The Lexus LS flagship comes in a regular length and a long-wheelbase L version. Its V8 is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission -- the first ever in a passenger car. Other options include a precollision system with radar-based cruise control, a 19-speaker stereo with an eight-gigabyte hard drive, cooled rear storage, a reclining rear seat with massage, leg rests and rear seat heaters.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"With a 382 horsepower V8, an 8 speed automatic and rear wheel drive - this is an amazing road car. Passing at 60, 80 or a 100 is effortless. Plus - it gets 27+ MPG cruising at 80. It's quiet, most comfortable, ice-cold AC and the live traffic navigation is surprisingly accurate. It's also been maintenance free."

CHRIS S., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Good: The ability to move about easily as needed on city street level and on freeways."

J C., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Absolutely Perfect in all ways. Have kept this car much longer than cars in the past due to it's reliability & pleasure to drive."

BERNARD S., FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"It accelerates to 0 mph in about 5 sec which is quicker than the Mercedes E320 that I owned before it. On the other hand, the Mercedes handled better than my Lexus LS. Although the Lexus LS handles well enough."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"handling,acceleratiom 28mpg on highway"

JAMES M., FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"LS will hesitate about one second before a strong acceleration from stop."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"Quality about everything."

SKIPPER W., TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"It is a magnificent road car we primarily drive it on long trips. It is so smooth and comfortable and quiet. I simply love it."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Lexus LS)

"A dream to drive, accelerates and handles great"

Don B., FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"Quick acceleration with 8 speed transmission, but still maintains great fuel mileage for a full size sedan. I routinely get 28-30 mpg on the Interstate, and 18-20 mpg around town."

R B., TN (2007 Lexus LS)

"Even though its a big car this car accelerates quite quickly and is a pleasure to drive on long trips."

Curt C., NY (2007 Lexus LS)

"The acceleration is very good. The handling is satisfactory, but I don't think it is as good as Mercedes, BMW, Etc. By the way, I detest the LS500--small, cramped and extremely uncomfortable."

Edward K., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"This car has a 382 HP V8 with amazing acceleration when you need it. Yet - on unclogged freeways cruising at 75 MPH it gets just over 27MPG"

Chris S., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Great acceleration and handling, very responsive"

Patrick W., TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"It responds well to my driving, on the hiway, around town, or in the mountains. Great car."

Jeff S., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"The handling and acceleration are very good."

Johnathan S., TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"good acceleration-handling OK"

Aurel K., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"The Lexus has a smooth strong response when accelerating enabling you to meet the demands of any situation. It handles cornering and turns well staying on track with full control."

David H., NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Very smooth and exceptionally quiet ride. Excellent acceleration."

Jim R., KS (2007 Lexus LS)


Anonymous, NY (2007 Lexus LS)

"This car drives like a dream, powerful acceleration, responsive handling,, and very quiet. I was in an bad accident in my old 1998 LS 400 and came out with only scratches. I feel very safe in this car. The only drawback is the rear wheel drive and the snow in Chicago."

Joan O., IL (2007 Lexus LS)

"The 375 HP V8 provides excellent effortless acceleration for passing other vehicles"

Charles B., PE (2007 Lexus LS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like the ability to change the ride confront from soft to sport. Very quite ride. The best that I have ever owned."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Seats are very comfortable"

Anonymous, SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"This was the first model yr. for this car and it typically had problems with the window gaskets. They were replaced a few times and still I have leaks which create noise. This car was very quiet when new but not so much now."

CURT C., NY (2007 Lexus LS)

"comfortable and quiet"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Quiet ride"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"The drivers seat is uncomfortable and no longer adjusts. It was uncomfortable because the seat adjustment broke Also, the leather shows extreme wear ( creases in seating area."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"The drivers seat was repaired due to bad cushioning during the warranty period and is getting uncomfortable again."

JIM B., SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Rapid cool down on hot days."

BYRON S., TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"It is the most comfortable, fashionable, enjoyable car I have ever owned. Extremely well made - nothing cheap about this car. Absolute luxury."

GARY S., ID (2007 Lexus LS)

"Seats are very comfortable providing great support for the back even for a long drive. It wraps you in luxury throughout our ride."

