Despite a few high points, this iteration of the Nissan Altima is not competitive among midsized sedans. In a segment brimming with better cars, the Altima is a lackluster choice, ranking below virtually all of its competitors with a humdrum driving experience. Among its virtues are a roomy rear seat and good fuel economy. That said, with the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder, we measured a commendable 31 mpg overall.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The dealership is still having problems determining the problem with my car. They replaced the transmission, speed sensor and abs (rear) sensors to address acceleration problems that has been present since I purchased the car (new). I am bringing the car back into the dealership (5th time now). I wish there was a lemon law in Canada. Nissan Canada is not stepping up. They should be replacing the car as it is a lemon."

BRIAN M., ON (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Very unexpected power, acceleration, and takeoff experience for a 4-cylinder car"

Anonymous, KY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The Altima is Guillermo accelerating 0-50 than my previous Maxima with the V-6! And it gets terrific mileage in the mid thirties. No compromising here..."

CHARLES L., NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I don't like the handling at highway speeds. It wanders and is worse in cross winds."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"excellent acceleration when passing, particularly on single lane roads, Holds the road well with fine braking"

MICHAEL P., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Handling great and comfort traveled from FL to MI in comfort ??"

KATHY D., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Transmission shifting could be smoother."

J S., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I am not a big fan of the CVT in this vehicle. I understand they are better in the 2016s but I have not driven one of them."

R H., ON (2015 Nissan Altima)

"what acceleration???? slow as a turtle, CVT transmission is horrible"

JASON S., NH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration onto and passing vehicles on interstate highways is very good. Handling on winding and hilly rural and suburban roads is also very good."

JAMES R., PA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"When accelerating onto an interstate, the 4 cylinder engine sounds like it is working too hard. It most likely is working too hard because it is only 4 cylinders and not six. Perhaps it could be more quiet."

JOHN T., CT (2015 Nissan Altima)

"V6 is very strong and amazing on fuel, transmission makes driveability difficult, always trying to simulate a shift which is annoying with a CVT transmission, Should be smooth building power as the the original CVT transmission in our 2010 V6 Altima."

GARY R., ON (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration much better then expected, handles good"

CHESTER R., OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"This car is very smooth and has a good suspension under it. It handles well and get great gas mileage."

Anonymous, MS (2015 Nissan Altima)

"for a 4 cyl it is especially powerful."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"hard ride/constant vibration within entire car/drouning constant/cvt trans"

HAL C., NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Does not have. Daylight driving lights"

ANTHONY A., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Good power, acceleration and good handling, mpg so and so. Feel very comfortable driving the car."

CHRISTIAN D., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"the only problem with the Altima is that it is built very light and the wind can actually move it over driving on an interstate. Also because of the lightness of the car or the tire selection it has a tendency to lose grip on the highway with water."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration and handling."

VICTOR R., CT (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I love driving this car. Handles beautifully, accelerates smoothly, so fun to drive."

LONNIE P., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration and handling just OK."

ROBERT B., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Car is a dog when it comes to acceleration, just doesn't have much get up and go......."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"A little slow at highway passing speed"

Anonymous, OK (2015 Nissan Altima)

"acceleration in DS and certainly the smooth handling also I use the over-drive off button for downward hills/slopes a lot."

MICHAEL H., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Stock tires are poor. Complained to dealer about vehicle's tendency to wander in lane at highway speeds. Checked alignment--within specs."

GLEN C., IL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great engine (V6) with good acceleration"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Nissan Altima)


Anonymous, ON (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Combination of good to great acceleration, high mileage and very good handling - pretty hard to beat combination."

Mark F., OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The 4 cylinder has good power as well as MPG. ON the highway I get 36-38 MPG."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"It has good pick up. glides along nicely, gearchanges are smooth, when the tires are inflated properly the steering is good, steering wheel is good to grip, holds the road well."

Thelma M., NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Good acceleration and great fuel economy, especially on the highway."

William R., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The 2.5L four cylinder reaches 55mph faster tan my 2013 Maxima with the V6 did and handling is very sure and predictable."

Anonymous, NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Car purchased for teenager. Looks and handles well. Easy to park and has great gas mileage. Very pleased with this vehicle."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration is quick in drive mode and sport mode (DS) shifts smoothly and quickly thru the CVT. I have Michelin Tires that do well for my cars handling."

Michael H., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The value and price I paid was a lot better value than other cars"

Douglas F., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great acceleration when needed. Handling is great, very little adjustments with the steering wheel are needed."

Fred H., OR (2015 Nissan Altima)

"AcceleratioN is quick & easy handling is smooth & engine is quite."

