The regular Toyota Prius is the most efficient car you can buy that doesn't have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. It gets an impressive 44 mpg overall in our testing--with plenty of room for five, a big flexible hatchback, a comfortable ride, and very secure handling. If there's a knock on the Prius, it isn't engaging to drive, feels underpowered and is loud when you ask for max power.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Amazing gas mileage in the city. Up to 50 MPG.... really! Trade off is a bit less acceleration power."

Dawne H., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The “power‿ option on the transmission is a huge improvement over prior years models"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"If you buy a Prius for performance you bought the wrong car."

John C., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Power is adequate given it's a hybrid and gets up to 60 mpg."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I like the steering resistance. It's stiff enough that you can't drive it with one finger. I find it easier to keep the car from wandering with stiffer steering."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The prius acceleration leaves much to be desired. However, the car handles well. It is not a sports car and does not handle like a sports car. Gas mileage is the reason we purchased the car and the reliability which has been excellent."

Adam Z., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"i had a little trouble on pushing forward on shifter to go backward in reverse. mostly over that now. the acceleration for a four cylinder batt. assisted sedan is surprising. very nimble handling on the roadway. rear view when backing is a little cluttered , corrected in 2017 models."

Roger P., MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I've always been pleased with the driving experience. It has pretty good acceleration, and handles easily."

Robert B., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The acceleration is very adequate, even in the ECO mode."

William E., NV (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I believe it drives very well in terms of handling, braking and acceleration."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is slow if you trying not to go past Eco into the extra power zone."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It has good excelleration at high speeds for passing."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"acceleration is poor, but I love the gas mileage because of it"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"acceleration is always prompt and does not lag as its the case with other cars I have driven. It is easy to drive and gives me good control on the road. I especially like the "Brake" setting when I am on long downgrades. It lets me control the speed without other braking for the most part."

John H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is quite good in accelerating. Surprising as hybrids had a reputation for being sluggish and my prior car was a turbo engine. As to handling, I can not ask for better. It handles like a dream!!"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Put is on power setting and it will surprise you with the acceleration"

Roy R., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The handling is excellent but the acceleration is slower than I like. What can you expect from a 4 cylinder engine?"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration noise level is too high. Noise level at highway speeds is too high."

Earl S., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is noisy and slow. Handles well"

George R., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"As an economical daily driver, the Prius is not made to zip in and out of traffic like other subcompacts, so you have to allow for that and adjust your driving style to drive safely with the flow of traffic."

Richard M., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Many reviews talk about sluggishness and poor driving experience and discourage purchase. Nothing can be further from the truth. It handles and responds well to driver input. While on cruise control, even up the steepest hills it maintains speed and even has reserve to accelerate if desired. These Prius hybrids are amazing. This is my third Prius. Because of regeneration of electricity, brakes last about 100,000 miles with no pulsing from rotor warping. Just throw in another set of pads and you are set for another 100,00 miles. Ditto for spark plugs. I still have my 2006 Prius with 225,000 miles which runs like the day I bought it and consumes no oil. Thank you. Paul H."

Paul H., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very good acceleration and handling; especially quick acceleration for a stop"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Sluggish and boring"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Some lag in initial acceleration, but then engine becomes very zippy. Handling not quite as crisp as one might expect in smallish car. But I have only praise for the way the car responded when we ignorant south Texans drove into a Panhandle ice storm. The anti-skid technology kicked in and saved us from our ignorance."

John R., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"miserable. sloppy handling and absolutely no power. so weak and unstable that freeway driving is quite unnerving"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Slow acceleration."

Todd J., NE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Handles surprisingly well in winter. Love the coasting style of driving while at the same time having no problem being one of the faster drivers."

Peter F., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Prius lags a bit in acceleration - up big hills, passing semi trucks on highway."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This car has a V-6. It is quite powerful and accelerates quickly. Handling is solid and predictable."

Stephen B., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My 2012 Toyota Prius is slow in accelerating. Visibility out of the windows is not very good and there are large blind spots. Also, the car is very low to the ground and the body has caught on decorative rocks and other features that a car would normally pass over without difficulty."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It has very little power but it is rather fun to drive. Acceleration is smooth and responsive. You can floor it whenever you want and still average 48 MPG. Plus it has a great sci-fi sound at full tilt. Love it."

Ashley S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Both are fine."

Perilla B., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I love the cvt system and the acceleration is always up to the task! Brakes are very good. Steering is responsive and good road feel."

Robert C., CO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Smooth and efficient acceleration. Excellent steering and handling. Original brakes still working good after 6 years, 57000 miles."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is slow and does not stay constant; have to continually adjust pressure on gas pedal. Also pluses while driving, especially noticeable when driving Freeway speeds."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Basically good experience, but somewhat noisy when accelerating to enter freeway (though maybe no more noisy than non-hybrid cars). In contrast, nice and quiet when going slow or stopped at a light. Hard to get out of snowy spots compared with previous car, which wasn't a hybrid."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The drive is not really smooth, or quiet, but the savings in fuel cost and mileage make up the difference.. That is my only small complaint about this car."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is good for a hybrid but not as good for regular gas engine"

Michael W., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Wonderfully tight turning radius. Very easy to handle. I put rain tires on mine so the gas mileage dropped a little and tracksion went up but it still handles very well."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Handling is responsive and comfortable. Acceleration is sufficient for merging onto highways, but certainly not a hotrod-type car."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very good experience in any situation or weather"

W D., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Surprising power and responsiveness from I expected from my first hybrid."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"To get good gas mileage you have to ease into acceleration."

Marilyn B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car accelerated slower than my last car (Honda hybrid) but again, I don’t care, it gets good gas mileage."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Drives well and the acceleration is much better than expected."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is not great, but we expected that. In emergencies (getting into fast traffic) flooring it will give the needed extra boost electrically. The car handles very well. Steering is accurate and quick. Wind is not the issue that I feared it might be with a smaller car. It handles well in winter driving. The milage at highway speeds is excellent with cruise control, and the car holds the speed very well."

Paul J., UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"When needed the Prius really delivers i.e. passing power but normal acceleration is slow. It handles beautifully."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Handles well, and much better after replacing the original tires. It accelerates surprisingly well when it’s on the highway, is slow off the bolcks in eco or regular mode, but is impressive from a stop when in the piwer mode."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Car is heavy; acceleration is okay, handling is not great."

M J., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"good handling, comfortable front seat, pick up into traffic good. navigation not great"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"From 0 to fast acceleration, it is excellent. For instance turning right onto a busy street, this cars zips quite fast into line. It is also a very comfortable ride at 80 mph. One can easily speed without realizing it."

WAYNE C., AK (2012 Toyota Prius)

"On a trip to Minnesota we averaged 51 MPG on one leg of the trip."

BOB V., KS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Much better acceleration that you would thought from a hybrid."

JEFF G., KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My only issue is noise. The Prius is a noisy ride."

CHUCK H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The steering wheel in this car feels numb and requires too many turns to make a u-turn."

