The Honda Fit has always been an appealing urban runabout, with its tidy size, voluminous interior, amazing versatility, and good fuel economy. Fortunately, the redesigned third-generation Fit carries on these qualities, while adding a lot more creature comforts, better crash-test performance, and a new engine and transmission to improve fuel economy.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Amazingly I was able to get 4 wooden kitchen chars in the back. My wife loves the rear facing camera in the passenger side mirror. This is activated when making a right turn or by button activation."

JUDITH G., FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"I was disappointed that several of the navigation package was unable to be used with an Android phone. They only work with an I Phone. I am able to make the seat really high which helps me as I am under 5 ft tall. The view is great and it is really easy to park and maneuver the car. The bad is number one in my book where the put the switches for the heated seats. right in the middle between the seats. Everytime I put my handbag down or a package it gets turned on. These were really placed bad"

THERESA C., NY (2016 Honda Fit)

"rather rough ride but this is a great car for us oldies"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Honda Fit)

"The Fit has an ecology button that you can press to save gas: it means that you accelerate more slowly than in the normal sense, and that means you save on gas. You can override it by un-pressing when you want to have instant full-power acceleration to merge with difficult traffic. It has a good effect: one trip over the Oregon Cascades to visit waterfalls and back got 44 mpg. I'm delighted!"

DANIEL H., OR (2016 Honda Fit)

"In Eco mode the car has reduced acceleration. When I need extra acceleration I turn it off and then back on. I wish the button was easier to get to."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"The Honda Fit drives and handles like a dream. It does however, have a very loud engine when it is under acceleration, especially when it is cold. Honda engineers could have chosen a more quiet engine for its best econ box vehicle. The engine has enough horsepower to move the vehicle comfortably along, however the loud engine drives me nuts. Also the info system in this vehicle has no buttons it is all touch screen - a very stupid idea as your are always looking down to change volume or the"

Anonymous, BC (2016 Honda Fit)

"It's really fun to drive"

MARIE-DAVID W., ME (2016 Honda Fit)

"CVT--- I Love it"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Honda Fit)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I love the driver's seat! I am 5'1" and the Honda Fit seat can be adjusted. I can make it higher, which allows me to see the road better than ever before."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Honda Fit)

"It's very "peppy". Good acceleration. The ride is a bit rough. Also a little noisy. Very flexible space options and a very nice entertainment system."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Noisy,driver's seat doesn't go back far enough for average size man."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"seat lacks back support"

Anonymous, TN (2016 Honda Fit)

"riding is a bit Noisy an suspension is stiff"

JEAN-PIERRE V., QC (2016 Honda Fit)

"Love that the rear head rests can fold down when no one is in the back seats. Then I can see through the whole back window in the rear view mirror."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Honda Fit)

"Car is noisy-road and wind noise is noticeable above 40mph"

DUANE H., OR (2016 Honda Fit)

"Air system doesn't seem to go above "room temperature," and it's 96 degrees outside!"

JOAN L., FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"It seems that the gas tank is located under the driver's seat. That makes it a bit cramped as one looks for alternative foot positions on long drives using cruise control. It is a small complaint, overall I really love the car."

PATRICK C., CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"- The fuel tank is too small. While the fuel mileage is good, the tank requires frequent fill-ups. - Noise levels while driving are high."

JIM A., AZ (2016 Honda Fit)

"I'm a somewhat of a tall person and I think that the seats should be able to help me with longer legroom."

DON G., FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"Seats are uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Have added a back cushion for support. Some noise on passenger side at dash at 55 mph, can't remember to call & have them check bit irritating."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"Took it back to dealer about the wind noise. Took salesman for a ride and he noticed the wind noise too. So we took another FIT off the lot to compare. Same excessive wind noise."

MARSHALL C., NC (2016 Honda Fit)

"Front legroom is not great. Rear leg room is better. Difficult getting comfortable driving position. Ride a bit rough, especially in rear. A bit twitchy at highway speeds, especially in traffic. Love the magic seats in back."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Fit)

"The head rest in the back seat and uncomfortable when in the down position."

TERRY M., GA (2016 Honda Fit)

"The front seats are short for a tall person. I am 5' 8" and there is about 4" unsupported under my thighs. And the seats don't go back far enough to stretch my legs. I hear there is a lot of room in the back, that is probably where the space went!"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Kinda noisy on highway, but not horrible"

Anonymous, SD (2016 Honda Fit)

"lots of room"

LOUIS M., GA (2016 Honda Fit)

"The seats could be a little more comfortable. A armrest on the console side of the seat could increase the seat comfort."

CLAIRE S., LA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Noise level higher than thought it might be. Head rest design makes it a little hard to adjust to a comfortable position."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"The vehicle was initially purchased as a "second car" but quickly became the family favourite. I am 76 inches tall but once I am in the driver's seat I find that I "fit" quite well. It handles very well and gives a quite comfortable ride. Engine and body noise is greater than I would like but with the size and price, I can certainly live with this. Overall, this is the only "complaint" I find with the vehicle"

ROBERT B., ON (2016 Honda Fit)

"The Honda Fit is comfortable but road noise and harshness over bumps may not be preferable for long distance trips."

TED M., NY (2016 Honda Fit)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great gas mileage/ 7 cup holders !"

MICHAEL H., CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Gas efficient and amazing flexibility of storage/configuration. Sit higher than one would think in a small car which translates into great visibility. I got exactly what I wanted and more."

KINGSLEY M., ON (2016 Honda Fit)

"Several features are standard on the Fit that are $options on other cars."

JAN P., OH (2016 Honda Fit)


MARIO O., CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Outstanding value for money, and a surprisingly positive buying experience (I have no connection with Honda)"

BILL C., ON (2016 Honda Fit)

"Great price"

WILLIAM O., FL (2016 Honda Fit)

"A good value, when compared to the previous model. Options are overpriced however."

GLENN R., AK (2016 Honda Fit)

"in city mileage is worse than expected"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Honda Fit)

"Driving it Looking at it Loading it"

JERRY W., WI (2016 Honda Fit)

"We got the fit 2016 lx for 16,100.00"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Honda Fit)

"Went through my credit union buying service. Outstanding."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)

"Good Value for the price"

Anonymous, NC (2016 Honda Fit)

"I think the price was great for all I got. The rear and side view camera. The in dash navigation."

THERESA C., NY (2016 Honda Fit)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Like the TARDIS: Bigger on the inside. Amazingly resourceful design."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Honda Fit)


WILLIAM C., NC (2016 Honda Fit)

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