This 2006-2010 iteration of the Jetta is larger and more expensive than its predecessor. While it also approached the family-sedan category in both price and interior room, high-quality interior appointments were still a strong suit. Power and handling were improved, but the ride is a bit stiffer.
There are 7 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives like a sporty car"

Armando V., VT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car is inspiring to drive."

Tim W., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent pickup due to 5 cylinder engine."

Robert T., OK (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Heinz N., ON (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"SImple, fun to drive."

Edmund F., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Sometimes too slow to respond when I need acceleration quickly (e.g. entering a high -speed highway, where the US almost never provides proper acceleration lanes)."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This TDI, with 6-speed manual transmission, is fun to drive. VW fixed the emission defeat device and it still gives good performance and mileage. I want to drive another 100,000 miles."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great handling ride fuel economy reliability"

JAN H., AZ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Very good acceleration and braking."

WILLIAM W., ND (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Does not hesitate off the line and remains in 6th gear while climbing hills. Takes cornes with confidence."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Jetta TDI delivers incredible off the line torque, making it feel more powerful than it is. The driving position, the quiet ride, and sporty feel makes you want to take corners at full speed. It is incredible that such a cheap car can perform at such a high level."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The turbo jet engine give to this car an excelent acceleration in seconds."

GABRIEL G., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It took me a while to figure out the acceleration with a turbo diesel. I have to gauge when I "jump" out into traffic."

DIXIE A., AK (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Just turned 99,000 miles today and had the first major repair done: replaced LF wheel hub assembly. Made 6000 mile journey three weeks ago and averaged 48 mpg actual (calculated, not an accepted number based on on-board computer). Kept speed mostly below 65 mph (2100-2200 rpm) and used cruise control most of the time. A/C on about half the time."

WILLIAM L., MT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"HORRIBLE When I push down on the 'diesel petal', it stalls for about 3 seconds, then 'takes off'. It has nearly gotten me killed several times. Will not start when it is below 20 degrees"

MICHAEL R., KY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great handling, quick acceleration, very much fun to drive. The VW four cylinder, two liter turbo is a great engine"

K H., NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great car if the promise of clean was true, the car give great fuel mileage. Holds four normal Americans and all their stuff. I don't think I will ever find a car that gives the speed fuel economy at this price point ever..... This would be fraud for anyone else"

TIM B., WA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"excellent turbo and acceleration coupled with good gas mileage"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Fantastic acceleration with the Diesel engine"

ANTHONY P., TX (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Problem with the company, because it is a diesel."

Anonymous, QC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Diesel engine has impressive acceleration, turbo lag took some time to get used too, after changes to my driving technique by easing into the acceleration from idle the lag was manageable. The DSG transmission also has a delay engaging from stopped of about 0.5 sec and is accommodated by anticipating the clutch engagement by releasing the brake slightly early."

PHILIP W., ON (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Extremely satisfied with passing power and highway onramp merge acceleration. This car as everybit as good as the 6 cylinder BMW that it replaced."

JAMES D., MA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It often has a significant hesitation when we step on the gas"

WALT S., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Wonderfully fun to drive"

EDWIN G., PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"A lot of power, but flattens out at higher rpm. Holds the road well. Precise steering. Strong brakes."

LEONE A., NJ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car represents thew most satisfying car I have ever driven. The torque from the diesel engine provides instant acceleration at low rpm. It cruises down the interstate effortlessly at 70mph while getting 48-49 mpg. It is a very practical, dependable and stylish car for the money."

Anonymous, SC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent acceleration, torque, and fuel economy."

RICHARD B., MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great acceleration fun to drive"

ADAM K., CT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It handles very well and I do love the economy of the diesel. It does not appear fast but the torque is great."

TONY M., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent mileage almond with great torque and power"

LARRY B., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Manual shift. Very responsive. Great pickup. Suspension system grabs the road well ... makes the car fun to drive"

MICHAEL W., MI (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This diesel vehicle has excellent acceleration - it is a commuter vehicle used daily to and from work for about 100 miles per day. It is mostly highway driving with heavy traffic and truck traffic."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This is a TDI. Even though there is the ongoing issue of the recall, this auto is an outstanding performer. I will miss it when it's gone. I don't think a fix will be allowed on this model. And yes, before I'm pilloried, it does pollute, but less than a lot of others on the road!"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Wolfburg edition is very smooth, accelerates quickly and handles well."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car is a little disappointing in the areas of power and fuel efficiency. I would trade some fuel efficiency for more power, but this car has neither."

