A new engine makes Lexus's five-passenger luxury SUV a lively performer. The RX is opulent and practical, with well-designed interior details. But handling isn't agile and no third-row seat is available. On the other hand, the driving experience is calm and tranquil, like a luxury car.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Rough ride. Very harsh over bumps and humps."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Lexus RX)

"The only negative areas are regarding the "numb" steering and somewhat busy ride. The vehicle has the optional 18" wheels and that could contribute to the ride quality."

MICHAEL D., TN (2008 Lexus RX)

"Quality of the ride and comfort"

XAVIER M., IL (2008 Lexus RX)

"The handling/steering on this vehicle is outstanding for a SUV. I drove the later models of RX350, and they ruined this quality in my opinion."

JOHN V., CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"Good pickup, breaking, comfortable ride."

VINCENETTE B., KY (2008 Lexus RX)

"The acceleration and handling provide for an added level of confidence when passing or merging into traffic."

MARK T., OK (2008 Lexus RX)

"excellent auto"

J D., NM (2008 Lexus RX)

"Great acceleration and power but a corresponding loss of fuel economy."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very positive steering coupled with a quick response. It is a pleasure to drive!"

PENNY A., SK (2008 Lexus RX)

"You do not have a great feel of the road. The Highlander actually handles better."

GREGORY C., NY (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very responsive"

THOMAS T., FL (2008 Lexus RX)

"I have been able to avoid 3 accidents. While sliding to a stop I was able to steer around the vehicles that pulled out in front of me. Great stability control."

Anonymous, UT (2008 Lexus RX)

"Transmission hesitates, does not down shift properly. Must depress accelerator before it will down shift causing a nuisance and bump in driving performance. Dealership advised it is normal. Don't think so!"

JAMES K., TX (2008 Lexus RX)

"very good ride,confortable seating"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Lexus RX)

"The ride is incredibly smooth and it handles beautifully. I always have found it responsive. I particularly like the fact that it has power to spare. I have a very short commute on town streets, but that extra power is always there when I need it."

MARYJEANNE H., NJ (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very good for my use"

JOHN M., NY (2008 Lexus RX)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say


Anonymous, NJ (2008 Lexus RX)

"Somewhat noisy on highway."

Anonymous, MS (2008 Lexus RX)

"Comfortable enough ride. However, as a tall woman, I can't put the seat back enough to allow room for my legs without having to stretch forward with my arms and shoulders. The steering wheel should come forward more. I feel that it's made for smaller people than me."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"I drive it to Florida from Ohio and back by myself annually. It's a great car for visibility and comfort on a long drive. Plenty of legroom and comfortable seats."

LINDA W., OH (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very comfortable, but not built for people over 6 2 inches tall. Not enough headroom."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"The car is exceptional in all areas. I like the size in the interior. I do not feel like I am in a closet. The seats are normal size not short like a lot of cars. It is just fantastic in all areas."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Lexus RX)

"My wife primarily drives this Lexus. She loves the comfort of the ride. I find it comfortable also."

MICHAEL E., NC (2008 Lexus RX)

"Seats-very comfortable and supportive. This is appreciated on longer trips."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Lexus RX)

"Drivers seat does not go back far enough"

JEFF G., FL (2008 Lexus RX)

"I have artificial shoulders and knees and am 5 foot. The seats easily adjust for my comfort and fit. Most cars when I sit as far forward as I need to, no arm rest accommodates me. Also the automatic rear door opener is a god send with my shoulders and short statue"

MARTHA P., VA (2008 Lexus RX)

"My wife is the primary driver, she is short and finds the Lexus very comfortable, and as the armrests are attached to the seats they move forward with her so she can have support for her right arm. The right shoulder has been replaced and she requires support."

VINCENETTE B., KY (2008 Lexus RX)

"Fits our needs"

THOMAS T., FL (2008 Lexus RX)

"Seats are not comfortable....seem short back to front..."

JAMES S., IN (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very noisy when driving at high speed."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Lexus RX)


IAN R., NS (2008 Lexus RX)

"Wind noise. A rattle I can't seem to get rid of which appears at 50mph. Seats comfortable enough and I don't feel beaten up after many hours."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Lexus RX)

"Extremely comfortable seats and vehicle has very little road noise."

PENNY A., SK (2008 Lexus RX)

"For a tall individual (I am 6'), the drivers side could use a little more room."

JAMES C., PA (2008 Lexus RX)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"With 87000 miles the 2008 RX is still a wonderful car and has a great trade in value but I have no intention of trading it. It works fine and hasn't had any major problems to date."

Anonymous, GA (2008 Lexus RX)

"The Lexus still looks very good even after 8 years. No expensive repairs needed, only oil changes. It has maintained its value."

RUDY M., CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"It holds its value real good"

CHARLES G., AL (2008 Lexus RX)

"Extremely pleased with every aspect of the vehicle"

FRANK S., TX (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very poor gas mileage; not up to my expectations, especially in light of the need for premium gasoline"

RUSSELL B., GA (2008 Lexus RX)

"Over 120K miles, and it never breaks!"

SCOT A., TN (2008 Lexus RX)

"Very good all around SUV for the money"

SEAN C., CO (2008 Lexus RX)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"after 150,000 miles it still looks like new and I have never waxed it. It still shines."

Anonymous, UT (2008 Lexus RX)

"Huge rear blind spots"

WILLIAM S., CA (2008 Lexus RX)

"Best car I ever owned"

Anonymous, AL (2008 Lexus RX)

"Classic style Lexus!!"

Anonymous, ID (2008 Lexus RX)

"I think it is still one of the most attractive vehicles on the road. I don't really care for the styling of the RX350 since 2010. There are a lot of imitations from other manufacturers, but this crossover is classic"

MARYJEANNE H., NJ (2008 Lexus RX)

"We like the styling of our 2008 Lexus. We were going to trade it for a new 2016 but strongly dislike the new style, so we are keeping our current one, which looks much better."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Lexus RX)

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