Evelyn T., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Small engine and poor acceleration, noisy at high rpm"

Richard H., TN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"very Slow acceleration. I step on the speed pedal and it does not accelerate fast as expected."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"too much rattles coming from dash spoil the experience, tire noise, jerky transmission; stiff ride due to wide tires?"

Anonymous, HI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Accelerates well handling is very good. Ride is smooth."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Snappy acceleration and good cornering"

Anthony T., VA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Handles great in all weather. I put above average miles on a car."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"V6 is a terrific engine with great gas mileage"

Gregory S., NJ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Very quick and handles well for a 4 speed and smaller car"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"comfortable great handling good aceleration"

Anonymous, TN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Too much oversteer"

Anonymous, WA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"great acceleration and handles curves well."

George F., NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration is good. Handling is average."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Nissan Altima)


Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"You can tell there is a 4 cylinder engine when accelerating."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The car performs very well for a 4 cylinder. The Nissan Connect app is terrible."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Acceleration and handling is great."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Driving experience and handling has been very good. Brakes are awesome. No complaints about it. Aceleration is good as well."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"comfortable car, excellent mileage and good lookin"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"This car is great! Love everything about it, but most of all that I am comfortable. I have long legs and have had back surgery, so the fact that I can walk after I get out of the car is wonderful."

LONNIE P., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I am a large person.6 ' 2" and weigh 260 lbs.After 1 hour driving the seats begin to feel very uncomfortable.The seats are the "Bucket" type ;they dip in the middle and have edges to them and I don't fit well in the seat.The seat could have been designed better. i also notice a wind whistle at higher speeds ( over 55 mph).I originally leased a 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL which was substantially more comfortable (still had a wind whistle tho' ) and "Downgraded",because I didn't need all the "Bells"

E E., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"rides stiff ,Lots of road noise , loud wind noise , turn up the radio"

BILL S., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)


Anonymous, OK (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats heat up when we don't want them to because the button that turns them on is in an awkward place. We get a hot seat by mistake."

ROY B., SC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"this car is so comfortable and quiet, can drive 600 miles easily and not feel tired in one day, braking and emergency handling is the best I have ever experienced, air conditioning is top notch (live in deep south), acceleration is great for merging unto freeway, only complaint is weird shifting, not smooth when accelerating hard"

CLARENCE H., AL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Excellent climate/radio controls; very intuitive."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"It has a bit more road noise than I would like for it to have, but the seats are comfortable and the climate control works very well. The ride is pretty good overall."

JANET S., OK (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The front seats, especially the driver's, are too high under my knees and will not adjust for comfort. I have to us a cushion to compensate."

RAY T., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great mileage little hard getting out road noise could be better. Overall good car so far 9500 miles"

DEL C., NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"When driving my Nissan on most highways there is loud vibrations and also it is hard to hear the radio with the vibrations underneath the car. This car does not have a lot of miles on it."

PAM W., IA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Just great so far"

DAVID S., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The passenger seats are not as comfortable as the driver side. Adding fully adjustable passenger is desired as we take 2-3 car trips a few times a year and we change drivers often"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The blind spot monitoring gives false alarms on wet roads, the display is very hard to see."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Most comfortable car seats in any car I've ever owned"

DALE E., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Lumbar support not as good as I would like. Engine a bit noisy. CVT takes some getting used to. I did not get as good a price deal as I should have, but that was not the fault of the car."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Only 2 gripes as I love this car. It was noisy in the winter when the weather got cold and the blinker speed is obnoxious."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Tried ALL different kinds of cars and found the Altima seats to be the only ones that didn't give my sciatica problems."

ANTHONY T., VA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seats a bit low for me. Road noise is bad."

KAREN B., SC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats are not as comfortable as I would like and the headrest causes one to lean forward, better adjustment with the headrest would be nice."

STEVEN C., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats are very comfortable and the suspension makes it feel like you're riding on a pillow. The road noise on the freeway is terrible!"

COLTON P., AR (2015 Nissan Altima)

"There is plenty of leg room for the driver and passengers."

TOM C., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seating comfort is rather spares and not conducive for long distance travel"

BRUCE H., AL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Body conforms to seats &climate control is fast"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Whereas the seats can be adjusted quite a bit, for a ride of longer than 30 minutes they are not comfortable. The seat seems to go flat and the back starts to get uncomfortable. Not as combortable as the old 2002 Xterra we have."

SANDRA D., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"No satellite radio"

MARC E., AZ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seat comfort & location is fully adjustable"

Laurence D., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seats are excellent as far as comfort goes especially when going on long trip (2-4 hours)."

Steve G., CT (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Extremely comfortable seating, low outside noise in cabin, smooth and stable ride."

