The Nissan Altima is among our better rated family sedans. The 2.5-liter, four-cylinder delivers better performance than some six-cylinder engines and an impressive 25 mpg overall. The 3.5-liter V6 is very powerful yet delivers 23 mpg overall. The 2.5 S has good handling and absorbs bumps better than the 3.5 SE, which is stiff and jittery, but corners better. Interior quality is very good, but rear-seat room is a bit tight.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"this car is fun to drive, its quick and delivers a really smooth ride. It has a 4 cylinder engine which has really impressive power"

Michael H., AR (2009 Nissan Altima)

"From a dead stop, the acceleration is very fast. That was a key factor in my wife preferring this car to a 6 cylinder model."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"the eco boost 4 cylinder acceleration is quick and dependable the smooth shifting is impressive and the wide track holds the car to the road"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Taught handling, very controlled and very good acceleration."

Anonymous, MN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"First its important to know... I've pushed this car to its limits. Regardless of what the car magazines may have said, the Altima coupe handles very well. The acceleration ( manually controlling the CVT shift points) is excellent for a 4 cylinder (better than many V6's or V8's."

Gregg C., VA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Very fast acceleration as have 6 cylinder. Also quiet"

Anonymous, OR (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Much better acceleration that I expected from a 4 cylinder in a midsize car, with such great fuel economy"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Plenty of power for highway driving while providing good fuel economy."

Dave H., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This car has great acceleration notwithstanding that it's a 4 cylinder - the CVT really gets ups and goes. Handles very well in all conditions. Can't imagine why anyone needs a 6 cylinder in this size car."

Anonymous, MO (2009 Nissan Altima)


WILLIAM S., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Car has large blind spots"

JUDITH W., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This car drives so nice. The hybrid kicks up the HP and it takes off like a rabbit. My adult kids drive it and can't believe the acceleration compared to their older Korean vehicles. I take corners fast in mine because it handles so well. Love this car!"

RONALD D., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Does not handle well in snow and ice."

LINDA C., MN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"ride is a little hard"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Great car & extremely reliable for 120k miles, great handling"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"No problem. However I do e defensively Handles smoothly"

R L., NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"enjoyed driving my Altima until one of Nissans hidden defects surfaced in my year model. I no longer trust this car. No more Nissans for me and they know it."

MICHAEL H., AR (2009 Nissan Altima)

"excellaration for a Hybrid"

THOMAS R., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Excellent handling for a car in this class. Acceleration is adequate."

WILLIAM E., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Very impressed with the acceleration for a 4 cylinder. Love the push button start."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I would prefer a normal auto transmission with gears, the CV ok but not at all exciting."

JEANNETTE H., NB (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Love the CVT transmission. Had to replace the AC compressor at $1,700 last year. Bought as used car and of course not included in certified extended warranty. Great car but left sour taste in mouth."

W N., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The CVT provides good acceleration and efficiency. The suspension and handling are also fairly crisp and nimble in routine driving. I like the responsiveness."

RON T., SD (2009 Nissan Altima)

"bad weather handling is only fair"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Sluggish acceleration due to transmission. Handles well with the right tires"

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Decent all around drive for the money."

FRANK P., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Overal value good"

R K., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Adequate acceleration, but could be stronger."

RICHARD R., CT (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Satisfied overall but transmission needed replaced after 100000 miles but under warranty."

ED C., IN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Good handling car with decent acceleration for a 4 cylinder"

DAVID C., NC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"It's pretty noisy when accelerating, at least from inside the cabin"

BILL W., MA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This is undoubtedly the best vehicle we have owned. It's smooth riding, easy to handle, and economical. One thing Nissan does that the other brands do not do, is keep the style and general looks of the vehicle for a long time. Our 2009 vehicle, which we have kept in good condition, is almost indistinguishable from a new model."

Gerald C., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This is my wife's daily driver for work, and she mostly likes the performance. We disagree over the CVT xxxxxx ... she likes it, and I don't."

Scott C., WA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"a pleasure to drive, very quiet on the road, smooth acceleration with the CVT, comfortable leather seats"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"3.5 litre engine provides good power for freeway entrances"

Anonymous, BC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"4 cylinder drives like a 6"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration is adequate. Handling is very good in dry weather. Drives great. Not so great in snow/ice."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Even with the 4 cylinder engine, i get completely acceptable acceleration and reliable handling"

Jim G., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Very responsive in acceleration and handling in city driving and on highways. Can quickly change lanes, slow down or speed up depending on the driving conditions (traffic)"

Karen O., BC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I drive 100 miles of freeway each day, very smooth and solid feeling"

Jim A., MI (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I have V6 version of the Altima, a car highly rated by CR when I bought it new. It offers quick acceleration and responsive handling and is at least satisfactory in other respects. I’ve never regretted buying this car."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I am very happy with the vehicle. It have over 131000 miles and is still running well. I service this vehicle according to Nissan's regular service intervals."