MICHAEL K., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is a gutless wonder. One has to make sure to plan way ahead before turning out into traffic"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I was mostly interested in the high fuel economy and willing to concede some on handling and acceleration to get it."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The ability to accelerate quickly is alway available, but when driving in very light traffic, and with no cars behind, I can accelerate more moderately and get very good mileage, as the Prius was designed. In parking lot driving (5-8 mph) I can run on electric mode (99 mpg+) while other cars' instantaneous mileage drops from 20+ mpg to about 4-6 mpg."

WILLIAM E., NV (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Has plenty of power with the three driving modes. Exceptional handling."

VIC C., LA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car is a bit stodgy for my tastes and while it is not unpleasant to drive, it is not a fun car."

PETER B., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Contrary to the myth that a Prius does not have much power, it has very good acceleration!"

LARRY H., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The biggest issue I have with the car is the lack of visibility, aka blind spot, due to the large post on the front left side."

BRIGITTE J., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"accelerated too slow but realize that it is only a 1.8 liter engine so get what you pay for to get a Prius"

PETER B., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is very poor. Handling is OK. Somewhat attenuated visuals side and rear due to structure of car."

BREYNE M., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I find it amusing when others assume a Prius has no acceleration and I accelerate. Others often assume I cannot accelerate and merge easily when entering a highway. I have seen many surprised faces. Also many considerate drivers have moved over to the middle lane assuming I will take a long time to get up to speed. Invariably they end up back in the right lane behind me."

GALE G., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Surprising good acceleration and braking is sensational. Handling at high speeds is very good on smooth freeways. Car does lose some of its aplomb if there is a big dip at high speed. Tends to bottom out in front on certain driveways, if I'm not careful."

H L., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The 2012 Toyota Prius has poor visibility and not a very good turning radius. Friends who also have Prius cars with this and the previous body model complain of the same issues."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It takes a little effort to accelerate quickly over short distance, also gets loud in this situation"

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I look forward to driving this vehicle. It's handling and acceleration in traffic is excellent."

LARRY R., IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's assumed that a Prius isn't going to be fun to drive, and that it's slow. It has surprisingly more power than most realize, and I (and everyone who's driven it) really enjoy driving my Prius."

JESSICA C., NE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We have dirt roads where we live and we're having trouble not accidently rubbing the bottom baffles off. They're plastic and not durable when scraped."

VARLEY S., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Handling is fine, but acceleration is too slow; perhaps the problem is the noise associated with sharp acceleration."

WALTER B., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Slow acceleration to enter highways"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration in the Prius is very weak (not entirely unexpected). Under full acceleration, the engine is noisey."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The acceleration is better than most 4 cylinder vehicles I've driven and some 6 cylinder SUVs. Handling is very good. We experience 3-4 snows a year and much ice in winter. The vehicle is very steady and has good traction. It is not affected by passing trucks as I thought it might be. It"

ED M., OK (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It drives as expected. A little quicker than I thought it would be."

BRUCE K., SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"For engine size good. Slower on highway ramp acceleration or starting to go on a hill. Once used to it, no problem. Travelled from Vhicago to Nevada with a fully loaded trunk including rear seats down to accommodate load; very surprised at how well the car handled and was able to keep a normal+ speed on steep mountains."

MICHAEL H., NV (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is so-so, in normal mode, better in "power" mode. Handling in slippery conditions is surprisingly good (due to ESC?)"

BRAD V., MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I expected it to be a little underpowered but what I didn't expect was poor handling in heavy rain. The lightweight vehicle hydroplane very easilly even with top rated tires"

JAMS H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"off the line can hardly be beaten, handles well"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The tires are really sensitive because of how low to the ground it is and if you hit any little bump too hard the skid resistance comes on. Very fragile and annoying sometimes, my Camry was a lot tougher, it could probably go off roading, but definitely not the Prius."

KATHRYN G., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"it has decent acceleration when getting onto the freeways. always handles well. comfortable to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Sluggish acceleration, but great gas economy because, after all, it is a hybrid. View behind vehicle using mirrors is terrible!"

DAVID W., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Impressed with the "power mode" for accelerating onto the freeway, etc."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Needs improved acceleration .Handles well, easy to drive."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Takes off quickly."

HENRY T., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Not a major issue.. feels a bit stiff when driving - not an especially smooth ride"

HAYDEN H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My Prius accelerates better than other cars in its class. Handling is very good though not what you will get from a Vette, it handles the curves and corners very nicely."

C K., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It gets excellent mileage and does well on long trips."

Anonymous, WY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius Plug-In is great on mileage the one shortcoming that I only realized after we purchased the vehicle is that it will only go 11 miles on electric power. This amount of travel is not worth the difference in price over the standard Prius hybrid"

Anonymous, DE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely maneuverable"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I have no problem accelerating to get in traffic on the interstate."

BENNY J., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very good"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration is adequate, but not fantastic. Not a bad trade off. Our actual milage overall is 72mpg."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Love the gas mileage which can range into high 50s mpg."

KEVIN C., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius being a hybrid, I expected limited acceleration but even in eco mode it has very good acceleration and in power mode (useful for example when entering a highway) it is excellent. Having learned to drive in Germany I value acceleration and general handling greatly and am very satisfied with the Prius."

ANDREAS G., AB (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Rides like a log wagon, always has. Small price to pay for my overall value and satisfaction."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"excellent mileage, comfortable driving to work (wife is a visiting infusion nurse)"

HEINZ M., NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"In order to get good mileage you give up decent acceleration for getting onto the freeways, etc."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"smooth ride, gas millage, environmentally friendly, letting you know when you back up, sturdy in speeding, easy to handle in driving, compact but not too small ..."

KONJET H., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Much improved over the 2004 model I own. Enjoy driving it."

PAUL H., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius needs to be driven differently. It does not have the responsiveness, for example, as my Mazda did. I also have to use the power mode for going up hills which reduces the mpg. It handles well otherwise. On another topic. I like the styling, but do not like the low front which drags on things."

JERRY J., AL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This is not an enjoyable car to drive. Car is noisy at highway speeds and subject to cross winds. Handling is poor and steering is numb."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very predictable handling and plenty of zip in "power" mode."

Douglas B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The stability compared to the version II is better. Gas milage is great (over 50mpg) on trips greater than 30 minutes but drops into the 40's for short trips less than 20 minutes"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's an electric hybrid. I'm 73. I don't need a rocket, just to get from one place to another. It more than does that for me. Fun to drive too."

Anonymous, VT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This car is so light and small wheelbase that you need to use caution when driving in rain. We bought best rated tires too. The car drives nice but a little underpowered. The car is noisier that most non-hybrid cars because it seems like they make it lightweight. MPG is fantastic."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceleration and handling are first-class. Both are very responsive."

Steven S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car drives well and has decent acceleration, for a hybrid."

Erik D., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The gs milage has been outstanding."

Warren G., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Quick and responsive for such a small engine."

Mark T., RI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Only 98 H.P. with expectedly slow acceleration."

Lee S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I was initially concerned about the acceleration of the Prius, but the fact is that gas savings is the primary reason one buys such a vehicle. It is reasonable peppy, and the handling is satisfactory. The gas savings over my last car pay most of my monthly loan amount."

