This 2006-2010 iteration of the Jetta is larger and more expensive than its predecessor. While it also approached the family-sedan category in both price and interior room, high-quality interior appointments were still a strong suit. Power and handling were improved, but the ride is a bit stiffer.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"After driving vans and trucks for over twenty years it was nice to be able to maneuver quickly and easily and the acceleration was really great."

Joern W., TX (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Turbo engine lets me accelerate very fast."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great feel for the road. Good car for a first time driver."

John V., NY (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The car accelerated and rides well even with almost 220,000 miles."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"good acceleration and handling"

Charles P., PR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Sluggish (it's a diesel) and a bit noisy"

Stephen W., GA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The solid feel of the car. Drives just like it’s on tracks. That was after I installed top quality tires."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Strong performance plus decent millage"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It is fun to drive. I like the manual transmission and the diesel engine and the very good fuel economy."

Pat L., FL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"very responsive handling and throttle at all speeds, yet good highway mpg."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This diesel drives way above expectations. It can get out of its own way and handles very well."

John O., VA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This model (the A5) has excellent handling and response. It's a diesel, and it has good acceleration."

Julie G., MA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It drives like a sport sedan, tight turning radius, very quick acceleration, firm road feel, in other words, a German vehicle."

William H., OR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This diesel will bet many other cars off the line and handles with a sporty feel. Does good in the snow too. The best part is you get over 40 mpg while doing this as well."

Ralph W., NM (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Fabulous car, handling is quick and accurate and mileage is ofter in the high 40's. Easily get 650 miles per tank (diesel)"

Rosemary S., PA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"driving is great, but it's like a jet fighter plane in that it's good when it's running, but seems to need a lot of repairs. We had also replaced the manual transmission a few years back"

Anonymous, MA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent handling driving and mileage."

KERRY D., FL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Jetta was very economical to run at first but after 125,000 miles turbo went out (took three replacement units to get one that worked) bearing problems, oil usage not burning but leaks, dealer no longer interested in service just sell new car"

Anonymous, CA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)


LARRY B., NE (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The steering is tight and responsive. This model has the diesel engine, and it's quite zippy even as it gets better than 45 MPG on the highway."

JULIE G., MA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Accelerates and handles crisply."

R L., NJ (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Well-designed and quiet coupe."

ROBERT S., VA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Its as good as it gets"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Enjoy the handling. Ride is very good for a vehicle this size. Mileage is great (TDI), acceleration okay for this version of the TDI engine."

Anonymous, GA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"good seats and quiet ride"

Charles P., PR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Very stylish when purchased. Like the comfort of the seats on a long trip. Like the handling and excelleration and fuel economy. Don't like that it takes premium fuel."

Anonymous, NS (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"They just fit right! Never fell bad after a long trip!"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The contoured seats with the back support"

Roger B., ON (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It is the noise levels that sometimes bother me - it's worse when I have my Michelin summer tires on - the winter tires seem to be a bit quieter. The other noise is engine noise"

Anonymous, ON (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Front seats not as comfortable for me at 6'2". Diesel engine can be noisy."

Sharon F., MN (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"There is quite a bit of road noise."

Patricia L., MI (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car practically drives itself. The driving position is perfect. Even though this is a diesel, the engine is fairly quiet. Handles great and the suspension smooth yet firm enough to take corners without the roll. Easily drive 600 miles a day without fatigue."

Ralph W., NM (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"A lot of car for the money (leather, climate control, etc."

Klaus H., OR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"very comfortable, the seats on this model are a very nice leather, steering is 1st class"

Dennis M., WA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Seats are very uncomfortable for long trips Road noise is very loud. Handles very well in traffic - quick response."

Anonymous, BC (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Seats are comfy, A/C never been repaired, the ride is firm and like that and the noise level is very acceptable. Not a single rattle after 245,000 km"

ROGER B., ON (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Headliner is loose and had to be replaced at 10 yrs. Also the trunk key entry button and inside the cabin trunk release and driver side window was not working properly until electrical harbess for the left window trunk switch and trunk key sensor for the trunk was replaced."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Despite the fact that this is a diesel, the ride is quiet and the seats are comfortable. It's good for long rides."

JULIE G., MA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car has run well and has over 200,000 miles on it. A few trips to the shop, a couple were expensive, but overall have gotten good value for the cost. It’s a diesel so final value when sold will probably be very low."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I got extra features such as the moonroof for a good price."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Engine cooling has been a weakness - 3 radiators. Rear brakes have been a premature wear item lasting less than 40,000 miles and requiring new rotors every time Electric door lock system is a known weakness and has been trouble on my car."

Steven B., CA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Plenty of power, handles like a sports car and gets great mileage."

David W., WA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"great car. good mileagae"

Anonymous, BC (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It’s worth my money"

Roger B., ON (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I purchased this four door sedan because it was a new vehicle, but one model year old, and the price after some negotiation was lower than the five door hatchbacks I was considering. It has been an exceptionally low maintenance vehicle with only one significant expense--the ignition lock, in eleven years."

William H., OR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Best small Diesel engine ever made. US is stupid for giving these cars their bad reputation."

Ross T., AZ (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"42-50 mpg with the torq is a great combination"

Dennis M., WA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"at 230000 miles with very little repairs so far, it's hard to beat as value, especially considering superb MPG"

Klaus H., OR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Love the drive of the car. It's a car for people who like the feel of driving at a great price."

Kathleen A., VA (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great mileage. Good running car."

Sharon F., MN (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Computer -"

DAVID R., ON (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The car drives great, but has had one problem after another during the time we've owned it. And those repairs have been very expensive, in my opinion."

JOSEPH H., FL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"You can not get any better MPG and performance then a Volkswagen diesel !"

Anonymous, MO (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Fuel economy has been great for the vehicle. Very few repairs (up until this year)."

Anonymous, AB (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It's reliable for the first five years of owning a new vehicle . After be prepared to start fixing minor things. At the 100k mark expect to change out transmission and fuel system. If I had to do it over I would have purchased the extended warranty."

ROBERT W., TX (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great gas mileage."

KERRY S., TX (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"good ride, great mpg, handles great"

LARRY B., NE (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)

"My Jetta is a TDI Diesel, get 45 mpg on hwy. Has great trany, has 150000 miles and runs great"

Anonymous, AR (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The head liner had to be replaced and the black plastic covering on the console is peeling off around the audio system and climate control buttons."

Anonymous, AL (2006 Volkswagen Jetta)
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