The Kia Optima stands out among typical humdrum midsized sedans with a well-tailored coupe-like silhouette. It also comes with a generous helping of standard equipment for the price. But look past these initial draws and the Optima proves quite ordinary. Neither noise isolation nor ride comfort are stellar. This iteration of the Optima remained a good choice, but was showing its age relative to the newer-designed competition.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"handles well 4 cyl engine has plenty of power"

R S., SC (2015 Kia Optima)

"SX Turbo handles extremely well in tight turns and has the necessary turbo acceleration... a great family sports car."

Bryan J., TX (2015 Kia Optima)

"Great drivablility and even fun. Only complaint is road noise. Kia can do better."

Kim B., CA (2015 Kia Optima)

"A dream to drive! Accelerates quickly, ride is very smooth."

Bill C., VA (2015 Kia Optima)

"Both cars handle extremely well"

Peter O., NC (2015 Kia Optima)

"Excellent acceleration, smooth shifts, excellent mileage"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Kia Optima)

"Ok not as good as expected."

MELVIN S., MN (2015 Kia Optima)

"I was totally surprised at the Pick-Up and Handling of this comparably low priced car, considering that it is the base model. I have been using it quite a lot on the highway lately and it sure has good pick-up handles GREAT in heavy traffic!! I would have preferred the few extras offered in the EX model, but due to family problems, we just couldn't afford it the extra cost at present. I was able to add an after market radio that supports a back up camera after a while, which makes me feel more c"

PHILIP S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"Excellent acceleration and gas mileage"

MICHAEL H., IN (2015 Kia Optima)

"This is my second Optima. I purchased the exact same vehicle just newer with 2016 upgrades. I also upgraded to Michelin tires two sizes wider for performance. It handles and performs even better with the larger tires."

Anonymous, NH (2015 Kia Optima)

"lower to road, small engine but has plenty of to drive"

R S., SC (2015 Kia Optima)

"The turbo charged engine is very useful in urban areas to help navigating traffic. The ride is stiff but the car is fast."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Kia Optima)

"Good acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Smooth transmission."

RICHARD C., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"Wished i would have got the turbo"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"When not in ECO mode it can be a little bit jerky in the transmission shifts. Nothing concerning just not as smooth as I would like."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Kia Optima)

"Very adequate for a 4 cylinder car."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Kia Optima)

"Getting 47MPG"

BRIAN L., WA (2015 Kia Optima)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say


Anonymous, CO (2015 Kia Optima)

"comfortable and good ride"

R S., SC (2015 Kia Optima)

"The front passenger seat is too low! I'm 5'4" and I feel like a school kid trying to look out of the window. The positive is that I do feel safe."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"This car is quiet on the highway. The seats are supportive and comfortable. The car handles well. The screen for the audio system is hard to read when the sun is shining when playing the iPad or CDs."

JAY E., WI (2015 Kia Optima)

"Passenger seat height can not be adjusted. Sits really low and some people can hardly see over the dash. Very poor design!"

VENICE V., IA (2015 Kia Optima)

"the passenger seat sits way lower than the driver seat"

FRANK S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"front passenger seat is low with no adjustments available."

JAMES K., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"passenger seat sits too low"

FRANK S., NJ (2015 Kia Optima)

"The passenger side seat is positioned very low and is not adjustable."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Kia Optima)

"Air conditioned seats, heated seats in back, heated steering wheel"

RICHARD C., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"Front tires below wear bars by 3,500 miles (yes 3,500) rears by 5,500. Both front brake calipers had to be replaced by 11,000 miles. KIA would NOT cover the costs or assist with either tire or brake problems."

MELVIN S., MN (2015 Kia Optima)

"steering wheel does not adjust to a comfortable position, the adjustment control feels cheap."

J O., IL (2015 Kia Optima)

"(Bad) The front passenger seat position sits extremely low and is uncomfortable do to this. (Good) Ride is quiet and tight."

TERRY S., IL (2015 Kia Optima)

"The passenger seat front is far too low making it more difficult to get in or out. It moves forward & backward but height is not adjustable. Only problem I have with the car."

