The Lexus LS flagship comes in a regular length and a long-wheelbase L version. Its V8 is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission -- the first ever in a passenger car. Other options include a precollision system with radar-based cruise control, a 19-speaker stereo with an eight-gigabyte hard drive, cooled rear storage, a reclining rear seat with massage, leg rests and rear seat heaters.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Good for errands and short trips"

Anonymous, TN (2012 Lexus LS)

"there are other cars of the same type and class that are more responsive drivers' cars. But in four years of ownership there has not been one single thing that has gone wrong with this car."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Slow on pickup/ 8 speed trans/ driver seat not comfortable"

JOHN M., IL (2012 Lexus LS)

"This is the third lexus I have owned. The car is excellent quality and good for safety"

ADRIENNE B., CA (2012 Lexus LS)

"I'll probably get the four wheel drive version next time because the streets in Las Vegas are like glass when it rains."

JOHN S., NV (2012 Lexus LS)

"very good accel"

J K., NJ (2012 Lexus LS)

"Vehicle does not handle as well as my previous 2005 Lexus LS. Ride too soft and car does not track well during highway driving."

Anonymous, LA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Acceleration is very good - it better be for a V8 with premium gas - but it doesn't handle particularly well, especially at higher speeds. It just doesn't instill confidence, especially at higher speeds. And the ride isn't exceptional and doesn't compensate for handling."

PETER A., NJ (2012 Lexus LS)

"Smooth and plenty of power"

Terrence P., CA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Engine is responsive to inputs and suspension is great for a large vehicle."

W J., OR (2012 Lexus LS)

"the car drives well"

Erwin K., OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"This car is powerful and precise. The AWD makes it perfect for our wet/snowy weather. It is the most wonderful car I've ever driven."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Lexus LS)

"Comfort and driving on highway are great."

Edward A., GA (2012 Lexus LS)

"I have the LS460L and for a big car, it’s as nimble as my company car (an inferior 4 door sedan, with a 4 cyclinder engine). It has more than enough power and I hardly us the full range of the gas peddle"

Daniel T., TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"Has a lot of power, handles great."

Roy M., AZ (2012 Lexus LS)

"Excellent handling and acceleration. The best I have experienced in any car, ever. A luxury car that is also a capable, performance car."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"very good acceleration"

James B., GA (2012 Lexus LS)

"It is not a sports sedan and has no pretensions to being one. This is a sublimely comfortable, solid and sufficiently powerful large sedan. It does not try to be something else. And thank god for that. It does it perfectly in my view. When I happen to drive on twisty mountain roads, which is not often, I do know I am not driving one of the large german sedans in this class. But I am also reminded of the same thing on those similarly rare occasions that I visit my dealership for maintenance. So it's all good."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Lexus LS)

"It is no sports sedan. But it drives exactly the way I need it too for 90% of the driving I do. I regularly think to myself how much I enjoy driving it."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Lexus LS)

"Best driving car ever"

Barbara B., LA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Rides smooth. Good acceleration"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Lexus LS)

"The Lexus is known for handling and it does not disappoint. Very fast and responsive to the touch"

Jerry H., AZ (2012 Lexus LS)

"Extremely comfortable car. Acceleration is nice. Handles well"

John L., TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"I have the AWD L model and acceleration is robust when needed. Handling is precise and fully predictable. There are no surprises in driving this car and it is a total joy to drive even long distances. I have the longest version model and parking is easy with the only caution being that the back doors are very wide and we take extra care opening doors in parking lots. Trunk storage is massive. Fit and finish is world class quality and is holding up well. This is a world class car in all phases."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Lexus LS)

"Smooth and powerful with a nice silky comfort ride."

Terrence P., CA (2012 Lexus LS)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The Front seats are somewhat small for larger people (6'2 220lbs.) and consequently uncomfortable on longer trips"

TODD E., CO (2012 Lexus LS)


ERWIN K., OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"Seats and controls are comfortable and adjustable to make my wife who is under 5 ft tall and me 5'10" tall feel comfortable for long trips. The car's ride is smooth and it smothers bumps well. It is the quietest car I've ever owned."

DALLAS M., VA (2012 Lexus LS)

"The most comfortable car I've ever owned, this Lexus exceeds my expectations in all comfort areas. I also carry three others people when we go golfing. They prefer to ride in my car, instead of their own."