Mark B., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration is somewhat lagging because of CVT."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Nissan Altima)

"excellent acceleration and nice tight handling on curves."

Ken C., PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Handles well; good acceleration when needed in traffic."

Anonymous, MN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Even though the car is a 4 cylinder, it has plenty of acceleration, corners well and comfortably, and has a fantastic turning radius. Love driving my car!"

Anonymous, CT (2009 Nissan Altima)

"great acceleration and good handeling"

Danny P., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"It has really good pick up and i need a car that has really good acceleration to get around in"

Anonymous, MA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The vehicle accelerates well when getting into traffic or other burst of speed need. It’s a smooth ride, handles emergency maneuver well, & is fun to drive."

Russell M., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Excellent acceleration and handling drives and handles like a sports car. My car has a standard 6-speed transmission."

Jose M., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Low profile and quick acceleration makes for excellent handling. Low profile is very unsatisfactory in MN snow."

Anonymous, MN (2009 Nissan Altima)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This is the top of the line Altima with most options (leather seats, BOSE radio, dual HVAC, etc.) and we have been very pleased with all aspects of the car - even though it is now 8 years old. Had we purchased a base level product I might not feel the same. The car is still comfortable on undulating pavement and the mileage is still top notch (for a car this old). Even though the newest Altimas are much better in all ways, we have no desire to replace our car. We will probably keep it for at lea..."

Dennis C., ON (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I really love this car except for the road noise...sometimes sound like a lawn mower."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"For cloth seats very comfortable"

Robert S., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The seats are too hard. My only complaint with the car."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Nissans seem to be a little noisy"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Nissan Altima)


FRANCESCO F., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Leather seats comfortable. Pedals seem a little close for a person who is taller, im 6'1" so I wish there was a little more leg room for driver. Rear seat room could be a little bigger too. Climate controls are great."

Anonymous, CT (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Great car, but definitely noisier than our other car"

BARD R., TN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The ride is a little rough, feeling all the bumps in the road."

Anonymous, MN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Very comfortable and ease of use."

P D., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Worst seats ever. Long legged people can't ride comfortably in the front seats, and definitely not in the driver's seat."

Anonymous, AL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"These seats have remained extremely comfortable."

Anonymous, IL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"4cyl is a little noisy"

Anonymous, IA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"driver side adj"

RALPH B., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Starts immediately no problems with seat climate control noise. The tires only lasted 25000 miles"

R L., NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"not comfortable for longer trips. Good for short runs around town."

DAVID S., KS (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Simply cannot drive the car for long distances because of the seat. I get lots of pain, and I have tried everything like seat cushions, back support, etc. Fortunately, don't have to drive it like this often."

ELWOOD S., NC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"It still is a good car"

R K., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The seat is a comfortable fit for someone with long legs"

Judith W., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"It's smooth, quiet, fairly responsive and almost luxurious"

James H., MN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Drivers seat was too hard for 20000 miles"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Car sits a little too low. Difficulty getting in and out of vehicle. I am an age where I need something higher. Noise level and ride are fine."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This is a great car for running around town. For road trips, I get extremely uncomfortable in a fairly short period of time, recognizing that I'm 6 feet tall and 300+ pounds. Ease of access, for me is poor, and sitting in the back seat (getting in and out) is very difficult."

John L., WA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I have driven from Texas to Utah, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana and Michigan. I have had no discomfort from the seats on thoe expended drives and am comfortable with the noise level and ride/handling"

Jim G., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I am able to set for hours on a trip without having to stop and get up because of pressure point issues."

Lewis E., NC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"A bit noisy, but ride is overall quite comfortable."

Anonymous, MI (2009 Nissan Altima)

"My wife and I both drive this vehicle. When we change drivers, it's difficult sometime for my wife to rearrange the seat, steering wheel, and other items for her use. (I'm big, she's small) This is not a complaint, just an inconvenience."

Gerald C., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The seats fit well. There is not a lot of road noise while driving."

Anonymous, KS (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Comfortable cushioned wide seats. Easily adjustable to a pleasant driving and riding experience. The ride is comparable to most any large sedan."

Anonymous, WI (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Cloth seats are very comfortable, especially on long trips"

Robert S., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This is a stylish car with a very quiet ride, which is one of the top factors I value. It is also comfortable, with easy to adjust seats, and plenty of space for tall and/or wide drivers, which wasn't true in a lot of other brands I tried."

