2016 Kia Soul Owner Satisfaction - Consumer Reports
The Soul lives in that increasingly gray area between hatchbacks and SUVs. A boxy, upright design gives it abundant interior space and super-easy access. You sit up high in chairlike seats, surrounded by an ample glass area for good visibility. Overall, it feels like driving a small SUV, but one that's lower to the ground. Redesigned for 2014, the new Soul provides a more mature and well-rounded package than its predecessor.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is outstanding considering engine size"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Smooth, instantaneous, quiet acceleration. Low center of gravity so handling not bad."

J B., ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"Sports mode is good for the pass were you have hills and need quick pick up."

Cliff S., OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is adequate for the most part. I was particularly impressed with the brakes and cornering. Those are two areas I rely upon when choosing a car. They are central to the safety of the car. Steering feedback is good with a slightly "weighted" feel - not over=assisted as my Infinity was."

Donald B., IL (2016 Kia Soul)

"I wish it had a little more power starting from a stop. It does very well at speed on the highway."

John B., NV (2016 Kia Soul)

"Light weight vehicle. Lacks traction. Manual transmission is jumpy. Lack of torque in lower gears."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"The six speed manual transmission gives it the "push" it needs and it will really move out on to the interstate with more than enough gusto. The six speed manual also gives it the push it needs on mountainous secondary roads. It handles cross winds nicely despite its "boxy" shape."

Robert D., WY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very responsive, turn radius is small, I love that"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"ast and very nimble-excellent handling and short turning radius"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Lots of power and acceleration, precise handling."

Don D., BC (2016 Kia Soul)

"Braking can kill you. I cursed both of our Kias and threatened to return it as braking was harsher than any car I had previously driven. The brakes grab, grip, and hold such that you are driven into the steering wheel and windshield. Sheeesh. This is crazy and dangerous!"

David S., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Absolutely awsome driving, small enough to handle well but easy to load with cargo. No blind spots in hevy traffic"

Carolyn G., AL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration from dead stop is outstanding and very smooth."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"Handling and acceleration are excellent."

Jo D., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is jerky"

Anonymous, MN (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration can be a bit timid but is acceptable. Handling is good."

Alexander F., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is 8.5 out of 10. Handling is 8 out of 10. Gas mileage with the bigger engine and hard city driving is @ 19 MPG (6.5 out of 10). The front seats are small for large people. Almost no car noise rattles after 2.5 years. Great reliability with no problems. An excellent car warranty."

Brian H., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Computer puts transmission in too high gear and out of best torque range of engine. It bogs down when accelerating. It needs a "sport" mode to improve pick up and acceleration."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Kia Soul)

"The car acceleration is nice with the turbo and the steering handles like a sports car."

Gerard B., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Fun to drive. Can make very tight turns. Easy to parallel park due to size and back up camera. Also very zippy, can accelerate quickly. My husband named it my Little Go-Cart."

Cynthia B., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"With the 2.0 liter engine, the vehicle is very good at merging and passing. This car also has a very tight turning radius which really helps when trying to park in tight spaces or making a U-turn."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Fun, easy to drive and park"

Dennis K., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"See previous answer."

Rick W., GA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Handles like a dream. Excellent acceleration. Quiet."

Robert L., IA (2016 Kia Soul)

"It accelerates well. But i had to have the dealer adjust the computer settings to do so. Before the adjustment it would hesitate and stall on acceleration."

Anonymous, WI (2016 Kia Soul)

"the ride can be like a little truck can be very bouncy. all the other handling is good"

Anonymous, BC (2016 Kia Soul)

"I love the way my Kia Soul handles so easily...turns, parking, navigating through traffic, etc. Acceleration is usually very good. Occasionally it is a bit sluggish."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Kia Soul)

"The Soul is a fun car to drive. Has enough power and a short turning radius."