Anonymous, IN (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The handling is great! The suspension is a bit hard, but that makes cornering and driving on winding roads Very easy and has a very feel. I admit that I like to corner a bit fast sometimes, and when I do, the Jetta holds the road like glue. The acceleration is fantastic. Freeway driving is a joy."

Chas L., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Peppy and handles well"

Chris D., NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent road feel, power, and acceleration, with 42-44 mpg on the highway."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great car to drive! Zippy acceleration, good handling in turns, great response. Most fun car to drive!"

Paula M., OK (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Good acceleration with a very decent fuel consumption. Handling very precise."

Daniel B., QC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great torque and responsive handling. Some hesitation in start-up acceleration. Shifts are not so good with cold engine, so often use manual mode for lowest gears until warm."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Very powerful for a small engine"

Muhannad R., IL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The interior is comfortable, but it tends to be pretty noisy at highway speeds. Overall it has been a very good and affordable car. The air-conditioning is not very good. It is very slow to cool the car down in the heat (live near Washington DC) and never gets all the cool."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"comfortable seats in leather. very little road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"pain in the pyriformis on long journeys, but that's probably not VW's fault."

Anonymous, PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"5 speed manual great drivability zip n is fun to drive the ac never gets cold enough currently there is a sporadic and annoying noise coming from behind glove box ..a fan motor of some kind needs replacing"

Joanne T., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I love seat's support and dual climate control, the cabin noise at highway speeds has always been my biggest complaint"

MARTIN M., MA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The seats are not as comfortable as they could be. The ride is bumpy and there is a lot of road noise."

KIMBERLY V., WI (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Too much road noise. Hands free phone not good."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Quiet passenger cabin for a turbo diesel. V-tex synthetic leather has held up well for almost 8 years of ownership."

JAMES D., MA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Extremely comfortable in every respect."

ROBERT T., OK (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The seats have proven to be uncomfortable on long trips. The back of the seat forces your back into an unnatural curve and lower back support is lacking causing a sore back."

- L., MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"good gas mileage"

Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Ok for short trips, but seats are not as comfortable for long rides"

Anonymous, AL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Jetta is on it third A/C. Third alternator. I love the handling of the car but the other items listed above are added cost that I thought with VW would have been better. Now the buyback/diesel gate."

JEFF F., FL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The Driver's headrest seems, for me, to be a bit too far forward, I pull it out and reverse the headrest so it sits farther back."

ROBERT B., PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The driving position is extremely easy to adjust. While I do not have the power seat option (only power recline), I can drive 300 miles with no discomfort at all. It is a quiet car and the performance on the road is at the same level as cars costing twice the price (I compare against friend's other cars and mine always impresses me with comfort, sportiness, and overall good materials that have held well even after 6 years). The A/C is fantastic."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Seats are very ergonomic and back seat has plenty legs room"

GABRIEL G., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Loud wind and road noise"

WILLIAM W., ND (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Very confortable with very good handling."

Daniel B., QC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"There is more road noise than I would like on coarse pavement."

Robert C., NJ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Nice ride, comfortable for smaller sedan"

Chris D., NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Great performance with the TDI Diesel engine. We are disappointed that we will not be able to replace this vehicle with a new VW diesel as they are discontinued."

Bruce W., AB (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Very responsive handling and fun to drive, especially with dual-clutch transmission and diesel torque. Some delay in acceleration on start-up from standing still. Ride is somewhat harsh and noisy, but harshness is part of responsive steering and suspension."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"you feel every bump in the ride of the VW"

Cheryl R., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Excellent model in all respects. Very low repair factor."

Robert T., OK (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"it cost about 17000 and has given us many miles with no problems"

Gregory G., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The VW is a Diesel. I bought it for the fuel economy. Now that the EPA has caught up with VW and the car has been "fixed," the experienced mpg and performance is now hardly better than newer similar sized gas jobs. It was great while it lasted until the Gov't, like all animal shelters, has had it neutered."

William L., MT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Heinz N., ON (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"We've spent almost as much on repairs to this car as we did to purchase it new."

Lisa D., TX (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Good value and good ride, particularly like the manual transmission"

Armando V., VT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"We have owned the car since new (2009) and had only normal upkeep costs other than repairing pot hole damage. It has been a great value."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"In the midst of VW Diesel engine recall and class action lawsuit. Was planning on keeping the car long term but will have to sell it back to VW. Also, repair costs for the TDI Jetta have been signicantly higher than our other cars."

