The Toyota RAV4 is well-rounded and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Although narrow and a bit cramped, the RAV4 features a flexible interior, with rear seats that can be folded, tumbled forward, or removed in sections. A new engine for 2004 provided acceleration comparable with a V6 and relatively good fuel economy. Handling, which is aided by standard electronic stability control (ESC), is nimble and secure.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"For a small SUV, powerful & very reliable."

Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"AWD is all but mandatory in winter and a plus in heavy rain"

Malcolm M., MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I wish my car had greater acceleration, somewhat sluggish when trying to accelerate for example when on an onramp getting onto a freeway."

Anonymous, MN (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Still peppy, stable and accurate after 14 years"

Anonymous, OH (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Don't like driving it in the rain. It fishtails"

Sherry H., AR (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Good power and handling; good gas mileage - still after 15 years."

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"exceptional handling, as one would expect from a smaller car"

Anonymous, OR (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It has been a good vehicle. Very peppy with great acceleration and steering almost like a Mazda Miata. It is a five speed and is great fun on a back road. You need to be young and have good knees to fully enjoy this vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Very Reliable... but a bit too much road noise"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It has good acceleration. I live in the mountains and it has the power needed to get up over 11000 foot passes and more. Handling is great."

Dea J., CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"fun to drive, agile."

Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"A very peppy vehicle, fast off from stops"

Anonymous, IL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It is just a fun car to drive. Both steering and acceleration are very good."

Jon E., DE (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This RAV4 model has incredible acceleration and maneuverability. I test drove this car when we first bought it on a freeway on-ramp that is short and steep. I was able to zip on without any lag. This car still has that get-up-and-go, even more so than our 2012 RAV4. I am also able to get into tight parking spaces and make tight turns because of the maneuverability of this car."

Michelle D., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Peppier than our 4Runner, which is 6 years newer. The RAV4’s left rear bearing is starting to buzz, so we’re even more cautious than usual about avoiding jackrabbit starts and potholes. We like the car so much we’re starting to think about buying the RAV4 hybrid, especially for all the new safety systems that we’ll need more and more as we age."

Donald M., WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Extremely good handling."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This car is the best for handling steep freeway on ramps, maneuvering into tight parking spaces and quick emergency freeway lane changes."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a very responsive vehicle for a small SUV."

A R., OH (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Very easy to maneuver and park."

Deborah C., NY (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Responsive though a bit sluggish...feels secure and comfortable to ride in"

William O., NY (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This car is "zippy". Good acceleration and handling. Small enough to get into tight spaces and large enough to transport most things."

Anonymous, MO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It handles like a sports car!"

DAVID E., TX (2004 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, AZ (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Unable to shut off VSC manually. This causes a problem with climbing snow/ice covered inclined driveway. The rear differential breather valve rusted closed which caused the rear seal to leak temporarily."

STEVE F., WI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Usually adequate accelaration. Handles well. High profile makes the car susceptible to buffeting on windy days."

JAY B., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Car is very responsive & I love this. It scampers! Very good in snow as well."

V K., VA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It's have very responsive turning and angles well. But, acceleration is considered sluggish."

HEIDI Y., NY (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Not sure if the passenger side will do well in a frontal crash"

COLLEEN E., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Pick up and it turns on a dime. Awesome in snow..."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"My only complaint about my 2004 RAV4 is the cabin noise. I like everything else about it. I would like to see CR measure decibels in cars and truck cabs, on a standard test track so that results are comparable, and report those (instead of subjective assessments of whether a car is "noisy for its class"."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It is noisy inside the vehicle and I have to turn the music up loudly to hear it."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Broken spring on driver side"

James B., SC (2004 Toyota RAV4)


Jim G., CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat can be raised up high enough for genuinely good all around visibility for short person."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"1. I'm tall, and the driver's seat does not lower enough for me. 2. Dash has several rattles. 3. Front windows rattle if partially lowered (felt guides are worn out)."

Alan C., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Wind and road noise can be intense. Choose tires wisely."

Terry B., SD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"One of few cars that supports my back in drivers seat"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Road Noise"

Anonymous, IN (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable. The ride is a little rough and sometimes a little jerky when first accelerating."

