With its comfortable ride, quiet interior and lavish amenities, the Lexus ES provides big luxury car feel and refinement in a manageably sized package. The ES is also quick and yet sparing with fuel. Valuing ride quality over handling, agility is not a strong suit. Consequently, the ES idoes not try to be fun to drive. However, it is one of the best riding cars in its class.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Driving is a pleasure, good smooth acceleration , comfortable seats easy to steer."

Lee G., NC (2009 Lexus ES)

"I can safely enter the expressway and merge With traffic going 70 miles."

Gilbert C., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"Outstanding acceleration and handling. You need to be extremely careful not to exceed the speed limit."

Larry K., IL (2009 Lexus ES)

"handles fine, great at excelleration"

Joyce R., NC (2009 Lexus ES)

"Smooth & quick acceleration with responsive handling. Drives like a very comfortable sports car."

Dennis K., NE (2009 Lexus ES)

"acceleration is great but for me personally the handling is too soft."

Calvin J., CT (2009 Lexus ES)

"Good acceleration and comfortable to drive long distances without fatique"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Lexus ES)

"good acceleration but drive feels heavy"

Anonymous, OH (2009 Lexus ES)

"This car drives extremely smooth and comfortable. The handling is also excellent. It is slow to accelerate from a starting position."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Smooth & powerful acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Awesome car for a road warrior. As comfy as your living room. Quiet"

Marc S., MN (2009 Lexus ES)

"Handles beautifully"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Lexus ES)

"the cars acceleration is so good that I have no problem merging into a highway"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"excellent accereation"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"The 3.5L V6 has plenty of power. It's especially impressive at highway speed when it downshifts in order to accelerate."

William W., OH (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very quick off the line, respectable 0-60 time, very predictable handling considering the soft suspension. Very quiet and comfortable ride."

Robert S., NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"The ES handles great. I drive downtown Atlanta for work and feel very comfortable accelerating in and out of traffic."

Susan S., GA (2009 Lexus ES)

"very smooth and dependable"

Chaja V., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"The 6 cylinder engine gives lots of power. I do almost all my driving on highways and use sometimes less than 7 l/100 km, as it hardly has to work. With the Electronic Stability Control, it is a dream to drive. The Electronic Traction Control has saved me several times on slippery roads."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Lexus ES)

"Excellent steering!"

WILLIAM P., FL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Great acceleration, soft quiet ride, nice handling."

JACK K., CA (2009 Lexus ES)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"the seats and the ride of this vehicle are so good that I can take a long trip and not feel tired"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable seats and smooth ride."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Lots of wind noise, stiff ride especially compared to our Mercedes-Benz, lots of tire noise. Lexus isn’t what it used to be."

Mary L., FL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Comfort on long drives"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"The most comfortable of any vehicle I've ever known. The drive however is disassociated from the road off and find myself in the next lane the moment I look away from the road"

Marc S., MN (2009 Lexus ES)

"The ride remains smooth like the day we bought this car."

Gilbert C., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"Comfort of the seats, position and quiet ride."

Anonymous, QC (2009 Lexus ES)

"The seats are very comfortable,very quiet car that is why we bought it,ride is great for a LEXUS ES350 even at almost 10 years of age"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable, quiet ride."

Larry K., IL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable supportive seats. Quiet cabin & smooth ride."

Dennis K., NE (2009 Lexus ES)

"Overall, the seats are comfortable. I find the tilt of the driver seat headrest uncomfortable as it forces my neck and head slightly forward -- especially on long drives. However, I also find this issue with many other vehicles (some worse that others). It would be nice to have the ability to adjust (reduce) the angle of tilt."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"The ride and driving is very smooth."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Quite, comfortable ride."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"Seats are very comfortable. Heated and cooled. adjustable lumbar, good thigh support, roomy. Easy to enter and exit car. Rides very quiet, smooth, excellent fit and finish."

E R., NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very low noise. Ride very comfortable on all road services."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"great on long trips, quite,comfortable seats"

John P., IN (2009 Lexus ES)

"very comfortable seats for long trips , quiet ride."

