The Mazda3 combines real sportiness with the best gas mileage -- 33 mpg overall -- of any conventional compact car. That has earned it one of the top spots in our compact-car Ratings. No boring fuel-economy special, the 3 is a joy to drive, thanks to super-sharp handling, sprightly engines, and smooth transmissions.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I had a 2009 Honda Civic, and the 2016 Mazda 3 handles so much better. I like to drive fast on twisty roads. It feels solid and balanced. if I exceed the cars limits, just letting off the gas or braking brings it back under control. My Civic was twitchy and required more steering effort and movement, and the entire body shook."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Excellent handling and performance. Almost handles like a sports car. Own a Honda S2000 and the Mazda handles almost as well. Fun to drive and very economical."

Anonymous, KY (2016 Mazda 3)

"Much more refined ride than my 2013 Mazda3."

JEFF H., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Fantastic car to drive. Responsive, handles well, very fun to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"FUN, FUN, FUN to drive.. acceleration, handling. It's hatchback is very handy, car looks great, quality material & workmanship. Only negative is car could use some more sound deadening."

WILLIAM Z., FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"We got the 2.4 engine which makes this car fun to drive!"

CHUCK R., AZ (2016 Mazda 3)

"The gas mileage is not what was advertised. I purchased an automatic because I was told the gas mileage was better but it has poor downshifting and revs the engine when not needed and pickup is poor."

GIZELLE C., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Hugs the road and drives smooth. BAD: When you let off the gas peddle there is a DEFINITE delay in the car slowing down. This is for under 30 MPH. You expect the car to slow down but there is a definite hesitation. I took to dealer; they said there isn't any problem. WRONG ANSWER."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"It's a very tight, nimble car that's as close to a BMW without actually being one"

GORDON C., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"handling is above average"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Mazda 3)

"The car handles well and is a pleasure to drive."

WILLIAM R., CO (2016 Mazda 3)

"This car is so fun to drive, amazing cornering, responsiveness"

Anonymous, ME (2016 Mazda 3)

"Great handling"

DOUG H., FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"Suspension much softer than in 2010 model. Makes "thumping" noise when accidentally hit pothole, etc. Feels as if something comes off the car whenever you hit pothole."

GRZEGORZ P., NY (2016 Mazda 3)

"6 speed manual is excellent. Does not handle as well as my previous car - BMW 3 series."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Driving experience is tops. Wife had originally wanted a Prius V, but, after being behind them in traffic while they go 35 mph in the fast lanes I told her we couldn't buy one on principal. Also, I wanted a sunroof and that was not available if you wanted any of safety equipment. Plus, they are boring cars. My wife LOVES the Mazda's styling and the way it is responsive to her commands. She is a graduate of the Bonderant driving school."

NAPOLEAN S., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Transmission can sometimes hesitate on acceleration. Engine is very week compared to my wife's 17 year old Saab. Handling is not great, probably limited by standard all weather tires."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Great acceleration. Feels like a sports car. Very fun to drive."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Mazda 3)

"Excellent ride and handling, good accel. Fun to drive. Excellent fuel economy."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Though I wish I got the 2.5 liter, rather than the 2.0, I love how this car handles"

BRENT S., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Manual six speed is fun to drive and accelerates well for a 2.0 4 cylinder."

MARK F., TX (2016 Mazda 3)

"Fun all rolled up in a car!"

Anonymous, MO (2016 Mazda 3)

"I waited two months to get the manual six-speed shift I wanted and it was well worth the wait. It has a short throw, is incredibly smooth and makes driving this baby a real delight."

DIANA B., MD (2016 Mazda 3)

"Very good acceleration, handling, & braking."

JOHN K., NJ (2016 Mazda 3)

"acceleration to pass has a slight delay before the car speeds up"

Anonymous, WA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Torque is good from 2500 rpm up but I feel the car is sluggish and kind of hesitate below"

Anonymous, QC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Hugs the road very well have 6 speed manual transmission a creation is very dmooth"

DON W., BC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Handles like a dram."

EDWIN L., HI (2016 Mazda 3)

"It's underpowered, but the handling is good."

MIKE T., MS (2016 Mazda 3)

"It has a smaller engine than I am used to and gets very good gas mileage. I was a little concerned about this when I bought it but the acceleration is fine for ordinary driving and I am very satisfied with that. The only negative I have found is that it has a surprisingly poor turning radius for a small car. This can make it difficult to get into a tight parking spot"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Our Mazda 3 is a manual transmission and I wish the stick was a little smoother going between gears. Sometimes it will stick between the lower gears."

JENNY D., PA (2016 Mazda 3)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Auto air and auto wipers plus great nav system"

P P., LA (2016 Mazda 3)

"When the heater is turned to the floor heat setting, more he comes out of the defrost vents than out of the floor vents. Your feet stay cold and your face gets hot."

