With its comfortable ride, quiet interior and lavish amenities, the Lexus ES provides big luxury car feel and refinement in a manageably sized package. The ES is also quick and yet sparing with fuel. Valuing ride quality over handling, agility is not a strong suit. Consequently, the ES idoes not try to be fun to drive. However, it is one of the best riding cars in its class.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives smooth, handles easily, accelerates well."

Christine D., TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very good acceleration. Handling is fair."

Kevin K., AL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Transmission "hunts" more than it should. I think it's a computer problem. The dealer says it's fine. Overrevs when strating from short stop at stop sign. Works normally if stop for a few seconds before starting."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Lexus ES)


BRIAN S., NC (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very smooth ride and good handling."

PAUL O., CA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very powerful acceleration with effortless handling. It's a luxury car, so the handling is not crisp, but there's enough feedback. The best brakes on a car that I've ever owned."

TERRANCE P., WA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Acceleration and handling is excellent."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Acceleration and handling are very good but the torque steer from the front wheel drive borders on dangerous under full acceleration."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Lexus ES)

"Fast acceleration getting onto the interstate. Quick and spunky."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Lexus ES)

"AC condensation tube/box did not drain causing flooding in floor of car a damage to carpet, interior, and electronics."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Lexus ES)

"has alot of pickup at stops - handling is good given the car is for "luxury" - I know it is dependable and will deliver the best driving experience."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Lexus ES)

"Powerful and quiet 6 cyl engine"

John S., VA (2012 Lexus ES)


Timothy P., SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very powerful engine very good handling"

Anonymous, OK (2012 Lexus ES)

"Again, the 2012 Lexus is a fabulous car. Acceleration very good, smooth and reliable. The car corners nicely and the has plenty of power. It is very comfortable and you feel confident at highway speeds."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Lexus ES)

"Its quick for a old persons car"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very smooth handling"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"Lots of power and smooth ride"

Anonymous, CO (2012 Lexus ES)

"Excellent dry and wet road handling. Sure footed on turns, excellent acceleration and control. No body noise, only wind noise is slightly higher than expected for this vehicle"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Lexus ES)

"car is used mainly for highway trips on fairly busy interstates with lots of truck traffic and it has very good acceleration when passing is required"

Anonymous, MB (2012 Lexus ES)

"Great acceleration. Could use a tighter handing package. Good daily driver."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Lexus ES)

"Excellent ride and acceleration, handling"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Lexus ES)

"It’s quick, quiet and smooth."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very easy to drive and very comfortable ."

Larry J., IL (2012 Lexus ES)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are excellent in the Lexus. Both seats are power controlled and the driver's seat has memories so once 2 drivers have set the seats and mirrors as they want them, they stay set."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Lexus ES)

"Seats wrap around you and are climate controlled."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Great ride. Seats are comfortable and very limited road noise on highway"

Kevin K., AL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Soft, quiet,riding on air."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Lexus ES)

"This car is a cruise machine on the Interstate. It is very quiet and comfortable."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Lexus ES)

"The driver seat felt like it had protruding piece inside and was uncomfortable to me. I had an excellent dealer who offered to change the seat and eventually opened up the seat to put more cushioning in the spot which was eventually taken out because it did not help. In the end it may have been me because I got used to it has been fine for the last three years. The car is exceptionally quiet."

T S., NJ (2012 Lexus ES)

"Drivers seat does not go high enough, have to provide my own seat cushions to be at proper level. I am not a short person, so do not understand why you can't raise seat, only can move it forward or back."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Lexus ES)

"super comfortable, quiet, firm but excellent ride"

KAY F., SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"This is not a driver's car but for road trips for people who want to get there comfortably and quietly, it can't be beat."

THOMAS B., AL (2012 Lexus ES)

"have hip problem and have difficulty getting into driver seat"

D R., CA (2012 Lexus ES)

"ride is too harsh - needs softer suspension like earlier models, plus smaller wheels and taller tires (65 or better aspect ratio) to privide a softer ride"

DOUG B., ON (2012 Lexus ES)

"Not a sporty ride but a very comfortable one"

DOMINIQUE P., ON (2012 Lexus ES)

"I have a compressed disc in my back, and during long drives the condition is exacerbated. The seat position and construction is not supportive enough."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Seats very comfortable and the cooling system both in the seats and the car works great. Ride is very comfortable and noise is quite."

