The Pontiac Vibe offers a lot of room and many SUV virtues, such as a slightly higher driving position, easy access, and optional AWD. You'll find a compliant ride, fairly nimble handling, and effective brakes. Notable shortcomings are a flawed driving position and a noisy engine. Overall, the Vibe is a good practical alternatives to a small SUV.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The standard is a fun car to drive."

    LARRY H., ON (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This car has excellent excellent acceleration and handles very well."

    COLLEEN K., OH (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It would be a good car but does not have enough power."

    KRIS D., MA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "good handling and performance for the price"

    K B., ON (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Before buying, we rented a 2004 Vibe which had much better acceleration. I mean, it would practically lay rubber when you floored it from a full stop. The 2005 model we bought does not have nearly as much acceleration and sometimes seems to even bog down when you floor it."

    Anonymous, AZ (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The vibe would be my next vehicle if they made it now."

    Charles T., MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Car drives well once up to speed but slow to get to speed especially with load makes us glad we have the manual transmission."

    Anonymous, MA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Acceleration is adequate only if you downshift to 3rd gear. Handling is OK, but ride is bouncy."

    Gregory S., MA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "I feel I have the power to pass when I need it."

    Anonymous, IN (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "As a small car, it’s nimble. Acceleration is modest, but it can still accelerate to 65 MPH driving up a steep mountain pass. Smooth suspension, but can transfer bumps sharply. Has some issues in ice and snow (no ABS, traction, or stability control), like any car without those safety features."

    Troy T., UT (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This is the perfect urban vehicle: it parks like a skateboard, corners on a dime and is great in town."

    Douglas H., KS (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Good little car"

    Grant C., KS (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It keeps going and going, largely thanks to maintenance and regular oil changes."

    David R., IL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Acceleration is a little slow but the handling is still good and tight even after 12 years."

    Christoper P., KS (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The clutch on this car is VERY touchy. This causes you to over accelerate or kill it. I've driven a stick off and on for 40 years, so this is not a new skill for me. Plus the gears are very "short"; you can easily go 30 in 4th gear! We rarely use 1st to take off and reverse is really hard to engage. VERY FRUSTRATING!"

    Anonymous, MO (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "A bit noisy at hiway speeds. Nice size for big city driving"

    Timothy G., IL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Seats re very comfortable.No problems with climatecontrol or noie"

    Anonymous, BC (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Driving position is awkward and uncomfortable Monsoon radio w/subwoofer is very good with clear, crisp bass"

    FRITZ F., CA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Should have bought an automatic transmission..The seat is very comfortable. Noise is sometimes loud..The original tires were very noisy from road contact..Replaced tires at about 15000 miles and noise really disappeared..."

    Anonymous, FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "economy and value for dollar"

    K B., ON (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The front driver's seat does not conform to the shape of my back, even after trying all possible seat positions available."

    DAVID B., KY (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Exhaust heat shield rusted and is held up by tie-straps 155000mi. Fresh/recirc actuator has failed twice in 155000mi. Not big problems."

    Anonymous, WI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The power and handling are great. The seats and ride are very harsh. It has a very stiff ride. They made a great car for some reason this one ride rough and they forgot the people ride in this car."

    VERNON C., FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The road noise is very bad. Everything else is great."

    DEBORAH H., MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "seats are too low. ANd its noisy when being driven, have to turn up the radio"

    Anonymous, BC (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Excellent head room for tall passengers. As a hatchback with folding seats, the car can carry surprisingly large items."

    Anonymous, NB (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "There is a fair amount of road noise, but otherwise we're very happy with the comfort of the car."

    Anonymous, OR (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "My Vibe is very comfortable, even on long trips, but there is considerable road noise. I suppose that's to be expected in inexpensive cars."

    Ruth L., OR (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It has great struts and a smooth ride"

    Susan G., NM (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Great gas mileage and reliability"

    Lance R., CO (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "They fit my back, and are easily adjustable, even after 12 years of use"

    Roberta G., OH (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The seats are fine for my body type but I've had passengers complain about the curvature of the seat bothering their thighs. My only valid complaint about this car is the road noise. It's bad."

    Sandra Z., MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Easy to get in and out of. Easy to load and unload cargo. I like it."

    John C., VA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It's good not to have to step down to get in or up to get out. The driver's seat is very comfortable and supports my back well. the road noise is minimal."

    Anonymous, IN (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The road noise blocks out the radio."

    Anonymous, WI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It’s shocking how comfortable the seat is. The drivers seat is hands down the most comfortable fixed seat I’ve ever sat in — including home furniture. I’ve considered pulling the seats out and keeping them after the car dies."

    Troy T., UT (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The flat space created after folding the back seats down."