Rich L., WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Much better acceleration than I expected for a 50mpg car. Very nice handling also."

Jerald T., SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Drives smoother than expected and has better acceleration..."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Handles well, but slow acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius has very good pick up and go which I find surprising as I thought the hybrid would mean it doesn't have much pep. Very nice. It has always handled well and is very good in the winter for getting around in snow, even with the low ground clearance. I'm grateful for that as I am a nurse and I have to get to work in rural areas."

Anna F., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Acceration from a dead stop can be. Challenging. We use the special power abut ton which helps when entering traffic or going up mountains."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"All good except it doesn't have enough power to go uphill. It can hardly make it up a moderate incline without losing speed."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This is an economic car that sips gas. For the commute with a single person, there is sufficient power for all the essentials. As a light car, the front wheel drive traction can slip in rainy or icy conditions but all things considered it is a well behaved and forgiving car. The mpg really delivers and uses half the gas of my previous Camry on the same routes and routines. Only car that I have ever driven where the mpg goes up in bumper to bumper traffic. Mileage is very seasonal though so when..."

Michael A., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is slow and not aggressive. Or fun. But that's also a good thing."

Merielle S., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Car veers and lacks stability when driving. Blind spots are significant, especially when changing lanes. Carriage is too low so scrapes back on a steeper than average apron."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Love the way it uses energy efficiently."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is a bit sluggish off the line, but I had expected that."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Seats are uncomfortable to me because my hip starts hurting after about an hour of driving. I think it is the curve in the bucket seat. I would prefer a straighter seat without the upward curve that pushes against my hip. I have had others complain about this in their car seats also. I have to sit on a pillow to make the seat fit me so I can drive longer distances. This means I can't enjoy the seat warmer feature in the colder months. Second, the car has a lot of road/wind noise, which is annoying. The car should be a lot more soundproof."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The road noise is excessive and needs improvement."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I would like to have a driver's seat with electric adjustment and lumbar support. I would like to have less road noise."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very roomy and well designed inside. I could use a little more lumbar support."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not comfortable on long drives"

Chuck S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great car, but ugly, hate the available colors especially mine, gray. Car is VERY NOISY"

Catherine C., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Car is designed for fuel efficiency and modest hauling capacity. Delivers fully. Replaced a Camry and immediately halved fuel consumption on identical commute. Not a luxury vehicle but a pragmatic one."

Michael A., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Easy to get in and out of. The seats are very comfortable. This is our second Prius but may be our last do to the changes made to the interior. The car is not as easy to get in and out of in the new model."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"There is too much road noise for comfort on long driving trips on interstate highways"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"On road trips, we feel like we are riding in a wooden-axel covered wagon surrounded by a herd of cattle."

J B., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"on rough roads there is no insulation against road noise, It sometime sounds like the car is coming apart"

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"to noisy"

Anonymous, NV (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Highway noise interferes with audio sound which on a lengthy trip is annoying. Better soundproofing. Also on a lengthy road trip the seats become less comfortable. Better stuffing material."

Michael E., QC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We like very much the seat heaters in the colder months."

William E., NV (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very comfortable. In fact on long drives I often feel that I might fall asleep while driving (I drink caffeine to prevent this). The engine is kind of loud, though - I notice music doesn't sound nearly as good as when the engine is off."

Carol C., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"car rides noisy on interstate"

Anonymous, IA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Adjustable, heated, leather seats"

Leonard H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Did a 14,000 mile trip from PA to AK and back. Seats were comfortable. Sufficient space inside back for two to sleep. Ultimate RV."

Barry-Erika K., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The ride is very loud. The seats and vehicle ride are both very good."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Wind and road noise are prominent."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is very noisy, much noisier than our first Prius. The front seats are hard, and not very comfortable for long drive."

Suzanne S., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I'm old, it's not TOO hard to get in and out of. Good considering the size of the car."

Richard H., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Fold down the rear seats and you can sleep stretched out at 6 feet"

Roy R., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I like flat, wider seats. Test drove two other cars in/near this class and the seat comfort and roominess couldn't compare. Interior is noisy at highway speed."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Lots of wind noise and seats are totally lacking in support"

J E., UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excessive road noise. Ride can be rough. Front wheel drive acceleration on bumpy surfaces can be jarring."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is a very comfortable riding car. The only two drawbacks to the Prius is the road noise and the headlights are not very bright which makes night driving a little difficult."

Tonia M., SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats get uncomfortable when driving more than 30 minuets Cabin noise is excessive"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Heated seats are great. I wish you had a bit more control over the areas that heated. Lumbar support is meh at best. Cabin noise is not the best in the world but not as bad as other cars."

Donald T., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are very comfortable. The interior sound is fair. Has some road noise and wind noise but not bad to the point of complaint."

Robert C., CO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I love the way my car drives and feels. The seats are very comfortable and the car feels solid on the road in all driving conditions. Noise is minimal and gas mileage is spectacular. I love this car."

David W., WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"After driving Honda Accords for many years and changing to a Prius, I find the Prius very noisy. It also has many blind spots."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are comfortable with many adjustments. Ride is fine. The car is noisy for road noise."

Anonymous, KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seat is a bit stiff especially in trips. Road noise is excessive."

Rick N., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I would like to see more seat adjustment options (raising seat height and tilt)"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are uncomfortable , i.e. too soft and the back -up camera has minimalist information i.e. guiding lines when backing up."

E D., BC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Quite comfortable to ride in and drive. Noise level is not good. Seats are supportive and the right level of firmness."

Robert B., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Car is noisy"

Larry Z., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The driver heated seat did not last. The windows constantly fog up during the late fall and visibility is a safety issue about 3 minutes into the ride."

Elaine C., ON (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The ride is rough, bumpy and jarring. The front seats and front seat area are cramped due to the cockpit structure ."

Debrah L., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very comfortable rivaling luxury cars. You forget you're sitting in a car."

James W., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I am 5"4" and would like to be able to sit a little higher. (I've pumped the driver's seat up as high as it will go.) Otherwise, the seat is as comfortable as that of a Mercedes 350 SUV I recently rode/drove. I'd also like better shock absorbers!"

Billie H., KS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar support"

Trevor P., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Noises from plastic panels"

Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is a little noisy at highway speeds."

Robert H., IA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Lots of road noise although the seat position is good"

Don D., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)


Edward B., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"comfortable adjustable seats, plenty of room in front seats and more leg room in the back seats than our 2009 Camry that it replaced"

John N., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Nothing stands our"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My main intent on buying this car was to use a vehicle with good gas mileage. The ride is not as smooth as my last vehicle but I don’t care."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"wind noise at any speed interferes with conversation"

W M., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats lack lumbar support. Lots of wind and road noise makes listening to the radio difficult."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are not very comfortable; front passenger seat cannot be elevated (short people cannot see out); upholstery shows dirt easily and wears unevenly; noise level is fairly high"

John H., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise"

Tillman E., AL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"wish driver's seat could be adjusted to sit higher"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Rides and rattles like a log wagon. Feel every bump in the road."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I love the power seat of the car; it is very easy and convenient."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great lumbar support on drivers side. Some outside noise but I don't mind because I can hear cars coming before they pass me."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Generally this car rides like a lareger and heavier car, but the quality and form of the seats leave a little to be desired in the comfort department."