Anne T., NV (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise very excessive."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"comfortable seats. Vibration in steering wheel just starting at 145,000 miles. Much quieter than our Audi."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The vehicle is extremely trouble free even though it is 13 years old."

Daniel M., MI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seats a bit uncomfortable for long trips. Above average noisy on highway."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"great considering I have this auto 14 years and it has never failed to start and only needed proper maintaince."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"My Rav4 has road and wind noise when driving on the expressway. It makes it hard to talk to someone else in the car especially if they are sitting in the back seat."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I'm 6'6" tall, and the driver side and passenger side are not large enough for me. This is my wife's car, so it isn't that big a deal. She loves her car!"

Tom L., MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a great all around car but the driver's seat padding compresses too much."

Anonymous, GA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It has a nimble ride and the suspension absorbs bumps easily.The seats are supportive. There is little road noise, as typical of Toyotas."

Daniel S., NY (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is deafening! Front wheel drive slides on wet pavement and slips on uneven road surface."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Long distance driving is uncomfortable, hard on back. The auto was also a bit pricey."

STEVEN N., FL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seats are not very comfortable. Not very supportive of the back, and the headrest tends to thrust the head forward"

Anonymous, IL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Just not very comfortable for long trips."

JUDY M., IA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy. The rest is just ok."

JAY B., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"A very important reason for buying the RAV4 was the ease of getting in and out. (I had polio and have difficulty getting into a low car, like the Corolla we used to have). My wife had a hard time looking over the hood of a Subaru Forester. Hence we did not buy a Forester (also easy to go in and out) when we were shopping for a new car.."

Anonymous, HI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a Rav4-S.. It is awesome to drive. The pickup would flatten you to the seat if you weren't careful. It is and can go off road and is amazing to drive. At 55 thousand miles all my grandchildren want it. There were only 3200 made in 2004........I'm keeping it. I absolutely love it."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I find the front seats uncomfortable. The back sinks in at the mid point and the head rests are positioned too far forward for me. I prefer to sit more upright. The interior noise is a little loud."

Anonymous, NE (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I loved my 2004 RAV4 except for the fact that the interior trim was a little cheaper than I expected, and there was a lot of parts that rattled, which I really disliked. The manual seat adjustment was a pain because my husband and I are very different sizes, so it took a lot of cranking to adjust after changing drivers."

VICTORIA W., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"My only complaint about the 2004 Toyota RAV4 is cabin noise. Everything else about it is great."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It seems to take a long time for the A/C to cool down the car"

JAMES G., CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The capability of both a 6’ 1‿ driver OR a 5’ tall primary driver to drive this car without major discomfort is gratifying. Fuel consumption is okay, acceleration is better than our 4Runner, headroom is sufficient. Over the years we have appreciated this car. One gripe is worth mentioning: Toyotas, even rugged models, have not been designed for outdoors in the northwest. Fallen fir needles accumulate everywhere in and on the car, clogging drains—the windshield cowling, the moonroof drains, the rear hatch, etc. The cost of cleaning and flushing drainage channels to stop interior water damage is over $100 each time. And both our Toyotas have required "unclogging" several times over the years. Years of parking outdoors have not caused any rust or paint problems, and I wish clogged drains could join this list of non-problems."

Donald M., WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"good cargo space, compact size, high off the grown"

Anonymous, HI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"we bought this car new, and would still not sell it. It runs well, starts is all weather conditions, and never gets stuck in snow."

E B., NJ (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Best car value in Toyotas. I've had three. 15 years old, 101000 miles, zero problems"

Anonymous, NJ (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Very reliable, Minimal maintenance costs"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"it's lasted 14 years on three continents. it's very reliable."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It's a very reliable vehicle. We have owned it for 14 years without any trouble. What more can I say...Toyota means quality."

Richard B., TN (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Good price from the dealer - beat the Costco price"

Jim G., CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Our RAV-4 has been very reliable. It is now 14 years old and I still consider it to be a very reliable car."

