Riding and handling like a good sedan, the Ridgeline rewrites the book on pickups. It's a truck that isn't a hardship to drive. Further, it has many unique innovations, including a tailgate that opens vertically or horizontally and a lockable trunk. The roomy cab is nicely detailed and easy to access, with comfortable seats. While not designed for serious off-roading, Ridgeline also scaled our demanding rock hill.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Comfortable seats, elevated position, responsive handling"

Anonymous, IA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Convenience, versatility, ride, looks,"

Anonymous, LA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Most civilized pickup on the market with a highly advanced all wheel drive system. Except when towing a 3500# travel trailer. it always has plenty of power and with the trailer it has adequate power. An enjoyable pickup to drive."

A N., OR (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good acceleration and better handling than any other pickup I've driven"

Robert K., PA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Turns on a dime. Easy to control."

Harry H., MA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfortable ride but lacks of power during higher speeds. Especially during higher speeds and off road ability"

James T., MT (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very easy to handle for a truck."

Anonymous, OR (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Slow acceleration from 0 to speeds under 45 mph."

Robert M., TN (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ride is smooth and acceleration is very responsive"

BRADLEY C., NJ (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very good performance"

W R., NM (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"does not seem to have the power of acceleration as some might think."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Gas mileage was very disappointing."

DON S., GA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"VEry good accelertion from a stand still. Verey good on wet or snowy roads."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"rides like a car"

Anonymous, AL (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Rides well. Very comfortable, even on long trips."

Anonymous, KY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"The vehicle is outstanding, everyone needs drive a vehicle like this once in their life. This truck drives like a car, it handles very well, the seats are very comfortable even on long trips. We I get ready to buy a new truck this will the make that I purchase."

Anonymous, TN (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"It has a very comfortable ride. It feels like riding in a very comfortable car. We use it for long distance driving because of the comfort. Seats are comfortable."

Long E., ON (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Having four wheel independent suspension and an upgraded trim package, insures a comfortable ride."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Would prefer thigh support"

Anonymous, QC (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Good ride no noise"

Gary M., PA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are very comfortable, especially for long distance driving. The ride is very comfortable, especially for a truck."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very little noise for a truck, comfortable ride."

Anonymous, OR (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ride is very good and it is reasonably quiet. Seats are not the most comfortable for me."

A N., OR (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ridgeline is very comfortable & ride is smooth & car-like."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"a little noisy"

G D., NY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Cabin comfort"

Anonymous, OR (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Seats are very comfortable. Especially when heated."

Carl Y., NY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"This vehicle is a truck that rides more like a car."

Keith S., IL (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"excellent ride"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very comfortable seats and ride. Have driven it on long trips and we are very comfortable in it. Rides like a car."

LONG E., ON (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Noisy interior"

GREGORY C., NY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Hear more road noise than I would like."

NATHAN S., WV (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"For a truck it is quite comfy"

Anonymous, NC (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Comfort, Utility"

LOUIS B., NV (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Not very quite due to road noise."

Anonymous, MN (2009 Honda Ridgeline)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It has been a very useful and comfortable vehicle. It's best feature is the front wheel drive. I wanted the pickup for hauling but a comfortable, car like cabin for driving. It is exactly what I wanted."

Lois M., OH (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Spacious and comfortable cabin. The truck bed size is satisfactory most of the time. The load capacity could be bigger at times, but most loads are managed. My biggest complaint is the poor gas mileage, which i blame on the full-time 4-wheel drive, which is not needed where i live."

Donald S., GA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Got an excellent price - better than I hoped for."

Anonymous, KY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"NO repairs or replacement parts needed in 108,000 miles other than wear items. Best all around vehicle I've owned in 45 years of driving. Excellent in snow and icy conditions. Could be quieter"

Robert K., PA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Very reliable vehicle and fits into my garage."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"At the time of purchase, the 2009 Ridgeline RTL had limited availability. I had a quote from a dealer that was lower than I actually paid. The dealer of purchase had the vehicle I wanted. There were no others that could be found. I am quite satisfied with the vehicle. Unfortunately, due to my timing and requirements I paid a little too much."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Ridgeline is an excellent dual-purpose vehicle. Serves as a car when needed & light duty truck when needed."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"I have now had my Ridgeline for 9 years and 165k miles. My original dealer does all recommended vehicle maintenance. Resale value for the Honda Ridgeline is outstanding. I am totally satisfied with this truck and will at some point replace it with another Honda Ridgeline."

Keith S., IL (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Great value; great vehicle"

G D., NY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Truck has been very good to us and exceeded what it was designed to do"

KATHLEEN K., CO (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Best value buy on the market for a pickup truck with the capabilities that is possess!"

Anonymous, GA (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"It's a good vehicle, styling is questionable, doesn't really corner good even being a 4wd"

KRIS K., CT (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Highly functional design. Maintenance costs negligible."

VIC S., TX (2009 Honda Ridgeline)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I thought the styling on this truck was diff than all the others. They've since changed it. That's why I've not traded it in."

Anonymous, NY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Wish they had kept the same styling on 2017 model."

CHARLES L., KY (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

"Like the look. Sorry to see the new models abandoning the unique Ridgeline look"

Anonymous, MI (2009 Honda Ridgeline)

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