The Toyota Sienna delivers a comfortable ride and a smooth, energetic powertrain returning respectable fuel economy. Expect 20 mpg overall from the front-wheel-drive version. If you need all-wheel-drive in this model year Sienna is the only choice. However, those four-driven wheels sacrifice one mpg and dictate run-flat tires. Handling falls short of being agile or engaging, even with the sporty SE version.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"exceptional for a van of this size"

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles smoothly and quick to respond to gas and brakes."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent acceleration and pretty good handling considering it is a van. Sports car handling rates pretty low on the priority levels for most people like me who value all the utility that a van provides."

Steven I., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles well for a van. It has fair acceleration."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Smooth and refined"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"6-speed transmission provides smooth shifting and excellent torque boost when merging into highway traffic; engine never feels overtaxed"

Mike K., MA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Accelerates and turns very well. Feels deceivingly light. However, when braking you can feel the vehicles true weight. Does not drive as car-like as the Honda Odessey."

JAMES C., LA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I was surprised at how powerful it was. If I want to pass someone or start out fast I can. It's quite powerful."

MICHAEL C., NV (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Partial turn signal activation causes 3 turn signal flashes. This is not useful. 4 flashes are needed."

ARTHUR R., NJ (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles remarkably well for a van and is plenty peppy. Transmission downshifts almost unnoticably when climbing in our mountains."

D H., CO (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"What a great vehicle for the family; the Toyota Sienna with seating for a reported 7 or 8 people, depending on whether you choose the AWD package. With a sleek and modern design both inside and out, and a truly realistic seating plan for a family of six, including the cargo behind the third row seat, this minivan would be a delightful addition to any family. Regrettably though the front and rear polymer bumpers which are painted in the respective color of the car, begin to deteriorate prematurel"

ERIC H., MA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"there's some transmission hesitation. not bad but car is otherwise so smooth"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"when I learned to drive in the 50's most of the cars were standard shift (ugh) so when I got an automatic I seemed to have an extra leg so I used it to brake (my left foot) However, Toyota, in 2013 put some kind of sensor in the gas line and this caused me to almost stall out. I probably would have never known shy the car would almost stall out if it wasn't for an astute person at Ledgewood Toyota. It was scary until I knew what was going on."

JEAN C., NJ (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The transmission consistently hangs in lower gears when accelerating necessitating the need to let up on the gas to get it to up shift. The slightest bit of acceleration causes a down shift wasting fuel and increasing wear. The manual transmission control has no effect whatsoever on transmission operation except to prevent up shifting!"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"had read that acceleration was lacking. ours has excellent pick up with no worries of merging into traffic or passing."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I am 6'7". The Sienna gives me plenty of leg room. My grand kids are tall too. With the 2nd row seats pushed back they have plenty of leg room too."

PENNY H., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Once I got rid of the Firestone tires that it came with, and installed top of the line Michelin tires the handling improved considerably. The Sienna now handles very nicely."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Holds the road very well. Acceleration is great."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"It handles better than expected....almost like a sedan; not like a big van."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"My Sienna handled very well the two times I had to drive the pass in snow and ice."

KATHI S., WA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Handles extremely well. Blind spot monitor is worth every dollar I spent for it. Will never get another vehicle without it"

TERRY F., NC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Really like the streamline look of the vehicle. Acceleration is zippy. I like the control center & the ability to open & close the side doors & the hatchback door. The screen for the back up camera is the best I've seen,big enough to safely back without hitting anything. Great sound system & navigation system."

ALEX R., NE (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Drivetrain is smooth and efficient. Suspension is perfect"

Anonymous, ME (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Primarily transmission: I wish I could make the transmission start from a dead stop in 2nd or 3rd gear for starting on a slippery surface. The current setup, starting ONLY in 1st relies completely on the traction control system engaging correctly. Secondly, I wish that when changing the gear selector from Drive to the manual +/- position, the transmission would stay in the same gear, and wait for "+" or "-" selection. As it is, the transmission immediately goes to "4" If I am travelling at 70m"

KEITH T., PA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"First time minivan owner. As the center of gravity is higher, it definitely rolls when cornering."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Compared to the 2011, the transmission has become much less responsive, yet the gas consumption has not improved. This was probably the biggest disappointment. The run-flat tires that come with the AWD are horrible in terms of longevity and grip."