Rose J., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"The experience of driving even a moderate-spec EV is wonderful. Acceleration is instant and regenerative braking (I always use “B‿ mode) means I need to use the actual mechanical brakes only infrequently. And maintenance is next to nothing (so far only a tire rotation and a cabin air filter in 22500 miles). Because of the low CG (drive battery is under the floor) the ride is solid and the handling very comfortable and responsive. It makes even my very fun-to-drive and responsive ICE car - a 2013 Mazda3 hatchback - seem clumsy and unrefined. And and compared to its peers, the Mazda3 is NOT clumsy and unrefined."

Bernard C., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"We really enjoy this car and like hearing the motor turn off when idling at stoplights but occasionally it has hesitated or "coughed" when trying to accelerate from a full stop after waiting at a stoplight. This has happened maybe once a month and is startling."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is very poor and car gets very poor gas mileage at higher speeds"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"It's a bit noisy when accelerating and the motor is quite weak, this motor is a bit small."

Stephane G., ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"Handling is great there is no pull when accelerating and it is easy to drive. However the engine is still lacking and underpowered. Engine always sounds like it is laboring. Wife is happy because it is cute and that's what really counts."

E G., AL (2016 Kia Soul)

"It doesn't have great pick up, even with the bigger engine"

MIMI C., DC (2016 Kia Soul)

"im a spirited driver by nature,but getting up in years so calming down a bit.had to adjust to the throttle response as it requires more pedal travel to get the acceleration i want on a hill from a stop but will respond accordingly if given enough pedal.once up to speed its fine.suffice it to say if given enough throttle for daily driving its respectable even with ac on."

ALBERT P., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"It is almost totally sound proof. The car is solid. I wish the seats were a little larger or a bench seat."

ROGER Z., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Doesn't have quite as much acceleration as I'd like for the engine size. It's almost what I was expecting but slightly fell short."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Doesn't accelerate well but comfortable to drive as far as the seats go. Road noise is pronounced."

VICKI M., FL (2016 Kia Soul)


Anonymous, MO (2016 Kia Soul)

"I have the 2.0 engine and it is just acceptable for power and is too noisy. It needs more power and less noise."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration is only moderate."

MITCHELL B., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"I have the basic car. The acceleration w/ this motor is poor. Hard to get up to speed on the highway."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"Nothing outstanding."

MICHAEL B., KS (2016 Kia Soul)

"Super smooth and pleasant drive, great handling given the low center of gravity."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"First gear does not seem to have a lot of power. However, the remainder has plenty of power."

DIANA K., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"It drives smooth and handles well. The manual six-speed gives mileage way above the EPA estimates. There are three settings for the steering that let you pick the one that feels right for the conditions - I love this!"

LINDA C., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very zippy auto. Good acceleration and tight handeling"

JO D., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Acceleration with the 1.6 liter, especially with AC on is terrible. 2.0 liter engine is a much better engine in terms of both acceleration and gas mileage. Handling is okay"

DAVID J., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Descent acceleration but with some hesitation. Handles nicely but has a hard ride."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Kia Soul)

"The car accelerates and regenerates very well, especially in the "B" mode. The handling is very responsive. This is a fun car to drive."

Kathryn H., KS (2016 Kia Soul)

"very impressive for a small vus"

Leonard S., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"rough accelerating when needs to go fast. I understand it has improved with the 2017 model"

Anonymous, MO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Brakes are mushy, difficult to brake smoothly."

Roger T., MI (2016 Kia Soul)

"It is quick to accelerate and handles well under all circumstances"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The ride is somewhat rough due to a short wheelbase."

Anonymous, WI (2016 Kia Soul)

"the seats are good, the noise are good,"

Anonymous, BC (2016 Kia Soul)

"I drive approximately 4-5 hours every day for my job. I find that the seats are very comfortable and I don't feel fatigue at all. The car is easy to get in and out of due to the high roof line and the ride is very comfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats are comfortable, with heated and cooling. The noise level is not a luxury car, but still is quiet enough."

Gerard B., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"the suspension system is a little tight so you notice bumps more than other vehicles. It handles well tho and I have been very satisfied with the car."

