The Rogue is compact and pleasant, with secure, responsive handling and a nice ride. It nicely balances economy and acceleration. Interior quality is very good, but the cargo area is very modest. Poor rear visibility is a demerit.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"engine bogs down at low rpms"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Really handles well in close quarters."

LARRY B., OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"pretty bad due to the CVT especially in inclines- struggles to climb. Engine whines if there are 3-4 passengers. or if you carry a moderate load."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Accelerating onto the highway can be tricky - you have to really floor the accelerator to get the CVT to downshift enough to get you up to speed quickly"

ROBERT R., IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"It has a CVT transmission. Slow acceleration and it is noisy."

BILL W., AL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The car is anemic. It's good to get from a to b but it isn't any fun getting there"

CAMERON M., AZ (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Fun to drive and gets great milage"

CAROL S., UT (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"has fair performance when attempting to pass another automobile - needs to be better on acceleration"

TONY V., IA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"When the engine is cold it gives a somewhat knocking feeling when accelerating but gets better when it is warm."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Very quick off the line and in passing on the highway! But even with new tires, it spins often because the car is light. Not the greatest in the snow"

MIKE K., IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"handling is satisfactory. acceleration is poor, especially when cold.. engine sounds tinny when accelerating"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"It is the pick up and drive . I am never concerned about not having sufficient power when required"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Very sluggish and noisy when accelerating."

Karen R., IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"For it's small engine, it accelerated reasonably well, but the sound of the engine when accelerating sounds like a motorcycle engine due to it's 4-cylinder size. Handling was average, and I had to be unusually more cautious on rain slicked roads as the tires would slip during acceleration,."

Judy W., CA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Sometimes I pray before getting on the highway where there is a short on ramp. The acceleration and the CVT drone are horrible. This is one gutless auto. I will say that the all wheel drive system is a life saver. I live in the South West. Therefore, I don't experience much snow. I have had to travel to the mountains a few times and have been in some blizzards in that process. The all wheel drive system saved me on more than a few occasions. The fact that the vehicle has a locking differential also aids greatly."

Baynazier A., AZ (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Response is quick but not jerky. Acceleration is adequate 90% of the time. Would like a little more when getting on interstates. I'm a short person & this vehicle fits me."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"drives like a truck. Very loud engine noise"

Anonymous, AL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Very nimble in handling. Tight turning circle. I wish it would be offered in a 6 cylinder. Great around town. Could use a bit more power when entering interstates or accident avoidance where speeding up for a few seconds is the only option."

Kim L., NC (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Acceleration is horrible. The noise when attempting to accelerate is even worse. It scares me sometimes."

Cameron M., AZ (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Noisy inside. Sluggish Acceleration, mushy steering and handling."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Rogue)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Air conditioning is very substandard in cooling I have owned a few other Nissan's prior, this is by far the worst climate control of all of them! The center console needs a better design and door pockets could have been larger"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Front seats do not adjust rearward enough."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Small driver side leg room. Cheap plastic everything makes it unattractive. The leather seats are still and uncomfortable. The heated seats take up to ten minutes to get warm. No storage on the console. The mp3 input is inside of the center console and very difficult to get plugged in. This car was not designed with the driver in mind."

MIKE K., IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The seats are very uncomfortable in this vehicle"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The seats are nice & comfortable & the ride is smooth."

GLENDA S., TX (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"My knee keeps hitting the door on the drivers side. A little cramped in the cabin"

STEPHEN S., BC (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The seats are very short in length and would only be comfortable for very short people. The ride is very choppy, I assume this is because it has a short wheel base and weighs less than our other auto."

BILL W., AL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"road noise too high"

Anonymous, WA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Seats are very comfy.. can drive long distances without getting fatigued"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Minus for road noise"

S B., NC (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Seats are comfortable and supportive; car is somewhat noisy; choppy ride; poor visibility thru rear quarters."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Rides like a uch more expensive car -- comfot, seating."

DALE O., NY (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Road noise more then other car we have. Water leak in rear hatch. Dealer has no service bulletins on leaks."