Ronald S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very noisy, on long trips I use noise cancelling headphones."

Anonymous, VT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius provides a rather bumpy ride compared to my old Camry. Also, I find the line through the window of the hatchback obstruct visibility."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The finishes feel cheap, including the chairs, and it is a bit noisy. But the cheap finishes and light doors make you feel like you're getting every MPG possible!"

Ashley S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are okay and the ride is pretty good, even on long trips. But the car is noisy; i.e., previous 2 cars (a Nissan and a Mazda) blocked out road noise far better than this one does."

Carol W., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Comfortable seats. A bit noisy when accelerating to enter freeway, but very quiet when driving slow or at a stop."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very comfortable , compares to my lounge chair."

Roger P., MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"While everything about the Prius works with the precision you would expect from a Toyota, the searts are the one negative. There is a general lack of support and comfort which makes long-distance travel somewhat of a chore."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Noisy ride on standard tires which is improved somewhat by use of quality radial tires. Radio is still hard to hear at highway speeds."

Darryl P., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not very good, we wanted to replace them after our first trip. The car is noisey while driving."

Eric K., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are comfortable for long drives. Noise is OK but not great. Ride is firm."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are comfortable and have almost no signs of wear for a car that is 6 years old and has 112k miles. The car is very solid, there are no noises and the ride is pretty good."

Adam Z., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"love the adjustable drivers seat (electronic). The car rides quietly, and folks outside comment on how quiet it is. I find the seats and ride quite comfortable."

Ronald S., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is a really good vehicle that could be made better by eliminating some of the road noise."

Mark G., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"it is a little noisy and bumpy compared to my other car"

Jennifer B., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Noisy, road and wind noise could be greatly improved"

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The road noise is bad & it is not the tires."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"1. Can be adjusted several ways to achieve greatest comfort. 2. Adequate lumbar support. This is important to me because I am a polio survivor and have orthopedic problems."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very noisy ride."

James W., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The ride is fine but there is considerable road noise on ruff surface roads."

Anonymous, KS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's noisy and bumpy. The drivers seat is too low for me( I'm short). Wish it would adjust just a little higher."

Patricia F., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Ride is fair for a small car. Feel bumps. Handles well on the highway."

Todd J., NE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats OK not as good as 2009 model. noise is a problem when speaking or listening. ride as expected."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Leather seats are very hot in summer (and cold in winter. Front seats have seat heaters but back seats are cold."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are fine on short trips but on long trips they seem to get hard and there is no adjustable lumbar support"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"would be better is back adjustment was electrical. Lumbar adjust doesn't seem to work."

Thomas L., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car is built for high mileage so there is very little in the way of padding in the seats or insulation from noise. There is no spare tire which brings a new level of concern. I bought a space saver tire for the vehicle because I didn't want to get stuck somewhere with a flat. The seats are hard and require frequent breaks. I put a pad on my seat to help."

Marilyn W., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"noisy ride."

GAIL B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"easy to drive comfortable reliable no mechanical issues spacious good for travel"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are uncomfortable for me. Causes pain in my legs. I add a cushion on top of the seat. The ride can be cruel with speed bumps and small bumps in the road felt in every joint in my body. Large bumps, it takes OK. Air conditioning is lacking a bit. More road noise than my pick-up."

D S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The controls scattered are all over the console in no logical order"

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"sets very uncomfortable for a long trip---that is why bought the 2014 Camry Hybrid"

PETER B., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"seat hard to get comfortable. Seat fatiguing on longer trips"

TOM W., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Would like to hear LESS outside noise"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Climate control in the 2012 model leaves a bit to be desired. Car is extremely satisfactory in every other way."

PATTI W., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I hit a lot of road debris and driveways because the car is so low to the ground."

KELLEY B., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Can have 3 in back seat - albeit mid size"

JAMES Z., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The air conditioning works a lot better than the heater."

F W., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Too noisy. I enjoy both classical and bluegrass music, but can use only bluegrass in the Prius. The dynamic range in classical music is too great; when you adjust fr the loud passages to be OK, you can't hear the soft passages, and the other way around if you adjust volume for soft passages. Bluegrass music has no dynamic range."

J S., DE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is less than satisfactory. The suspension transmits every small bump in the road into the passenger compartment."

JIM D., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Wish the seats had more padding. Ride is good."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I expected to give up interior space when I purchased the Prius because it was smaller outside. Instead, it seems roomier than my Honda Accord, and it definitely can carry more cargo."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"There is quite a bit of road noise. It is quieter than most cars, but noisier than I expected."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The handling was bad until I installed aftermarket chassis stiffeners and wheels/tires. But, I have high standards for handling, having come from a BMW M3 to this plug-in Prius"

C A., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Driver seat is good, passenger seat less so. Less lumbar support, lacks height adjustment."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Slightly noisy, feels a little light weight, navigation system could be easier to program and use."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Noisy ride and sometimes hard to hear what is on the radio without blasting the volume. Not a very smooth ride either. You can feel all the bumps in the roadway."

WILLIAM C., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Head rest of driver's seat does not remain in the position I put it in. It migrates upward and if I do not keep lowering it while driving it goes up too high to provide any safety for my head and neck. Toyota refuses to do anything about this. I think that this is a safety hazard."

BREYNE M., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's not a quiet ride on some roads. Other than that, I am quite satisfied with my Prius!"

KATHY H., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The front seats are truly uncomfortable for trips of any significant duration."

JOHN R., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"There is a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, NS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Automatic climate control is fast to respond and maintains a good temperature. Seats are basic but comfortable. Cabin could use a little more insulation since there is still a fair amount of road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"the seats are not real comfortable, and the fabric is so-so...noise is also so-so"

JOHN H., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seat height and roomy cabin makes it very comfortable for me and easy to get in and out of the car."

DEBORAH C., CO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I like more adjustable lumbar back support."

Anonymous, HI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Lumbar support could be better."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent support. No Back ache."

GEORGE K., CT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"On long trips, I am the main driver and the comfort level in the driver's seat is good. However, I find the comfort level in the passenger seat not very good for the distance. After about an hour, it gets very uncomfortable. Driver's side is not this way."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Besides driver and passenger comfort, it's the perfect dog friendly car. With the rear seats down and proper carpet protection added, it's ideal for up to a pair of golden retrievers."

DAVE B., NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"You can drive long distances comfortably - better than my previous 2000 Audi."

ALEXANDRA D., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very poor circulation on our feet for heat of air condition"

PHIL M., CT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats get a bit uncomfortable on long trips. Road noise is noticeable, especially on the highway. Neither of these bother me on short trips and around town."

MIRIAM D., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I find most, if not all, car seats uncomfortable. They put the spine in a curved, unnatural bucket-like position, which is painful for me."

KATHLEEN S., ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The interior is noisy"

BARBARA G., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The driver's seat is very comfortable but, during the last four weeks, two separate visitors who rode in the passenger seat complained to me that this seat is uncomfortable and cannot be adequately adjusted to attenuate the discomfort."

