Fit)

"Depending on the road surface, the noise level at highway speeds is often too high for a comfortable trip."

ROBERT V., TX (2010 Honda Fit)

"Seats are uncomfortable, ride is harsh and the passenger seat rattles."

GARY W., FL (2010 Honda Fit)

"The fan on the aur/heater is too loud but everything else is great!"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Honda Fit)

"The car is noisy when driving on expressways. But since we usually drive in the suburbs or city, it has not been a major issue."

ANIMESH G., IL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Lots of trunk space air conditioning works well seats are comfortable ride is a little stiff noise is as expected"

KEN T., ON (2010 Honda Fit)

"Some have trouble with an air conditioning unit that freezes. We have one with this problem. On long trips (3 hours or more) the unit will freeze and does not cool well until it has time to thaw out."

ERICA N., IL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Lights don't go off automatically when I park."

LILLY B., NY (2010 Honda Fit)

"Road noise is very prominent and ride is not cushioned enough"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Fit)

"Drivers side sun visor is too high and useless when sun is cominbg in through drivers door window"

Anonymous, NH (2010 Honda Fit)

"It's noise especially on highways and rough roads"

CHARLIE M., MI (2010 Honda Fit)

"seats not comfortable for long drives"

JEFF R., FL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Rides too low; frequently bottoms out. Sun visors are too small Clutch is grabby"

BRUCE H., UT (2010 Honda Fit)

"Ride can be rough on bad roads."

RICHARD D., ON (2010 Honda Fit)

"Headrest uncomfortable."

IRIS L., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Hard to exit and enter, poor legroom."

EDWIN L., HI (2010 Honda Fit)

"Air conditioning system developed a stink that was hard to get rid of."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"This is a great little car. Good comfort, good acceleration, and great gas mileage."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Fit)

"It's a very noisy ride due to road noise. The interior is black and difficult to clean. I have had to replace all 4 tires 3 times in 6 years and they were rotated and air checked. That reason alone would keep me from purchasing one again."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Fit)

"Rear seats very uncomfortable. Rough and VERY noisy ride. Dislike design of the headrest. It tilts forward at the top and is uncomfortable ."

A H., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"It is easy to get into and out off. It sits a little higher than most cars of its class and you have a better view of the road. The back seat is usable for passengers or you can fold the seat down and you have cargo space."

THOMAS T., IN (2010 Honda Fit)

"Road noise"

JIM L., MO (2010 Honda Fit)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We bought it used from a dealer. The cost of his service was far to high so we go to a private garage"

KEN T., ON (2010 Honda Fit)

"It is the best car I have owned. Excellent gas mileage. Great to drive on the highway.I am a short person so I fit in my Fit.I am completely satisfied with its performance."

Anonymous, NS (2010 Honda Fit)

"I have been extremely pleased with what a low maintenance and high quality vehicle this is, especially given the low price I paid."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Fit)

"I researched different used vehicles for months before deciding which one I wanted. I narrowed my list down to 5. My first choice was sold before I got there. I ended up purchasing my second choice because I was able to negotiate the deal I wanted based on my extensive research. The best part was getting the leather interior seats changed to a different color, which was a $2000 value, for free."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"very reliable, dependable, holds its value.."

KEN H., NC (2010 Honda Fit)

"at the time(2010) the Fit was voted "the best bang for the buck"....I have found it to be true.....I still to this day love looking at car when I approach it in the parking lot. In addition it has an amazing amount of storage space .....( we drive it 99% of the time with both back seats down)on a negative side the road noise is WAY TOO LOUD."

