The Soul lives in that increasingly gray area between hatchbacks and SUVs. A boxy, upright design gives it abundant interior space and super-easy access. You sit up high in chairlike seats, surrounded by an ample glass area for good visibility. Overall, it feels like driving a small SUV, but one that's lower to the ground. But unlike a true SUV, the Soul is available only with front-wheel drive.
There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The acceleration & steering took some getting used to. My old car was a 5-speed 4-wheel drive. This is an automatic front-wheel drive. The acceleration is much faster, so that I had to learn not to depress the gas pedal so much. Also the steering is much tighter; I am still adjusting to parking. I love it, it's just a big adjustment."

Barbara E., SC (2014 Kia Soul)

"I think it handles well but the acceleration is somewhat poor at times."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Kia Soul)

"The car is slow on uphill roads and immediately goes to overdrive if on cruise control thus decreasing the MPG further."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Kia Soul)

"acceleration is fine, handling (steering and braking) are both good engine noise is "harse:" under heavy throttle otherwise the car is real quiet"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"While it's a small engine, I have a manual transmission, harder to find these days. I enjoy that part of the driving experience, even driving in Los Angeles. Accelerate well with the manual and easy to handle."

Phyllis D., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Very peppy acceleration."

Patricia B., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Love the way the Kia handles, parks, etc. Have been experiencing hesitation on acceleration and rough idling, but the dealer hasn't been able to determine the cause to date."

Patricia G., IN (2014 Kia Soul)

"Pour acceleration"

Elecia E., AL (2014 Kia Soul)

"The engine is sufficiently powerful and acceleration is lively. However the suspension and steering are by no means sporty and when pressed to the limits , itis abundantly clear that it was designed to be basic transportation, and nothing more."

James H., WI (2014 Kia Soul)

"Accelerates fine. Is peppy and we like the ease of handling. It can "turn on a dime and give you a nickel change"!"

John S., AR (2014 Kia Soul)

"It has a peppy engine, an automatic 6 speed transmission that shifts flawlessly, and a very good suspension which is excellent for cornering. The steering is tight and responsive. It is just a pleasure to drive."

Paul B., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"A lot of fun to drive to switch into different driving modes (sport, comfort) and it has an active ECO mode that ups fuel milage"

Andrew H., WI (2014 Kia Soul)

"Great stearing and fast response when needed."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration can be a bit sluggish, particularly when trying to merge onto highways, and acceleration tends to be noisy. Handles easily, no issues there."

Debra H., SC (2014 Kia Soul)

"Choppy, rough ride. Stiff suspension"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is relatively poor. Handling is acceptable. Recently, the car would not start (did not even turn over), and was towed to Kia dealer who could not find anything wrong. Now we are afraid to drive it."

Charles B., PA (2014 Kia Soul)

"At 74, I’m not likely to race around my little town. My car has good acceleration in entering interstates and in maintaining speed limits. I’ve never felt I needed more power in emergency. I like th3 handling in terms of turns,back8ng up, u-turns."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Soul)

"everything about it is great,incredible handling just awesome."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Excellent handling . This car was bought to use as a grocery car. We have a tendency to use it for much more."

James A., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Rides like a buck board."

Alfred W., VA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Handles fine, average acceleration but great visibility and easy to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Nimble and easy handling. Much better acceleration than I expected before I bought it."

DONALD P., SC (2014 Kia Soul)

"Turning radius is very short and tight, the best I've experienced."

KEVIN M., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"To save gas, the car engine stops at intersections. But then it accelerates satisfactorily."

HELLEN A., VA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is poor on this loaded Kia Soul. My only major gripe. Probably won't buy again for this reason."

RICHARD W., NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"She's somewhat underpowered. I truly miss my Saab's turbo. However, the major problem is with traction in snow/ice. This could be a tire question, but they are far from bald. And on the one day I was out in slushy snow (only had her since March), I was getting almost NO traction where the roads were still coated. This has me scared to death, because I live in northern New York State."

MARY M., NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"Slow acceleration."

R K., NJ (2014 Kia Soul)

"A great car to get around in. It was bought as a grocery car, but it get used more than the other 2 vehicles"

JAMES A., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"My car has the base 1.6L engine. If I had it to do over again, I would pay the extra for the 2.0L engine as there is no penalty in fuel economy and the added power of the larger engine would be most welcome and provides a better overall driving experience."

GERALD W., MI (2014 Kia Soul)

"Handles well, and the acceleration is adequate. We did a cross country trip (Arizona to New Jersey approx 7000 miles) and were very satisfied."

ROBERT A., AZ (2014 Kia Soul)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Getting in and out of Kia is difficult for me because I am short (5'2")."