JOEL F., TN (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Comfortable, reasonably quiet"

Anonymous, MA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"My car is getting older but I still don’t think the seats should squeak when moving around."

Joyce V., MO (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Gets 32 mpg when I drive it. The CVT is outstanding. Had to add coolant to HVAC system this year."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"driver's seat squeaks, lots of road noise"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"It is incredibly comfortable and it drives like a dream"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"adjustable seats with heated seats"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Very bumpy on anything other than a very smooth road also a lot of road noise."

Karen R., IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"For whatever reason the seats are the most comfortable I have ever ridden on"

Anonymous, OR (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Smooth ride, but the passenger seat gets uncomfortable on long road trips. The wind and road noise has always been a problem for me with this vehicle, especially in wet conditions."

Anonymous, IL (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The air conditioning system is completely damaged and expensive to fix. Many minor repairs are needed"

Danielle L., NY (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Leather seats feel hard. Tire road noise is high."

Anonymous, LA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"If you lean the passenger seat back, it is hinged such that the bottom of the seat back digs into the passengers lower back. Generally they are just uncomfortable."

Anonymous, OK (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Reasonable comfort"

William B., MO (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Overall a good ride for a SUV/Crossover, but it's gotten louder as the years have gone on"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Seats (cloth) are very comfortable."

Richard E., PA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Seats are hard and not comfortable."

Doug S., WI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Very solid drive - you can feel the weight of the vehicle easily and it fits a small female driver as well as a male driver well."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The car is comfortable enough. It is more roomy for hauling large items than you would think. The fact that you can flip down the front passenger seat is a bonus. The engine/transmission (CVT) does make a lot of noise when you have to accelerate, but it does cruise comfortably enough and it doesn't have the odd creaks wind noise etc.."

Cameron M., AZ (2011 Nissan Rogue)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Acceleration not to great. A/C does not cool off very quickly."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Purchased as late model used car with only 15,000 miles and extended warranty. Many problems that were not covered by the factory or the extended warranty."

MARK K., MN (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Good car at a reasonable price"

MARY S., MI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"I think the car is under powered, there should be a V6 option. That would increase my driving experience greatly. Around the city very good, but if you are accessing freewats etc. badly under powered."

ROBERT S., BC (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Good value and quality ride for the money paid"

Anonymous, MI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"AT the time more features at a lower cost than the competition."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"For money I paid I got a lot of functions that I would pay additional amount in more expensive cars"

Anonymous, WA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"My Rogue has several things I would have wanted, but was not willing to pay too much extra for. For example the back-up camera and the computer that tells me MPG, number of miles left before the tank is empty, etc. And blue tooth. In 2011, these were considered extras."

Anonymous, HI (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"When I purchased my Rogue I was given an excellent trade in on my '97' Honda plus a serious discount on my Rogue. I went online to find my vehicle & they had it for me the next day."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"navigation, heated seats, backup camera, sunroof were all included with the price I paid which was reasonable"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Good, reliable vehicle with no problems whatsoever in the time I've had it."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"reliable, economical,comfortable,"

Anonymous, NS (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"For the price, the car was extremely reliable and handled just like a car. It is quite roomy in the back, too."

Judy W., CA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"Fair purchase price, apart from scheduled maintenance operating costs are low."

Anonymous, AB (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"It came fully loaded for a fraction of the price some of the other manufacturer products cost. The fuel economy has been really good although there was a break-in period where the fuel economy was terrible. The tires were junk and wore out before 30,000km. Otherwise it has been maintenance free and is comfortable to drive. AWD has been really nice in the Canadian winters."

Anonymous, SK (2011 Nissan Rogue)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good style on outside, curve etc.."

RAYMOND U., TX (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"I love how stylish it looks!"

GLENDA S., TX (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"It was the right SUV at the time I bought this vehicle."

JOHN M., MN (2011 Nissan Rogue)

"The front window posts are so wide and at such an angle to be a HUGE blind spot. I constantly feel like I have to look around them, and people and entire cars can sometimes be completely obscured by them. I feel it's a huge safety factor."

BETH R., WA (2011 Nissan Rogue)

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