RICHARD H., WV (2015 Kia Optima)

"Not exactly a comfort issue, but vehicle exhibited a clicking sound in the front end when driven over uneven pavement. This has been corrected by the dealership"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Kia Optima)

"Once you get in the seats are very comfortable, but not easy to get in and out of."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Kia Optima)

"Passenger seat height is not adjustable and is very low. Makes it difficult for shorter people to see out of the car (which is a very uncomfortable feeling) and it makes it very difficult for older people and those with injuries/disabilities to enter and exit the vehicle"

DAVID A., MA (2015 Kia Optima)

"The passenger seating lower than driver seat"

DORIS H., MI (2015 Kia Optima)

"2015 passenger seat is too low (for person under approx 5'7") and cannot be adjusted - 2016s fixed problem. Would like retrofit on 2015 to make higher (non-OEM kits are available.)"

P R., SC (2015 Kia Optima)

"front passenger seat is too low."

DONNA P., OH (2015 Kia Optima)

"Passenger seat sits very low and cannot be raised in height."

AUSTIN T., SC (2015 Kia Optima)

"Passanger front seat sits too low. otherwise Great all around car"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Kia Optima)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"great value"

Peter O., NC (2015 Kia Optima)

"THis car offers amazing value. Almost every "bell and Whistle" we had on our Lexus is here at a fraction of the price. THe seats are extremely comfortable. Pick up ix excellent for a hybrid and you get a fully sport shiftable transmission."

Kim B., CA (2015 Kia Optima)

"Functional as a family car that can carry 4 comfortably but also has a sports car personality to it. Loaded SX Turbo has great styling and comfortable interior, with all the needed upgrades I look for."

Bryan J., TX (2015 Kia Optima)

"Good vehicle for the money. Would likely buy again."

Wade J., MI (2015 Kia Optima)

"Thousands less than the competition for the features offered."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Kia Optima)

"I am very impressed in how this car looks and drives. therefore I consider it to great Value for the price we paid."

PHILIP S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"Again, for the cost, you cannot get a more well designed vehicle inside and out. I went from owniing 6 Cadillacs over the past 6 new car purchases and have not missed them at all after driving the Optima. Great handling, great acceleration, great design and just a great car all around driving vehicle.."

PAUL S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"I have owned maxima and Infinite G-37, I have found the Kia to be and excellent vehicle. It does not handle as well as the infinity, but is more practical, economic and provides all the features I value. Compare to the maxima is more reliable and has all the features I wanted at a reasonable price with an excellent warranty."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Kia Optima)

"Hard for me to believe that I got a car with such widely acclaimed styling excellence and packed with features (back up cam, heated and cooled leather seats, and very economical operation) for such a ridiculously low price."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Kia Optima)

"Great value for the price. My things included in the price."

DENNIS G., CA (2015 Kia Optima)

"By far the best car for the price in it's class."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Kia Optima)

"Large list of options and trim for a low price"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Kia Optima)

"When checking with GM & Ford for the same type of car with the package I have the cost was $ 2000. to $ 4000+ more"

E S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"great value car, minimal maintenance, good mileage"

ROBERT T., NJ (2015 Kia Optima)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"taut and graceful lines"

Anonymous, VA (2015 Kia Optima)

"The sleekness of the body design and even the side mirrors that retract backward AND forward when hit which has been my first in any previous cars with this feature. The interior is well appointed and instrumentation offered in the lower price ranges outstanding. The oustide body design speaks for itself showing a smooth flowing sleekness not overly done but one pleasing to view and appreicate."

PAUL S., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"Looks like an Expensive cr"

MICHAEL H., IN (2015 Kia Optima)

"Slick and aerodynamic"

DEXTER B., ON (2015 Kia Optima)

"Very sleek looking, Body shape and style excellent."

JAMES K., FL (2015 Kia Optima)

"More sporty looking than a Lexus ES350."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Kia Optima)

"VERY PLEASING on the Eyes. I get many compliments on the style."

JAY E., WI (2015 Kia Optima)

"Good looks"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Kia Optima)

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