Bonnie H., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Easy entry and exit. Comfortable driver."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"The ride is a little rough. I cannot seem to get the driver seat in a comfortable position."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Kia Soul)

"I am short from the waist up and have difficulty seeing out the window and the driver side mirror blocks my sight line. The seats do not adjust up enough for me. I consider this vehicle to be for transportation only, not for comfort, traveling, etc. It has been a good car, and I have not had any mechanical problems, or body work done. It has required 2 recall repairs while I have owned it. I bought it used in 2015 with 14,000 mi. on it."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Kia Soul)

"comfortable, easy to get in and out of the seats. We have no problem with the ride. We can go some distance and don't get tired. The road noise is a tad high."

John S., AR (2014 Kia Soul)

"Fairly quiet ride"

Marc D., NC (2014 Kia Soul)

"The ride is horrible on New Orleans streets. Ok on the highway or good roads. Seats and noise isn't a problem. In fact the seats are quite comfortable."

Thomas M., LA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Road noise is the biggest problem with the Kia Soul. Think it could use more insulation. Would like to have the driver seat be automatic controlled for better fit and positioning."

Patricia G., IN (2014 Kia Soul)

"I was looking specifically for a car that minimizes exterior noise and this car does a very good job."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Kia Soul)

"its comfortable roomy and easy to drive."

Mark T., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"The ride and noise are very sensitive to tire inflation."

Danny R., OK (2014 Kia Soul)

"Easy to get in and out. Height just right. Seat fits me well as is."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Very peppy acceleration and a quiet, comfortable ride."

Patricia B., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Though a smaller vehicle, ease of entry and exit are superior."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"There has been from the beginning a rattle in the dash! They tried put simple things to fix it but hasn’t worked I need to take it in for them pull the dash apart to find that rattle and I don’t have time!!!!!"

Arlyne O., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Driver's seat lacks long distance comfort in terms of lumbar support. It amazes me that car makers don't make lumbar support standard and still upcharged you, often quite a lot, in order to get it."

James H., WI (2014 Kia Soul)

"The seats are much more comfortable and the ride more smooth than my old car. I did not realize my old car was uncomfortable or a rough ride until I drove this one!"

Barbara E., SC (2014 Kia Soul)

"best seats and quiet, can sit and drive for hours without feeling cramped"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Excellent seats, up-right seating, great view, acceptable noise"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Kia Soul)

"seats are easy to get in and out of and fairly comfort road noise is a bit too high"

Anonymous, OR (2014 Kia Soul)

"the seats in the Kis soul are very comfortable and you so not get a sore back from driving 2 hourrs or more."

George J., MN (2014 Kia Soul)

"Seats are comfortable, supportive, easily adjusted. Fabric covering of seats has seemed to wear more quickly than other cars I've owned. Ride is comfortable, car is easy to handle. Noise is average."

Debra H., SC (2014 Kia Soul)

"The rear seats have enough head room for my 6'3 son to sit and ride for a while. He doesn't have to slump over like he does in some cars. Front seat comfort is much better to me than the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport I just purchased recently."

Ashley M., IA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Seats are very comfortable for a car at this price. It’s fairly quiet for a compact four-cylinder. The ride is a little stiff"

Ron M., MN (2014 Kia Soul)

"This is my wife's car and we decided to purchase one after renting one for a trip. She has a back issue and finds the comfort of the drivers seat much better than any vehicle she has driven. The seat settings are very flexible and can give her comfort no matter how her back is feeling."

Mark S., KY (2014 Kia Soul)

"The ride is very harsh, but we have gotten used to it. We love the little car!"

Willard F., TX (2014 Kia Soul)

"When you first look at the Kia Soul, you do not have a sense of the interior being very roomy, but, it is extremely so. There is a great deal of leg and head room inside even if you are over 6 feet tall. The seats are very comfortable and the vehicle handles extremely easy."

Donald P., CT (2014 Kia Soul)

"The seats or very comfortable, the noise level and ride are very good for such a small car."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Pretty noisy. Seats are not very comfortable ... Not enough padding for me."

Anonymous, OK (2014 Kia Soul)

"My wife is slightly handicapped and ha a problem entering our other sedan. Due to the Souls height and squared off doors plus good seat height it is much easier for her to enter. the Soul is now almost two years old and has over 16,000 miles on it. It is without a doubt the most trouble free car that I have owned"

ROBERT A., AZ (2014 Kia Soul)

"We have has my car in at the dealers 6 times to fix the wind noise and it is still there."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Kia Soul)

"I am a shortwaisted female and I have the driver seat as high as it will go, and I still have trouble seeing past the mirrors on either side. Don't feel safe in this vehicle."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Does not feel like an inexpensive vehicle...feels much more upscale. Quieter, smoother than other cars in it's class (Mini Countryman, Fiat 500L)."

FLO H., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"thank goodness the seats are comfortable and there is plenty room for my 6'4" 240 pound body. The ride is a wee bit rough on less than smooth streets."

