The Hyundai Genesis rivals high-end luxury sedans, but costs considerably less. Its luxuriously spacious interior and quietness far transcended its relatively modest price. We were also impressed with its smooth, punchy powertrain and excellent brakes. Handling is sound, but this is no sports sedan.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The car is exceptionally comfortable and outstanding handling. I used to own an E Class Mercedes and this car is every bit as good."

Anonymous, BC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"This car is a lot of fun to drive, rides like a luxury car but moves like a sports car"

Robert G., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"plenty of power and it holds the road well on turns"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Great acceleration. The best feature of this car."

Daniel H., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"V8 has all the power I ever need and transmission is smooth. I love the handling and feel of RWD."

John E., NJ (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The acceleration is great for highway conditions. Road handling is excellent, very little sway on quick turns, excellent breaking with no side pull. Tire/road noise is a higher than other luxury vehicles."

JOHN M., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The car does not handle well on icy or snowy roads in town. If I purchased another Genesis, I would choose the AWD option with the V6 engine."

JEANNETTE B., IL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The acceleration is what I like best about my car. It accelerates quickly even when going up hill."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"This is a wonderful car - but don't EVER try to drive it in snow. Even a little snow (2-4"). If and when I replace it, it will be with the AWD version."

VICTOR S., PA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The horsepower is there when you need it"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"How it drives, very easy of the highway, 25 mpg, on the highway. It does have a v8 engine. Nothing have changed about haw it drives since I bought the car."

Thomas C., PA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"I particularly enjoy the ability of this vehicle to be able to quickly and safely pass slower vehicles on the secondary roads in our area and still get very good mileage for a 4000+ pound sedan."

Samuel S., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very fast acceleration and superb handling"

Steven M., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Excellent acceleration. Very strong at highway speeds. Handles extremely well given the size of the car."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Hugs the road very nicely. Sufficient acceleration for Interstate highway on-ramps."

Robert H., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Cruise control is fantastic, from maintaining spacing to auto braking"

Don S., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Handles very well. Solid in turns. Accelerates briskly."

Anonymous, AL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Car handles very well and acceleration is good."

Kathleen D., AL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Excellent handling."

Anonymous, MO (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"car handles well, ride is comfortable, strikes a good balance between power and efficiency"

Anonymous, AB (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"I appreciate the 3.8L V6 engine, and the six speed transmission. Very comforting to have almost 300 HP available when needed. Passengers indicate they're impressed with the ride, though I myself feel it is just average."

Scott C., IN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Freeway acceleration is there when needed"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Quick response when needed."

David H., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Transmission is jerky (not smooth) when starting from stop"

Gaston B., QC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I find my genesis to be comfortable to drive and I feel safe because it is a heavier car"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Roomy and quiet"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Provides a jarring ride that transmits every bump in the road."

Daniel H., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very comfortable & quiet."

John E., NJ (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The vehicle has an unacceptably noisy cabin for a vehicle marketed and priced as a luxury vehicle. Wind and road noise is so loud that I cannot make hands-free phone calls on Bluetooth because all the person on the other end can hear is wind and road noise. They did not put sufficient insulation in this vehicle and I would not purchase again for this reason."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"climate control is sporadic in its temperature control. electric windows do not always respond"

JERRY L., NJ (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"love the cooled seats!"

GARY R., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Highway noise level is excellent - the ride is somewhat stiff but on smooth highways (as in the South) the car is excellent. Highway gas is excellent at 29 or more at highway speeds."

L S., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Seat comfort is great for 6 ft. very quiet, wind noise is more than I would expect, but not that bad."

TIMOTHY F., TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It has a beautiful line it is comfortable, it drives great the motor is powerful, no noise, smooth ride anywhere,"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"I am a short woman and have been unable to adjust the seats in this car comfortably. Also, the car is very low to the ground, requiring considerable care when parking in a lot with concrete barriers. My elderly mother cannot comfortably get into this car due to this factor."

KATHLEEN D., AL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"love the simple classic style of the car, don't like the new one wish the passenger seat was more comfortable to adjust as the driver seat. wish the trunk would open and close automatically"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Passenger front seat doesn't raise. Not good for short people"

J G., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"IT is not a smooth driving car. Sometimes I feel like I'm riding a horse."

JUNE E., TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It is a little older now but works just fine. Still quiet, runs great, will get up and go with the best of them. I really don't want to get rid of it."

Thomas C., PA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Exceptionally quiet interior and smooth yet sporty ride"

Mark S., TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very comfortable seats with multiple positions available. Quiet comfortable ride. Luxury car ride, not sports car ride."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It is the quietest, smoothest full-sized road car we have ever owned, including past cars like a Lincoln LS and a full-sized Chevrolet station wagon."

Donald M., CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It is very quiet unless you stand on the accelerator"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It has become inconvenient that the passenger seat is not fully adjustable nor does it have the capability to be cooled by the A/C system."

Samuel S., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The most comfortable car ever owned. Love the seats, lack of noise and overall interior quality"

Steven M., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Great seats, very quiet. Handles well for a large car."

