This iteration of the Subaru Legacy scores among the top tier of family sedans and offers standard all-wheel drive. It is significantly roomier and quieter than the previous model and has impressive ride comfort and responsive handling. Even with all-wheel-drive, the fuel economy is impressive, thanks to its continuously variable transmission (CVT).
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The suspension has held up very poorly over time. The car gets extremely unsettled very easily over any sort of broken pavement. When driving in a straight line in the 30-50mph range, it's very easy to feel the car get disconnected from the road over expension joints, small potholes, etc. You might expect this when cornering - but it happens very easily at mid-range speed in a straight line. My sister drives a 2002 Camry with 160k+ miles on it, and its suspension has held up a lot better than th"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Poor acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The Legacy 3.6 engine is very peppy' I have driven Subaru's for many years. This is the second 6 I have had from Subaru. My only complaint is the Legacy is a little noisy when driving on the freeway."

ROBERT P., MI (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Excellent in snow and ice."

ELROY S., WA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"We got the 4-cylinder because we didn't have a need for 6. Unfortunately, there is no power at the low end--i.e. backing out of a parking space, etc. You really have to gun it to get the vehicle to move, which can be scary if you're in a tight spot or there are people nearby. Road noise is also quite high. The AC/heater fan is very loud when on."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Could have a bit more power. Handling is secure but not precise."

BRIAN M., OH (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"My wife loves it. I don't. It revs up too much when you hit the accelerator-- like it's working too hard. I suppose it's the all wheel drive but I don't like the resistance I feel when I drive it."

LINDA T., MN (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"terrific in snow"

CHARLES B., ME (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The handling at higher speeds should be improved via a stabilizer bar. The point of the 3.6R is the 6-cylinder engine so improving the handling at higher speeds would be ideal. The response on the pedal could be improved as well...there is a little hesitation before the car actually takes off."

GISELLE J., MD (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"I love how the car handles and how comfortable it is to drive."

ROBERT G., WY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"It's a very solidly built car, and seems very safe. Some of the details are not good. The rear view window is small, and the seat rests block the view even more when backing up. I'm a good parallel parker usually, but this car is awkward and hard to see around, even for my husband who is tall. The transmission senor (something to do with emissions) malfunctioned, and a new one would be $7000 to replace with only one year warrantee. That's insane! We got a used one, but still very expensiv"

Anonymous, ME (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"I will buy another. Great comfort, drivability, economy and longevity. I love this car."

WALTER B., PA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The car has always had a bad habit of sometimes jerking when I've slowed down a lot and then give it a little gas."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Drives much better than my 2006 Legacy"

MARC R., MA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Too much road noise--Fair excelleration"

MICHAEL S., MA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Acceleration with the CVT is outstanding since there are no gears to shift. This gives me the power I need to pass traffic."

M P., OH (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Lots of power, good handling, louder engine noise than Camry"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Subaru Legacy)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"car feels heavy (as in solid) in its build and ride, and feels as tight as the day we bought it. rides like a big buick."

CHUCK W., NJ (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Not enough support for long trips, but I don't use it for long trips even though it gets really good mileage (33+) on the highway."

VINCENT J., NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Very comfortable for long trips"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Like it all except it would be useful to have a cup holder at hand to my left hand when I'm driving (I hung one in the exhaust grill); and also a fan in the back seat."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Road noise is prohibitively loud"

KENAN A., VA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"I am short and find it difficult to see the parameters of the car when backing up, or pulling into a space. I can't tell where the end of the car is. I think the design of all new cars makes this difficult which is why newer cars now have back up cameras that they can charge us more money for rather than design a car you can see out of."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"This model (Legacy) is probably the roomiest sedan in its class. Lots of legroom for passengers in the back. I would have preferred a split climate control system, which I intend to buy next year on a Legacy Sport, because I'm always hot and my wife is always cold. She has to shut her vents to stay warmer. There are some rattles that have recently developed that I can't pinpoint, but that's probably due the poor road maintenance and potholes in our area. Overall it's not a bad ride for a 6 year"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The seats are somewhat comfortable, but I have found others cars to be better"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"seats could be more comfortable"

WILLIAM R., PA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Seats need better support and less back strain. Could be improved to allow for more height especially at the back [angle is too low for my comfort]."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Heated seats work great on a sore back. Seat lumbar bag blew-out three times"

GILBERT S., CO (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Have the all weather system, and love it."

MICHAEL P., CO (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"I am short and too often seats are not comfortable for a long ride."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Problem with automatic window controls. Driver side window won't go down"

Anonymous, GA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"It's very comfortable for me, the driver. Unlike many cars, passengers in the back remark that it's fairly roomy."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Climate control could be smarter. See notes for my Tundra..."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Seats are easy to get into for an arthritic senior citizen and it is also quiet enough so that even with severe hearing loss I can hear sirens or other noises I need to pay attention to."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Seats very comfortable, road noise minimal."

CHRISTOPHER Q., NJ (2011 Subaru Legacy)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Our 2011 Suburu Legacy is now 5 years old and is still working as well as when we bought it. We expect to still have it when our 5 year old grand daughter learns to drive in 10 years."

PAUL T., TX (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Do your homework! There are many dealers who want to sell you a car. The value you get for your money depends on how much you paid for the car in the first place. I was lucky to buy this one as an "Internet Sale," and the dealer gave me $2000 right off the top."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Outstanding value for a very safe AWD vehicle"

GILBERT S., CO (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"I will buy another. Great comfort, drivability, economy and longevity. I love this car."

WALTER B., PA (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Its a great car. Very well made. I feel very safe in this car because of how well made it is. I love this car. It is my first Subaru and I would definitely buy another one. Subaru's customer service and the Subaru dealership's customer service has been great."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Safe, reliable, comfortable car for less than $25000"

Anonymous, NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"great visibility. Big windows , no black windows ,"

SANDRA B., ON (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The front bumper cover has been a problem since shortly after purchase, as it hung too low, resulting in hangups on curbs and bollards that would not snag other cars, causing a right front crack (which I repaired with tape and superglue) and pulling away from the chassis on the left. I had it reattached twice, recently had it replaced when it came undone for a third time (always on the same side). I'd postponed this as it cost $500. I think the new one is a little shorter, hoping it won't have t"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"Beautifu bronze caramel color"

CHARLES B., ME (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The trunk opening is higher and narrower than I would like. The front hood has ridges on the side and I would prefer a smoother look."

LINDA G., NY (2011 Subaru Legacy)

"The wheels could be more stylish...more on par with outback wheels with the gunmetal color or provide cutting-edge wheel options"

GISELLE J., MD (2011 Subaru Legacy)
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