Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S rewrites the rulebook for cars. It's is a different kind of car from a different kind of planet. That planet is Silicon Valley, where this startup automaker is based. The fully electric Model S is a remarkable car that combines performance, agility, styling, high-tech, no emissions and low operating costs. It's one of the best cars we've ever tested.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration and handling are fabulous. I have owned many brands of cars and nothing is close or equal."

Anonymous, NC (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Customizable handling & acceleration are enhance driving experience"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Tesla Model S)

"the coolest car ever. environmentally friendly fast acceleration visonary technology user friendly ultra luxury status car"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Tesla Model S)

"It is a rainbow xxxxxxxx spaceship! Quick, responsive and very stable"

Scott V., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Controllability of thecae is better than my previous Model S, which was better than any previous car I have driven."

John B., MN (2018 Tesla Model S)

"it has incredible acceleration, handling and performance! bar none."

Sam A., MA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Acceleration is fab"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Smooth power. It feels like it glides thru the air."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Tesla really nailed the performance aspects of this car. The air suspension gives a firm and smooth ride, and the acceleration is phenomenal. I really like the regenerative breaking feature -- it is quite similar to driving a manual transmission, and really enhances control of the vehicle in good weather."

Scott B., MA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Amazing response and acceleration, smooth handling, regenerative braking."

Anonymous, NE (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Unbelievable acceleration!!! Handles beautifully with a very low center of gravity"

Anonymous, IA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Rear window is too small or slanted"

Lynn L., FL (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Very good handling for a large sedan. Drives like a sports car."

Dean P., FL (2018 Tesla Model S)

"It drives itself very well most of the time. Can't wait for more updates."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The greatest car to drive I have ever known. Acceleration is instantaneous. Cornering is effortless with it's low center of gravity."

Terry W., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Extremely fast"

Anonymous, TX (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Absolutely amazing and I've owned Lotus, Jaguar, Porche, etc! Best I've ever driven..."

Anne A., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"poor visibility for backing and parking"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"beyond anything we expected; quick and solid drive; easy to learn controls; Driving assist is a positive experience and we pay more attention to what the car is doing and the traffic around us; fantastic in free or other roadway backups -- it goes by itself with grace and ease"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"It's a dream to drive and in heavy traffic, the traffic aware cruise control takes a lot of the stress out of driving on long trips."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The acceleration is incredible, but more important than the speed is the responsiveness. The instant response even for less than full throttle is just amazing and that improves the driving experience immeasurably."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The acceleration is the best on the planet. The handling is also very good. (When it's not broken down on the side of the road)"

Anonymous, CO (2018 Tesla Model S)

"I purchased the car because of the acceleration. If Tesla cuts down on the max speed I may not buy another Tesla."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Outstanding acceleration, handling, AND comfort"

Warren L., WA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The acceleration is fantastic and the handling is the best car I ever owned"

James F., IL (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Best ride of any car I've driven in my life and I've had a lot of luxury cars."

Marty P., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"My Tesla model S is an amazing car all around! It’s incredibly high-tech, and what you’d expect from a high end car."

Donald W., NY (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The best handling and accelerating care I've ever driven"

James H., IA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Incredible acceleration, responsive handling, quiet ride."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Tesla Model S)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Comfort degraded in back seats due to being too low."

Anonymous, MA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Comfortable very quiet smooth ride."

Anonymous, TX (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The seats are fairly comfortable, but not incredible. The noise level is amazingly low and nice. The ride is very comfortable and exceptionally responsive."

Anonymous, CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Very nice riding car, very quiet. Love the noiseless acceleration."

Anonymous, NC (2018 Tesla Model S)

"The most comfortable, quite car I have ever driven"

James H., IA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Very rough ride, not luxurious or smooth at all. It's built to be fast and cool but this is not a luxury vehicle."

Anonymous, CO (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Very comfortable seats. Ride is fun and exciting. There is a bit more noise from the driver's side window than I expected."

Anonymous, AZ (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Very quiet car and the seats are plusher and sportier than my old model"

Jane B., NY (2018 Tesla Model S)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"It's too much money for what you get. The Model 3 is the better value."

Anonymous, NC (2018 Tesla Model S)

"In general it is a great driving car. Corners and acceleration are wonderful. The interior is very nice as well. I would not recommend it to anyone living in Georgia, S or N Carolina. The supercharger support is terrible. There are only 4 in SC and approximately half of the chargers at the sites work very poorly and take much longer. Longer trips are difficult since the superchargers are rarely where I need them to be. Additionally not all local chargers work in the Tesla and online support has been of no help with this. Online Tesla support for questions is terrible too. I expect to wait over a half hour for simple or complex calls. The last time I called I waited for over an hour and finally gave up. I am leasing and will certainly turn the car in. Generally apart from the driving this car has been a disappointment. Additionally, the lease/purchase experience was very poorly managed. After waiting two months for the car, when it arrived they did not even remember it was a lease and did not have the documents ready. The dealer is over 2.5 hours away and the car was not ready when I arrived to pick it up. Also, I have to regularly reboot the control screen as it will get confused with phone calls and navigation. The voice recognition is poor with blue tooth dialing as well. Again, a great driving car. Perhaps in California the experience is better but not in the South."

Anonymous, SC (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Should be superb in car amenities. However they are cheap, very much like a Camry (which I own). Flimsy makeup mirrors, poor interior storage, very basic seat features, very poor documentation of inner workings. Car was delivered dirty and undetailed too."

Anonymous, NH (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Best car I have ever driven.... best handling and value."

Anne A., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

"Expensive, but performs well and customer service has been good."

Brian A., CA (2018 Tesla Model S)

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