Riding and handling like a good sedan, the Ridgeline rewrites the book on pickups. It's a truck that isn't a hardship to drive. Further, it has many unique innovations, including a tailgate that opens vertically or horizontally and a lockable trunk. The roomy cab is nicely detailed and easy to access, with comfortable seats. While not designed for serious off-roading, Ridgeline also scaled our demanding rock hill.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "Last year I was returning home on the freeway during an ice storm. I really did not feel how slippery the roads were. I saw many 2 wheel drive cars and other 4 wheel dive trucks struggling with staying in their lanes. I had no problems with staying in my lane."

    ARNOLD S., MO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Excellent ride, acceleration and handling. Very comfortable to drive both in city and highway - easy to park."

    RALPH I., MA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Excellent acceleration. Has very good, smooth handling with feedback in the steering. It has a smooth ride on the highways and secondary roads."

    Anonymous, NC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Comfortable and wonderful to drive as a truck. Wish it had low range in 4wd"

    Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "nice to drive and AWD is great in the snow on this vehicle"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Good handling in slippery conditions."

    Anonymous, IA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Very large turn radius, makes it difficult to park."

    Anonymous, LA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Three things I don't like in order of most important to least: *Big blind spots at the rear quarters. *Brakes are rather weak. *Overall handling is not quick or fun."

    Jack H., TX (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I do use the bed regularly, but on a casual basis, not as a “working‿ truck. But the big plus of this “truck‿ is the ride, comfort and user friendliness. It rides as least as well as my up-scale Toyota sedan, both on city and country roads. Smooth, quiet, exceedingly drivable. Corners well and doesn’t feel “top heavy‿ like many trucks i’ve Driven. While I don’t use it constantly “off road‿ or in snow, the 4 wheel drive has come in very handy. Never gotten stuck. Excelleration is above average, but is under powered for very heavy loads [I.e. a bed full of gravel] or for pulling anything but a small to medium trailer. Only complaint about steering is that it seems to have a very large turning radius... you can forget about “Y-turns‿ or even some “U-turns‿ on any but the widest roads."

    David B., FL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Powerful, smooth, stable and predictable. Solid as a rock."

    Gary S., TX (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Bad brakes. Soft, spongy pedal. Doesn't brake well at all."

    Richard H., PA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)


    Andrew T., BC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "When parking, or backing out from parking spot, it is hard to turn the steering wheel due to front wheel drive. It automatically goes into passing gear when driving against the wind because it doesn't have enough power."

    Anonymous, KS (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "the Ridgeline handles very well and better than most pickup trucks. acceleration is good and I drive on interstates regularly. merging into high speed traffic is easy."

    Anonymous, LA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "The Ridgeline handle very well in corners. Once I was driving after an ice storm. I did not feel the road was slippery. I saw many rear wheel drive vehicles slip and slide on even the slightest of hills."

    Arnold S., MO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Handling is superior. My only concern is with sharp acceleration it shifts sharply in other words you can feel it go from gear to gear severely"

    Walter W., SC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I have had many trucks over the years and the Ridgeline handles the best in all driving conditions of any I have ever owned"

    Anonymous, KS (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Comfortable cabin, with lots of storage and cubbies. Good acceleration, AWD, drives more like car than full-size truck."

    Anonymous, AZ (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Good power and acceleration. Handles more like a car than a truck."

    Allan C., NS (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "hugs the road, safe n comfy"

    Anonymous, NE (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Handles nicely and is very easy to drive."

    Scort N., MN (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "After 7 years it still handles like New without purchasing new suspension components"

    Kevin D., ME (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "The acceleration is superb and the wide wheelbase provides a very secure ride around corners."

    David S., CO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Very comfortable ride"

    R N., AZ (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Road noise is awful. You have to turn the radio up louder than you should or talk loud for someone in the back seat to hear you. Of course it is worse or better depending on the road surface but it is still loud. Seats aren't as comfortable as I would have liked."

    SHANE O., AL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "The Ridgeline is very comfortable on long trips and is relaxing to drive. No complaints about the climate control."

    Anonymous, NC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Center console covering and driver's door pull, material worn and needs replacing"

    MICHAEL M., NJ (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I wish the seats, specifically the seat bottoms, were wider. I am a large man and the seat comfort isn't the best for one of my size. Beyond that, the vehicle is quiet except under acceleration (to be expected), the ride is good, if a bit stiff at times when it doesn't seem necessary (compared to other trucks I've owned/driven, this ride is good), and the climate control is excellent."

    JIM Z., CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Inside room very large. In bed truck is key whe hauling 4 passangers. Great AC."

    DANIEL E., CT (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "It has lots of room, Large interior, especially for the Driver and front passenger!"

    JOHN B., CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Comfortable seats and ride. Road noise could be lessened."

    JOHN W., WV (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Climate controls are too low and difficult to read from driver's position."

    Anonymous, AL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Disturbing air noise coming into cabin from around windshield or right door."

    Anonymous, MO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Awesome passenger space and ride often makes me forget that I'm driving a truck."