RICHARD N., FL (2010 Honda Fit)

"I bought my Honda fit for $16000 and I have not had any repair bills except yearly check ups.It is an economical car to buy and to drive."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Honda Fit)

"This is my third Honda, I've been driving them for over 30 years. They generally last up to 85,000 miles before any major repairs need to be made, which means I can, on average, drive one for about 14 years without any problems. They are extremely comfortable cars with an excellent "body fit". Accelleration and handling are very good, comparable to the finely-tuned Italian car I first owned (it drove like a dream but had constant problems). I fully anticipate that my next car will also be a Hond"

SALLY N., NJ (2010 Honda Fit)

"Excellent economy, easy to maneuver and park, comfortable for a small care, reasonable insurance, all season car; no cruise control or automatic locks is a nuisance"

MICHAEL R., IN (2010 Honda Fit)

"Good value for the money. Lots of room in back. Will hold an adult bicycle. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Honda Fit)

"Good value"

Anonymous, MA (2010 Honda Fit)


WILLIAM K., MA (2010 Honda Fit)

"An all round good value, reliable and economical"

DENNIS J., NY (2010 Honda Fit)

"The Honda Fit is a very reliable, well styled, good gas mileage, excellent vehicle."

LOUIS H., IA (2010 Honda Fit)

"I have had no problems with this car. Very nplessed with dependability"

KEITH K., PA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Really fun to drive with a manual transmission."

Anonymous, HI (2010 Honda Fit)

"The car gets very good gas mileage, accelerates and handles well, and an amazing amount of carrying capacity given the size of the car. It has been utterly reliable, with very few repairs over the time of ownership. And it only cost $15,000."

BARRY H., NJ (2010 Honda Fit)

"I needed a car with great gas mileage. I researched with consumer reports and made the decision to purchase a Fit. The Fit was 2 years old and had 20000 miles, I paid about $13,000.00 and has been well worth the price, great mileage in town and on the highway."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Fit)

"Very versatile car."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The car is very economical and requires very little maintenance. On the hightway, it is common to get over 40 mpg."

JOE M., PA (2010 Honda Fit)

"This is a clever little car! I wanted more luxury but I couldn't part with it so I kept it as a guest car and second car. I still take it when I am going far or know parking will be hard. I will keep it til my grandson gets his first car-- this car!"

RENEE S., AZ (2010 Honda Fit)

"The magic seat and the amount of cargo and people space is outstanding! The car is a great value for the money. The car has been extremely reliable and we will probably buy this vehicle again!"

MARCHELIN H., WI (2010 Honda Fit)

"I am at about 140,000 miles and still get 40 MPG on the highway. I have taken several long trips (12+ hours) and the car is more comfortable than you would expect. It also comfortably fits my 6'4" 230 pound frame . Love the magic seats!"

RENE D., MD (2010 Honda Fit)

"I love the way the back seats fold up to provide storage for high items. You can fit a lot of stuff in the FIT!"

Anonymous, VT (2010 Honda Fit)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I love the way my fit looks. I think it is cute and perky. I love the color: Orange Metallic Revolution. I purchased the car used in order to get the Orange. Sadly, Honda does not make orange Fits anymore. The interior is very roomy for a subcompact. The front sits lie flat so that one could easily sleep in the car. When I put the back seat down, there is plenty of storage space. I have driven this vehicle cross-country and it was perfectly comfortable. The only maintenance that I have had don"

LISA F., MN (2010 Honda Fit)

"This is my third Honda. The paint issues are extreme, and I will not be purchasing another"

MICHELE B., FL (2010 Honda Fit)


Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"The driver side windshield post creates a large blind spot when turning or curving left. Interior cargo capacity large and versatile."

RANDALL A., HI (2010 Honda Fit)

"The long sloping windshield looks good and reduces drag BUT it requires an agile midget to clean the inside of the glass."

C L., CA (2010 Honda Fit)

"for its size, makes excellent use of interior cargo area"

Anonymous, DE (2010 Honda Fit)

"To my eye is is very stylish....looks like it is moving when it is parked...."

RICHARD N., FL (2010 Honda Fit)

"It is a very sleek arodynamic design."

LOUIS H., IA (2010 Honda Fit)

"Really cute"

RICHARD J., CA (2010 Honda Fit)
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