Patricia M., AZ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"No fatigue"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats look plush and feel very comfortable. Great adjustments for the electric seats. Noise and ride are quiet and smooth."

Michael H., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"It fits my body well. First car I've had where I can adjust the seats at an optimal distance for the lengths of my arms AND legs st the same time."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The car is very comfortable. I am relaxed when driving and rarely tired after driving for several hours."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The car is very roomy and comfortable. I like the ride. It feels sturdy and you can feel the road, which I like. Cars that feel like they’re floating, make me car sick. The ride is a little noisy."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I am not a big person so to rest my left arm on door side is not comfortable."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Very comfy and fully adjustable. Car is quiet but less so than our older 2013 Altima."

David B., WA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Both seats have limited manual adjustments."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Compared to the Toyota and Kia cars we test drove, the seats are so much more comfortable. One thing that we needed was plenty of leg room in the back seat for our over 6' tall son. The Altima has plenty of leg room even with the front seat pushed all the way back. Ride is very comfortable and smooth. Average amount of road noise."

Fred H., OR (2015 Nissan Altima)

"It's a nice all around daily driver and looks great"

John M., NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Very comfortable seats and is generally a quiet and serene cabin environment. The ride could stand some improvement, but isn't bad."

Phillip L., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The Altima is a very comfortable car as either a driver or passenger. Seats are comfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats very easily adjust to any comfort level. There is also a very little road noise while driving."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Road noise excessive, don,t know how tire type affects this and won,t have car when tires will be replaced"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The comfort of the vehicle is good; however, the car is very noisy, i.e., rattles, vibrations."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"very comfortable, great ride and handling"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Fantastic seat comfort. Nissan’s ‘zero-gravity’ seats are the best!"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Car handles well but there is chattering feeling from the transmission when accelerating. Noticed this on a previous Altima too"

Timothy N., NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I am short (5 feet) & the seat does not go high enough for me to see comfortably.. I have to use booster cushions. Also the head rest protrudes forward at a weird angle that makes the seat uncomfortable for my body."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The seats are good on long rides, comfortable."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"seats fit me just right"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"A little too much road noise. Some additional undercoat on the body would help. Stiffer shocks would be a plus also."

Anonymous, NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Both driver and passenger seats are very comfortable, especially important on long distance trips."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Very comfortable and quiet. Most comfortable car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"This car is so noisy it is ridiculous. The windows whistle. The faster I drive the louder the noise. To add to this, the air conditioner is super noisy - so noisy that running the air conditioner on high is out of the question. I have to turn the audio up to blast level to hear. The when I stop the audio is ear splitting."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Wonderful drivers seat, passengers seat not as comfortable. Very quiet. Good ride"

Anthony T., VA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Easy to operate. easy to reach. there are so many settings everyone who drives it can get comfortable. Seats are very comfortable. I don't get tired driving. There is plenty of space in the back seat good cup holders."

Thelma M., NV (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Lots of room inside the car"

Susan C., OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Incredibly quiet, soft, compliant, ride, almost like a luxury car for far less money."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Zero gravity seats a re incredibly comfortable. Ride is good, especially for mid-sized car - quiet and comfortable."

Mark F., OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seats are not wide enough. The seats are bottoming out after second year. Right Knee is in console. The ride is actually quieter in the 2010 Nissan Altima. Same goes for the ride."

James P., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"well designed car with many features"

Gregory S., NJ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Extremely comfortable seats. Very quiet inside for the. Price. For 15 thousand more the Lexus would be quieter. But not any more comf9"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The front seats are the most comfortable I have owned. Noise level is too high. Ride is very good. To much oversteer."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seats very comfortable, ride is above average"

Jim M., PA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I have not driven many miles yet, as this is a very recent purchase. It was a hail-damaged salvage title with just over 5K miles. The driver's seat is one of the most comfortable I've every sat in. It's a little noisy, but the ride is smooth. Handling seems average to above."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Nissan Altima)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Not only did I get a great price, I got 0% financing and great gas mileage. A win win win situation."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I miss the automatic windshield wiper of my previous two cars.I never realized how much this option helps one to relax when driving in the rain. My next car will have an automatic windshield wiper. The drivers seat is not as comfortable as I thought it would be, but, I must admit, I require a lot of lumbar support. The GPS is impossible to see about 25% of the time, due to the reflection of sunlight from the screen. My last two cars had this feature recessed into the dash, so the"

JAMES A., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I love the gas mileage. the 4 cylinder is also have a descent acceleration. Inside there is all the comfort and luxury you expect from a car costing twice."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The sale price was incredible.A great car for the money with no gimmicks."