Anonymous, MI (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats are very comfortable and sit high enough for a good view of the road."

Jo D., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Front seats should be a bit wider. However, long distance driving this car actually leaves the driver quite relaxed"

James I., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"great visibility, seat comfort even on long trips"

Richard H., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Comfort of the seat"

H F., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"vey comfortable"

Alan R., ME (2016 Kia Soul)

"Surprisingly comfortable: entry and exit are unimpeded, seats are supportive."

Steven L., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"As always the seeds are designed with the average male in mind a short person will have the seats biting you in the back of the legs. As my husband and I drive this vehicle equally, I have concerns that when you move the seat forward or backward it does not click in securely. You must be very careful with this"

Marnie P., ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"The ride is a little noisy, but the seats are comfy & it drives nicely"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"My wife's car. She loves the higher seat compared to her earlier 2000 Elantra wagon."

Kit A., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats exceptionally comfortable, a significant factor in the decision to purchase. They are neither powered nor heated but still are a valued feature."

Geoffrey H., PA (2016 Kia Soul)

"There is road noise and the ride is rough and bouncy but at this price range I expected it not to be an A4. The Elantra rides much better and the engine transmission are much more sophisticated and smooth."

Jim K., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Drives like a SMALL car;sensitive to variations in pavement, wind, passing trucks all give a somewhat unsettled feel, especially in highway. Seats are ok comfort-wise. Noise level not bad."

Rick W., GA (2016 Kia Soul)

"the ride is too rough you feel every little bump"

Anonymous, TN (2016 Kia Soul)

"Comfortable seats"

Margaret S., PA (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seat need better cushioning, when you hit a little bump the seat bottoms out."

Ken S., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"For the price I paid the ride is comfortable. There is some road noise but not an extreme amount, the ride is reasonable and the seats are comfortable. Although is it not like a luxury car, it is great for the kind and price of car it is."

Nancy H., OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"Upright seating position and low noise from electric drive train."

J B., ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"seats are a little stiff"

Anonymous, MN (2016 Kia Soul)

"I am short. This car is perfect for me. Others who are tall have said it has great headroom and I agree. It is a very comfortable vehicle to get in and out of and very comfy while driving."

Susan V., RI (2016 Kia Soul)

"Slightly noisy, but otherwise a great car"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Kia Soul)


Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great little car"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Ride is a bit harsh, but not bad given the short wheelbase. Seat comfort is very good. Noise is good except under hard engine acceleration."

Nathan S., IL (2016 Kia Soul)

"It does have a rougher ride than a bigger vehicle."

Anonymous, IA (2016 Kia Soul)

"seats to narrow and not padded well"

Philip H., TN (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats suit my body type well. View is nice and high for such a vehicle. Highway noise is acceptable."

Shimon I., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"I like the seats. They are probably the most comfortable seats you can get in a cheap car. I can drive in it all day."

Mike B., KS (2016 Kia Soul)

"very comfortable, driver seat can be raise to see over the hood."

Joseph C., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"The ride is rough I feel every bump in the road"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Quiet, good visibility,"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Roomy and practical interior. Cool styling. Somewhat noisy and rough riding."

Gordon J., LA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Drivers seat needs better lumbar support . On long drives I must add a suppport cushion"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Feels much larger inside than it looks from outside. Lots headroom and seat space."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Kia Soul)

"I have a herniated disc. This is the only car I have found that doesn’t hurt my legs. I just wish the seat went up higher."

H F., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats are very comfortable, even on longer trips. Good amount of support and adjustablity in both the driver and passenger side front seats. The car rides well for a small car and road noise is not overwhelming."

Alexander F., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"It is surprisingly comfortable to ride in with very little road noise. For a small car we are very happy with this car's comfort."

Anonymous, AR (2016 Kia Soul)

"Roomy in back for bikes, etc. Good "mom car.""

CAROL R., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"I have a herniated disc. I can drive this without pain. In addition the styling makes it easy to see over."

