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Mini Cooper Countryman

The Countryman is Mini's "jumbo" vehicle, an SUV that's still rather small in stature. It has four doors and comfortable seating. Cars built for the 2014 model year got a standard rear bench seat -- earlier ones came with rear bucket seats, seating only four people total. The quick steering and extraordinary handling found in its smaller brethren remain mostly intact, making it fun to drive.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"This is a very fun vehicle to drive. It handles like a souped up go-cart. I have used both off and on road and it performs beautifully in both environments."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Acceleration adequate, but some hesitation/turbo lag on starting from full stop. Seems to be getting worse as Car ages. Cornering is good for a small SUV. Maneuverability and size make driving and parking around town a pleasure."

John M., MO (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"This bigger Mini needs the turbo engine; otherwise, it performs well."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Ever since the beginning it has an acceleration issue when I put the pedal all the way to the floor (like when merging on to an interstate). I was told that I need to not only put Premium grade gasoline in it, but the gasoline has to be a known name like Shell or Conoco."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Acceleration and handling are very responsive More so than any other car we have driven."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"I find it to be underpowered when climbing, and the acceleration when merging is not as good as I expected. I had a full tune-up, and no real improvement."

Rose Y., MD (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"I still get complements on how attractive my car is. Ease of entry is excellant."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"The car has very quick acceleration and nimble handling."

Stephen V., PA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Go cart handling , fun to drive , corners very well"

Martin M., IL (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Great acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Relatively, great handling"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Very fun to drive. great acceleration and handling. There is nothing like driving a small manual turbo."

Charles L., ME (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"The MINI Cooper Countryman-S All4 is a sports car in an SUVs body. It combines the great things of both vehicles. I'll get the diesel or hybrid when it comes out !!"

LEE O., IN (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Handles well, feel safe on the highway, all wheel drive works well especially on wet roads, has good brakes to stop quickly, has enough power to accelerate to highway speeds when merging or passing."

LAWRENCE N., TX (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"The standard 1.6li engine lacks zip. even with the standard 6speed transmission, You have to down ship to maintain speed on any type of upgrade. The ride is also extremely rough riding, felling every little imperfection, but this may be do to tires, We'll find out soon."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Handles like a sports car"

GEORGE C., OH (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"The acceleration from a stop is not smooth. It has hesitations during acceleration (mini-stalls) that I do not find in other cars. I have had it looked at and they are unable to resolve (although they are always willing to charge me for some repair - last time: ignition coils and plugs)"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Very poor low-end power. Engine tends to lug in lower gears. Does not downshift reliably."

Anonymous, HI (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"holds the road"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"High rate or acceleration. S Model"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"plenty of power and great handling"

Richard S., FL (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Joyful perky driving experience. Sometimes gets picked over the porsche for quick trips."

Danielle S., AZ (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Rock solid handling and all wheel drive for winter security"

Kirk U., CA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"the noise & stiffness of the ride are negatives the seats are very comfortable so positve"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"A little noisy in the cab. No functional cup holders in front. No cupholders in back."

Susanne S., UT (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"It's a little loud and the ride in the back seat can be harsh on bumpy roads. The front seats are firm and hold you in place."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"fun car to drive, nice acceleration, only complaint is the heating & cooling system- takes a long time to heat or cool inside car, much longer than other cars"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Noisy ride"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Lots of road noise. Ride is stiff."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"The sporty suspension (really liked by the primary driver) does not always lend itself to a smooth/quiet ride for the passengers."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"firm handling and traction"

Richard S., FL (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Early on it was extremely unreliable. lots of engine failures."

TIM K., TN (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"High performance. Exceptional handling. Solid. High cost. Extremely high maintenance costs. Frequent breakdowns."

Andrea A., WV (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Quality options offered in sensible packages saves money on the most desirable features"

Steven B., TX (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It has a confident, muscular look - but the fact that it's so finicky and particular immediately takes away from the looks"

GREG V., CT (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)

"Cool look"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Mini Cooper Countryman)
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