    Anonymous, MB (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "The seats are comfortable, especially on long trips. Other vehicles from Honda and Toyota have such stiff seats that they become uncomfortable and even painful after riding an hour or more. Road noise is higher than I like, but then, it's not a luxury vehicle where you would expect such an experience. Wish the audio system had automatic speed volume control. The I have the wider/larger wheel option which makes cornering much better, even without electronic stabilization control."

    Anonymous, AZ (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This car is loud. I realize it is some sort of sport model, but, in addition to the loud exhaust, there is a lot of wind noise. The seats are very low, it feels like you are sitting on the floor. The suspension is stiff, giving yiu a hard or bumpy ride."

    Anonymous, MO (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Lots of engine and road noise"

    Hugh D., CA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say


    ROBERT L., FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Extremely reliable car and inexpensive to fix if/when something does go wrong."

    FRITZ F., CA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Most reliable, best designed in my opinion, easy to get into, right height, best interior space alignment, functionality, handling. My daughter and I fight over which one of us gets to drive it!! Would buy this car again in a heartbeat!"

    JACKIE W., WA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Very reliable. very versatile. comfortable seats. a bit noisy"

    DON P., CA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)


    Anonymous, BC (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It was a gift from a family member who moved overseas. We might have to give it back! It's great, runs well, meets our needs. Don't love the styling, but quite functional."

    Anonymous, MA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "I paid so little for my Pontiac Vibe, and it's been a solid car. I just replaced the clutch at 132,000 miles, and the cost was reasonable. The car runs beautifully and I have confidence that it will continue to be a good car for my family for years to come, even though it's already 11 years old! I still like the way it looks, too."

    COURTNEY F., NM (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Original cost was reasonable, upkeep/repairs have been reasonable."

    KEITH O., IL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This auto is going to last a lifetime..Very good (GM) Toyota...."

    Anonymous, FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Great Toyota engine. Wish they still made them"

    Anonymous, NC (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Purchased from my daughter to cut down on gas expenses with my truck. Very economical"

    Anonymous, ON (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Vibe used for in town driving Venture used for highway trips 100 to 300 miles Driver is 86 yrs old"

    Anonymous, IN (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It the ride was improved and the seats were better designed it would have been a great car for the money."

    VERNON C., FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "It has been a very reliable car, and the hatchback style is versatile and practical."

    Anonymous, MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "In 13 years and 210K milesI've had to only replace brakes and some front end work."

    Thomas W., PA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "great economy and ease of driving. But not a long distance road car with the 1.6 engine."

    Anonymous, MO (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Excellent value just and outstanding vehicle."

    Charles T., MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "ver -poor driver seat position. accelerator too close to break peddle, interior noice"

    Anonymous, ON (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Most reliable trouble free vehicle we have ever owned."

    Audrey L., CA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Great care for the money I paid for it and hey, it's lasted 13 years and is going strong."

    Anonymous, NJ (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "few problems for 13 years. excellent head room. much space to carry things, especially when the second row seats are folded down."

    Anonymous, FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Hardly any visible rust; still handles easily and gets good mileage in city driving (no longer used for extended travel. So far, has needed no major repairs; just usual things like brake pads, etc."

    Roberta G., OH (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "A vibe was not a large or expensive car, but people are surprised how much it holds."

    Keith O., IL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Only two non-routine maintenance problems (AC condenser hole and hole in flex pipe) with the car. That coupled with good mileage and no rust seen so far says it was a good value. And when needed, it can haul a lot for its size."

    Anonymous, MA (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Used GM MasterCard points to aid in the purchase."

    Anonymous, FL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "We've had very good luck and nothing serious has happened."

    Joe H., NC (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This car has been amazing, I have driven it in so many places it should not have gone and it performed so great! I have hardly ever had to take it to be worked on other than the normal oil and tire change. Great gas milage too. I feel like it has been economically a great car! I am sad they do not make these anymore. It has been a perfect car for me!"

    Cindy M., OR (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "This car has performed flawlessly. It still looks good, the body is rust-free, and mileage has been excellent."

    Anonymous, WI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Excellent value and reliability"

    Grant C., KS (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Very good car for the money."

    John D., MI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Never had any serious repairs. Low cost of total ownership"

    Timothy G., IL (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "was a good value when bought in 2005 and has been a reliable car"

    Sue L., OH (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Employee pricing made purchase easier and more affordable."

    Michael S., CT (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Has held up very well"

    Gary S., OH (2005 Pontiac Vibe)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Great styling, modern look even 11 years later."

    Anonymous, AZ (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Versatile and ease of interior adjustment"

    PAULINE W., WI (2005 Pontiac Vibe)

    "Like the roof racks. Looks better than the Toyota Matrix that doesn't have them."

    MARK P., AZ (2005 Pontiac Vibe)
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