Anonymous, NH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"For a large vehicle, the acceleration is far better than expected. This vehicle handles bumps very well. In fact, the smoothness of the ride is about as good as a previous Lexus ES300 that I owned."

R A., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Not as good acceleration as the Toyota Sienna Sport we owned previously."

ILENE P., VT (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Very good acceleration for a minivan, I was surprised. The handling is good also."

RON S., SC (2015 Toyota Sienna)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"back seat comfort is great"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent ride, low noise and comfortable seats. Excellent choice to replace my 2006 Sienna that had 175,000 miles."

Robert G., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Very satisfactory. Quiet, comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are very comfortable. Only gripe I have is the raised platform for the left foot rest that forces your leg into one position and does not allow the leg to stretch out without rubbing up against the brake pedal. It is a very quiet and comfortable ride."

Steven I., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Most comfortable ride we have ever had. went on a 2 week road trip and it was like sitting in my living room."

Anonymous, CO (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"When middle seats are removed, seat tracks remain such that floor isn't flat"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Great riding vehicle! Lots of room and very smooth transmission. The rides is also quiet and the seats are comfortable. The only fault is the short thigh support."

Dean H., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent vehicle. I've owned four Sienna's; all have been most reliable. Vans have a tendency to be noisy; however, the Sienna is very tolerable. Front seats could be more comfortable and supportive for long-distances drives."

Rudy P., MT (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Extremely comfortable ride, very soft and road bumps not felt much. Very quiet also."

Manuel T., LA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned. It is our Road Trip machine. Road noise is within acceptable limits. Comfy seats"

George R., FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Rides good for it size and great for long trips"

William T., NJ (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are extremely comfortable, especially the second row seating. Much more premium second row compared to previous model and really bette compared to dodge stow and go feature."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the space. Wish there was a bit more padding in seats. Still trying to configure how to best use storage."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Rather stiff ride compared to earlier models I had. Arm rests need to be wider and need two on each front seat. Auto climate control works great. Slightly quieter than previous models ."

WALENTIN K., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The driver and passenger seats are not very comfortable for long trips. We have the cloth interior. There just is not much padding or support. The height of the armrests are not adjustable. If you are short (like I am) the armrests are not usable."

MICHELLE B., KY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Driver's seat could be more comfortable similar to Celica"

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"It has a comfortable but noisy ride. I goofed it is a 2013 sienna."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"My only complaint is the amount of noise (tires?) when driving on highways."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The right 2nd row passenger seat presented a rattle from initial purchase in May 2015 and still appears sporadically although it has been addressed several times by service."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"very roomy and smooth ride. The bad thing is the second row seats to remove are heavy and bulky to do."

Anonymous, BC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Sold as an 8 passenger. 8th seat is stored in trunk and only big enough to accommodate a child--NOT an adult. 8th seat on 2005 accommodates an adult. Tracks on floor to move 2nd row seats is ridiculous and a dirt catcher, which will make any default or repair very difficult. Envision problems before life of car is reached."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"very comfortable ride for passengers, VERY quiet cabin. Cools and heats up quickly and evenly."

JOEL B., NJ (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The rear seats on previous years were able to be moved left/right. This is no longer an option. Would have preferred that they did not change the seat "track" system"

BEVERLY D., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"road noise requires volume increase on radio. ride is rough, seats are hard and a bit uncomfortable."

J R., HI (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The comfort level of the Sienna is the equal of a luxury car. It is quiet, smooth and roomy."

