The Honda Odyssey is a well-rounded vehicle whose engine and transmission work well together. Handling is agile, secure and aided by a standard electronic stability control. The interior is crafted nicely and is versatile with a split-folding third-row seat. Road noise is somewhat pronounced.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Really good control even on twisty highways. Drives more like a car than a large van. Makes me feel safe with family."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Odyssey handling was superb when doing sharp maneuvering to avoid hitting another driver who made a U-turn directly in front of my vehicle."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"It drives really well and handles like a car not a van"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Good excelleration"

NORM W., IA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"She accelerates very well especially when having to pass another vehicle on the highway. Highway gas mileage is amazing for a minivan. City mileage is not bad but our city has a lot of lights so that makes it hard. She handles very well especially in turns and corners. I find it a very pleasant driving experience!"

TANIA S., ON (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"It handles well and is easy to drive."

Anonymous, TN (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Handles well for such a beast. Good handling was important in choosing this van over the competition."

JEFF W., CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Good acceleration for a minivan!"

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Very good"

MATTHEW R., OH (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Really satisfied as a whole. However, I was very disappointed with it's performance in the snow. It is front wheel drive with very good quality all season radials and there were a few instances the first year we owned it where it became stuck or extremely difficult to drive in a minimal snow fall. I needed to purchase snow tires to change off and on with the all-season radials that I was already using. The snow tires greatly improved the snow driving. This vehicle is an extra in our family now s"

ROBERT G., CT (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Transmission doesn't sound good even early in ownership. There was a maintenance bulletin early in ownership about the transmission but not a emote all or anything - where we brought it in and they did something but noise is still noticeable. Because of this and past issues with our odyssey transmissions we opted for extended warranty with this one."

CRAIG S., CT (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Very good handling in either winter conditions or regular. This car excels in getting you out of your parking spot in snowy conditions. We've been in situations where other cars would have probably gotten off the road and our Odyssey kept our four weeks on the road. Our 6 cyclinder engine provides ample power for any condition and runs smooth as a kitten. Good to wind capacity."

ROGER B., QC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Handles like an agile and fast Sedan. I am amazed"

ROBERT F., NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"suspension and brakes not firm enough"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Rides and handles very good . Good power."

ED R., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"a very handy minivan for all purposes. Excellent acceleration and smooth riding."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"It has outstanding acceleration and handling!"

THOMAS W., WI (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I love the handling of this vehicle and that it has a small turning radius that makes it easier to maneuver."

CARRIE H., CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Comfort is good."

JAMES H., WA (2010 Honda Odyssey)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Love it"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Cabin can get noisy."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Most uncomfortable seats of any vehicle I have ever owned."

ROBERT D., OK (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Bad-Road noise is loud. Good- adept handling, smooth acceleration Bad- economy mode makes the ride jerky at40mph"

MATTHEW R., OH (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Too much road noise."

LARRY P., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Good support, comfortable on long drives"

ERIC H., IA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Both sliding doors are wind and road noise hogs. They also rattle when the weather is cold."

EUGENE S., CO (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"The front of the driver's seat doesn't tilt down enough for my short legs."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Way too noisy. Honda has ALWAYS known this but chooses to ignore year after year"

SUZANNE G., CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"has more road noise then expected"

Anonymous, GA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I have difficulty getting in and out of sedans and mini-vans like our old Dodge Grand Caravan. Our Honda Odyssey has leather seats that are exactly the right height to just put my hip on the edge of the seat and it's like magic, I just slide in with no additional effort! I've had a total knee surgery and there is plenty of room to get my legs in without bumping my knees and causing pain. LOVE THIS ! I also LOVE the rear view side mirrors. I can't believe how easy it is to see traffic that befor"

KATHY S., MI (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Floor heat vents are very wimpy - not enough air flow to sufficiently keep feet and lower extremities comfortable in winter."

PETER L., ON (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"The leather seats are very comfortable and the heated seat option on the front row is great. The upholstery has held up very nicely."

DONALD R., VA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are not as comfortable as on our Dodge Grand Carvavan"

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Honda Odyssey)


Anonymous, FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is too much at speed and the climate control can be noisy on high fan setting"

WILLIAM B., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"comfortable, but dash/steering wheel controls very confusing. Also, the quality of the backup camera is awful."

KENNY K., VA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"only complaint, road noise."

Anonymous, OK (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"The seats are not ergonomically designed for long trips. After about two hours they begin to feel uncomfortable."