LYNNE P., NC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Climate controls need constant fiddling. Inside noise is high. Ride is tolerable."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Mazda 3)

"The seats are very comfortable in the front, the back is a bit tight for adults. The styling inside is very up-scale and makes me feel like I'm in a BMW. The controls are easy to reach and nice looking."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Mazda 3)

"Since getting the Mazda, I have no lower back pain."

Anonymous, ME (2016 Mazda 3)

"I think for the high end model (which I have)-- there should be a two memory setting for the driver's seat and something more than a manual passenger seat."

JON C., OH (2016 Mazda 3)

"The main gripe I have with this car is the lack of storage space compared to my 2004Mazda3s. Console storage is TINY; glove box is smaller and the map pockets in the front doors are gone. Additionally, there is only one cigar lighter type of power source, and it is INSIDE the console! There should be at least one at the bottom of the instrument panel for various devices, including my radar detector, etc. 2 USBs are inside the console too. Very inconvenient!"

GAYLE M., NY (2016 Mazda 3)

"The driver seat gets a little uncomfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Seats are mediocre for comfort"

Anonymous, WI (2016 Mazda 3)

"Perhaps this is because most of the roads on which I commute have been under construction for the two months I've had this car, but there seems to be more road noise inside the cabin than I would have expected. The ride is pretty quiet, though, on the completed, just paved section."

ROBERT H., GA (2016 Mazda 3)

"I'm 5' tall and most cars are not comfortable for me. The Mazda is extremely comfortable and I am able to move the steering well as well as the seat in order to get a good driving position. Feels like an extension of me; I've never been more comfortable driving."

KATHERINE M., TX (2016 Mazda 3)

"seats are a bit hard on long trips or 200-300 miles, but supportive ( we have the leather). The only real complaint is the noise level even with the windows up and the sunroof closed. Also, there is a symphonic "thump, thump, thump" that occurs when a back window is down (say,. for the dog), and one of the front windows is down...which is unfortunate. Rolling up either window solve the problem."

NAPOLEAN S., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Driver's seat cushion is a little too firm"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Mazda 3)

"noise is way too much"

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"The Mazda 3 is a dream to drive. Seats are comfortable, legroom is adequate, climate control is a dream, it rides like a Bently."

EDWIN L., HI (2016 Mazda 3)

"It has a bit too much wind noise on the highway; it is not as quiet at I would like."

Anonymous, IL (2016 Mazda 3)

"Head/neck restraints are at an odd angle and not adjustable--uncomfortable."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Mazda 3)

"I traded in a 2013 Mazda3 Grand Touring and the comfort level of the new car is much improved. Almost like a luxury car in comparison."

JEFF H., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Comfy, a little noisy. Fun to drive!!"

GINA J., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Ride noise is higher than expected with the premium tire option. It could just be the tires fault though. Finding a good seating position has been difficult, on multi-hour trips I find myself fiddling with the power seat to get more comfortable."

JOSHUA H., OR (2016 Mazda 3)

"I have had back and leg problems for years, but my Mazda 3 has fixed all that. The seat has been theripudic for me."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Does not have a seat memory button so everytime someone else drives it, the seat has to be reset."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"small, non supportive seats, very noisey on highway"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Mazda 3)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This car has many features considered by other car manufacturers as "luxury" features at a very affordable price (Blind spot warnings, etc.) I love that!"

MATTHEW C., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Lots of nice features included that are only available in higher-priced models from the competition."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"The car is reliable, well-equipped (especially safety equipment), and handles well for a front-drive car. The navigation system is slow (SD-card based), but does allow the owner to update over the Internet. Many nav functions cannot be accessed when moving, which is frustrating,"

STEPHEN N., WA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Bought it from Hertz, which retired the car from the rental fleet at about 11,000 miles. Very well maintained, and has some nice features, such as blind-spot warning and auto windshield wipers, that I don't think are normally standard in the I Sport trim."

JACOB V., FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"My Mazda was one of two manual shift cars on the lot. I got an excellent deal since my previous car was a Mazda (2007). Also, I work in the city where I purchased the car. Finally, only 10% of the customers purchase a manual transmission these days."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Mazda 3)

"Great value for the money. Lots of features and great quality for what you pay. I got my iSport with the manual transmission and the Performance Package for 15500."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Mazda 3)

"Had to get (and pay for) stuff I didn't want. Only wanted 2.5L engine with manual. Had to buy GT trim level with moon roof, heated power seat, enhanced stereo, climate control that I didn't want."

ALLAN R., OR (2016 Mazda 3)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Looks great. I'm a big guy and I fit comfortably in driver AND passenger seats. Very fun to drive."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Mazda 3)

"Everything functional"

DON W., BC (2016 Mazda 3)

"Hatchback is the best looking car on the road today"

STEVEN W., MA (2016 Mazda 3)

"some people thought my car was a BMW (which would have been more than 2x the price)"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Mazda 3)

"It really looks like a sports-sedan"

DOUG H., FL (2016 Mazda 3)

"When I look at todays cars...they all look the same. Mazda3 is unique compared to other car styles..."

BRENT S., CA (2016 Mazda 3)

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