The Subaru Outback is a raised AWD wagon. It's a good alternative to an SUV and features a rich, nicely detailed interior. The Subaru rides comfortably and handles better in normal driving than its forebear. When pushed to its limits however, the Outback can abruptly slide its rear end if the driver goes into a turn too fast. Steering, ride, fit and finish, controls. Acceleration, braking, at-the-limit handling, rear seat.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very touchy throttle response and transmission downshift lag."

JOHN F., WA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"love how it corners but wish it had a bit more power"

JEREMIAH H., MA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Car hesitates when gas pedal is engaged. Premium fuel helps."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Competent if unexciting"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Subaru Outback)

"All wheel drive gives us excellent handling and saved us from 2 accidents by being able to quickly swerve and not lose control. We owe that car."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"This vehicle really handles well. Very responsive - turning, braking, routine and emergency handling, but the area where it really shines is when the road is wet or snow-covered. The all-wheel drive sticks to the road like glue and my wife always asks to drive this car when the weather is inclement. This is a safe and reliable vehicle for day-to-day commuting."

CHARLES B., NJ (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I'm having trouble shifting, but it may be more my decreasing coordination and hearing than the car itself."

DAVID H., WA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Poor acceleration. 2.5i motor lacks a bit of power."

Anonymous, QC (2007 Subaru Outback)

"The basic 4 cylinder engine is under powered for this car. I do a lot of travel over mountain passes and the transmission works overtime to shift down to maintain legal speed limit. Next car will definitely be 6 cylinder or turbo 4 cylinder. Will test drive next car over pass to verify power."

Anonymous, WA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"great driving stability"

Anonymous, VT (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Very responsive; no hesitation. Good acceleration."

GEORGE J., ON (2007 Subaru Outback)

"It is very responsive and extremely reliable in snow/ice."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Poor acceleration"

Christian L., QC (2007 Subaru Outback)

"My husband loves the way this car handles."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"This car handles vey well for its age and being a wagon. It is responsive and maneuvers well and is very good in snow and ice."

Lyn B., OR (2007 Subaru Outback)

"The car drives and handles very well even after all this time. It drives well in all conditions due tomorrow o AWD."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Subaru Outback)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Has slightly more cabin noise than other vehicles I've ridden in."

Anonymous, MT (2007 Subaru Outback)


Anonymous, VT (2007 Subaru Outback)

"in 2010 my husband I were involved in an icy road related accident. The car was flipped on to its side and slid off the road into a field. My husband (a very slight man) was driving and the car landed on the driver's side. I am a substantial woman and was suspended above him. The seat belt held me. He was able to be taken from the car out the back and neighbors brought a wench and righted the car. We both (he was 72 and I was 68 at the time...He died a year later from cancer--I mention th"

Anonymous, ME (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Quite on road. Controlled handling.. Quietness depends on road conditions, bad roads create more suspension noise"

TIMOTHY H., NE (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Interior noise more than CaAMRY AND LEXUS Ride a little more bumpy"

Anonymous, NV (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Annoying seat belt audible seat belt warning"

RICHARD P., PA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I am only 5 ft, so seat adjustment is better than most, but still not great. Rear middle seat head rest, in the way of rear visibility. Took it out."

E D., NJ (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Fairly comfortable seats. However, hard to keep clean."

CHRISTINE B., OR (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Front Seats are very uncomfortable. Passenger side seat has excessive lumbar curve. My seats are cloth. The material is rough and they stain very easily and are hard to clean. AC is good while driving but loses coolness when idling. When I have the AC off, but have the "air" on, the air is warm even when the air outside is cool. That forces me to use the AC more than I would like."

CARRIE G., MT (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I really wish there was an arm support in the center of the car."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I find that when heating is turned off the vents still blow warm air and when AC is off the vents still blow cool air depending on the outside temp which is often the opposite of what I want to happen"

Anonymous, PA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I'm most often the passenger in this car and I find the seat very, very uncomfortable--even painful to sit in for long distances, unlike the Acura--which while nowhere near as comfortable as the 2002 I used to have, is far more comfortable than the Suburu"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Fits me great but my plus sized wife not crazy about the front seats."

Stan K., PA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Very confortable ride"

Christian L., QC (2007 Subaru Outback)

"THe Outback is great but on long drives (+5 hrs) the driver seat does not provide enough variation for right leg seat pressure."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"The seat is comfortable, easy to adjust. relatively quiet driving."

May C., CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Outside wind noise is higher than expected"

Eric G., CO (2007 Subaru Outback)

"This vehicle has very good acceleration and responds quickly."

Lyn B., OR (2007 Subaru Outback)

"compared to pur newer 2017 the 2007 is considerably noisier and tire noise is especially annoying the seats are quite comfortable though."

Anonymous, NH (2007 Subaru Outback)

"noisy inside"

Anonymous, MN (2007 Subaru Outback)


Steven S., MA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Heated seats"

Anonymous, CO (2007 Subaru Outback)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Competent in ride and handling AWD tops"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Too many systems are failing Since before 120000 miles, the engine check light has been on continually and the cruise control doesn't work. At 197,000 it is on its last legs. I expected a Subaru to last longer."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Well-made and well-appointed vehicle for the price. No major issues over 11 years ownership. Still stylish. Brand keeps winning pride-of-place by various auto rating agencies."

GEORGE J., ON (2007 Subaru Outback)


Anonymous, OH (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I have owned several Subarus, this one sucks, no power, 2 sets of head gaskets, constantly leaks oil and burns oil, mileage sucks, motor sounds like a tractor, transmission sucks the thing has no power so it never knows what gear to be in and shifts constantly!! You can't get it stuck except when it needs to spin, not enough power to spin wheels, I don't ever want another one though my son says they have improved alot."

THOMAS R., VT (2007 Subaru Outback)

"There is no better choice, bar none."

Anonymous, RI (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I recently took my 2007 Outback in to a Subaru deal for some work. Even the mechanic said that they built these cars very well and that you can drive them for a very long time."

Anonymous, ME (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Excellent features' good power, good acceleration, goes excellently in snow."

Anonymous, NY (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Good price for a station wagon."

May C., CA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"10 years old and still runs like a fine watch. One new battery and one new headlight. No complaints."

Jack S., PA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"10 years old and still going strong with minimal expenses."

Stan K., PA (2007 Subaru Outback)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I can't see well out the driver's side, 7 to 9 o'clock direction. Visibility is less overall compared to my old car (Toyota Tercel station wagon)."

DAVID H., WA (2007 Subaru Outback)

"I like the looks and size of it. I had a one day rental of one of the new ones and I was uncomfortable driving it and certainly did not like the larger size. If I wanted a large SUV it might be ok but not what I want."

Anonymous, KY (2007 Subaru Outback)

"Styling on this Subaru outback is excellent. What sticks in my mind is the TV ads for the Toyota Venza which claimed sarcastically that the Venza had specifically better styling than the Outback. I've ridden in Venzas and consider its styling different & inferior to the Outback. We own also own 2015 Subaru Forester which has a different styling than the Outback, but the Forester's styling is not superior to the Outbacks. Shame on Toyota for slurring the Outback. I used to own a 2005 Toyota Tacom"

MARLENE S., NH (2007 Subaru Outback)
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