The Toyota Sienna affords a comfortable ride and a smooth, energetic powertrain returning respectable fuel economy. Expect 20 mpg overall from the front-wheel-drive version. If you need an all-wheel-drive minivan in this model year, Sienna is your only choice. Be apprised however, those four-driven wheels sacrifice one mpg and dictate run-flat tires.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Brakes are amazing! They saved my life! I had to slam the breaks on HARD when a herd of elk appeared on the narrow road (no shoulders). I expected the van would swerve and flip over -- but was totally amazed that it stayed perfectly straight, stopping inches from the big buck elk. Incredible! Thank you, Toyota!"

M M., KY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Accelerates well."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Sloppy steering the radio with navidation and dvd controls is a mess and not very user friendly"

RICHARD M., CO (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles very well. Engine growels durring acceraltion. Wind noise pronounced."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable and quiet ride. Overall quality, looks and performance are commendable. Con: the navigation display is difficult to see in come daylight conditions. Wish the display viewing angle could be adjusted as in my '09 Sienna."

GERALD S., WI (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Great acceleration, back up camera helpful, audio controls simple, air controls not very intuitive."

RUSSEL K., MD (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Amazing, fast acceleration, crisp handling"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Most powerful car I have ever owned; definitely the most powerful van. Power is smooth and acceleration is continuous up to and above 90 MPH."

ROBERT-BEVERLY M., OH (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Great acceleration!"

TERRY T., LA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It has the tightest turning radius of any vehicle I have ever owned. Handling is very good with the seat high enough to see all around providing excellent visibility. The payload area hauls a large amount of material/items with very good handling."

DONALD S., IN (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"good turning radius, quick response in avoidance maneuvers."

DAVID H., CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It doesn't turn very short at all. I understand that it is a longer vehicle, but every van we have had seems to have had a shorter turn capability than this model."

JANET S., IL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Poor handling, this vehicle is difficult to control."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Exc in every way exc air bags"

LEON A., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It is the smoothest driving car I've ever owned. It is responsive and has the perfect feel of the road transmitted to the driver."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very smooth drivetrain and excellent fuel economy. Small turning circle makes parking and turning very easy."

MAREK M., CT (2013 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The drivers seat was designed for tiny people. The seat doesn't slide back enough to allow for a 5'10" person. The seat is so narrow it stops circulation to my legs an I have to stop every hour. It bothers so much I want to buy a replacement seat."

SARAH D., MA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Rear seat head rests are a nuisance to see around in the rear view mirror when passengers exit and don't put the head rests down."

JOHN H., KS (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"comfort is ok climate and ride are good. what I don't like are front tires only getting 18,000 and brakes aren't much better"

PAT T., CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The climate control has ample capacity for the vehicle. The only issue that occurs sometimes is the air conditioner has a musty smell. I have personally disinfected the evaporator coil, which greatly reduced the occurrence of the musty odor."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"too much road and wind noise"

GARY T., AR (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"My Sienna has the Lounge seats in the second row. They are very heavy (86#) and difficult to remove when desired."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Lowest seats of all the minivans so best for carrying elderly and disabled passengers. Cabin ceiling high enough for a wheelchair to go in on its wheels. Love the 3 sets of climate controls. Seats very comfortable."

JANE D., TX (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle is very versatile. This vehicle has swallowed just about any item I have tried to move in it, from kayaks to furniture to bicycles to sheet goods. Removal of second-row "captain's" seats is a bit awkward, and leaves tracks on floor of van, making cargo storage a bit less convenient."

GARY B., NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The driving position and seat comfort make this a comfortable choice for long trips."

L B., IN (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The dash controls on 2013 vs 2008 are too distracting. the En-dash radio system is a big disappointment. Poor radio sound, difficult switching of stations, I cannot search for stations I want, only auto search. Too many steps to change to a new station. Navigation screen glare makes the back-up camera useless in daytime. No back-up guidelines on screen is uncompetitive. Back bumper sensors are not effective and annoying in busy parking lots. Second row seating won't fold down so flat panel use"

M C., PA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Within a year, the plastic surround on the bottom of the driver's seat broke and was replaced under warranty. I owned a Sienna 2001 and the step-in height, drive feel, and comfort was closer to a car than a cargo van. That was what I was hoping to replace. This is more cargo van than car."

PEGGY D., TN (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"I have an injury to my pelvis. The heated seats in my Toyota are the best I have found. The heat is hot and it doesn't cycle or turn off. We've test driven many other cars, and none of them heat like my Toyota Sienna."

DAVID A., UT (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"there does seem to be a number of squeeks inside the van, particularly the rear tail gate"

DANIEL M., NB (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The back needs better shocks when riding over bumps."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable, but very noisy."

J S., IL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Cabin noise while driving, including interior bumps or rattles which cannot be identified and eliminated"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"I do not like the phone and cruise control being on the steering wheel they turn with the wheel and that is distracting the seat belt buckle digs into my hips and I have fibromyalgia so it becomes very painful. I also do like like the back up camera. It is distorted. I would rather have beeping."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The seats are very adjustable and comfortable. I have made multiple 800 mile trips without feeling fatigued. The van is quiet and the temperature control is just what I want."

