The Odyssey is big and spacious, yet it doesn't feel bulky. The Honda provides good handling, comfortable seating, and offers an ideal combination of acceleration and fuel economy. It's an excellent choice for people who need plenty of interior space.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent acceleration. The handling is wonderful - the Odyssey drives like a car. The turning radius is very tight for a van."

ASA W., GA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Acceleration is good. Recently had to make an emergency maneuver and I was shocked on how hard it swerved and I do not remember even thinking I was going to roll over."

DAVID S., NY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Our Odyssey's greatest plus is it handles great. It is very stable at high speed even in cross winds. It has plenty of power for merging, climbing hills, and even passing on hills."

ERIC F., KY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"This van has been fun to drive and is very versatile. I call it my covered truck that can haul 6 passengers + driver. I've replaced a few things and kept it up. I would buy another one when I have the money."

STERLING C., TX (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"I like the way it turns on a dime. The windows afford excellent vision as well"

ERIC S., NE (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"performance and dependability are very satisfactory for my needs and expectations."

DOUGLAS B., NV (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"While no sports car, this vehicle has actually been fun to drive; more fun than a Toyota Camry, which was a surprise for a minivan."

TIMOTHY W., VT (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Parking is difficult, turn radius awful, and visiibliitly in traffic is poor"

JEFFREY L., OR (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Good acceleration after I switched to Ethanol free gasoline. I get better mileage. About 50 miles more per gallon."

ENRIQUE B., GA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"It's a solid ride, not luxurious, handles well. Not a lot of pep."

Anonymous, MN (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Heavy duty parts used to build. 151000 miles with no front end work, air cond. still works, doors all work. Great vehicle."

JUDITH M., OH (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent acceleration. Able to maintain high speeds with heavy loads on the highway. Most precise steering vehicle I've owned. Beautiful handling on the highways, especially winding roads."

Anonymous, IA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Steering is responsive. On the road the vehicle feels solid with little sway on curves. Satisfying acceleration entering highways or passing other vehicles"

Anonymous, MA (2002 Honda Odyssey)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Road noise"

WALTER M., TN (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Driving has improved very much since I started using Ethanol free gasoline. Good for lawn machinery too. Seats are not very comfortable. Back of seats need better adjustment for different drivers."

ENRIQUE B., GA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"I had to have the AC fluid topped up this summer (2016). First time since 2002. AC working as good as new."

ELEANOR Y., ON (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"All good except more road noise than other cars I have been in"

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"I don't like the climate control system. After 12 years of owning the vehicle, I still feel like I can't get it to do what I want. Also, there is a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, WA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"This car is very noisy when driving. So much so that radio volume must be turned way up"

T P., NC (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"noisy cabin"

MARK F., CT (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"This is the most comfortable car to drive we've ever owned.We drive to FL and upstate NY every year, and the seats are good for long distance drives. The road noise is minimal at highway speeds with the windows closed. We bought it to accommodate our tandem bike but are so satisfied with it as an all-around highway cruiser."

MARGUERITE D., MD (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"ride too harsh"

K M., WA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are firm and have great support. The Odyssey's only weakness is it is noisy. Gear noise when accelerating and road noise at speed. It has been very noisy since the day we bought it new."

ERIC F., KY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Rides smoother and quieter than luxury cars I've driven, and handles more like a sports car than a family hauler"

JOHN G., GA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The one bad thing about this car is not enough heat on the feet. The heated air goes only as low as the ankles, leaving my often snow dampened shoes/boots cold, including the gas pedal foot. On the other hand the defrosters are great, clearing not only the windshield but also the side windows. I also like the back seat heat. Also, I love that the floor has no rim that you have to lift your foot over to get in and out."

CECILE F., MI (2002 Honda Odyssey)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We have owned this car for 15 years, the only major repair has been a rebuilt transmission at 175,000 miles, we now have 220,000 miles and still going strong. Being retired, we generally use our vehicle for neighbors eating out, everyone fits in, great visibility, hope to keep it for a long time, knock on wood..."

NORMA N., FL (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Transmission blew at 6 years old. Rebuilt and lasted 4 years more and blew again. A common problem we heard. Handling was poor as the front wheels would slip on rain"

DAVID M., CA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Very reliable car with few problems. This car doesn't owe us a dime."

ANN B., NY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The vehicle was given to us by a family member so the overall price we paid for repairs (I.e. New tires) was excellent"

Anonymous, CA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Expensive at purchase but has lasted longer than expected so annual cost over period of ownership is low"

Anonymous, ON (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"It has been a great value since I have only had maintain the usual things--oil, belts, hoses, tires, and the other usual things."

CAROL C., AR (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"One of the most expensive minivans in its class in 2002. Money definitely well spent as we are still driving it with very low operating costs at over 300,000 km."

ELEANOR Y., ON (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"This car is the best purchase I have ever made in my life. Last winter at 14 years old I drove through a record snowstorm/driving wind in Washington DC with little has been a workhorse for us in all of the years we have had it with very little maintenance...I can't say enough good things"

SUZANNE S., MD (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The Odyssey has been a champ. I really feel we've gotten typical excellent honda quality out of this 14 year old beast."

MICHAEL S., NY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The transmission is a lost cause and Honda knows it. There have been webpages and forums about bad transmissions in the 2002 Odyssey since at least 2008, but the local Honda dealer acts as if it's news to him. Honda should meet owners half-way, even if the vehicle is out of warranty. Some 2002 Odysseys are still going strong with 300,000 km. Mine has a bum transmission with 130,000 km. I'd resurrect this van if Honda helped, but it makes no sense to invest $5000 (Canadian) in a 14 year old"

GERALD R., AB (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"230,000 miles and still going strong."

Anonymous, NH (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Nothing. Would purchase again"

WILLIAM H., FL (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"We have had this Honda since it was new. It is now 14 years old. It has been the best vehicle for our family. It has a lot of storage room. It can haul many people with lots of stuff! If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this van."

DONNA E., IN (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"very reliable, only replaced a spring other than normal wear out items"

FREDERICK B., VT (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The car was advertised as having LEATHER seats and was priced accordingly, When attempting to repair split seams on the driver's seat, we were informed that it was in fact FAUX LEATHER."

Anonymous, WI (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"when it was purchased in 2001 it was not possible to buy one for less than msrp. That put the cost higher than what I perceived to be the actual value of the vehicle. However, it has now been on the road over for 15 years and still runs pretty well and looks good."

WILBUR E., WA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent towing performance and power for camping trailer. Very spacious and space flexible"

DOUGLAS B., NV (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"174,000 miles and only one repair! Have hauled the kids furniture and clothes all over the country to colleges and traveled to campsite way up in the Rockies. Always handled the terrain and the loads."

Anonymous, IA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"The car is dependable, overall great value."

Anonymous, MN (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Rattles, squeeks"

JUDITH M., OH (2002 Honda Odyssey)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Plenty of room inside for size of vehicle. Can carry almost everything."

CARRIE Y., TX (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Excellent visiblity to the sides for lane checking Simple, practical body styling"

Anonymous, ON (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"GOOD. We like the styling of the van - sporty!"

ASA W., GA (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"I like the styling of this year odyssey more than any other. At 14 years old it still looks stylish to me."

DAVID S., NY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"I like tha that the cargo area is flat."

ANN B., NY (2002 Honda Odyssey)

"Car still looks good,styling wise"

WALTER M., TN (2002 Honda Odyssey)
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