The Toyota Sienna affords a comfortable ride and a smooth, energetic powertrain returning respectable fuel economy. Expect 20 mpg overall from the front-wheel-drive version. If you need an all-wheel-drive minivan in this model year, Sienna is your only choice. Be apprised however, those four-driven wheels sacrifice one mpg and dictate run-flat tires.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"you know. it is a big box and it turns with a mild sway. but that what I bought. A bid box to haul stuff."

BILL B., MI (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Easy, short turn radius, good handling. However, road noise is somewhat loud."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Braking improved over past models"

DEBRA P., OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles and drives very well. I love the short turning radius."

L A., CA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Always is great when you need to accelerate and the car performs. My car handles very well in snowy and rainy conditions. Great anti-skid feature."

JERRY B., CO (2012 Toyota Sienna)


M M., NY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Accelleration is great. Handling is fine. The steering is a bit too light and touchy at high speeds which can be tiring/annoying on long trips as you're constantly having to make minor corrections to keep going in a straight line. Light steering is great for navigating parking lots though."

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"I still have an issue with the turn signal. I cannot hear it and I am not deaf. Sometimes I go down the street and thru intersections with it on. Very unsafe in my opinion. Toyota doesn't seem to be concerned. It may be an issue that is the deciding factor on buying another one. My GMC truck had a warning buzzer if the let you know it was on for an extended time. I could also hear it."

Anonymous, MB (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Nice acceleration , handles well on road"

ALAN H., OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"I had a Caravan before and there is no comparison. The Toyota handles much better. I make long trips with it and it is extremely comfortable. Best driving car I have had in a long time."

R M., ON (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"A good traveling vehicle. Roomy and economical."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"acceleration is very good v6.Handling is so so very vague not much feel of the road"

P H., FL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Turning radius is great. Makes for easy parking and maneuvering."

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good acceleration and ver comfortable ride however the interior lets in a lot of road noise."

JOHN R., MN (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent handling, very stable when cornering, amazing acceleration and power."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"This vehicle is very smooth driving. Passengers are very pleasantly surprised when they ride in our van"

NORINE S., ON (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"It handles well overall, my only complaint would be that the acceleration pedal is rather touchy and sometimes putting minimal pressure on it causes it to lurch forward while other times you have to put quite a bit of pressure on it to get it to the acceleration point you want it to be at."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Of course it's a box so you can't expect to much. But excelleration is adequate, passing is actually very good, and handling is good enough for what I use this car for...a road trip vehicle."

JOHN H., MO (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"In general acceleration is very good, however, after slowing to approximately 5-10 miles per hour and making a left hand u-turn, acceleration is consistantly uneven and spasmodic. It has been this way since the day of purchase and until the current date - 8/5/2016."

GREG M., CA (2012 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Front passenger seat is too low. Wife has back pain when rides in this seat."

PAUL S., KY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The cloth seats are the worst fabric I have ever encountered. That's saying a lot at my age. The car has lots of road noise. I don't like the split driver-passenger climate control system. The driver sets the fan for both, and the passenger gets to set their own temperature. In the heat and cold, that is not enough!"

Anonymous, MO (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"A good riding van"

DENNIS W., IA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are cloth which is good but they do not have heated seats which Honda had. Climate controls are manual which are a distracted driving issue as they are far away, dim when you have the running lights on, so you can not see them clearly. Noise and ride are good"

RAYMOND-SUSANNE B., AB (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"I love the way the seats can be moved/added/removed very quickly. The rear seats tuck into the floor essentially making the van a pickup! Climate individually controlled. very quiet. Easy to drive. I love it"

MICHAEL S., WA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable seats,easily ajustable"

Anonymous, ME (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Every thing in plastic when you touch it makes a mark can't be removed. Cabin on hey so noisy can't even hear radio."

JULIA H., LA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Over all we like our Sienna, the only thing I have to say on the negative side it that there is a lot of road noise while driving. My Tundra with A/T tires runs quieter than the Sienna with street tires. Still like the Sienna though."