PAUL E., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Everything is placed in a good spot. We really liked the front console where the radio and controls are. The only thing I don't like is the place for the 8th seat. I wish that big plastic thing in between the two captains chairs wasn't there. It's weird. I would rather that there is nothing there. But we don't have a lot of kids. I just wish there were more LE models without that 8th seat. Other than that the car is excellent. Everything is very well designed."

MICHAEL C., NV (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The rear seats are the most comfortable seats I have ever owned in a car The driver's seat can be adjusted so many ways that about any driver can enjoy the seat confort"

JIMMY H., OK (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"+Seats are exceptionally comfortable, but would have liked them cooled. Climate control outstanding. Noise level uncomfortable. Way louder than expected. Ride is exceptional except for noise."

WILFRED H., FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Front and 2nd row seats very comfortable. 2nd row seats offer fairly open forward view."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Love the second row seats' ability to slide way back when no one is in the third row. Incredible legroom."

Anonymous, IN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I like the comfort as I can drive for 12 hrs in comfort."

RICHARD D., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats provide good comfortable support on long road trips. Road noise is very minimal compared to my old 2004 Odyssey."

DAVE C., KS (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The front seats, especially the passenger seat, do not provide enough legroom."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Comfortable in all 7 std seats for adults. Large enough to buckle in baby seat facing backward with out comprising next row up seat space. Versatile cabin, lots of stg space."

KL H., LA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"We've had constant problems with fit on doors and windows and weatherstripping. Biggest problem is wind noise and water on sliding side door."

DAVID S., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The rear seats are very difficult to slide forward to access the 3rd row seating."

Anonymous, ME (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats cushions are just a trifle short. Climate control very quiet and effective. Ride and noise control excellent from a passenger's point of view...not very much feedback to driver."

JOSHUA S., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Road noise and wind noise are annoying."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The air vents need to be more "mobile" in that they are hard to direct and there needs to be increased up and down control--the only way to control that is to open or close the vent---the whole vent needs to be able to move up or down"

JULIANNE W., NC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats can get uncomfortable on longer trips (2+ hours)"

GEOFF K., MN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Ventilation system is a little noisy when on higher fan setting"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I find the road noise excessively loud"

Anonymous, LA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The only problem with this car is that the seats are too hard. After 3 hours of driving our behinds start to hurt."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Don't like leather seats -- wanted cloth but could not get other options with cloth seats. Have a rattle in backseat that dealer cannot correct -- annoying but not serious. Otherwise car is comfortable and useful in several configurations. Wish there was a little more gold in the color. The bull-nose front is very flat and collects bugs."

Anonymous, OK (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Stable and quiet driving. Spacious and a pleasure to drive."

JOHN S., ON (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Ride is soft but the road noise is louder than I expected. Vehicle has foam in the quarter panels by the wheels. Road noise comes through into the cabin because foam is not dense. Used as a cost saving material and reduce weight at the expense of sound deadening. When the roads are wet, the water hitting the wheel well is loud. I've never owned a vehicle in which water from the road makes so much noise while driving. Feel vehicle materials are thin and lightweight to improve gas mileage at"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"excellent climate system; ride feel is too light and nebulous, needs more road feel when steering"

MARKIE P., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"This can drives so quiet and smooth. The seats are comfortable. The air is comfortable. The ride is great overall. This is a very nice luxury type van."

Anonymous, AL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Seats are uncomfortable after a long ride and it is a noisy vehicle."

Anonymous, MS (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The middle seats in the new Sienna are not nearly as comfortable as the old ones and getting and and out of the third row is much harder. the middle seats are lighter and easier to take out, but I miss the old ones."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Front seats are VERY uncomfortable especially hard/short fold down arm rests. Seat part (cushion) could be 2 to 3 inches longer. Road noise quite loud."

JANNIE B., GA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Much, much better then my Dodge Caravan. Seats are what really sold me on the Toyota!"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Cabin noise is not good."