H F., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Overall the vehicle seats are comfortable, however the headrest juts forward and forces the head, neck, and back into a very uncomfortable driving position. The seat coolers are very weak and provide very little extra ventilation. The vehicle could also benefit from new noise-cancelling technology."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"seats a little hard"

Anonymous, QC (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats are comfortable which is what took me to the car. At our age getting in and out was a problem with the Optima, it was more like a sports car and my husband is 6' 2" and had a hard time getting in and out but I did like driving the car. My back would hurt when I got out, not in the Soul."

ROGER Z., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seating is very comfortable and roomy. Easy to see in all directions. Ride is better than expected. Handling is very precise."

JAMES C., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats are comfortable and road noise low. Air conditioner works great. Sits higher then a normal car and with the large doors .high roofline and square shape getting in and out is wonderful. disappointed with no CD player and lack of AWD. If they ever offer one I will be first inline."

Anonymous, CT (2016 Kia Soul)

"The ride is very rough."

JEFF F., CO (2016 Kia Soul)


DAVID G., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"comfortable to drive, comfortable for all passengers, a little noisy, and not quite smooth ride."

RAY W., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"My issue is being able to get into and out of the car easily, since I have had a hip replacement. That was my major reason for buying the car and the ample interior space, both front and back seat."

HEATHER C., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Suspension is rather hard"

CARL M., NV (2016 Kia Soul)

"For a base model, the Kia Soul has exceptionally comfortable seats that fit both my wife and me. Ease of entry/exit, and a remarkably quiet, composed ride add to the experience. Simple, accurate analogue metering (speedometer, temp gauge, fuel gauge) is great. The radio with Bluetooth was easy to set up, intuitive to use, and consistent in performance. MPG trip computer is a liar, often reporting 3-5 mpg better than the car is actually getting. (My 34 mpg is calculated through a calibrated S"

ALDEN S., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats are surprisingly uncomfortable and difficult to adjust to a good driving position . My last car was a Toyota Matrix and the seats were excellent in comparison"

MICHAEL C., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"quiet, solid ride"

BERT T., MI (2016 Kia Soul)

"Tops in seating, audio, head & leg room, climate control"

JAN C., MO (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats sit tall an they are very comfortable. They are treated with Scotchgard, so they never get dirty!"

LINDA C., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Excellent seats. Would expect better gas mileage from a vehicle so under powered."

MICHAEL B., KS (2016 Kia Soul)

"Interior space for front passengers is very good for a vehicle based on a Forte chassis. I have never sat in the back and have only owned for 6 months.The head room is very good for tall drivers (me). The ride is bouncy on uneven pavement, but comfortable on smooth."

JAMES K., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats aren't that comfortable, they need improvement in their comfort."

KEN S., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Love the ventilated seats."

JAMES H., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"I am 6'2. My wife is 5'2. This is a Base Soul, with cloth seats and manual adjusters. There is no adjustable lumbar support. Nevertheless, we both find these seats to be unobtrusively comfortable for both long trips and short hauls. Ride noise is exceptionally low, very little wind noise, and tire noise with the OEM tires is also very muted."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"easy in easy out more room than you might think"

David S., NC (2016 Kia Soul)

"The best thing about this car is that I feel like I am a part of it as I drive. The Soul definitely inspires confidence in the driver. It is responsive, handles beautifully and is very quiet. The visibility could not be better and seat comfort is excellent. I thoroughly enjoy driving the Soul - short or long distance."

Mark M., VA (2016 Kia Soul)

"The seats are higher so that road visibility is better. The seats can be heated and they can be cooled."

George B., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Good visibility. Adjustable seats"

Harriette F., KY (2016 Kia Soul)

"I bought this Soul because of the ride height and ease of getting in and out of the car. The seats are very comfortable even on a long ride. The one thing that I wish was better is the road noise its not to bad but i think it should be better than what it is at."

