While almost every other midsized SUV has moved to car-based construction, the 4Runner remains an old-school, body-on-frame SUV, good for off-roading but not much else. The ride is unsettled and handling is mediocre at best; Limited trim versions have a sports suspension with somewhat better control but a stiffer ride. Off-road is where the 4Runner excels. Ground clearance is generous and underbody skid plates are standard.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Go-anwhere, great handling, very comfortable, lots of cargo capacity, style. All in all, a terrific package."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"It handles like a truck but that is exactly why I bought it, for off road use and towing."

L S., OR (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"it responses"

Anonymous, TX (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Absolutely love the acceleration and feel of the drive."

Laura Y., CA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The car accelerates well, 0 to 60 in 8.3 seconds, but the pedal is unresponsive making the car feel slower than it is. As to handling, the car is on a truck chassis and very capable off-road, but the car has little road feel, is very susceptible to cross winds and tends to bounce over bumps or transitions in the road surface."

Chris L., TX (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Handles the mountains we live in well, tows RV trailer well, backup camera works well, heating and air conditioning work well, road noise minimal, solid feel, probably could use small block V8: as a previous 4 Runner we had, would get better gas mileage for the way we use it"

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great acceleration..handles better than a truck"

Anonymous, ON (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great power and accelation"

Mark Z., MI (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Needs more power old V 8 engine had more acceleration When trying to enter freeway"

Anonymous, TN (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The auto acceleration is normal, it does not lag power."

Ramon O., FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Even at 270 HP, it still seems to lack punch off the line. However, it seems to have plenty of power for daily driving. I bought the vehicle to brave the icy / snowy winters of Michigan and it did not disappoint. This is the best vehicle I have ever had during the winter months."

Scott L., AZ (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"a little sluggish on acceleration"

Jan V., AZ (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The only dissatisfier. This vehicle needs a V8 option or forced induction for the V6. It could easily use 100 more horsepower to move its heft."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The vehicle is very responsive and it doe not sway while making hard turns. It cruises at 75 with no issues. The vehicle is smooth and quiet and any speed."

William M., PA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"both are excellent"

Anonymous, FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Ride really well for a big SUV. Seats of comfy!"

Anonymous, CO (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Cooled and heated power seats good"

Anonymous, TN (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The auto has cloth seat covers which stay cool at all times."

Ramon O., FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Quality made. Meant to last for many years. Like to see a little larger interior in future 4-runners"

Garry M., TX (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The driver seat is quite nice. Power adjustment and lumbar. Front passenger seat is manual and should be the same as driver seat."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"good seat design"

L S., FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Quieter than expected with good isolation from road noise and potholes."

Robert B., HI (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The seats, just the right size for someone of my stature and the seat heaters are awesome in the winter or weekend I have a sore back"

Anonymous, VA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"We are not sure what is emitting the toxic smell, but think it is the upholstered seats. It could possibly be an exhaust leak. The fumes in the car make me nauseous, and I almost cannot drive in it, so it has become my husbands car. The smell does not bother him."

Michelle S., CA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Luxury comfort. Soft supportive seats, temperature controlled heating and cooling. Ride is firm, but very cushioned. Large bumps are soaked up with ease. Full frame mutes road noise very well. Absolutely no wind noise, cabin is exceptionally quiet."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"CR in past issues stated the 4Runner had a harsh ride I beg to differ. The 2017 4Runner I have is very comfortable on long trips with responsive handling. I feel very safe driving this vehicle on the interstte."

William M., PA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)


Anonymous, FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"so far it's all we wanted. It's comfortable to drive and we like the touchscreen radio/navigation unit"

Anonymous, NC (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The seats are very comfortable. I use the seat heating and cooling daily. The noise level has been reduced compared to my 2002 4-Runner. I have the Limited version and I love the way it rides. There is a bit of "nose dive" under hard breaking circumstances. However, the body roll is reduced greatly and handles like a sports car. Love it!"

Scott L., AZ (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"seats are very comfortable due to the adjustments and fabric. No perspiration problems after hours of driving. This vehicle is very quiet, and rides well. Great for long distance trips."

Anonymous, NM (2017 Toyota 4Runner)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"$40,000 for an SUV. Come on Toyota! We're the VALUE?"

Anonymous, CO (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Good gas milage and very dependable"

Anonymous, IL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"No other SUV can do it all as well as a 4Runner. Mine is my daily driver. I probably won't take it offroad very often. But I know that it's more rugged and reliable because it was designed to go anywhere. It is very comfortable, has a lot of cargo capacity, is a great driver. I had a 2004 before this and drove it for 150K miles with only 1 minor problem. These trucks are RELIABLE. And a huge amount of fun to drive. I LOVE it."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The Dealer we purchased from sold the vehicle to us at a price far lower than estimated by TruCar."

Richard L., ME (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"It is a good value due to the low maintenance costs due to its relibility"

Charles R., FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"The price I paid for a new 4Runner at the dealership beat the price I would have paid at a nearby national used car dealership for a year-older model."

Bob P., NC (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Go anywhere, superb reliability. Never concerned about going off-road to remote places."

Craig D., CA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"4runners hold their resale value very well"

Gerald K., NE (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Very good value. The 4runner is extremely well built. Everything feels solid. The resale value is very high due to the reliability and cult like following."

Anonymous, MN (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great handling, the seats are not very comfortable, the rear wiper is not great, no full awd- always have to adjust. Everything else is great"

Anonymous, ON (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Great vehicle"

David S., KY (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"I like the quality, fit & finish. Plus the box on frame construction."

Anonymous, BC (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"car is leased. traded on another (2015) leased 4 runner. got essentially the same car with less miles on it and much higher payments. never did understand the deal. my fault of course...I got tired of hearing the salesman talk so took the deal."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"good price, reliability, durability, good mileage"

Anonymous, TX (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"When compared to the equivalent Ford SUV, this is a remarkable value for the money. It is completely set up for towing with no extra dealer accessories needed."

Anonymous, NM (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Although it doesn't get great had mileage the dependability is unmatched. Nothing ever goes wrong with this vehicle."

Anonymous, VA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)

"Solid, reliable with the carrying capacity that I require. Excellent value for the cost."

Ian H., CA (2017 Toyota 4Runner)
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