Anonymous, DE (2012 Lexus ES)

"Quiet and comfortable ride"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Lexus ES)

"most comfort, driving position,quietness,excellent ride"

ROBERT L., FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Auto climate control is annoying. It's often doing something I don't want (such as switching to recirc or changing levels) and is too slow to respond.Too many functions are on the nav. screen. The seat cooling is very weak. The auto wipers can't figure-out what to do. The ride,noise,engine,handling, braking and styling are superb, but I could get all that in a Camry for a lot less money."

THOMAS S., OH (2012 Lexus ES)

"The seats need to extend longer under your thigh for greater support."

W M., SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"the seats are short for my height and leg length, so longer rides make me tired and I usually have to adjust the seats, or seat backs up/down, forward/back."

ANITA A., CA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Seat comfort for long trips is outstanding."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"Ist car with airconditioned seats. Awesome."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Excellent highway cruiser and comfortable for driver and passenger. Like the ventilated front seats in summer and winter. Car is quiet with good acceleration."

David W., NY (2012 Lexus ES)

"Had this car for a few years and it still rides like a dream. Low noise level, seats fit nicely, firm but not hard. Ride sis solid."

Wade H., NC (2012 Lexus ES)

"very comfortable car"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very quiet interior Seats very comfortable Smooth ride"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"seats and ride are okay, problem is tires and head restraints. Why can't we have tires with lower diameters, higher aspect ratios and lower tire pressures to get a softer ride, less jarring ride in rough roads? and the head restraints project too far forward when the seat back is in the more vertical position - it is in constant contact with the back of your head; reclining the seat back is not good for comfort or visibility."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Lexus ES)

"Comfort has disapated quicker than expected"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"The comfort is first rate"

Anonymous, KY (2012 Lexus ES)

"They are amazingly supportive."

James B., FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Quiet, comfortable ride"

John S., VA (2012 Lexus ES)

"been driving Lexus' since 1998 and excellent ride"

Kevin D., KS (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very quiet"

Timothy P., SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"Holds the road"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Seats are not designed to accommodate taller drivers 6' 2" or taller i.e. back starts to hurt after an hour or so"

Anonymous, NE (2012 Lexus ES)

"Great car!"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Leather seats with heating and cooling options. They lean back well."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Glove like fitting seats. Air and heated seats a plus! Quiet ride."

Robert S., OH (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very good comfort even at 70,000 miles"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"It is a terrific car for long trips, extremely comfortable, smooth ride, good acceleration, quiet. We use the car for trips. We have had no mechanical issues with this car"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very comfortable ride in all weather"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Lexus ES)

"The 2012 Lexus is a fabulous vehicle. The seats are very comfortable with more than adequate adjustments for anyone and it is a very smooth and quiet ride. It's easy to lose track of how fast you're actually going."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Lexus ES)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I bought the car used Dec. 2014. It had less than 20,000 miles and it is loaded. I only paid $20,000, and traded my 2005 Toyota Avalon, so I think I made a great deal for this luxury car!"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"Best car I ever owned ."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Lexus ES)

"Poorly sewn upholstery. Could be quieter at this price level CAME WITH BRIDGETONE Tires with decent traction , braking , but noisy aging beyond 35000 miles ."

EARL L., OH (2012 Lexus ES)

"Very good car for family vehicle, comfortable and dependable. Would recommend to others"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus ES)

"Ride, exterior, windows, area of view, air conditioning in seats and cabin, cabin design are excellent. Entertainment system and map system is not intuitive. Map system difficult to operate. Spark plug access stinks."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Lexus ES)

"I tested an Acura RL and Hyundai Genesis and concluded the Lexus was the best performing and value for the price of a new car at the time of purchase."

Robert S., OH (2012 Lexus ES)

"Wanted a luxury car and got it with this one. Ride is great, love all the bells and whistles. Good mileage, Audio and navigation work like a dream. Dealer service is outstanding...treat you like a valued client."

Wade H., NC (2012 Lexus ES)

"Quality from bumper to bumper."

James B., FL (2012 Lexus ES)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Love the styling and workmanship. The 2013 and above have a cheapened non leather interior unless you pay for For a leather option. Also the wood interior pieces are for decor and serve no purpose."

RICHARD J., SC (2012 Lexus ES)

"The styling is up to date, it looks very good"

L A., FL (2012 Lexus ES)

"2012/13 exterior is ok 2014/15/16 exterior is bad"

H P., CA (2012 Lexus ES)

Would you buy this car again?

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