GREGORY N., HI (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The gauges are very hard to read; especially on a sunny day! Very slender dull red indicators against a black background! We will buy anotherToyota van ONLY IF THESE DASHBOARD FIXTURES are corrected to a white background with black wide indicators!"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"I like everything about the comfort but would be more comfortable with lower noise level when on the highway."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Comfortable ride and interior climate control"

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Being six feet tall I feel the front seat cushions are too short and are slightly uncomfortable for my legs. Also, the engine noise is heard and felt quite a bit in the cabin while accelerating. Climate control takes a long time to cool/heat the inside. The steering is very vague feeling; no road feeling."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The interior is cheap and not holding up all that well. There are squeaks and rattles, and some of the trim is falling apart. Also, the brakes are too small for this size of vehicle and are prone to sticking--the rear calipers and rotors are especially problematic."

CHET M., MI (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise is so bad the music must be played too loud to enjoy it."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"the seats are good for long trips if you r medium size, noise is low with Michelin tires, the a/c will chill u fast"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"all seats very comfortable"

M M., NY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Rides exceptionally well and is quiet."

MICHAEL S., NC (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats are very comfortable, especially the second row. The interior noise level is not as quiet as I would like."

THOMAS G., OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Too much wind noise. Theinterior storage decreased from our 2994 Sienna to the 2912 model-no under seat drawer under passenger seat, no armrest storage, no "purse" hook."

VIRIGINIA S., WI (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Same as on the 2013 but to clarify the noise is mostly coming from the windows."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The radio is poor; the display is virtually impossible to read in daylight. reception is marginal. The ride with the original "run flat" tires was very harsh and noisy. I replaced them with conventional tires- great improvement. wind noise on the highway is louder than I expected. Dashboard should be reconfigured to point the center controls and displays toward the driver for improved readability and safety."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle allows excessive noise into cabin above 35mph."

DOUGLAS M., PA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The front seats, especially the passenger seat, do not provide enough legroom."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"I am satisfied"

Anonymous, SC (2012 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"touch it. Cheap plastic interior on an XLE ?? Hardly any padding in front door armrests. Sharp edge to rest arm on when window is open in summer. Seriously: No light in either glove box. I have never owned a car without a glove box light. No light in dash pop holder. No light in center console except in pop holders. Light for pop holders should be on top of rim not bottom. Poor interior lighting overall. Dash looks nice until you Outside mirror adjustment control is not lighted. Auto heater"

JOHN R., MN (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"This particular vehicle has very few gadgets to break, hence, it was lower in price. In the coming years it will have few maintenance problems."

FRANK S., VA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Toyota has always delivered great value and dependability."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Bought it used like I do all my cars. 40K when bought two years ago and now have 95K miles on it. Not one machanical problem yet. These cars aren't cheap, new or used, but seem to run forever. I've had a 1998 Sienna and have 265,000 miles on it."

JOHN H., MO (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"It's a really good trouble free van."

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle is reliable, safe, and economical."

JAMES L., IN (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"very satisfied"

ELMER G., NY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Great value. Wonderful vehicle."

CHAD H., OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a great vehicle for what it is designed to do."

THOMAS F., OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Too expensive for lack of navigation and other features that would be expected for this vehicle and compared to other vans."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Most other cars advertised increased mileage over the past 10 year period. Our 2004 Sienna actually got 3 mpg better than the 2012 model dearie the addition of a fifth gear."

VIRIGINIA S., WI (2012 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


MOHAMED B., CA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a rather unstylish car that looks like a big blob. It's back lights are unattractive and it's bumpers are very round and large. I much prefer the styling of the Honda Odyssey which looks much more sleek and stylish. The interior looks cheap and there are big columns on either side of the front windshield that obstruct your vision. Often when driving a whole person can be obstructed from view by the column and has come close to causing accidents."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent paint. Very attractive exterior."

GARY D., KS (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"When we were looking to buy a van, the cow catcher look of the front , almost stopped us from trying it out. Once I drove it, I was able to overlook the appearance ."

Anonymous, ME (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Visibility from the Drivers seat is not as good as my Honda Odyssey that I had before this van. I have more blind spots."

JEFF P., GA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The color of the Sienna that arrived was an unattractive color, very much unlike the one in the pictures provided by Toyota."

GEORGE H., MN (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"The center console shape is very good in that it does not cut into legroom. The 2016 model enlarged the center console width to accommodate a larger LCD screen and now cuts into legroom."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Interior is cheap plastic for an over-all well designed auto"

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"Unlike other Toyota's we have owned, the paint on the 2012 Sienna chips easily."

J F., VA (2012 Toyota Sienna)

"OK but dependability is biggest plus"

F R., NC (2012 Toyota Sienna)
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