While almost every other midsized SUV had moved to car-based construction, the 4Runner remained an old-school, body-on-frame SUV, which was great for off-roading but not much else. The ride is unsettled and handling is mediocre at best. Limited trim versions have a sport suspension package with somewhat better control, but a stiffer ride. Off-road is where the 4Runner excels.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is not as good as I expected."

MIKE B., TX (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The front shocks are too soft and the OEM tires are more for a car than a truck."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Transmission can be "shifty" It shifts prematurely specially driving up hills"

JOSE C., AZ (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Just getting into the car is hard, I am tall at 6'1 and old and stiff. When you step on the gas it just does not want to go"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Not enough power in a 6-cylinder engine. Poor acceleration because of that. I live and drive in mountainous regions and there's not enough power to keep up to highway speeds. It's a DOG. They didn't have V-8 engines when I bought mine."

NANCY P., NV (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Vehicle is underpowered. Ride is a bit harsh."

DAVID T., PA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"unexpectedly rough ride, this was not clearly demonstrated during test drive. The limited grade should have more lexus-like options"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Poor acceleration. Should have turbo engine and more gears for better speed and mpg."

WES M., CO (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The vehicle is under powered. It handles poorly and feels bigger than it actually is. The pedals are too close together. Shoes with soles that are not flush will tend to catch under the edge of brake pedal while trying to go from the accerator to the brake. This is a safety hazard. Front seats are very comfortable and provide good support."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The brake assist is horrible and dangerous. I don't need the Toyota back seat monkey to step on the brakes for me because I don't know how to. If I can't brake the vehicle hard enough I should't be driving. With the Toyota monkey driving I have locked it up 6 times unintentionslly. I had driven 1250000 miles and wridden motorcycles 250000 miles since my last unintentional lock up. Now I have to adjust my braking to keep the Toyota monkey from jaming on the brakes. Makes it dangerous switching ve"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Wish they would make a Turbo charged engine for this model. Could use a little more power, especially for towing"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Acceleration performance is greatly enhanced by selecting 4WD-H, but steering at low speeds is significantly reduced. Parking lot maneuvering can become extremely difficult. Switching back to 2WD should be highly recommended, particularly in tight spaces."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Toyota no longer offers a V8 in the 4Runners. EPA dictating to the consumer what they are aloud to purchase. 4Runner Limited should have a V8, no a V6, especially in Colorado. This is a dog with fleas, at 6500 feet. Best SUV I ever had was a 2004 Toyota Sequoia V8. Best pickup was a 2003 Toyota Tundra. Toyota has morfed into GM which sucks."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"handling in the trail model was tight and sure, much better than the sr5 model I previously owned"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Only a five-speed auto tranny - lots of hunting for the right gear. Electric steering should be speed-variable - very mushy at highway speeds feels unsafe and awkward."

SCOTT N., CA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"For being a fairly large SUV with only a V6 engine, this vehicle has enough power for on the road as well as off-road driving."

DAVID H., CA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"A little more power for towing would be nice."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The heated seats could be warmer. The space between seats and console should be wider as when things fall in between it is too narrow to get your hand in there to fish the item out."

ROBERT Z., CA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very rough ride, not demonstrated in test drive. I bought the limited and feel it should have more lexus-like options like others in the limited grade."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"I love driving this vehicle due to its smooth, quiet and powerful ride."

DAVID H., CA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Only complaint is wind noise at highway speed."

DOUGLAS C., FL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"I am petite, and the seats are too large for me. Very uncomfortable esp on long drives. Have to have seat more forward which means I can't use armrest. Built for men, not women! Quiet cabin. Easy to maneuver. But poor acceleration. I live in a mountainous region and a 6-cylinder engine is not powerful enough. So it is frustrating to drive."

NANCY P., NV (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The arm rests are not at good heights and the door padding is rather firm."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"I need more cool air flowing to the rear seats in both vehicles."

Anonymous, TN (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Doesn't fit many larger items in back with seats folded due to them not folding all the way down. Should have a 3 row seat"

SUZANNE S., MN (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Seats are uncomfortable and head rests of front seats too tall and uncomfortable. Back seats bottom parts are snap-on cloth to hide the fact that cushion is thin, snap parts are easily pulled loose and won't snap back in 100%, look cheap material wise. Noise is loud on highway."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The seats are comfortable for long trips as well as 4x4 trips. It is a little noisier than average at highway speeds."

JOSEPH A., WV (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Overall the interior of the 4 Runner limited fits the character of the SUV. Had one issue with a pull in the driver's seat leather which was repaired by Toyota. The sound system is outstanding. The full time 4 wheel drive is noticeable on wet or sandy roads."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A great vehicle, good performance, great quality interior, good pulling power,"

JERRY L., WA (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Bought it through Costco so no hassles and got a fair price"

JOHN L., AZ (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great vehicle. Very expensive, Toyota, will not work with you to adjust payments."

PETER H., CO (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The 4x4 functions on the Trail version are outstanding."

JOSEPH A., WV (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"You get what you pay for -- and I was surprised to find car-based CUVs like the Kia Sorrento that have a higher MSRP than my 4Runner Limited."

RYAN M., HI (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"The only thing I miss is having the window in my roof! It only came on the Limited."

JUDITH D., OH (2015 Toyota 4Runner)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the full-frame feature. It is excellent on the highway and excellent off road. The car looks distinguished and classy. I am proud to be seen in it."

VERNE G., MN (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"You either love it or hate it. I love it."

RYAN M., HI (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is an ugly looking SUV. I did not buy it for the looks, I bought it for the reliability."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Awesome look. Stands out from other similar SUVs."

JAMES F., MD (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"nice looking truck"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

"Needs more caddy space I. Front center. Extra cup holder that pulls out. Have the dash face the driver just a little bit"

MARGARET W., MD (2015 Toyota 4Runner)

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