This version of the Tundra crew-cab was one of CR's top-rated full-sized pickups. Its strong V8, quiet cab and civilized ride mark it among the most well-rounded pickup trucks we've tested. While it doesn't have super heavy-duty towing capabilities, Tundra will pull 6,700 pounds. Unlike full-time four-wheel-drive systems, the Tundra's part-time system can't be used on dry pavement.
There are 12 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Parking can be a real challenge, especially with no back up camera."

JOHN B., SC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"HUGH turning radius."

JIMMY C., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The 5 speed automatic shifts too early, thus lugging the vehicle. Gear ration should be a little lower."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"acceleration sluggish, a/c/heater controls outmoded. Air conditioner very slow to cool in hot, humid southern weather. Location of clock is horrible---down and right of driver's field of vision, glare obliterates face under frequent lighting conditions.All major systems have been very reliable for 10 years."

CHARLES H., AL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Taking off from a stop is touchy. The vehicle wants to leap forward at the slightest touch of the accelerator. This may be due to recall modifications done in response to unintended acceleration issue that Toyota had in the past."

RONN T., PA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"great speed control on all terrain levels"

ARTHUR K., OR (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Acceleration is ok. Handling needs improvement. Braking sucks."

DAVID A., CA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Turning radius is too wide."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This model year compared to later models has an incredibly large turning circle i difficult to maneuver in tight areas."

Anonymous, BC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The worst thing about the tundra is the turning radius. Probably one of the worst in my experience as a driver. It ia so bad that pulling into a parking space (non slanted) is a bother sometimes taking a couple attempts at adjustments to get the vehicle straight into the space with equidistant spacing on both sides. The acceleration also seems sluggish for a V-8 and the braking seems spongy. Toyota says everything is fine."

ROBERT L., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"It is almost impossible to get in a parking space with one turn. There is no such thing as tight turns."

Anonymous, OK (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This vehicle has suspension issues and the steering wheel vibrates. You have to spend a lot on premium tires to try to get a smoother ride."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"It has a poor turning radius but other than that it has been great."

JAMES T., TN (2006 Toyota Tundra)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"great even on long trips"

SUSAN L., NM (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The comfort and ride are excellent for the vehicle. I have always had some wind noise from the passenger side rear door."

Anonymous, TN (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Roomy, comfortable seating, smooth ride"

FRANK K., CA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"AC needs improvement. At high temperatures, 98 to 100+ it is barely adequate in the front and a failure in the back seat."

DAVID A., CA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Chassis corrosion made the vehicle undriveable."

Anonymous, NL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"For a 4wd truck the tundra is very comfortable to sit in for long trips and when in 4wd bouncing on gravel roads."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This truck noise level while driving is one of my favorite thinks I like. Very quiet."

ERIC E., MI (2006 Toyota Tundra)


CHARLES B., NC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Best ride in a pickup truck I have ever had. Even after 10 years."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"It's been a great vehicle, not a problem the entire time that we have owned it. Ride is comfortable, climate control is great, can say anything negative about the vehicle"

ROBERT S., DE (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Seats will hurt my back if i spend several long days driving, otherwise they're fine."

EDWARD B., KS (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Very "bouncy" rid when the bed is empty. Very Loud road and engine noise at highway speeds"

RONN T., PA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Would have preferred orthopedic seats, I.e. wrap-around the spinal area."

DOLORES P., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"wind noise at high speeds."

JIMMY C., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"It has a very quiet and comfortable ride."

Anonymous, NV (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Rides like a truck"

MARK C., SC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Seat does not maintain the setting, slips down to a lower position no matter how many times I raise it up. Does not go completely down just a few pumps to get it where I set it every time I get in!"

DAVID W., KY (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Very roomy, comfortable seats, smooth quiet ride, feels like a luxury car. My friends love to drive it."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"the over all tundra trk, has performed to my satisfaction. has 67000miles on it and plenty of power with the eight cyl. will buy again in the future................."

MELVIN R., GA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"I have owned 5 pickup trucks in my lifetime. This is the most comfortable,quiet, best heat/AC system (don't have CC) and reliable truck I have owned."

VINCENT B., NJ (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The heated seats are the best and the adjustability of the heat and AC."

JERRY B., CO (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Heater and AC are underpowered, especially compared to vehicles made in N. America."