CLAYTON B., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are OK;ride and noise pretty bad (even with tire change)"

ANTHONY F., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)


RAY J., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"high roa noise, original tires were very noisy. noise level improved with michilen tires."

JAMES L., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The one bad thing is I can not find a comfortable arm rest position. The window sill is too high and the arm rest on the door is too low. Also the steeringwheel doesn't have a good place to rest your hand in the wheel, only on the outside. Which is probably better anyway, but not as comfortable on long rides."

RICHARD M., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"On long trips the seats, though adjustable, can become uncomfortable. I recognize that less weight (and less padding) makes for a more fuel efficient car, but it's something we notice. Also, the car is noisy at high speeds and listening to the radio and esp. any talk radio, is a challenge."

LESLIE W., DE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"No lumbar support. Really?"

JEFF S., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"seats need to be more comfortable."

JIM C., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"driver's seat does not go far enough back for a 6 foot man to straighten legs. uncomfortable on long drives."

JOSEPH G., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Rough ride, noisy"

FRANCISCO V., PR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Cmofort and ride of 2012 Prius is better than the 2016 Prius, although not as stylish."

KEN H., NM (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I would like better control of the seat, up and down, like a low back support"

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car is basically very quiet, but the wind noise at 40 and above is louder than one would expect, to the point where it affects conversations."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car would be difficult to drive very long distances because of the ergonomic position of the seat to the steering wheel. You have to change hands often."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The 2012 Prius has plenty of room and comfort in front and back seats. The engineering in obtaining this much space in a small car is a testament to those designers. It is comfortable on long trips, easy to get in and out of - Im 5'8''. I'd like Toyota to adopt our method of telescoping and raising/lowering steering wheel. The Japanese method makes for a bus wheel feel when in the upper position."

ED M., OK (2012 Toyota Prius)

"no problens-very reliable"

FRED M., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I am not satisfied with my ability to see out of the car, either forward or to the rear. I do not like the low seating position that a car of that design gives me. I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Comfort not as good as larger cars for long trips."

JAMES A., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seat comfort and ride is fine. On a long vacation trip the road noise was such that listening to the radio (Sirius/XM in this case) was difficult. Also, the long, deep dash collects heat when the sun beats down and challenges the a/c."

SUE S., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The air conditioner takes too long to cool the car."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Drivers seat nicely adjustable, but could be more comfortable on long trips."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise"

DAVID T., NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The curvature of the backs of the front seats is uncomfortable for me. I'm 5'3". The seats curve backward lower down, where I would have liked lower back support, and curve forward higher up, where they push into my shoulders and upper back. My husband is 6'2" and finds the seat backs comfortable."

ROBERT D., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Difficult to see out the rear window."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I find the driver seat uncomfortable for trips longer than an hour"

ROBIN O., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The general comfort is satisfactory. The seats lack satisfactory lumbar support. The road noise is too high in the cabin. Sound deadener panels have been installed in the front and rear door panels and this reduces road noise somewhat."

BILL N., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"seats not very comfortable for long distance driving"

JAIMEE T., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I previously owned/bought new a 2008 Model 2 Prius. An unlicensed immigrant crashed me in it and destroyed it in Jan of this year. I had such a good experience with that Prius I bought this "Certified" used 26K mileage 2012 from Cabe Toyota to replace it. This is a disaster of a car from the get go. The A/C was always on. Dealer had to replace the whole dash control panel. Lots of wind noise. I fixed that by cleaning all the rubber sealant strips on the windows. Terrible typical uncomfortab"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I find the heater in the Prius to be deficient. It takes a long time to warm up and must be set unrealistically high for my California climate just to take a chill out of the air. Consequently I never get warm during my 7 minute drive to work."

TAMMY J., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Navigation system doesn't auto update and is very expensive to update"

GERALD A., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are very comfortable and climate control is very good. Road noise is very high and very unsatisfactory. Ride is not bad but is harsh on small bumps."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Found the front passenger seat (without any lumbar support) to be quite uncomfortable. Vehicle is pretty noisy at highway speeds."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Much trouble with Entune. New radio"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Headrest is tilted too far forward for comfort."

PATRICIA F., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is an issue. Its hard to hear the radio or others talk on some road surfaces."

LARRY C., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats could be a bit more comfortable. When riding on the highway we find the noise factor annoying especially on a long trip"

MICHAEL E., QC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Noise is a problem- it may be more the tires."

GARY A., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats have no lumbar support and the road noise is very loud."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Vehicle has a lot of road noise"

Warren G., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We love everything about our Prius, except the driver's seat isn't cushioned enough for long trips. Must use an extra cushion."

D W., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road and tire noise is too loud. Somewhat due to studded snow tires being used in Pacific NW damaging the roads. We don't use studded tires."

John M., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"A very comfortable commuter car with a mellow ride and often almost ghostly quiet. I t has a decent sound system, low noise and cozy seating. The dashboard read-outs took a little getting used to, initially reminiscent of SR-71."

Rich L., WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"driver's seat uncomfortable"

Ronald S., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I've driven round trip to Buffalo NY. I'm tall. For me, it is a very comfortable vehicle on long or short trips. Also, this is my second 2012 within 7 months. I destroyed the first one in a snow storm in Saranac Lake NY (was his head-on by an SUV doing 360's on my side of the road). NY State Police and Saranac Lake Fire & Rescue both commented, "Usually, when we find vehicles in this condition on an accident scene, we don't expect survivors." I came out of it with the diagonal bruise acros..."

Anonymous, VT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Driver's seat NOT comfortable at all. Plenty of wind and road noise."

J E., UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats uncomfortable on medium to long trips & noise level inside unacceptable at highway speeds."

Anonymous, MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"it's crowded and noisy"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seats are not very comfortable and not good for long distance driving. Above average road noise."

Bruce L., IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The seats are not comfortable on long road trips."

Steven V., ID (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This vehicle is prized for its energy effieciency. While comfortalbe-having ample leg room for passengers in the back seat-the ride is often bumpy"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Pretty uncomfortable after 2+ hours of driving. The noise and ride are fine - the seat comfort could use some work."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very tight and confined."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is noisy on the road. Seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"With the lumbar support, this car is very comfortable to drive. The passenger seat however doesn't have any height adjustment and has been terrible for my 5ft, 1 inch wife. The road noise is extremely exhausting and after a longer trip, I feel beat. I understand trying to keep the weight down, but the consequence is the terrible road noise."

Brad B., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"In general, the Prius has comfortable seats and very decent internal storage room -- for both passengers and hauling material. Twin-folding rear seats are great."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The ride is smooth, but the noise level is terrible. You cannot hear the radio when you are on the interstate (with the windows up)."

E K., SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I am a short person. To reach the pedals it is necessary ro be so close to the dash board as to be uncomfortable. I feel the car is designed for longer legs than mine. I am 5 ft. Tall"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Road noise is high. Seats are what you get for the price - not real comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Seating is so low cannot see any corner of vehicle for parking."