Mike W., MN (2016 Kia Soul)

"Seats need to be wider for comfort"

Donald F., IA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Safe comfortable ride"

Anonymous, AL (2016 Kia Soul)

"This is the perfect vehicle for my husband, who is disabled, to get in and out of and to drive. The ride is smooth and the noise is minimal."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Everything works well for the price. The ride is a bit rough and the backup camera on the screen is not very clear."

Jeff F., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Does not hold its value ."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Kia Soul)

"So so gas mileage for a 1.6 liter engine...could be much better if they wanted to. Would prevent me from buying another Soul."

David J., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Vehicle did not have a lot of add-ons I did not want. I was able to find a vehicle equipped as I wanted without much difficulty. Repair record has been historically good. That is vital when I purchase a car. Pricing was very good, but it is a simple car and I am told the Korean manufacturers are subsidized by their government to help keep prices down."

Donald B., IL (2016 Kia Soul)

"good utility and comfort for the price"

Anonymous, TN (2016 Kia Soul)

"It's a relatively inexpensive vehicle that does everything we need a car to do. We've had no problems with this car."

John B., NV (2016 Kia Soul)

"With EV incentive, got excellent value for money. Without EV incentive, cost would have been prohibitive."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Kia Soul)

"Thanks to government EV incentives, the lease deal I have for the Soul EV is very favorable - less than $200/month for 12000 miles/year. This was my first lease and when it is over in 9/2019 it will be interesting to see what can be done then. In any case I don’t think I’ll ever be without an EV in the future."

Bernard C., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"We have two 2016 KIA SOUL + car and enjoy both of them."

Bob R., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Good economy car"

Margaret S., PA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great value, lots of options. Engine could use a little more power with a larger displacement engine, but not a turbocharged engine."

Richard D., TX (2016 Kia Soul)

"We wanted a car that looked good and had room for traveling, good gas mileage,like that it has 3 modes to run in."

Cliff S., OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"overall good features for the price"

Richard H., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Aside from its "nerdy" looks this is 1 of the best cars I've owned. In 30,000 mi. I've put gas in it & have changed the oil. That's it. It's comfortable to sit in & drive, rides & handles nicely, has a modicum of creature comforts inside. Seats down provides lots of room. I'd buy this again in a heartbeat.;"

Larry B., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"Dealership was manipulative, tried to charge us more than sticker price, & lacked adequate knowledge of the vehicle. We only purchased from them because they were the only local source & had the specific vehicle we wanted. It was not a pleasant experience."

Anonymous, NE (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great mileage de Endable car. Good in all weather"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"In my opinion, the Kia Soul is one of the best values in a small car which is used for general commuting, due to its reliability and solid feel. However, due to the stiffer ride, I would not want to use this vehicle for a long trip."

Anonymous, MI (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great value in terms of style, ride, comfort, and fuel economy for the price."

Rick N., NV (2016 Kia Soul)

"Kia offers well equipped vehicles at a FAR lower price than competitors like Toyota and Honda."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Kia Soul)

"The Kia Soul is a fantastic little car for the money. My wife loves the way it drives and parks."

William K., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very Good Brakes. Very good acceleration, compact size for maneuvering. High seats for great outside viewing to see traffic better. 10 way power seats comfortable. Great back seat space and comfort. Price for the "!" model was good ($22 K) and best of all 100,000 m./10 yr. warranty. Very reliable (no problems at all!)."

Brian H., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Get what you pay for."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"I LOVE this car for the money. Every feature is well thought out, extraordinary build quality inside and out, and with 63000 miles, not a single problem or issue."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Inexpensive good transportation."

Anonymous, KS (2016 Kia Soul)

"I priced other similar vehicles out there, but this had a much longer warranty, and the ability to extend bumper to bumper warranty for 11 years. Without the option the warranty was 10 years/100,000 miles. Very roomy for a small vehicle. Have room for my walker, groceries and other things as well in the back with the seats down. Sound system great. Voice commands for blue tooth phone calling not so great, but don't use it all that much so not a big deal. The blind spots are significant, but bought blind spot mirrors which helped. Overall very satisfied with the vehicle."