Anonymous, CT (2009 Nissan Altima)

"i find no need for improvement"

Anonymous, TN (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Quiet at highway speed; leather seats are very comfortable; driver's seat has multiple power controls; sunroof is a nice option."

Alex B., PA (2009 Nissan Altima)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Th Altima I feel was priced well, has given good service and gives good gas mileage ( it is a hybrid)"

Lee W., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Outstanding value and very reliable. This car has never required repair other than batteries and tires."

Dave H., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Excellent value, and has held up with no problems for nearly 10 years. I feel like it's been so long it must be time for a new car, but I have no reason to get one. This one still looks and drives like new."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Car has served us well with only minor issues. Still looks and preforms well."

Kemp S., SC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"For the money this may be the best car I've ever owned. Dead reliable, great mileage, good performance, and it cost less than a Honda or Toyota when I bought it."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"an economical car to operate, looks good and few repairs"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Nissan Altima)

"It was good deal and still looks and runs very well."

Tim B., MD (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Well balanced highway and city car. Provides adequate performance with excellent gas mileage. Comfortable for 4 adults cw reasonable luggage capacity."

Anonymous, NS (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The cvt transmission is very nice at 70 mph I have topped 40 mpg"

Anonymous, WA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Minimal repairs over the life of the vehicle"

HOWARD V., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Good car on the market for the price paid"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Used price was comparable to a non hybrid"

ANTHONY R., ON (2009 Nissan Altima)

"A quite decent combination of features for the price"

FRANK P., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Cost less than a Camry or Accord but is absolutely super-reliable, gets outstanding mileage, and looks better than the 2009 Honda and Toyota offerings."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I paid a reasonable price and have been pleased with the value. After 7 years, I have had few problems and have felt very safe in this auto."

MORTON K., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I have a hybrid. Between incentives and tax credits, we saved over $7 k."

P D., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Bought thebasic model in late 2009 under obama s cash for clunkers program. Car had ps,pb,pw,am/fm cd,floormat, pinstriping and AC. I paid $13,800 and it was not a leftover. Replaced fuel pump @ 55,000 miles. VERY SATISFIED"

JOHN T., DE (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This is the second Altima. Both have proven to be reliable, reasonably priced transportation for year around use.(Tough winters)"

Anonymous, NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Very low maintenance costs. Nice ride. Great value."

MARK G., MI (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Just turned 200,000 miles, runs great! Very few problems"

Jim A., MI (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Outstanding vehicle considering what I paid for it compared to the price of comparable Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"This car has required almost no unanticipated maintenance other than routine requirements. I'm quite happy with this."

William H., NY (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Considering the price we paid it seems to be a good value, though we don't use it that much."

Frank P., OH (2009 Nissan Altima)

"maintenance free miles"

Danny P., FL (2009 Nissan Altima)

"great value"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Best car I have ever owned. Very few repairs. Drives great."

Gregg C., VA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Have had no mechanical problems; comfortable ride; a decade of trouble-free transportation."

Alex B., PA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"I did not get a, I believe, fair deal. My trade-in was not to good and Nissan gave me very little for it. They knew they had me, so the deal was poor."

Mark B., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The car runs well and gets good mileage. Not a lot of maintenance problem . However, the tire air pressure system tends to malfunction often. And, I have to replace the tire stem, those stems are way too expensive. But, the mileage and use I’ve gotten out of that car, it’s been a good value."

Russell M., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"We recently had a body shop tell us that the car had been repainted and repainted badly. We bought it new for close to 28,000 dollars and have never had it repaired. The paint started to fade off and disappear on the roof and trunk about 5yrs after we bought it in 2009. I have since called Nissan America and was given the run around Example told to go to dealer,then told to wait for Nissan paint professional who then told us sorry for your luck, the warranty has long expired. We have owned 2 Nissans and will never have another. They also could not or would not explain how such a thing could happen to a brand new car"

Brenda T., NJ (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Bought during recession, so good discount given on price"

Anonymous, BC (2009 Nissan Altima)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very attractive styling"

DAVID C., NC (2009 Nissan Altima)

"The outside styling is nice. The interior is mostly nice but I've always disliked the orange lights on the dash and the digital screen just look old - like old arcade fonts and icons."

LEIGH B., TX (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Great styling"

FRANCESCO F., CA (2009 Nissan Altima)

"Outside is pretty good. I like the look. Inside is great climate, entertainment controls. and steering controls are great as they are not too busy. straight forward controls and appealing look. dashboard is looking great for its age (although I do use a dashboard blocker)"

Anonymous, CT (2009 Nissan Altima)

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