THOMAS M., LA (2014 Kia Soul)

"The Soul had a creaking coming from the frame when new. It was at the dealer for over 6 weeks total. Many items disassembled to find noise. Now they make squeaks and creaks."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Kia Soul)

"The suspension is poor. Provides very rough ride. I feel every little bump in the road and rough pavement causes my teeth to chatter (almost)."

RALPH S., TN (2014 Kia Soul)

"I have the fully-loaded Plus and love the high head room, upright driving position, and great visibility with this car. It's actually more comfortable than the Lexus. My passengers also appreciate the heated rear seat in winter."

NANCY S., TX (2014 Kia Soul)

"Radio, very very bad, you can not see your settings. Or find pre sets while driving... Very high road noise. Very hard to have a conversation without yelling..."

DONALD R., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"It is like driving a box, the seats are very uncomfortable. I am 6' and if I were any taller the seat couldn't go back far enough. The seats also feel rigid and confining."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Ride is a little rough"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Kia Soul)

"stiff ride but better than expected mpg"

ANDRE Q., ME (2014 Kia Soul)

"1. Headrests are adjustable front/back (and up/down), but all the way back still forces your head forward, hard to sit straight upright. 2. More lumbar support needed in the seat. 3. Otherwise, all good."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Kia Soul)

"The Kia Soul's ride leaves much to be desired if you are going on vacation or just a long ride. You feel every bump and pot hole in the road no matter how big they are."

ROBERT K., NJ (2014 Kia Soul)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"after 4 years car is in excellent shape and have not had any maintenance other than regular"

Anonymous, ON (2014 Kia Soul)

"There are many little bells and whistles on this car."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Top of the line car with all the bells and whistles for under $26k."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Kia Soul)

"For the money, good little car. Economical."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Kia Soul)

"I consider the Kia Soul good transportation from point A to B good price and you can haul almost anything. I'm very satisfied with the Soul ."

Stephen W., IN (2014 Kia Soul)

"The single best vehicle purchase of my life. The perfect car for my lifestyle."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"best bang for the buck, a true diamond in the field of cars and trucks"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Kia Soul)

"This car is a gem! It’s not fancy nor over priced. It does what a car is supposed to do. And does it very well!"

Timothy B., OH (2014 Kia Soul)

"Dependable. High entry. No repairs to date."

Karen L., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"The price was great for the value we received"

Marc D., NC (2014 Kia Soul)

"Compared to other vehicles you can get a lot of great features that cost much more on other vehicles. I got leather seats-heated, moon roof, navigation, good sound system etc for a good price."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Kia Soul)

"Great daily driver for the money."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"For the spaciousness and overall solid quality, there is nothing else in the price range that can match it."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Very reasonable, also bought off of lease with a great interest rate. I wanted a simple car that I could use for throwing in my tennis gear or swimming gear. Very roomy inside too, just a comfortable, well valued car."

Phyllis D., CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Solid vehicle with excellent drivability."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Kia Soul)

"Buy one...."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"I am impressed by the number of features that were available for the price, especially the heated steering wheel, heated seats, cooled seats, navigation."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Kia Soul)

"For the price you pay for a Kia soul you get so much compared to comparably priced cars"

Ron M., MN (2014 Kia Soul)

"My Kia Soul was purchased with both the option packages available in 2014, and is equiped like a BMW but cost around $25K, a real bargin"

Richard K., NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"Excellent transportation at this price. Comfortable, easy to get in, relable and fun to drive with the 6 speed manual."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Resale value only average."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Kia Soul)

"A great buy-the most room and practicality really for a vehicle in its price range."

Matthew B., OH (2014 Kia Soul)

"Well equipped car with alloys, Sirius radio and all power for 18500."

Robert L., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Low cost, comfortable for it's size, and great gas mileage."

Casey A., MD (2014 Kia Soul)

"i have the same features that increase the cost of other cars"

Mike B., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"It cost too much for what we received. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it has great acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Very good price."

R K., NJ (2014 Kia Soul)

"We like our KIA Soul. We are less than pleased with the service department at the dealership."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Kia Soul)

"Nice interior trim for the segment and also surprisingly quiet."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Kia Soul)

"Extremely roomy seating and cargo capacity for size/economy of the vehicle"

TERRY S., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"great car with all the devices as an expensive car"

Anonymous, PA (2014 Kia Soul)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"She is bright red and frequently gets great compliments from absolute strangers. She is in a word adorable"

MARY M., NY (2014 Kia Soul)

"Red Zone Package makes this model really standout"

ANN H., FL (2014 Kia Soul)

"Looks cool and not too many body changes. So your car looks new even when it is three years old."

THOMAS M., LA (2014 Kia Soul)

"for a small auto, very good"

KENT L., ME (2014 Kia Soul)

"It is unique in its shape and has elicited comments from 3 total strangers about how "cool" it is."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Kia Soul)
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