Cynthia C., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"The Price is right"

Nadia I., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Excellent handling, comfort, spaciousness."

Robert L., IA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Good combination of features for the price."

Mark F., AB (2016 Kia Soul)

"My Kia Soul is reliable and has required no other service than regular maintenance (oil change, wash, fuel, etc). I feel it is a very good value for the money spent."

Nancy H., OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"It was a very affordable price for a 4 door car that can carry a lot of stuff when you use the hatchback. It was under $20k new"

Mimi C., DC (2016 Kia Soul)

"As recognized by CR concerning all brands of pickups, they are over priced."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Kia Soul)

"The vehicle appears to be good value considering the amount of space, comfort and versatility for the price paid. However it does not appear to be built to the same longevity standard as my other cars (Toyotas). For example, the Soul's brake pads are completely worn out at 25k miles, while in every Toyota I owned they lasted about 70k miles. Comparing the maintenance cost of the KIA vs. Toyota, the KIA no longer seems to be such a bargain. It's cheaper to buy, but maintenance costs are way higher."

Slawomir B., DE (2016 Kia Soul)

"The amount of interior room, and versatility with the large hatchback opening can't be beat for the price ($18,000 sticker price)."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Had to get IPOD does not play CDs; however I found out that this is a good thing, as IPOD hold 1000's of song in small device. KIA Soul is a bit noisy at high speeds and not the fastest in acceleration a stop. Great visibility driving and nice car for traveling."

Bob R., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"The best car you can possibly find for the money. Fit and finish of a car costing twice as much."

Steven L., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"My wife and both feel we bought a solid, quality car with many amenities for a reasonable price."

Nathan S., IL (2016 Kia Soul)

"The six speed manual transmission gives this vehicle the ability to truly accelerate quite nicely. It also makes hill climbing on secondary roads much easier. Ground clearance is good for this type vehicle, very pleased with its towing ability (small popup camper about 500 lbs). Fit and finish are very good. It is a shame that KIA only offers this on their base model Soul. There are no options for cruise control ? (had it on my 2004 Toyota Matrix five speed manual): audio system does not accommodate CD's ? (everybody does not have all their music etc. on cellphones or similar devices); and the rear seats do not lie completely flat."

Robert D., WY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Outstanding little car for the cost. And, terrific features for the cost. A great value in many ways."

Susan V., RI (2016 Kia Soul)

"To expensive for what you get and the cargo space with seats up is inadequate"

Louis P., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Bang for the buck this car is amazing."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Kia Soul)

"very well made; inexpensive maintenance; 32% off msrp 11/01/2016"

Gene S., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"FANTASTIC value for the money!"

Anonymous, OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"No immediate acceleration pick up you must slowly build up speed . Dealer service that’s how this car !"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Amazing number of options & quality for low price. Plus no-interest financing."

JAN C., MO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Because California gave a $2500 rebate and the Federal Government gave a $7600 tax credit for purchase of the all-electric car, the price was amazingly affordable! These incentives are very important."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Good price. Got free rain guards and stripping."

RICHARD C., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great car and style....only problem we had was the dealership...BEV SMITH tried to add hundreds of dollars in extras....we did not want....next time buy new KIA Soul from another dealership"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"1.6 liter engine drones, lacks power and has marginal gas mileage compared to bigger engines from other auto manuf. AC system was contaminated from factory so control checks at plant and dealership were terrible. Entire system had to be replaced on brand new car with less than 3,000 miles."

DAVID J., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very roomy interior for vehicle class/size. Good build quality and best warranty in the market."

SLAWOMIR B., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"I compared the soul with several other low priced crossover/small SUV types. The quality and design of the interior materials was superior on the soul. The only issue so far seems to be how sensitive the screen touch controls are. Difficult to scroll without making a mistake. The stereo is the best sound I have had in a car"

JIM C., ID (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great car!!!"