LARRY K., PA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Have driven 800 miles in a day and arrived unfatigued. A trip in this car is a serene journey. Seats are very comfortable and adjustable. Mid seat passengers can stretch out, recline and snooze."

D H., CO (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Like sitting in a comfortable chair in your living room. Great leg room"

RICHARD R., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Vehicle has more interior space than my Highlander but it is not as quiet. I have checked several times to see if my windows were up and snug when a noisy vehicle is near. I didn't have that issue with my SUV."

BECKY A., IL (2015 Toyota Sienna)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great room for 6 people or 7-8 if some are small. Rear seats go down making room for large items. It"s sort of having a trunk with space all the way to the ceiling."

Donald S., FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Largest interior space of the minivan class. It accommodates a power scooter and hoist in the rear section with ease. High end sound is very satisfying."

Richard P., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Way better value than an SUV in terms of cost and space"

Jay J., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"My '2006 Sienna had fewer options. For instance driver power seat, climate control, etc. The 2006 had 196000 miles on with 0 repairs."

ROBERT V., GA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Rather expensive for what you get."

WALENTIN K., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"We chose the Limited 2015 Sienna, with its much higher price because of the better sound system, and the electric adjustable passenger seat. These were worth the extra money to us. We knew the seat pan doesn't adjust attitude, and that is a shortcoming."

PAUL B., WI (2015 Toyota Sienna)


CHARLES O., FL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I have the AWD version of the LE and it provides great value to someone like me that does a lot of winter snow driving. I am very impressed with the handling on snowy roads."

PAUL E., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The LE is expensive, yet the basic technology of the vehicle is circa 2000. For the price, I would have hoped things like smartkeys and better fuel mileage would have been available."

ALEX H., VA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I feel you end up paying a premium for the name. We did have a price completion between two dealers so we did get some reduction.."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"For the price, this vehicle does it all. Seating for 8, alternatively space for more stuff than one should own, adequate acceleration, very comfortable for road trips, great climate control, solid and quiet ride."

GEORGE N., CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Got a great price with low mileage"

LARRY K., IN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"In order to receiver the safety features we wanted, we had to purchase a more expensive model."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I got a very good lease deal on the Toyota Sienna SE."

RON S., SC (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I bought mine used for 23,800 with only 35K miles on it. The van retailed new for 35k+. It's a nice drive."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Dealership pressured sold 'add ons' that don't carry value for resale. Black interior is too hot and can't keep clean. Even with all the "help" with navigation and cameras, built so that it is still too hard to see when maneuvering car."

CATHERINE F., OR (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"An amazing vehicle but hard to swallow the drop in miles per gallon after driving a Prius V for more than a year prior to purchase."

GEOFF K., MN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The car is a conversion vehicle to accomodate a motorized scooter. For needing that type of vehicle I am pleased with the choice."

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Paid a significant amount to get the in dash GPS because I liked it on the Honda. The maps are often INACCURATE! Wasted over $1000 for that feature. Hurts my overall perception of the value I got for the car"

VINCENT M., NJ (2015 Toyota Sienna)


Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota Sienna)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"I like the bumper area"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Excellent styling which makes our Sienna really stand out. Iris a beautiful van toucan be proud of.."

ERNIE D., TX (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Blizzard white is a very nice color and keeps a clean look. Car feels well made and wood trim is a nice touch my wife likes. Good looking car and love all the room it provides for kids activities and road trips."

DAVE C., KS (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"The center console shape is very good in that it does not cut into legroom. The 2016 model enlarged the center console width to accommodate a larger LCD screen and now cuts into legroom."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Clean crisp styling"

RICHARD R., NY (2015 Toyota Sienna)

"Considered Honda Odyssey. Had 2004 ex model. Was very dependable and had traditional styling. Current model has a odd exterior styling. Looks cut in half and then not put back together well. The Toyota Sienna still has the traditional look and large windows for good visibility."

MICHAEL F., NV (2015 Toyota Sienna)
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