Timothy F., TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very smooth riding on long trips.Secret is to get neew tires, specifically Bridgestone Turanza, which are the smoothest road tires I ever purchased."

Robert H., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Comfortable on long distance trips."

David H., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Seats are not comfortable on long rides for short person"

Kathleen D., AL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"This car is quiet and smooth"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very smooth ride. Excellent handling."

Anonymous, MO (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very quiet ride, easy to converse with passenger. Smooth ride too. Seats quite comfortable and great adjustments. Heated and cooled seats. Seats slide back automatically when stopped. which is great for older people."

Max B., ON (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Stiff suspension. You feel every bump."

Daniel H., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This car represents incredible value for money as it cost many thousands of dollars less than other luxury cars. It is a V8 and runs on regular gas with no loss of power."

Anonymous, BC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Very nice car at below market price!"

DAVID W., SC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Hyundai is one of the best brands available to give great value for money."

JEFFREY S., AZ (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The size and features of this car for the price you pay is absolutely phenomenal."

DAVID K., TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)


DON S., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Looks nice but brakes, tires poor quality had to replace way to early. Power passenger seat and back up camera don't work anymore."

STEVEN M., ON (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"I believe it has great value, as it has not have any problems, the service at Hyundai is great! and I was able to get it at a good price at the endo of 2011! I love it!"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"For the money, I have been unable to find a car that provides better value. With distance-sensing cruise control, a sound system that crushes most audio sound systems (the Lexicon system parallels the BEST factory systems!), heated/cooled seats, good power, nice features, nice leather and wood appointments, this car truly found a way to bundle in the best of the luxury cars at a significant savings. It is a Hyundai, so the driver doesn't get the recognition of a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, but the"

ERIC H., IN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"i thought i got a car that is comparable to a bmw mercecdes cadillac for a better price also the interior controls like power window switches and other buttons are superior to a mercedes 500 clk, the windows are thicker and the cabin is quiet, the stereo is excellent except the ipod malfunctions sometimes and i have to unplug it and plug it back in, i also really like the genisis lettering in the door panel, but i wish it came with the hood and trunk emblems (i ordered some of amazon"

NICOLE H., ON (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Typical of Hyundai, you get a lot of car for the money. Where others charge $300 to $400 for some item of equipment, it comes standard on a Genesis."

JOSEPH K., FL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Good: Great looks and many features for your money. Bad: Ride, handling and fuel consumption."

L H., NY (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Fantastic value. It has features that cost $10k or more on other models. Rain-sensing wipers, radar cruise control, brake auto hold, directional headlamps, Lexicon sound system, strong engine, etc. For the price, these features are exceptional!"

Anonymous, IN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"The Genesis has been a terrific value! It is fully loaded with a V-8 motor and is now almost 8 years old with over 100k miles. It cost far less than its competitors and has been mostly trouble free. It still runs great and gets better gas mileage than advertised."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Paid low to mid 30's for a vehicle equipped more like a 50K vehicle."

Anonymous, AL (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"good value. More features, great finishes at a better price when compared to other cars at the time of purchase"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"It was at least $10,000 less expensive than competing brands, and we have the fully loaded car, so it likely was close to $15,000 less. We have spent zero dollars on major repairs. We had extended insurance which covered the only major repair we have done, which was to replace the whole front end at 96,000 miles because the bushings wore out. No power train repairs, only brake pads at normal intervals. We are still on the first set of replacement tires, with 15,000 miles or so left. We've had no tire wear problems due to wheel alignments. We have taken good care of the car with recommended dealer visits every 7,500 miles for oil changes etc."

Donald M., CA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"This car was supposed to have a 10-year "bumper to bumper" guarantee. This year the brake hydraulic module failed and I had to replace it at a cost of $2800. I was told that this component has failed in high numbers. I will never buy another Hyundai."

Anonymous, VA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Navigation system is outdated and was when car was new. Back up camera failed just after warranty ran out. Tires and brakes all had to be replaced far too soon."

Steven M., ON (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"When we bought the Subaru we has Car Max give us an estimate on the Genesis and we were surprised that they only wanted to pay $8,000 for our 2011 Car. So we kept it since we think it’s worth more! The only problem we have is that it does not cool fast enough on a hot day."

Lloyd S., TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Car is comparable in looks and equipment as similar competitive cars that cost $10-20,000 more."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Hyundai Genesis)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"its is sporty and comfortable, with a luxurious feel and has pick up when you need it, it could handle a little better with cornering at higher speeds also i have a problem with it vibrating at high speeds when pulling right, the mechanic checked it but never went over 80k/hr and it only happens over 100, i still need to figure out what is causing this, i had the tires otated and the bearings checked to no avail"

NICOLE H., ON (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"When I first got the car, I was stopped multiple times in parking lots by people admiring its style. They didn't know what it was and wanted to know."

DAVID H., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"This black Genesis sedan draws great "appearance" reviews from friends and strangers. I continue to have compliments from those who think it's a Bently... because of the Genesis "wings" emblems on fromt and rear decks and 4 wheel covers."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Classic looks. Nice interior. Comfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"Dash board rather plain, could have been sexier.."

A L., NC (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

"love the styling of that model"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Hyundai Genesis)

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