V L., ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Loud and relatively uncomfortable ride."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Good value a little noisy and ride is fair"

Ray A., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The 2012 Prius rides very well and the interior is roomy compared to other cars of it's size."

Coleman E., KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Front seats need more lumbar support, we have the basic seat, not power."

Ronald S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This has been the least troublesome car I have ever owned. Change the oil, change the tires Toyota dealer has never failed to be cooperative, helpful and attentive. I had the brakes rebuilt at 120000miles "just because". We have not had any battery issues. We use it as a station wagon, haul hay, animals, books, kids, go camping. My only complaint would be my long legs still have to be careful getting in and out."

James L., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"There isn't much to add. When you can get 45 mpg or better, over 50 mpg if no a/c or heater including on an expressway, the gas pump becomes your friend rather than your enemy."

Larry C., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Fair purchase price and very low usage cost."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"1. Very reliable. 2. Very trouble free. 3. Gets high MPG. 4. Is a "liftback" so cargo area can be expanded when needed. 5. Aerodynamic body also makes it easier to handle in wind. 6. Is large enough for passengers and/or cargo, but small enough for parking spaces and garage. 7. A lot of them are on the road, so parts should be available for a long time."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It was a good value price with great savings"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage is great, am "bummed" if I get less than 50 mpg, - car is reliable - finally had the brakes replaced at 118K - expect things to be replaced for a car that I am hoping lasts 300K"

Jane P., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage and this car could not be not be any more reliable - has never had any problems of any kind - ever."

Joel V., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Have not had one service issue since I purchased this car in December of 2012 - And have put over 167,000 miles on the car.. On my third set of tires..."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"An incredibly sophisticated drive system at a fair price."

J S., DE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"depends on where you buy it."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I've never had any problems at all with this car. It still gets excellent mileage, starts reliably, and gives a smooth ride. With the back seats down, it can hold an amazing amount of cargo."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely reliable and tops for gas mileage makes for a great vLue"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value for the money with a minimum amount of repairs other than routine maintenance."

Margaret B., RI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great car for both short and longer distance driving. Gas mileage is fantastic. I like the handling and feel very comfotable in the car."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Not premium gas. Great mileage. more power than expected. Very dependable, very few repairs or maintenance. But the Prius is passé, Toyota dropped the ball in getting the plug-in available and ignoring full electric for hydrogen that's too far away. Why would the Supra be gas? Bad market image of imagination and future automobiles."

Ralph B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My Prius is my "work horse" vehicle. It's versatile, reliable and incredibly fuel efficient. I haul my bike, small amounts of lumber and all sorts of other things when I fold down the back seat. For an "everyday car," I think that it's the best value on the market today. This is my second one. The only reason I'd buy something different is if I wanted an all electric vehicle."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Best car for the money"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great gas mileage and I have had very little cost for upkeep."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Utterly reliable, great mileage and big capacity."

John K., DC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Financially the low fuel consumption is a major plus. Car has had no major expenses including good tire wear. Cost effective transportation."

Michael A., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is meant to be an economical daily driver and that is exactly what you get. The seats are not the most comfortable, but they are OK. Acceleration is slow, but you learn to allow for that and adjust your driving to accomodate that. Overall we are very pleased with the reliability and function of this vehicle. We feel confident passing it down to our daughter who is starting college and working and needs her own transportation."

Richard M., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Reliable and great mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value, when in the market again would definitely consider another one"

John N., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Fully equipped car with leather seats at a great discount."

M J., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"If you choose when to use the ev feature of the plug in expeditiously , one can easily get 70 or 80 miles to a gallon/ per tank."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Good Gas Mileage"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Love the gas mileage"

Anonymous, CT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage"

Edward B., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It was a little expensive for a basic model, but it is holding up well. The gas mileage has been better than i expected particularly on long distance driving when i frequently get 50 mpg. It’ll pay for itself at 200000 miles."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great performance; low maintenance; reasonable cost; driver friendly controls"

Walter T., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"My Prius has been a great value. Mileage in the 39-50 mpg and nothing except routine maintenance required."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We purchased our car from a Toyota dealer. We negotiated over two days, and finally wore down. Later we realized we paid too much. And it is not as good a car as our first Prius."

Suzanne S., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Amazing mileage and it really holds its value very well. I have been delighted with the low cost of maintenance"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"High gas mileage as expected with a Prius. Sticker seemed high when we bought it but we’ve had no repairs and it’s nice to pass those gas stations!"

Marilyn P., MO (2012 Toyota Prius)

"50 mpg! What more can I say? But it’s surprisingly zippy and fun to drive, too."

Todd D., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage and low maintenance costs"

Peter B., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Based on expected reliability and lack of repairs, as well as expected life of things like brakes, this car seems to be a great value."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Cheap to operate and low maintenance."

Don D., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent miles per gallon, excellent cargo capacity with back seats down. Very poor bluetooth connectivity with my Android Smart Phone"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The mileage is great"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"excellent gas milage"

Anonymous, IA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Good milage. Quiet ride. Dependable. No failures of any kind after 6 years of ownership.good on long distance and city driving."

David V., NM (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The sales price was discounted because it was an end of year model. After 170,000 plus miles, the maintenance expense of $901 (not including regular maintenance) is very low. This Prius still has the original brake pads. The amount of money saved by getting 46 plus MPG is also a great value (as in money not having to be spent)."

C K., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The 20`2 Prius has proven to be very durable(few repairs) and the gas mileage has been outstanding. It handles well and the acceleration is acceptable"

Francis B., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This has been a fantastically versatile PHEV car, but with a rather limited EV range of under 10 miles. Perfect if you have a short commute and can plug in at your destination, otherwise it operates just like a regular Prius."

A C., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent gas mileage (45mpg overall). No mechanical problems. Best car I ever owned."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"All the Prius that I have owed have been great values especially since I have never had to have any work done on them except regular maintenance."

William N., ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent gas mileage, decent comfort, very few issues with this car."

Donald T., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great car great mileage and no major repairs"

Jeffrey S., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The car drives very well, and in all types of weather."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's very reliable and gets great mileage. The low price and subsequent cost-of-ownership means a great deal to me. Frankly, I don't worry much about gasoline prices."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Reliability. Aside from standard maintenance, this car never failed me."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This is a fantastic car that saves me money every time I drive it. It is comfortable on a long trip or a short town hop, and I like to feel that I am contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses by driving such an efficient vehicle."

Ronald S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Economical for good gas mileage"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It has been reliable so far. It is easy start, easy to get into. The door don’t lock when you leave the car and the keys are inside."

Marilyn B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value. Especially so because it costs very little to fuel the car and it has a long range in between fillings"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great interior space, versatile for is style"

Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The value is good but my primary reason for buying is the environment - a decision I do not regret."

Richard H., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Compared to what is out there, Prius represents great value for the price. Beyond the fuel efficiency, is the bullet proof reliability. Plus it rides nicely quietly, is comfortable inside, with surprisingly abundant cargo space."

Ronald S., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)


Tim O., ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It has been the best possible bridge to my next car, an all electric vehicle."