Jon E., DE (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I purchased my vehicle new for $18000 and I feel I most certainly got my monies worth. It has been a very dependable car for 14 years with no major breakdown. The only mechanical problems have been when things under the hood wear out. I am very satisfied with the value of this car."

Susan W., NV (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It has only needed regular maintenance, been very dependable, and has a heart of gold!"

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Just keeps running. Great little car."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Still runs well after all this time"

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"this vehicle was used as a commuter vehicle for years. It gets 23/24 mph. Has AWD so is good in rain and snow as long as the snow is not to deep. The price paid was under 21000. This was 2004 dollars and did not have any of the camera safety items that are now available. It is nice they have gone to a tailgate instead of the door that swings open on the rear of vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 has proven to be very reliable vehicle , over all."

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"change oil , brakes, tires and 1 exhaust sys -- Other than that runs great"

Leo O., MA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has been a "workhorse" and always most reliable, with really no problems other than regular maintenance."

Vivian D., IL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"We wanted a UTILITARIAN vehicle capable of hauling various bulky items. (We traded in a utilitarian Camry station wagon; station wagons are in limited supply these days. A negative comment: gas mileage has never been nearly as good as advertised. That was a diappointment."

Robert D., BC (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The main thing i wanted to say about the RAV is that, after 12 years and 160000 miles Toyota rebuilt the engine because it was burning oil. They even gave me a loaner for the week it took to fix. And this they did AT NO COST TO ME on a car 9 years and 130000 miles out of warranty. Needless to say this type of action goes a long way in enticing me to buy Toyotas in the future."

Matt D., RI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Car value is great value with little maintenance costs"

Don W., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I feel that we got an excellent value when we bought this car in Nov., 2003."

Nancy L., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Same as for our Honda!"

Dennis S., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"180000 miles with only replacing a water pump, a door window motor, fuel tank hanger brackets, and exhaust beats any other vehicle I have owned."

A R., OH (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Base models are good value, but become less so at the upper model levels."

Daniel S., NY (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"We live in San Francisco, CA and parking is at a premium. The RAV parks easily. It holds a lot of stuff and is very reliable. Would buy it again but the newer RAV is much bigger."

F D., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"much more roomy and reliable for less than the Audi. I felt much better sending my daughter to college in the RAV4 instead of the Audi since I knew I could go a year without repairs or maintenance."

IAN R., CA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Very reliable, low maintenance."

Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It has been a good dependable car for 12 years so far."

ELIZABETH M., FL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Great car for driving in town. Excellent reliability."

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I have loved driving and using my RAV4. I have had no major repairs or problems. Just received the airbag recall and will follow up. Will probably purchase a new vehicle within the year just because of all the new tech advances and enhanced safety. I am 74 an figur the next car may be the last one I buy if it is as good as this one has been. I have 136000+ miles on this one and love the height and convenience of this size and style as well as the all wheel drive. It was also used as a deli"

S R., MD (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It is an awesome vehicle - comfortable driving position, 21 mpg, and over 205,000 miles and going strong with never a significant problem!"

DAVE S., CO (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I wanted reliability. I was driving from Pittsburgh to a mountain home."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"I paid $11,000 for what I wanted and it was well-worth my money. We looked on-line for a 2nd hand owned car and then went to look at them in the western washington area."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"good value for the money, would also consider the Subaru Forester"

Anonymous, WI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a good, dependable auto but rides a bit rough."

STEVEN N., FL (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Have owned the 2004 Toyota RAV4 for 8-9 years and kept it current for upkeep. It's been an excellent car."

Anonymous, KS (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The major thing is the engine: it was burning a lot of oil, and we were considering replacing the car, which has 160,000 miles on it. But Toyota sent a recall notice and have agreed to basically rebuild the engine because of this problem. So under no requirement to do so, they are basically rebuilding the engine on a 160,000 mile car for no cost. That's how one retains customers!!"

Anonymous, RI (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"Never had a problem with it mechanically in 12 years, great value"

JOSEPH K., DE (2004 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV 4 gets good fuel milage, has plenty of cargo space and handles well in snow."

DOUG G., KY (2004 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Compact & appealing."

Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota RAV4)
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