DARREL B., NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are comfortable and me well. Very adjustable to suit my needs"

REBECCA S., IL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Interior configuration options, storage, etc... So many things that Honda thoughtfully considered and did just right. Plus the manual is good, too."

GAIL C., OR (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"You can hear road noise quite a bit"

NICHOLAS W., KS (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"seats are big not much in the way of lateral support."

GREG W., ON (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Road noise is pronounced and frustrating on a daily basis."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Takes a long time to get cool. Seats are comfortable and I like the heated seat function in winter and when my back is sore. Somewhat noisy."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"All very good"

NORM W., IA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Ride comfort and smoothness of ride is very average or slightly below average. Road noise is deafening. Other than the driver and passenger seats, other seats are uncomfortable and rigid."

RONALD M., OH (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"More wind and tire noise than I expected Rides very smoothly"

ROBERT F., NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I feel there is far too much road noise in the cabin"

BRUCE C., CT (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Front seats and adjustments that can be made"

WAYNE B., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Noisy especially on highway. But then it is a minivan"

E V., CO (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Seats are comfortable but don't go back far enough."

ROBERT B., TN (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Access to rear seat is somewhat clumsy and inconvenient. Difficult for older adults to access."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"It has exceeded our expectations in every way."

JAMES M., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"road noise is little more than it should be"

BRENDA B., AL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"lumbar support, full 3 way electric adjustable."

Anonymous, ME (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Very good for long trips. No one complains even after hours"

Anonymous, MD (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"A good ride for a van. Very peppy. Good handling. Very satisfied in this regard."

DAVID R., MI (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"One of the few cars that has a place to put my purse. All the cars seem to have a center console and if there is a passenger I have no place to put my purse. Designers need to realize women carry purses and don"t want to hold them on their laps while driving."

CAROL K., OH (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Most comfortable vehicle I've ever driven long distance."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"My wife does not like the comfort of her passenger's seat. The head kicks forward and it does not adjust for that."

ROBERT R., IN (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Climate control is a confusing to use."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"The driving expérience is excellent. I've driven this car for thousands of kilometers on several occasions and it performed superbly. Visibility is excellent in the driving position. The only thing that was lacking was a backup camera that I added recently with a Garmin DriveSmartT 70LMT GPS that had that feature (added the BCT 30 Wireless Backup Camera). My wife had a major right angle accident with my previous 1999 Odyssey and got out without a scratch though the car was a complete loss."

ROGER B., QC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I had trouble with the seals on the windows in the front row. The driver's side seal even leaks water in heavy rain. It has been replaced at least once. This is my second Odyssey previous was a 2004. Absolutely loved the 2004 so I did not shop around when purchasing the 2010. I regret that. Not anywhere close to as satisfied with the newer model."

ANDREW H., SC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I have arthritis that makes it hard to get into and out of cars sometimes. My Odyssey is always a breeze to enter or exit."

A R., FL (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Cabin noise is very loud. We bring it to the dealer for every service and they look at it but we are still always checking the windows to make sure they are down."

CRAIG S., CT (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"roomy and comfortable Rear entertainment system good"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Easy highway ride."

JAMES H., WA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Road notice is substantial."

JEREMY T., MO (2010 Honda Odyssey)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Perfect for family with young kids. No issues with the Odyssey in the last 6 years."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I took the very last one on the lot and got about $7000 off sticker plus lifetime powertrain warranty and lifetime free oil changes."

SCOTT B., MO (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"A lot of issues for a brand that is supposed to be known for their reliability. Steering, suspension,transmission, electrical in the 5 years we have had it."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"This is a very good minivan and it looks good, drives very well, lots of power, good seating and is my "heavy/bulking" load carrier. The rear seats fold away. I wish the middle ones did also but then they probably wouldn't be as comfortable and they are. Down sides include no backup camera because this van has poor backup visibility even after I installed brighter backup bulbs. Also, the rear-most side windows don't vent like we had in our previous Chrysler Corp vans and like Toyota has. This fe"

A D., NJ (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Love it"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"fairly expensive to start, but holds value very well."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Tire Pressure Management System warning light is more often on than off, regardless of tire pressure."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"I bought this vehicle used and got it for a good price"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"Got a decent deal for a mini van that has done what is expected of a mini van, and done it better that other mini vans I have experienced"

ERIC H., IA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"same as 2013 Odyssey van."

CLAYTON H., AB (2010 Honda Odyssey)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Clean lines, good visibility."

R O., CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)

"It's pretty bland outside. I don't know how you could make a minivan better looking, but the styling could be better."

JEFF W., CA (2010 Honda Odyssey)
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