The 4Runner remains a sound choice among mid-sized SUVs, especially with its available stability-control system. But its pickup-truck ancestry is still apparent. You get a stiff, jittery ride and a tight cockpit with a high floor and low roof. Improved emergency handling, capable off-road ability help offset those flaws, however.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration could be better. I have the V-6 engine but still have to be careful when passing someone."

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Accelerates well for an older 6 colinder. The handling seems to have beachme rougher as it has beachme older"

Anonymous, TX (2000 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, GA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"For a truck base, this is one nice vehicle. Have also driven it cross country twice and through a lot of handled really well. Just wish the mpg was better!"

GEORGE S., MD (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"The 4 cylinder engine is grossly under-powered for a vehicle of this size and weight."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"All good . Reliable, quiet and excellent ride"

DON F., SC (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration is good and for a heavy machine, it feels light on its feet due to good steering and hard ride. Conversely, the ride can be very bumpy, after all it is a truck underneath."

R V., BC (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"I live on a hill and need the 4 Wheel drive to get around in the winter"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very uncomfortable seating space: Too narrow; no head room."

Anonymous, OR (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"I have no complaints!"

Anonymous, GA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"able to see traffic by sitting high above normal cars."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"It rides more like a truck than a car. A bit of a rough ride but not terrible."

DEBORAH D., KS (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"It can have some road noise that I think is louder than it should be"

Anonymous, WA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"I guess the only thing I dislike, but is the nature of such SUV's is the height makes getting into or out of more difficult. The seating comfort, view, and drivability are excellent."

Anonymous, PA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Climate controls are very poorly designed. Instead of a button to turn something on and then off, one must turn a function on with one button but turn it off by selecting a different mode of operation with another button. Some modes of operation lock out some functions in nonsensical ways. Without knowing the interactions between modes it is maddening when trying to switch something on or off. I am 6'3" tall and visibility is compromised by the low ceiling, low window frames and high seat."

R V., BC (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are not as comfortable as the Sienna, especially on long trips"

PATRICIA F., WA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Best vehicle ever!"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"I would love to driver a newer vehicle with all the new updates such as navigation systems, rear view cameras, etc., but my 2000 Toyota 4Runner is so good that I just cannot in my own mind justify doing it. When and if I do, my intention is to go for another Toyota, a RAV4 hybrid because of its mileage."

MANUEL A., FL (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"very minimum maintenance was required. satisfied with overall performance."

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Awesome vehicle; extreme reliability"

Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"With very little trouble, this car just keeps on running!"

ELIZABETH R., CO (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very dependable. It will go almost anywhere I want to take it. After being 16 years old it is still tight and reliable vehicle."

JIM T., VA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"We haven't had any major repais on this vehicle. It still runs very well even after 16 years."

Anonymous, CO (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very few problems with this car. Routine maintenance."

Anonymous, KY (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"This is a truck that has done everything we wanted it to do from hauling trailers (boat and utility), good acceleration, and reasonable comfort. It is also a tank that has survived crashes and trees falling on it, of course both requiring extensive body work. On the negative side, it is noisy, the disk system went out a long time ago and too expensive to repair, and clutch starts burning with a minor riding. But I would buy it again."

H H., OR (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Longevity and no repairs"

WILLIAM E., VA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Just a great yruck"

DON F., SC (2000 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Even if styling isn't great, it serves the purpose of hauling, towing a tractor, and taking dogs places."

CATHY W., WA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"The is an amazing car- easy to view all traffic and also to back up a long narrow upward slanted driveway!"

PATRICIA H., CA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)

"Love my 4 Runner. I still think it is one of the nicest vehicles on the road. Simplistic styling"

P B., PA (2000 Toyota 4Runner)
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