RAYMOND T., RI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The car is nice ride, good mileage, comfortable, dependable"

SHARON W., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"It was "brand new", only 41 miles on it for less than $17000"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The Altima is a great deal for the money I paid ! I purchased the SV model that has everything but leather and Navigation , I bought it at 8 grand off the MSRP so I know I got much more car then most others out there for less because of the great deal ."

KENNETH M., AZ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Style comfort info. and gps system,price was good"

DAVID K., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"cost way too much for what you get over paid by 10000 in my opinion"

JASON S., NH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The lease deal I got on this vehicle was outstanding considering the level of options included with the deal."

RICHARD M., PA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"the phone pairing and voice commands don't work all the time"

MARK M., MD (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The ride is smooth, good handling, very quite cabin."

CHRISTIAN D., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I believe I got the nicest car out there for the money. But because this is my fifth Nissan and the first to have a major problem I'm afraid it may break again after the warrantee runs out."

JAMES V., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Make allot of noise at acceleration. I hate the cloth seat.Wish I had got leather seats and navagation. NExt time I will buy a hyndi"

Anonymous, KY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I was very satisfied with the buying experience."

TOM C., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I love this car and believe it compares favorably with cars at twice the price."

STEPHANIE V., VA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"styling - good comfort - good"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Nissan Altima)

"excellent lease deal"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I researched other cars of this size and this without a doubt is the best value, paid $5000 less than what sticker was ($23,400) and it had only 5000 miles, driven for only a few months, mpg has been 30 city driving, 39 freeway driving at 70 mph"

CLARENCE H., AL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Many features that come with the 6 cylinder engine"

MICHAEL P., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Believe I got a little taken on price. Offered same deal as used b/c last day of month (9/30/2015). When dust cleared had 0% interest all features but paid every time of sticker price perhaps more"

DIANA B., LA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Gas mileage for short trips is 35 mph Highway is 40+ mpg, so big savings on fuel. Seats are very comfortable and b for a smaller car the leg room in the back seat is exceptional."

FRED H., OR (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The Nissan has all options at a relatively low cost. Additionally, I get great MPG; 30 in town and 39 on the highway."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Resale value is not as good as its competitors"

Anonymous, OK (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Mid size and mid price. Excellent performance for the price."

Patricia M., AZ (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I got a great deal on the initial purchase. However, just a few months past 36-months and a few miles past 36,000 miles the air-conditioner compressor was replaced at the dealership at a cost of $1700.00. I do not know yet whether Nissan is going to make this good. If they do not, this will be the last Nissan we buy. So far we've bought six brand-new Nissans, and had been happy with these vehicles."

Lonnie P., TX (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I have been tracking the Value of the car for two years against the market value. The results are that the cars resale value is about $500 less the loan value. Given that the Used car market average price has risen 12 % in two years"

Anonymous, AL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I have leather seats, a silver strip along the bottom that adds a sporty look to the car, Boise sound system, and multiple upgrades. A mechanic who used to work at a Nissan dealership was thunderstruck with all the upgrades not typically included in an Altima that I have on my car and for the price I paid."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"On the thruway this car will get 43 to 44 mpg! Awesome"

Judith C., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Quality stinks. Radio/Nav system shuts down/reboots randomly. Sometimes it comes back on. Sometimes not. Passenger airbag light comes on randomly even with an adult in the seat. Blindspot warning lights come on when passing trees, etc. No cars in sight. Best thing about this car is the MPG, which ranges from 35-39 on road trips."

Pamela A., SC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"For the cars price it was a lot better value than other. Cars"

Douglas F., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great milage for a four door sedan. Love the styling. Price was very fair for the high quality of the car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Needed a cheaper mid size car and this Altima was purhased at a reasonable price and performs as such, i.e., ou get what you pay for"

Anne Z., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great value for the price.................has all the bells and whistles!"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Good economy car for the price"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Great car for a ridiculously low lease price."

Richard G., CA (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The car lose too much value during the first two years of ownership. Today I own more money than the value of the car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Nissan Altima)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Phone system needs improvement blue tooth."

KATHY D., FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"The current trend in Japanese autos os for a more cluttered, swoopy exterior look. I preferred the clean lines of the previous generation Altima. However, the interior is very nice."

SCOTT R., ON (2015 Nissan Altima)


Anonymous, OH (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Seat to hard make very uncomfortably to seat on."

VICTOR R., CT (2015 Nissan Altima)

"A beautiful care on the outside and inside."

RAYMOND T., RI (2015 Nissan Altima)

"I like the styling in and out as it looks modern and the interior has good fit and finish."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Nissan Altima)

"Front end looks"

MICHAEL H., NY (2015 Nissan Altima)

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