The Pontiac Vibe offers a lot of room and many SUV virtues, such as a slightly higher driving position, easy access, and optional AWD. You'll find a compliant ride, fairly nimble handling, and effective brakes. Notable shortcomings are a flawed driving position and a noisy engine. Overall, the Vibe is a good practical alternatives to a small SUV.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It is a very reliable car, but the acceleration is poor"

Anonymous, PA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Acceleration is excellent for an AT in such a heavy car with a four cylinder. Handling in corners and turns is excellent, aided by the wide tires."

Devin S., MI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Fun to drive, handles well."

GINA J., CA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"There is a problem with the drivers side window when it goes up and down it hits a bolt inside the door. Dealer failed to fix it."

Anonymous, OR (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Handles very well but standard transmission was hard to use due to limited low end torque. Very comfortable on trips due to good seating but considerable road noise. Very versatile interior including an AC 120 volt inverter."

FRANK S., GA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"My AWD model is fantastic but it is severely under powered. I obviously can't speak to the power of the 2WD model."

Anonymous, MN (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Bad: It accelerates great ... for about 20ft. Then the 4 cyclinder struggles. A turbocharger would have been a great enhancement. Good: The gas mileage is great."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Handling is great but the acceleration is pathetic. The red line on the tachometer is hit often when trying to accelerate onto a freeway."

Anonymous, MN (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Drives like a dream, very reliable with high mileage and consistent performance. Almost no maintenance needs to be done"

Anonymous, MD (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"For an old girl, my car has excellent get up and go. I LOVE this car and have been very lucky with her all these years."

Ellen W., CA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"This vehicle has ample acceleration and is easy to pass or enter highways. Steering is comfortable and parking or maneuvering in small spaces is excellent."

Ronald B., MB (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Acceleration, turns, and maneuvering are all responsive."

Marion M., AZ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"The Vibe is a great driving car. It maneuvers very easily and is a very car."

Anonymous, AZ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"The acceleration and handling are GREAT... but ... the manual transmission sucks. It is a lot of fun to drive, but the clutch is very temperamental and is "notchy" to quote a mechanic - in other words, it is very difficult to get it into gear, particularly first and second. Also, it is very difficult to let it out and hit a spot where it won't slide backward without stalling. I NEVER had that problem with my '87 Nissan Stanza with a manual. As a result, I tend to avoid hills. Also, by the way, ride can be bumpy and car noisy"

Humberto O., NJ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"still drives very well for a 15 year old car, good acceleration & handles well"

Anonymous, WI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Value. Extremely low maintenance cost, almost none except for oil changes and tires."

Dale J., LA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"comfortable for both driver and passenger, but a little noisy from the road because it is a smaller type of suv. It is basically a Toyota Matrix with a Pontiac name but a reliable car. The struta are hard to replace because of aluminum to steel components. have mechanic do it and save yourself a lot of work."

GARY A., MI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Not comfortable for longer drives. Lacks cushioning and back support."

MARK-MICHELLE S., AB (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Heat on driver feet is pathetic. Passenger side is a bit better. In the winter, it is hard to keep feet warm without cooking your head."

Anonymous, NJ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"The AC could be better. Road noise at highway speeds is excessive."

ERIK G., AZ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Noisy on long trips"

YVES G., QC (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Smooth riding mini SUV."

DON A., FL (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"There's more elbow room than other models I considered: space between elbow and door. Seating is supportive and comfy. I've replaced the shocks/struts and it drives smoothly."

Marion M., AZ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Easy entrance and exit. Styling is contemporary."

Anonymous, NY (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"It’s an old car. Seats have lost a lot of support. Seat belts don’t fully retract and belts get stuck in doors. Air seals are becoming annoying. However it still handles predictably and reliably."

John H., MI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Best value car I've ever owned."

Dale J., LA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"We've had it 13 years and haven't had any major problems that left us on the side of the road. Probably because we have our vehicles serviced spring & fall. I believe we got our money out of it. Too bad they stopped making the Vibe & Matrix because really they are the same car."

MARK-MICHELLE S., AB (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"after 14 years still runs flawlessly."

YVES G., QC (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Good fuel mileage, handles well,routine maintenance is less than expected"

Anonymous, WI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"bought new. extremely reasonable price have had NO mechanical or body problems"

Anonymous, PA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"the value could be better then any car on the road,people are always asking me if I want to sell is not for sale because there is no small wagon on the road to match it"

Anonymous, NY (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"exceptional value, vehicle still preforms very well, no oil burning or leaks, only major repair was a front end rebuild @ 185,00 miles, probably will exceed 260,000 miles before it needs replacing"

Anonymous, WI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"this vehicle has it all, people would love this model back on the market if you own a vibe you do not get rid of it"

Anonymous, NY (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Low maintenance cost per mile"

Anonymous, CA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"reliable transportation, no major repairs, does have loud road noise but not used for long travel, can fit 4 adults easily with plenty of headroom, back seat lays flat for my 23 bags of bark mulch! Air conditioner takes awhile to cool down car."

Dean C., TX (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"over all great value, i would buy another if they still made it"

Anonymous, VA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"230000 miles, very little maintenance, 15 years old and no rust in the Michigan salted winter roads. good gas milage."

Kenneth T., MI (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"It was the only CR recommended Pontiac vehicle. Very similar to Toyota Matrix, with Toyota components."

Darian R., LA (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Nice, reliable car at a very reasonable cost to purchase and operate. Emphasis on reliable."

Humberto O., NJ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"size, in practical stying."

D S., NJ (2003 Pontiac Vibe)

"Good: A lot of space for the size of car. Bad: Fit & Trim is not the best."

Anonymous, NC (2003 Pontiac Vibe)
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