DOUGLAS F., OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"New car with 100k power train warranty for under 13k. Good crash tests, just need better seat."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Kia Soul)

"This car was 5 thousand dollars lower than a similar RAV4, CRV or Forester. It has a better than average CR reliability rating. As noted by CR the engine is just adequate."

JAMES K., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"Bought certified used, was a rental. Better price than new."

J P., UT (2016 Kia Soul)

"Excellent car for a very reasonable price. My wife loves it."

JEFFREY G., NC (2016 Kia Soul)

"We were able to get the car below blue book"

MARIELLE R., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"/the car does everything I want it to do. I did change radios to get a bigger video screen"

DAVID G., WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"leather and 0%financing"

DAVID C., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"The "base" model is actually fully loaded with many features we really didn't need or want. It would be nice to save money by buying a true "base" model. We don't need a car that we can "talk" to, or one that talks to us. Bluetooth? We don't drive and talk on the phone. Too many gizmos on the dashboard & steering wheel. NOTE TO MANUFACTURERS: Many of just want basic transportation, without all the bells & whistles. Just because technology exists is no reason to foist it on those who don"

DAN B., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"Lease of the soul EV was less than comperable gas souls. I've estimated fuel cost about 1/3rd in my area for the soul EV vs the gas soul. That combined with charger rebates and less maintenance makes for a bargain to operate!"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Kia Soul)

"$20K for a solid, nicely finished car is value. Its peculiar size and shape make for easy access and parking; plenty of passenger and cargo room. It's no luxury vehicle, and it doesn't ride or handle like my Mercedes, but it costs less than half as much?"

STEVEN L., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"The vehicle is versatile as it can carry 4 passengers and use a trunk or 2 persons with the back seats folded down and provide lots of space for carrying things. It gets good gasoline mileage and is fun and easy to drive. The sound system is very good."

George B., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very nice car for the price."

Ruben R., CO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very good vehicle for the price paid."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Kia Soul)

"Received a nice car for the money"

Donald F., IA (2016 Kia Soul)

"This is the 1.6 liter model (base) yet it is very well equipped. The assembly work is excellent; while interior materials are high quality. It must be well insulated because the interior noise level is very low. And best of all, it was a low $16,200 out the door (including ALL charges, i.e. state taxes, etc.)"

Mark M., VA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Excellent value for a well built vehicle. I would buy it again."

Clarence H., OH (2016 Kia Soul)

"Low price. Very drivable car. Visabilty good. Five year full warranty."

R B., AZ (2016 Kia Soul)

"I purchased this vehicle new from a Kia dealer. With incentives and discount, the purchase price was $14,999 which included the installation of an aftermarket cruise control. This vehicle looks, drives, and feels better than anything else at this price point, and handily beats many others costing much more. The Kia Soul does not instill passion, but as a reliable appliance, I know no peer for the money."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"I bought the base model with smallest engine and manual transmission, intentionally. I knew acceleration would be pretty weak, and it is, but I expected that, and was happy for the low purchase price. IE: good value."

Manuel C., MD (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great buy for in town driving, going to the market etc. Easy to park in tight spaces."

William K., CA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Outstanding value for price compared to similar vehicles."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Kia Soul)

"Great features for the price"

John H., ON (2016 Kia Soul)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It has a lot of room inside Looks weird Rides rough"

GEORGE S., MO (2016 Kia Soul)

"Very cool looking vehicle. Solidly built."

JAMES H., NY (2016 Kia Soul)

"It does have too much road noise and I wish it had better gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive and I like the interior but the outside is too boxy."

VICKI M., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"very comfortable for a car of that size."

R S., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

"aggressive, cutting edge styling that does not compromise practicality"

BERT T., MI (2016 Kia Soul)

"Would've liked a lighter color interior. Black isn't good for Florida climate. A lighter interior would've been additional charge"

LORENZO R., FL (2016 Kia Soul)

Would you buy this car again?

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