Anonymous, IN (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable even on days of 400 miles travel. Seat adjustment options are very comprehensive with very reliable save settings feature. The car handles like a much sturdier sports car. I love the power that the 272 HP engine provides with a very low noise factor. It is a super car."

Michael S., IN (2009 Lexus ES)

"extremely comfortable"

Chaja V., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable leather seats, quiet ride and comfortable."

Francis Z., NC (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very smooth and quiet ride, but I don't feel disconnected from the driving experience."

William W., OH (2009 Lexus ES)

"I find the seats a little too firm and hard. I experience discomfort on long drives (2 hours+)."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"After 8 years our ES still feels like we're driving in our living room, comfortable and smooth!"

Susan S., GA (2009 Lexus ES)

"rear seats are too low, limited leg room, limited head room; rear window too small and narrow for maximum rear vision; gps difficult to use voice recognition for some aspects"

JEROME S., NJ (2009 Lexus ES)


ALAN D., ND (2009 Lexus ES)

"I have a bad back and was hoping my Lexus would be more comfortable"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"The seats adjust in so many ways to make you comfortable, the ride is comfortable and quiet and the dual climate control plus rear makes everyone comfortable."

DEBBIE H., CO (2009 Lexus ES)

"seats are extremely comfortable. Heated/cooled option is excellent. The car is extremely quiet."

SEAN A., KY (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable seats for long trips. Very quiet interior, excellent climate control."

ROBERT S., NY (2009 Lexus ES)

"This is the quietest, most comfortable car I have ever been in."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Lexus ES)

"The temp doesn't match what the reading says and you have to turn it up a lot to get the temp to rise."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"seats could be improved for comfort on long distance trips. a little to soft"

MARK T., MI (2009 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable seats. I love the front seats cooling system. Very comfortable ride."

JOSE B., CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"comfortable and silent"

YVAN P., QC (2009 Lexus ES)

"Fits my body just fine for a ten hour drive. And that is important."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Seats, have never felt really comfortable, however as I don't drive long distances, it's ok"

TOM T., CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Tall people don't fit well. Head hits roof"

TAYLOR S., SC (2009 Lexus ES)

"Seating is a little cramped in back, especially for 3 adults"

GARY S., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"Sitting in front seats is a little uncomfortable because the headrests tilt forward too far (cannot be adjusted) resulting in discomfort when driving or riding in front seats -- bends head forward."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Both cars have good sound proofing for low road noise Very comfortable"

RICHARD S., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"I like the smoothness of the ride. The quiet cabin is also an outstanding factor."

GILBERT C., TX (2009 Lexus ES)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"We had the car for 9 years, other than normal wear and tear, we have had no problems, and it is a pleasure driving this car at night, since the side view mirrors and rear view mirror do not let bright lights from the car behind you to annoy you"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Lexus ES)


Anonymous, ON (2009 Lexus ES)

"Great value for the money. One of the better investments I have made."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Half the equipment than a c300 but over 5k more. Absolutely awful ride and not the reliability we expected from Lexus. Definitely switching back to Mercedes."

Mary L., FL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Best car for the money. Love it."

Michael J., PA (2009 Lexus ES)

"Comfort, ride are great. Negligible maintenance costs."

VIC S., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"This is our 5th Lexus and everyone has been problem free! They are great to drive, very quiet and comfortable. Best value on the market."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Lexus ES)

"It is a very comfortable car. We had decided on it based on consumer reports at the time of purchase. After all this time, we only have 53k in mileage and have replaced the tires with those recommended by consumer reports."

Anonymous, TN (2009 Lexus ES)

"Purchased a pristine five year old Lexus with ONLY 30,000 miles on it. The car was like brand new."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Lexus ES)

"Outside of normal maintenance (oil changes, tires) I have not spent anything on maintenance. Had a 1995 Lexus that lasted 215000 miles and I expect to the same from this auto."

Anonymous, NV (2009 Lexus ES)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Handsome styling and comfort seating; easy handling"

JOHN H., SC (2009 Lexus ES)

"Same comments as other Lexus"

RICHARD S., TX (2009 Lexus ES)

"It is classic and still looks new."

DEBBIE H., CO (2009 Lexus ES)

Would you buy this car again?

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