A freshening for 2005 brought a small improvement in fuel economy, along with improved interior fit and finish. The cabin remained roomy and the seats supportive. The four-cylinder engine makes the Altima quick, but noisy under acceleration. Handling is sound, but not nimble and ride is somewhat stiff. It also has a wide turning circle.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Great acceleration Turning circumference too wide"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Nissan Altima)


Robert S., ON (2006 Nissan Altima)

"It has great acceleration and handling overall. no problems with the manual transmission."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Nissan Altima)

"manual transmission, long wheel base,good brakes, miles per gallon without air conditioner is at 33 mpg"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"It is amazing how fast it accelerates! And handles great, too!"

Sherry M., NJ (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Good acceleration and cornering. Lots of nuisance issues."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Ride, handling, acceleration, braking, fair economy. Does not have an CVT type transmission but it does have good ratios and soft shifting. Engine and transmission have been totally trouble-free. The cabin air filter is too difficult to change and is too expensive to have the Nissan dealer replace."

DAVID R., FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Does not have very good traction in rain or snow."

Anonymous, IA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"This car is so reliable. I wanted a good car for retirement and this was a good one. I am the second owner.. first was a woman too."

CAROLE I., TN (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Outstanding motor, great MPG with a/c in off position 33mpg highway driving"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"The V6 is powerful, responsive, yet good on MPG. Handling and suspension is superior on all levels."

ANTHONY M., WA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"It is ver responsive, comfortable and easy to drive. Road noise is a problem and would like more protection from that."

Anonymous, KY (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration is great"

Terry L., OH (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Very quick and responsive. Handles well."

Sherry M., NJ (2006 Nissan Altima)

"With the six cylinder it has plenty of power and the steering handles well,"

Arthur G., NY (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Mine has the 3.5L engine and it's a dragster on acceleration. Even with over 200k miles on it, it still get's up and goes."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"even though a 4 cylinder engine, acceleration is great. Gas mileage's really good. Leg room is superb (this was the main reason I bought it)"

Anonymous, BC (2006 Nissan Altima)

"The Altima is almost like a sports car in a sedan body. It accelerates well, and handles great."

Eric E., MN (2006 Nissan Altima)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I inherited this car. I'm on the short side so I just wish the driver's seat would raise up a bit more. Right now, I have to use a 2" high pillow to be able to sit more comfortably. Other than that, the car has been great!"

Cynthia C., NY (2006 Nissan Altima)

"seats are uncomfortable"

Anonymous, AR (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Electric driver seat can be adjusted in many varieties of postures"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Head rest sits at a funny angle and makes it uncomfortable."

Anonymous, KS (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Noise is noticeable Seats are wearing out & support not as good as I want Ride could be less bumpy"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Nissan Altima)

"It’s a very quiet ride"

Eric E., MN (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Very little sounds."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Great gas mileage and dependable"

Anonymous, GA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"seats and ride"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Comfort is great but road noise intrusion into the cabin is pronounced."

ANTHONY M., WA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Noisy air noise at 35-45 mph. Good on corners yet bad on snow. control's are annoying and blows hot air when you want cool outside air. Leaky trunk. Collects debris all around trunk seal and front end vent area and hinge area. Rusty front left behind tire."

Anonymous, MN (2006 Nissan Altima)

"There is constant noise from the sunroof"

Anonymous, NY (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Very comfy, but now prefer a SUV for visibility."

William M., FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"The car has a rust problem in the floor boards that Nissan refuses to acknowledge"

Terry L., OH (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Seat is comfortable, it "embraces" you on a long all-day drive. The vehicle is low to the ground and so it can feel as if you are climbing up out of a hole when leaving the vehicle after driving all day."

Arthur G., NY (2006 Nissan Altima)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I got what I paid for. Nothing has gone wrong so far. It is 2.5S with cloth seats. A good basic car."

Anonymous, SC (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Got at the end of the year model,"

RICK P., KS (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Good inexpensive transportation"

DOUG C., MO (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Great buy new for $17k."

DAVID C., FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"The floor boards are rusting out and the car only has 105,000 miles. Unacceptable"

TERRY L., OH (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Sufficient power to be safe in traffic, economical."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Nissan Altima)

"I bought this 2006 car in Nov 2006 for $19,500 including tax/plates/delivery .... they offered me either 2% financing or $2000 cash rebate, it made more sense to take $2000 off the price up-front .... in addition, I was able to get a discounted "friends & family" price .... I put down $5000 and financed the balance over 5 yrs (which I paid off early) .... in retrospect, I should've put down more $ and financed the balance over 3 yrs .... I hate to pay interest! So, in my case, it's been an exce"

TERRI C., FL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Best car I have ever owned. Only complaint was 2.4 litre engine burns oil and has done this since day we got it. Nissan was fully aware of this problem and paid for all oil added while vehicle was under warranty. Engine has performed flawlessly in all other areas. Over 170,000 city kilometers and no other problem."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Mine has 327 thousand miles on it and is still going strong. very reliable. Always starts. Always gets 30 or more miles per gallon. I'm proud of it!"

Sherry M., NJ (2006 Nissan Altima)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


RICK P., KS (2006 Nissan Altima)

"The large windows makes it easy to see out of.The interior is very roomy and will sit 5 adults in comfort."

MATTHEW S., IL (2006 Nissan Altima)

"I love it! It is really pleasing to my eye and always gets compliments. I have someone in line to buy it and I am just barely able to think about parting with it."

Anonymous, KY (2006 Nissan Altima)

"We bought the last year before a style change, which I now regret."

KEN E., SC (2006 Nissan Altima)

"Body lines are interesting, styling details are professional looking"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Nissan Altima)

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