    Anonymous, VA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "seats are uncomfortable for long rides"

    Tom-Mary D., ON (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I bought this vehicle for it hybrid functionality... has a bed like a truck, but rides like a car. I was not disappointed in either regard. Very smooth ride, both highway and around town. Comfort function built into the car, I.e. seat, instrumentation, layout, all very user friendly. Cools fast too... important for a black truck in FL. I think if it was stolen tomorrow, I would likely by the same vehicle since it is a perfect fit for my needs."

    David B., FL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "We do 5-6,000 mile road trips every year. The front seats are quite comfortable for both the driver & passenger. This is especially important given the number of miles driven in a day on these road trips. The drivers seat has enough different position controls to adjust the seats to accommodate different levels of aches & pains that accompany many hours in the seat. The passenger seat has fewer controls, but remains comfortable for long distances/time. This is an older truck and the exterior intrusion of noise reflects that fact. The radio needs to be a bit louder at freeway speeds. However, we've noticed a decided difference with different tires. The original tires produced lesss road noise than the recent set. The comfort of the back seats is a differ not story. I wouldn't want to be a passenger in those seats for hours on end as they are a bit stiff with no seat adjustments. In addition the seat belts in the back have no slack so you're pinned to the seat with little movement possible. On the bright side the airflow is excellent in the front and back as is the sound quality from the radio."

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Comfortable vehicle for a truck and relatively quiet. Drives like a car."

    Allan C., NS (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Rides like a good car. Quiet too."

    Anonymous, QC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "The seats and ride are very good in the Honda. There is too much wind noise when driving over 65 mph."

    Dennis R., NE (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "The Ridgeline handles like a car and you're sitting high on comfortable seats."

    Jeffrey H., PA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Quietest vehicle in the truck and SUV market! Absolutely smooth ride. Wow!"

    Anonymous, MI (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Generally comfortable ride"

    Anonymous, WI (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Road noise when highway driving"

    Walter D., IL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "although this is a truck, it gives a sedan ride"

    Paul-Rebecca E., GA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Road noise is horrendous. I have to raise my voice to talk to anyone in the back seat."

    Shane O., AL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Passenger seat only heated on seat surface and not back."

    Anonymous, AB (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I have driven on 4,000mi road trips with my family and never been uncomfortable. The seats are supportive, the road & wind noise is acceptable, and the ride is smooth. I love it."

    Adam J., WA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Most comfortable vehicle I have ever written in"

    Walter W., SC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "We shopped online & used Consumer Reports car reports. Feel we got a good deal and a no-interest loan. The truck has proved to be very useful for long distance travel & local hauling."

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "I love my Ridgeline! I knew precisely what I wanted when I bought it, and have never regretted the purchase for a moment. It has consistently exceeded my expectations."

    Gary S., TX (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "It's a Honda the quality is top notch. This is second Ridgeline I've owned and I would buy a third if they hadn't changed the body style so much."

    Anonymous, AB (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "We researched CR for recommendations on pricing before we bought the truck at a holiday sale thru Costco from our local Honda fleet sales guy. We actually paid slightly less than the CR suggested best price. The truck has required little major maintenance over the years. We are just now thinking about new brakes which will be the first big expense outside of upgraded tires. Although the MPG kind of stinks, I really like driving this vehicle. Since we now use the truck mainly for road trips, when the MPG increases due to cruise control, etc., it really is not too terribly expensive to drive. Our auto insurance is also considerably less than we pay for our RAV4. Our vehicle licensing fees are quite low. I've had trucks for many years and this is my favorite."

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Good price for what I needed"

    Anonymous, CO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Reliable with few service issues"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Very few repairs are needed. The trunk is awesome for my golf clubs and hunting rifles."

    Keith E., WI (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Perfect mid sized truck."

    Anonymous, PA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "When I purchased my Ridgeline I narrowed my choice between the Ford F-150 and the Ridgeline. The in bed trunk it great. I do not have to take up passenger space for things such as raincoat, brief case, tools, etc."

    Arnold S., MO (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Awesome reliability"

    Kevin D., ME (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Super reliable. No extra repairs. It does everything we need (truck and car). No need for second vehicle."

    Anonymous, QC (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "An excellent ride for a truck."

    Jesse T., MD (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "For what we do, travel, space, volunteer work, and cab comfort it is tremendous."

    Joan L., FL (2010 Honda Ridgeline)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Rugged style."

    DANIEL E., CT (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Many critics have said you either like this styling or you don't. I happen to fall into the "like" category, however, having said that, I'll admit it took me a little while to come to grips with all of it. Now, I'm fine with the looks. The new Ridgeline is pretty too, but it lacks some of the charm and individuality of the previous generation."

    JIM Z., CA (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

    "Blocky and Martian like outside. Very nice inside EXCEPT for the goddawful nickel accents which now look scratched and stained. The new model looks like they got the styling right this time."

    RONALD R., TN (2010 Honda Ridgeline)

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