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Even after the "wow factor" of the Prius's hybrid design wears off, the car is still an inviting, well-designed, functionally useful car. Its remarkably high fuel economy makes this a cost-effective commuting car, but the Prius is also practical on longer trips. The gas/electric drivetrain works flawlessly and doesn't call attention to itself.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent turning radius"

LEEANN G., OR (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is not good. She takes a pedal to the metal to flow into hi way traffic. She hates inclines. I do not feel like Sparky's captain, she is slow to respond in handling as well as acceleration. Turn radius adequate."

J P., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"handling and steering are outstanding, better than more recent models"

Anonymous, MN (2002 Toyota Prius)

"The hybrid accelerates as a gasoline auto would and handles as smoothly as any gasoline engine. It is good in the snow and runs as long as 350 miles on a tank of gas."

James J., OH (2002 Toyota Prius)

"After 14 years of trouble free driving (and with regular maintenance) my beloved Prius died while I was driving on a highway on my way home. Warning light, then car stopped working! Fortunately I didn't crash. The dealership says the inverter died (mileage is about 129,000 mi.). Cost to repair is $4,850. More than the car is worth. Time to get a newer car."

Anonymous, OR (2002 Toyota Prius)

"This pertains to propulsion batteries in the Pius. We had to replace them at a cost of $3,000. (We expected this.) There was nothing in the survey about hybrid or electric vehicle-related items."

James H., HI (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Handling and turning are very nimble."

Anonymous, MN (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Fun and easy to drive. Good acceleration. Very quiet."

Brad D., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Uncomfortable seats"

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Had to add padding and lamb's wool seatcovers for front seat comfort."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Loud road noise, bumpy ride."

Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are comfortable but more and better adjustments for height and tilt would certainly be helpful for shorter people like me."

NANCY K., MO (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Seat is very uncomfortable 155,000 miles"

Anonymous, WA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"As with my other car, exterior sounds intrude a little, so that I usually turn up the volume at times when I'm listening to the news if I'm driving over rough roads."

JEAN M., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Sparky 's seats have too much slant & no adjustment for that angle, giving me sciatica. I may be early senior, but in excellent shape. With addition of coccyx seat cushion, it immediately went away. Road noise is there. Ride is not comfortable for long hauls."

J P., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"It is fairly noisy, and I had to have the air-conditioning recharged a couple of years ago. Perhaps because I rarely use it, except to defrost."

CHARLES B., WA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"For an older car the 2002 Prius is quiet and comfortable."

Clifford W., PA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"The seats continue to be very comfortable after 14 years."

Fred C., MN (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Car is now over 15 years old and shows little wear on the seats or interior. Foam has not broken down and there is no wear apparent on the upholstery or carpeting. Car is still very 'tight' in all respects-road noise is minimal."

Ric C., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"This model of Prius has a lot of road noise, but other advantages make it a good choice for me."

Anonymous, PA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"it's quiet and cheap."

Clifford W., PA (2002 Toyota Prius)


Anonymous, NH (2002 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Purchased in December 2001 on eBay and shipped from Chicago to LA. $16,100 including shipping, with 7,000 miles on the odometer. The Prius brand then became very hot and grossly overpriced. I would not buy a Prius at today's prices."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Great gas mileage. Exceptional reliability. Comfortable seats with excellent headroom. Great second car."

RIC C., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"I got it at a really good price with the understanding it was a risk to buy a 2002 hybrid as the batteries are expected to last over 10 years, although our first Prius (totaled by a driver falling asleep) still had its original battery pack after 12 years. I had to replace the batteries at a large expense, but I am now confident that the car will go on for several more years."

JAY R., CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"purchased used with well over a hundred thousand miles on it. has been and is still a great car with great comfortable seats."

Anonymous, NJ (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Still going strong on the original battery pack at 14 years of age and 248,000 miles. Quiet, excellent gas mileage. I have had to replace a few components, notably the rear wheel bearings, catalytic convert/exhaust system, and fuel injectors, but given the age and mileage, those are not terribly surprising. For such a complex vehicle with so many electrical and electronic components, it has held up very well. I hope to be able to drive it for several more years, or at least until the battery"

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Dependable, comfortable, very economical and nice design (when it was new--interior still very appealing because of the centered Art Deco design instrument panel)."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"It has held up very well."

Fred C., MN (2002 Toyota Prius)

"An auto that gets 40 miles to the gallon of gas, doesn't break down, runs well and often, quietly with battery power only and is still in good shape both inside and out with very little maintenance is a real value in my opinion."

James J., OH (2002 Toyota Prius)

"A first generation purchase. So satisfied with durability and value that we have purchased a 2013"

William H., VA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"We bought a replacement battery because we had mice nesting on it for a lengthy time which caused its failure. Otherwise it has given us excellent service."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value. Some service costs but not excessive. Great MPG."

Anonymous, CO (2002 Toyota Prius)

"Very reliable & good gas mileage. Has served well. Wife & daughter very satisfied overall. For me, poor handling & acceleration, and hard wear on tires, offsetting gas mileage re cost & use of fossil-fuel."

Anonymous, OR (2002 Toyota Prius)
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