LARRY C., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"The road noise could be improved upon, however during our research before purchasing, we were aware of this possible shortcoming"

MARK C., CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Not enough space for my family of 5. The back seat is difficult to get to, and the middle, middle seat is very tight on space."

Anonymous, KY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver's arm rest doesn't really support arm, slides off. Car also lets in more road noise than we expected."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Our A/C has leaked coolant since day 1. It also makes a noise when it's on. Several techs denied hearing the noise, which is subtle. Now that the warranty is up (coincidence?) a tech manager has reported hearing the noise. The unit has been charged with coolant twice. The source of the leak cannot be found. The car is only three years old."

TAMERA L., TX (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Much more road noise than Honda Odyssey or large SUVs"

SIDRAN S., OR (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"8 seats"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very comfortable to drive especially for long trips. The seats are very comfortable the van has a good ride."

Anonymous, KY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It rides good,drives good and does as i expected. Every thing works as it should."

CURRAN K., AR (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Quite a bit more noisy than I had anticipated when I purchased the vehicle"

PHILIP P., NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"headrest made for people who semi-recline while driving.I sit up straight and had to turn the headrest around so it didn't push my head forward."

DAVID H., CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise high at interstate speeds. Sound system needs improvement."

Anonymous, MI (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Seat rails are difficult to keep clean."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver's seat comfort is the best. One of the reasons I bought this car. With back problems, I needed a car I did not have to get down into and had enough headroom for 6'3". The lumbar support is very good and I can drive long distances with no back problems."

G A., NC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"loud wind noise"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise: bad"

Anonymous, AR (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"My complaints are about the climate control system and are relatively minor. The controls have little tiny green and orange lights that I find difficult to see in daylight. When I try to determine the settings when I am driving I have to lean to the right, take my eyes off the road, and look at the controls straight on, sometimes shading the controls with my hand so I can see the lights. My old 2001 sienna had a simple slider and I could put my hand on it and tell what it was set on without hav"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are flat and narrow with not a lot of shape around the body The blows is weak and it takes along time to get heat on Winter we live in WI so need it"

CHRIS H., WI (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"great space for the family, an SUV can't give you that. Some issues with interest body part noise otherwise completely satisfied"

AVESH R., ON (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"I cannot adjust the driver's seat to be comfortable for extended driving without extra cushions or support"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Competent. Easy to handle. Interior materials cheap looking. Versitilty limited by use of trolly system fie middle seats."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)


BRUCE B., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"We were recently disappointed to learn that this model does not come with a spare tire!! Further, the tires on it were not "run flat" -- a new phrase to us. Since we planned to use this car for longer trips, this could be a significant issue. (We learned this info the hard way, but at least we were near home.)"

DONNA C., VA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"This van is converted for wheelchair carrying or driving. It is big reliable, comfortable, maneuverable and a pleasure to be in."

J S., BC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It is a handicap van. It was very costly as used cars run."

DICK W., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Ordered your CR car report, as I always do for my new cars, but didn't find it useful because it didn't cover the XLE model line. XLE had the options I wanted and eventually bought."

JOHN B., NH (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Love everything about the Toyota Sienna except the gas mileage. I get about 20 mpg overall, only 21 on highway. I got better mileage from a 2000 Honda Odyssey I owned prior - 24 or 25 highway."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Resale value is very good"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"A great vehicle but all the alarm & accessory stuff on it runs the battery dead in 4or 5 days if it is not driven leaving one in the lurch. An unacceptable condition for an almost $70,000 vehicle. As well the nav and driving controls are not user friendly."

Anonymous, SK (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"This is my third Toyota Sienna LE. I had a 1999, a 2008 and now a 2013. They all have been extremely reliable cars that have had very low maintenance and low insurance costs. The 1999 I gave to a relative after it reached 110,000 miles. It's still running. I had the 2008 until it was totaled in an accident on the highway. I was stopped in traffic and was rear ended by someone, slamming my car into the car in front of me. While I liked that Sienna, I was seriously impressed at how all of its sa"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"I did pay for the Select Used CarToyota Warranty (to 100,000 miles), and that added up to more than I planned to pay. Only time will tell how that turns out."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Exc value"

LEON A., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"With the LE model you get power sliding doors seating for eight, stoable middle jump seat. third row seating that easily folds into the floor for expanded cargo area, back-up camera, bluetooth for phones, quality entertainment system, a bunch of safety and operational warning systems. All and more for under $30,000. if you you use Tru-Car or Consumer Reports car buying guidelines."

DAN C., FL (2013 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Comfort, seating arrangement,"

JAMES J., NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good looking for a mini van."

TERRY T., LA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It is very bulky, like a bus. My 1998 Sienna was sleeker, nicer to look at (just a personal opinion)."

J S., BC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"don't like cheap plastics inside the van"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"It is too low to the ground in front for our rural roads."

JANET S., IL (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Sienna is a good family car"

LIN Z., CA (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Looks are fine, but second row seat movement is very difficult."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota Sienna)

"Great looking vehicle on the road. Ours is bright white and it is the only color that looks great. I have seen many Siennas on the road but if it is white it is very hard to miss."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Sienna)
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