JOHN R., TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"Seats have a lot of adjustments and are very comfortable, especially for tall people."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"Of all the cars I have owned in my 58 years of driving, Caddy, Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, Toyotam Chevy and Pontiac, I will always drive Toyota products from now on. They are a good buy in each price range."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Lexus LS)

"The most comfortable I have ever driven. Lumbar support eliminates back pain following longer drives. The climate control keeps the interior temp as desired without any manual adjustments. The ride is so comfortable that it feels like sitting in my Lazy-Boy. Overall, VERY COMFORTABLE VEHICLE."

A V., OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"Good trip car"

Anonymous, TN (2012 Lexus LS)

"Comfort is superb, audio is excellent, thus is a classy car. handeling not as good as some others but the ride makes up for it. It is most at home at 90+ mph."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Synergy of comfortable seats with all the proper adjustable support, combined with a V8 engine and a quiet ride is the ultimate."

Daniel T., TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"great on long interstate trips"

Anonymous, AL (2012 Lexus LS)

"A very comfortable ride."

James B., GA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Easy to go on long distance trips comfortably."

Terrence P., CA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Nice comfortable, quiet ride...."

Steve E., FL (2012 Lexus LS)

"Our neighborhood has many 20mph speed bumps, and Sporty wheels and tires make the ride uncomfortable unless I slow down to 5 mph."

D M., HI (2012 Lexus LS)

"Excellant seats, a great deal of support for long trips. Never get tired when driving for a long time."

Roy M., AZ (2012 Lexus LS)

"Comfort is great. Quite. Getting in and out is pleasant and handicap access in front seat is very good. The ride is smooth but it tracks well on curves. Trunk is large with room for wheel chair and luggage."

Allen B., TX (2012 Lexus LS)

"the quietest vehicle I have ever owned or was a passenger. supple leather and seats are supportive"

Louis T., VA (2012 Lexus LS)

"I sit too low so it is sometimes difficult to see clearly, particularly when backing up"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Lexus LS)

"Drivers seat is heated and most important is cooled. This feature is vital to my comfort in the Virginia climate."

Dallas M., VA (2012 Lexus LS)

"This is the most comfortable car I've ever owned. There is nothing close and I've ridden in my friends BMWs and Mercedes and they pale by comparison to the level of comfort and drive with my Lexus LS 460 L AWD."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Lexus LS)

"We have 3 other cars. And I rent cars reasonably often. Whenever I drive my LS again after driving or even riding in another car, I am reminded of exactly how good the comfort of this vehicle is. It may not drive like an S class or A8, but for what I use it for I cannot imagine a more comfortable and solid riding and driving experience."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Lexus LS)

"f do not tire when driving"

Erwin K., OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"very very quiet, everything works smoothly."

S S., CA (2012 Lexus LS)

"The car has a very smooth ride, the seats are really comfortable and outside noises are blocked for the most part. If we are traveling over rough pavement the car absorbs most of the roughness so we can enjoy a smooth ride."

Dawn K., IA (2012 Lexus LS)

"Very comfortable."

Neil G., IL (2012 Lexus LS)

"Seat comfort, quality and adjustment is absolutely world class. I've never had a better car for comfort. The ride is precise and controls mesh seamlessly for an amazing driving experience. The sound system is like being in a symphony hall. There isn't a better car in the world!"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Lexus LS)

"It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven or been driven in."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Lexus LS)

"Very comfortable. Ride is smooth"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Lexus LS)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very good value for Money. Very quiet, smooth and comparatively higher ride (curb clearance)."

SEKAR B., OH (2012 Lexus LS)

"Great car just cost a lot. The rear truck is smaller than the LS430 as well as the in cabin glove box and there is no under seat storage. The navigation system is great but slower than before and it doesn't let you search saved locations by city. It's either street number or previous date. Last issue is there is only one USB connector and it is difficult to get to"

Anonymous, MN (2012 Lexus LS)

"2012 has the best bang for the buck the 2013 price is out of reach."

A M., AL (2012 Lexus LS)

"Over priced. Servicing is expensive. Dealership sees dollar signs at every opportunity. Over all a good car, but way over valued."

PETER A., NJ (2012 Lexus LS)

"In retrospect, I believe that there were lower-priced alternatives which could have provided at least a similar level of satisfaction."

LOUISE-PETER L., FL (2012 Lexus LS)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


J K., NJ (2012 Lexus LS)

"We bought the 2012 model because starting in 2013, the front end had a big shark mouth design which we detest."

D M., HI (2012 Lexus LS)
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