Fred S., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"On short trips (10 miles or less) runs on battery charge only. On open road, it still averages 47 to 49 mpg! Does not use oil. Oil filters are inexpensive and requires only 4 quarts of Mobile 1 with each oil change. Have oil changed at 5,000 miles or less. Original brakes are still good and not even a quarter of the way thru 2nd set of tires!"

Perilla B., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Driven without accelerating hard will exceed the EPA mileage estimates."

Gary E., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Toyota has figured out how to build a hybrid. Not doubt about it. Reasonable initial costs; no-problem driving; low opporational costs."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Little maintenance, no repairs so far, and awesome on gas mileage"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We fill up the gas tank every three weeks and it costs about $23 to do that. It does hit the 50 mpg mark very consistently. It has been very reliable, without any surprises."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"You get fantastic gas mileage that averages 42 MPG year round. Mileage is closer to 52 in the summer but the engine needs to use the gas engine more often in the winter to heat the inside of the cabin than in the summer when cooling the cabin does not need to use the gas engine as much as the electric. You also get the quality of the best hybrid in the industry and a Toyota that will probably give you 200,000 miles of service. It is a very reliable vehicle. We previously had a 2007 Prius that we liked very much, but the 2012 Prius did get about 5 miles to the gallon better mileage than the 2007."

Claudia H., IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"good gas mileage, reliable car (no need for repairs)"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is a fantastic value. It has been extremely reliable and consistently gets great gas mileage."

Bryan T., WI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very good value. Very reliable car. No problems or repairs needed for last 6 years. Low fuel cost, reasonable maintenance cost with Toyota dealer."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Fantastic mileage and reliability."

Gary K., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Over the last 175000 miles we averaged 48 miles per gallon :-)"

Peter F., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Mileage and reliability are great."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Best buy for 22K on the market. Has more than any Cadillac or Lincoln that I had for the previous 20 years."

R C., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent. This is our second one."

W D., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely pleased with the gas mileage."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I purchased these two Prius cars for economy, looks and reliability. I have owned three Priuses and my first one now belongs to my son and still going. Toyota builds a reliable, economical vehicle."

JOHN L., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great value when considering reliability and fuel efficiency of vehicle over its lifetime."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"A comfortable car but doesn't get the mileage it advertises. Also there is a problem sometimes with the car recognizing the fob. A warning comes up that itere is no key when there is It's sometime difficult to change the fob battery."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Prius is comfortable and economical to drive. Most of my driving is in city traffic. The car size and handling is ideal under these conditions."

Anonymous, AP (2012 Toyota Prius)

"LOVE it--never had any problems--just change oil, rotate tires, add gasoline and I am good to go!"

JANET C., LA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Our last Prius was totaled in an accident. Our insurer, Geico, had a buying service through TrueCar that delivered as promised price-wise. Our car was listed at $19,000, and we got it for just over $13,000."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"milage is the Best cruise control--FAIR air cond. Smells Bad rear vision--Fair I had to put a back-up camera $375"

DARRELL C., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The vehicle provides very good value and reliability for me and my family."

MERVYN B., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This vehicle has been the best value for the money of any car I have owned. It is comfortable and very economical."

GREG B., MA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The actual mileage we get in all-electric mode is a few miles less than advertised. We were told 10 - 12, but what we actually get is 8 - 9. Also, we can only stay in all-electric mode by nursing the gas pedal. If we accelerate to hard, it will switch out of all electric mode and stay out for a significant period of time, only returning to all-electric mode after a delay of several minutes, no matter how light our feet are on the accelerator. This is a minor annoyance, but if forces us to drive"

DAVID B., DE (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage on highway is usually 60+ mpg"

FRED T., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I had a Prius 2005 before the 2012. It is much easier to exceed 50mpg miles on a tank of gas. I have almost gotten to 60 mpg but only on a single trip."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I feel very comfortable when I drive under all conditions (though I don't live in a "snow" state). Upon replacing the factory tires with Michlein "high mileage" tires the economy improved greatly. I really do get between 53 and 55 MPG. It has all of the acceleration I need to be satisfied.with merging into traffic.After 124,xxx miles, no other maintenance costs have been experienced (beyond tires and oil changes). Would I buy this car again, YES!!!"

C K., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Totally amazed by the mpg I get with the Prius. A 1500 mile trip averaged 52 mpg!"

LARRY S., IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"$35,000 and a payment of $585 per month for the no interest option is a high for this type of vehicle"

ALAN D., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very basic transportation, good reliability"

RICHARD K., OH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The inverter went out a month after I purchased this car which between $1,700 and $2,000. Luckily I had purchased the extended warranty which covered the replacement and a rental car for 6 days"

RUTH D., KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Probably could have got better value at purchase time with more careful research"

Anonymous, KS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"great mileage - reasonably priced car - great reliability"

NAN D., NJ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"great on gas and comfort, although had issue with headlight going out. Took to dealer several times and finally had it replaced at a high cost"

DAVE S., SC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"What you get in terms of energy efficiency and performance is well worth the price."

RICK S., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"When driven properly the mpg runs about 80 on average. The only problem is acceleration is gentle at best but anyone who drives this car like it needs to be will constantly find themselves averaging 65 to 85 mpg."

SCOTT H., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Best mileage. No problems. Always reliable"

BARBARA L., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent gas mileage"

YUM W., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Buying a plugin for an extra $10,000 that only goes 11 miles on the traction battery alone was a waste on money. If I'd known more about this car at the time I never would have bought it."

PHILLIP R., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Am surprised at how much stuff it can carry, especially with back seat folded down. It worked nearly like a pickup truck when I moved to a new house."

P L., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Exceptional mileage, has only required normal routine maintenance in its 40,000 miles."

JAMES L., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The electric range continues to decline and is now 8 out of 13 miles. I have not been able to find out if a new lithium ion battery is available at whatever cost and worry that if it goes bad the whole car becomes junk. That said,the car is a dream car and it's great to go to nearby stores without even starting the engine. Except for the battery problem the car should last longer than any I've had before."

WILLIAM G., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage. Have gotten 51 mpg on some of our trips."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We purchased one of the first plug-ins and feel that we wound up paying way more than it was worth. However - we also bought to commute and use the carpool lane."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Charge takes far less time than expected - about 3 hr. Also, in the 3 different houses I have used to charge it I never needed the special (costly) station they recommend and no problems."

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Bought used in 2016 for $11,600 - based on other car expect many years of good, reliable service."

PAUL H., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I am surprised this car didn't cost more considering the comfort, reliability and styling."

LEE B., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It was a great value, in my opinion. Priuses are generally very reliable and I've had no problems yet (although I've only had the car for 3 months). I get an average of 49 miles per gallon, which I LOVE."

CAROL C., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"good value especially mpg, reliability, safety"

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Well built, excellent gas mileage,"

RICHARD D., NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"50 miles per gallon!"

STEPHEN F., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"High mph and excellent reliability"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent vehicle"

JEFFREY S., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"fuel economy during the warmer months is exceptional."

DAVID H., MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent MPG for the price - hybrid. Still has good pick-up even in economy mode, excellent in power mode."