HUGH M., BC (2006 Toyota Tundra)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Ten years of ownership and except for regular preventative maintenance (which I handle myself), I replaced the starter this year. That's it! No rattles, leaks, rust, broken interior or exterior parts, every dash indicator light still works, the original tire pressure sensors (TPMS system) work, and the original battery lasted 8 years. Reliability is a reflection of value to me, more so than looks or performance. I can't imagine being any more satisfied with a vehicle, especially considering it's"

LOUIS P., SC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"What can I say. It's a Toyota. It still drives like new, nothing has gone wrong with it and I have zero rust. Not bad considering it has spent tens years in Michigan.."

ERIC E., MI (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Solid reliable truck. Good value."

DAVID W., GA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"It is versatile so I can get a lot done around the house and yard hauling. It also allows for kids in the extended cab."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Only use for hauling items, so not a everyday vehicle. Now had for 10 years and never had a problem, but only has 33,000 miles as well. Great pickup truck"

Anonymous, TN (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The problem was with the dealer, not the vehicle. He "required" that I sign the factors rebate over to him. I had never purchased a new vehicle with a rebate, so I signed. Shouldn't have!!"

MELVIN G., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"well built and reliable pickup"

LARRY D., AL (2006 Toyota Tundra)


CHARLES B., NC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Great performing full-size truck."

GREGORY B., NY (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This thing has been a rock. I'm a hunter and got to Wv to a backwoods cabin. this nice looking vehicle handles everything, very comfortably. It is the most comfortable back seat of all of the 4-door trucks I have ridden in. It's like a passenger car and I like being up higher to see the road better. This truck has never left me stranded anywhere and the power and pull when in the snow or backwoods is great and its Toyota's smaller v-8. Just a great vehicle."

JERRY S., VA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Like others have said, they just run and run. Still like new. Gas mileage isn't what I'd like, but that wasn't the reason for getting a Tundra."

MICHAEL R., KS (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This truck has been driven to the Arctic Circle and back without a glitch. Great truck, I love it."

DOROTHEE H., NC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Great.truck,looks and feels good. No service issues."

R P., TX (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"buy a toyota, the best.................."

MELVIN R., GA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"heavy duty, reliable comfortable and great exceleration"

SUSAN L., NM (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This can still retain its value after 10 years old."

KENNETH M., WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Very comfortable on long rides and as quite as most sedans. Components never seem to wear out as most vehicles."

Anonymous, IL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Very reliable, no major repair problems, 166k miles and still looks and drives well Poor millage"

FRANK K., CA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"I paid just $9,000. when I bought this pickup in Jan. 2009. It was a fleet vehicle for the first owner and they put 25,000 miles on it. It had no cruise control, hand crank windows and the seats adjust manually. The second owner put 3,000 miles on it. I have driven it 35,000 miles and it has performed wonderfully. I have carried loads of lumber, rock, furniture and appliances. No problems to date."

REBECCA J., TX (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"My dealer provided the exact vehicle I ordered. This means I got a white truck,cloth seats, V/8 gasoline engine, extended cab and real positive traction instead of limited slip."

BEN B., LA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"This is my sixth Toyota. I drive them into the ground without spending money on repairs. I maintain them but not repair them. My family have all subscribed to the well built automobiles. Extended family have bought other brands and I have watch them spend money on silly repairs."

MAUREEN S., WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"The Tundra was purchased primarily for utility use for my business and home maintenance. After driving it for a some time, I realized that its size and handling are both much more cumbersome than my other vehicles and so I only use it when absolutely necessary. From that standpoint it was a relatively poor investment."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Excellent reliability -- 200000km and only one repair (loose wire on horn) except routine maintenance"

HUGH M., BC (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Paid 15k with 60k miles in 2009 driven 70k only repair, tail gate handle. I did it myself: $18, 20min."

H F., FL (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"They still sell for a couple of thousand less then what I paid for mine seven years ago"

PETER W., MA (2006 Toyota Tundra)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The inside appearance was overlooked in favor of an overall dependability of the mechanical side of the car. They could have done a bit more on the inside"

EVELYN N., MD (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"I wish the interior styling of the 2006 could be mixed with the newer, bolder look of the newer exteriors. Also, the stock truck is just too low to the ground."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"nice looking modern style."

Anonymous, WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"Good looking truck."

ANTHONY M., AZ (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"I don't like having to open front door to open back door"

JEFF H., NE (2006 Toyota Tundra)

"I like the older style of Tundra's better than the new ones."

KENNETH M., WA (2006 Toyota Tundra)

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