David H., NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"seats like sitting on a board"

Aurel K., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Quite and pleasant ride"

Patrick W., TX (2007 Lexus LS)

"Most comfortable car I've ever driven. Seats have about 8 adjustments available, plus seat heating and cooling. Ride is very smooth, even for a vehicle with almost 150,000 miles on it. Also very quiet."

Ron S., SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Smooth ride, comfort of passengers."

Dean W., VA (2007 Lexus LS)

"This car floats down the highway. Love the ride - never get tired driving this car on long distance trips."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"The only time by back doesn't hurt is when I'm driving this car"

Don B., FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"Although this car has been outstanding in almost all areas since I bought it new there were always problems with drivers door noise that even though gaskets were changed the noise problem always came back. Now its worse then ever."

Curt C., NY (2007 Lexus LS)

"Wind noise level on Drivers side is high. Replacement of door glasses did not help. Navigation map system was not updated to include new areas of Los Angeles and Orange counties."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Lexus LS)


Dave W., NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"The Lexus is a pleasure to drive and ride in for either short trips or long (6 plus hours) rides. Very comfortable, quiet, and smooth."

Jeff S., CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Most quiet Auto I have ever owned, thick comfortable leather seats, (heated and cooled). The ride is fantastic, with good handling. The Auto has power to spare with a V8 engine, and still manages 28-30 mpg on the road, and 18-20 in town."

R B., TN (2007 Lexus LS)

"Car is wonderful to drive especially on long trips."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Lexus LS)

"Very quiet and smooth. Visibility to the rear is very limited. Seems to burn a bit too much oil but dealer says this is normal for this car. It has been an almost flawless auto and regardless of a few problems in the design, I still would buy it again."

Allen P., WA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Serene ride"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Lexus LS)

"There is a noise caused by the side mirror. Lexus corrected this in the 2008 model"

Anonymous, TN (2007 Lexus LS)

"Total comfort! Great ride!"

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Great ride, quiet, smooth. Responsive acceleration"

Bartholomew S., SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Seat are very comfortable and adjustable. The past few years, the ride has gotten bumpy and we had to replace the rear air shocks - $3400!"

Anonymous, SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"For the price paid, I expected the Lexus to be very quite. But to my disappointment the wind noise at the driver's side was so bad that my sensitive ears could not bear it. The dealers replaced the front door glasses and seals twice but the wind noise is still noticeable. There was a constant rattle under the dash board and it got fixed by replacing the entire unit. The installed navigation system software was so outdated it failed to recognize streets that were built decades ago. Lexus dealer w..."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Slight wind noise around front windows at high speed."

Anonymous, CT (2007 Lexus LS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"amazingly it still retains nearly 35% of it value after nearly 10 years albeit it has low mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Used Lexus is a great deal for the price"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Lexus LS)

"A little pricey! Nice car has been very reliable."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Lexus LS)

"Great looks and wonderful ride and comfort --- especially on a long trip ---"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Lexus LS)

"This is the finest car I have ever had. We have owned the car for nearly 9 years now and it drives like it was knew. In fact, the Lexus dealer loaned me a new 2016 Lexus GS and my 2007 LS model rode better than the new car."

Anonymous, NC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Stil looks and rides well after 10 yrs"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"Make sure that Lexus has taken care of the issues I have raised in my critique. Today there are many models available that are as comfortable as Lexus but with a lower price tag."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Lexus LS)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Eye catching"

Anonymous, SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"I am experiencing very poor quality with the interior vinyl around the dash and doors. Vinyl is cracking and filthy, and in strong heat it sticks to your hands and some even comes off under your fingernails. Lexus is aware and said it will be covered under warranty, but they do not say when. Problem was reported over 2 years ago"

PATRICIA M., FL (2007 Lexus LS)

"Styling was great in 2007, Lexus, however, has not improved significantly since then. almost every luxury brand out there now has better styling."

Anonymous, OK (2007 Lexus LS)

"Still looks very stylish, even 9 years old."

RON S., SC (2007 Lexus LS)

"Like styling much more than current hour-glass grill design"

Anonymous, NJ (2007 Lexus LS)
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