NANCY B., MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great solid car Good car for the money"

KENNETH L., MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Super gas saver and reliability"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This car has completely changed our relationship with gas stations. We fill up about every 3 weeks (absent a distant car trip) and the cost is 1/3 what it was for our prior car (because of a much smaller tank). But because of the hybrid engine, the range is equivalent to our previous car."

JONATHAN B., MD (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very expensive car with far too many repairs needed and not very good mileage in comparison to other hybrids we've purchased."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Fuel economy is excellent and handling is very good. Front and rear seat comfort is only average (particularly on a long drive)."

WALTER K., CT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The price is a little high. The ground clearance is frustratingly low and combined with the fragility of the front bumper, it can be expensive if you get too close to the curb or as I did, had to back out of a space filled with ice and snow and it tore my front bumper apart two years ago."

ANNA F., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage-reduced visits to gas pump to once or twice monthly!"

JENNIFER J., PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Love, Love, Love the gas mileage! Would be very hard to buy a car that gets less at this point."

JERRY A., IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very good mileage, and maintenance costs are reasonable. Holds value well. Expect to keep this car for a long time."

ROBERT B., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"This is the most economic car that I have ever owned. It is perfect for my commute. It is the only car that I have ever owned in which a traffic jam increases my average mpgs. It reliably delivers high mpgs that reach into the 60's intermittently in the summers. It is kind on tires and low maintenance all around. Easily half the cost of the preceding Camry."

MICHAEL A., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The value for the plug-in Prius Advanced model would be much better if it could go at least 20 miles on a charge. 12 miles on a charge for this car's price lessens the value significantly. Also, lack of "donut" spare tire is ridiculous."

NICHOLAS G., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I believe that there are cars with better and more ecologically friendly technology on the market today. If I had it to do over, I would have bought a Chevy Volt."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We bought this car as a planned commuter for est 24k per year of highway traveling in the LA, CA area. At almost 5 years old the car was everything we hoped for. It's needed nothing but routine maint andtires. MPG has been great, right at 50mpg. The car is a little noisy and underpowered but it's sufficient and was never advertised as sporty. The collision warning system has saved us a couple of times. There weren't a lot if plug-in hybrid options in 2012. We opted for the "advanced" model. This..."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very versatile interior space. Fuel economy started out great and keeps improving."

J E., UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Excellent value! Very low maintenance cost (none for 2 years thanks to Toyota program)and gas mileage is wonderful."

Judith B., ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Gas mileage"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great gas mileage and handling in winter."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is possible to vastly exceed mileage expectations by selectively using ev mode instead of depleting it all at once."

Robert E., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Original price from dealer was very good. So far, the cost of maintenance has been very modest. Mileage has been exceptional (generally, over 50 mpg)."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely reliable, lots of cargo space, and incredible gas mileage without any extra effort on our part. Excellent car for long road trips, but driver's seat needs better cushioning."

D W., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It is a good value for the money."

Michele M., NY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great price and great gas mileage."

Mark T., RI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"the Prius is an excellent value. Low initial cost, great mileage, zero repairs or problems."

David F., OR (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Aside from the road noise and front passenger seat comfort, the car is a great value overall for going from point A to B. It is a very practical, efficient car."

Brad B., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"dependability and gas economy are exceptional"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Gasoline MPG is excellent and the Prius has been trouble free."

Coleman E., KY (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The Toyota has been excellent on gas milage and running trouble free."

Bill D., GA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"We paid about $22,000 out the door and my wife, who is the primary driver loves the car."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Plugin battery only gives about 7 miles now, use to give about 12. Tried to get a new battery for it and they said it world cost me thousands of $. No value there!"

Jane G., HI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Extremely reliable car that lives up to its mileage claims."

Mcdonald J., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Mileage ranges from about 46 to 52 mph. Variables are length of trip and weather."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Still getting 50-52 mpg. This has been a very reliable car."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It's very boring but it delivers great mileage in its own plodding fashion. For the price paid it has been a reliable and dependable vehicle."

Jim P., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great mileage and very reliable"

Ray A., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Although it was a good value for fuel economy, the audio system quality had distortion that Toyota could not fixe. In addition, the car quietness could be improve."

Frank S., IL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great gas mileage 45 city 50 to 55 Highway"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Great price point considering all the features."

Douglas B., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"good mpg"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"When gas was expensive, it made more sense than it does now. Gasoline prices will,rise again one day."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Prius)

"very reliable, low maintenance costs, fairly good mileage"

Karl D., MN (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The third generation Prius may not be respected in the fast lane but when it comes to outright value, the Toyota hybrid sets the bar. It can easily achieve 50 mpg and be a reliable work horse. We've owned our 2012 Prius for over five years and clocked over 60k miles with zero problems. Cost of maintenance since we've purchased the Prius has been extremely low because nothing has broken thus far. Even the cost of insurance is low."

Derek M., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Although a Prius costs a little more than a non-hybrid of the same size, ongoing costs for gas, oil, brakes and batteries are much less for the next 10 years. We don't know if the traction battery will ever need replacing."

J B., TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Toyota = excellent reliability, and great resale value... great mileage..."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Love that it's been so reliable and love the gas mileage."

Anonymous, VT (2012 Toyota Prius)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Very plain-looking"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The interior appointments appear cheap and very plastic. The overall interior is lackluster and unimpressive given the price I paid for the car."

DAVID F., VA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The dashboard is pretty high. It's difficult sometimes to gauge correctly the potential clearance between the tires and any objects on the right side of the vehicle because of this."

GARY C., WA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Hate the material used on the console lid and the armrests/lower panels of the front doors."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Overall styling okay but low front spoiler, invariably damaged by varying heights of curbs and pot holes. No rubber protection. Difficult to clean."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I don't like the back window. I don't like the back up beeping. I wish there was some way to turn that off. Its impossible to use the back up camera if the sun is shining. It should be protected from the glare in some way."

Anonymous, NS (2012 Toyota Prius)

"I do not like the colors that are available for a Prius at all. I was desperate when I bought this so I accepted Grey but I really hate the color. As with previous models the interior rubs off where your legs touch the sides when you're driving"

CATHERINE C., FL (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The interior material is plasticky some better interior materials would be nice. It's scratches easily . In terms of performance And reliability it is excellent I am definitely considering buying another Prius"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It looks nice and gives the impression that it is going faster than it really is. It is also surprisingly roomy inside."

RICHARD M., AZ (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Rear design poor visibility"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Prius)

"A year ago I parked over a cement barrier that had 2 peices of rebar extending out the top that pulled the engine shroud down. I had that fixed. Since then I have been extremely careful parking. The shroud was replaced and it still is coming down. It is now wired up."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Toyota Prius)

"Very low to the ground, making it difficult not to scrape when exiting driveways."

CHRIS H., CA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"The spoiler that splits the back window frequently obstructs the view of turn signals of cars behind, which restricts driving info around the car. On the positive side, it frequently blocks headlight glare. Not sure one is better than the other."

HAL B., IA (2012 Toyota Prius)

"It could use a bit more sleek styling. It looks a bit frumpy."

Anonymous, HI (2012 Toyota Prius)

Would you buy this car again?

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