PETER B., NJ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car was sold as "environnement friendly" but it was false !"

Anonymous, QC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"We purchased the vehicle because of its supposed environmental impact ("clean diesel") and because it advertised great fuel economy. We now know that VW has cheated on their emissions and the cost of maintenance every time service is needed is very high - from $160 to $720 every time there has been an oil change (not from a dealer). Little things keep going wrong with the body hardware and some not so little things - like not being able to get the fuel door to open because it's tied into the v"

PAUL J., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Disappointed in the diesel emissions scandal"

Anonymous, MO (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"very good"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I was much more satisfied with the VW Jetta diesel prior to learning of the emissions fraud that the company perpetrated on the consumers!"

STEPHEN P., MN (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Volkswagen fixed a problem with the turbo and other minor problems at their expense which we much appreciated. Except for the nitrogen oxide pollution and the fraud perpetrated by Volkswagen the car ran well. Now we feel that we're stuck with something that's been revealed as just a piece of junk."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This was one of the first "new" TDI vehicles sold in Maryland in 2008 that is now subject to the diesel recall. Consistently returns over 40 mpg, over 45 mpg on the highway. With the amount of miles I have put on the car, saved $4-5000 dollars in fuel cost"

ROY D., MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Simply put, the car was too expensive. As are all VWs."

Anonymous, NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I had to replace a wheel rim - 700+ was excessive and 1100 to repair the XM radio is excessive. There's a paint issue on passenger's side and the head light lenses are getting "cataracts"."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Reasonable price, poor mileage"

Anonymous, NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Has a drive CHAIN instead of a Timing Belt...NO expensive Timing belt change...LOVE the low maintenance cost!"

GLENN R., TN (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I purchased one of the first available TDI Clean Diesel Jettas available. Since the diesel emissions scandal was reveal in September 2015, my impression of the vehicle and VW has gone down. I really do like the performance and quality of the Jetta TDI, but VW's dishonesty and especially the disregard for the environment is absolutely unacceptable, and it will forever tarnish my view of VW. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this vehicle, and I likely would have kept this vehicle for 15+ years if the em"

DAN G., GA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"It's a VW TDI. I don't like to be lied to."

PAUL L., ON (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"In the first few years I was very pleased. Then things started to happen. Two coil springs broke within 10k miles requiring a complete replacement. Then brake calipers didn't retract properly causing rapid break wear. Then problems with O2 sensors. I've filed my claim w/ VW to sell back the car as part of the emissions recall on diesels."

WARREN C., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Because vw has so little respect for us so as to scam the exhaust figures, after having nine vws i will never buy another one."

ROBERT F., NS (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I leased it at first and it was zero down. I financed the buyout and the only issue was a $1000 upcharge which was very annoying. I purchased this after the 2010s were out so I got a good deal on a very well equipped car"

FRANKLIN M., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Even thou this is a diesel model, I enjoy the engine response and handling of the vehicle. The fuel milage is great!"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Jetta TDI diesel - waiting for the VW buyback program to start soon, then they call scrap it."

BRUCE E., OR (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I love my 2009 Jetta TDI, but I'm very disappointed in the fact that VW misled their buyers with the amount of pollution it emits. Otherwise the car has been great, but I've got to turn it in soon. I'm not happy. I wish the emission system wasn't a hoax."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"A good car, except for the fraud involved with bypassing the emissions testing"

WALT S., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Cost under $20,000 before adding fog lights and mud flaps. Excellent value for the money."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"Excellent value for first car for teenager."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"We loved everything about our Jetta. Unfortunately, the emissions debacle ruined it and we will be selling back to VW in the coming months."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Anonymous, MD (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"This car is a Diesel and we're glad we bought it. I think it's saved us a lot of money on fuel over 115000 miles, enough to cover the cost of renewing all the wear-and-tear items in its gear to bring it back to new car specs. Except for tires, filters and one wheel bearing, it's 100% OEM, which is phenomenal. All vehicles should be this good."

William L., MT (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the color and the interior layout. The exterior is pleasing and doesn't look dated"

FRANKLIN M., CA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)


Anonymous, NC (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"I wish I had gotten a wHite one instead of a black one. I didn't realise how every scratch shows up on black"

JANE S., WA (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)

"The styli g of the Volkswagen is plain, but still looks as it rolled of the showroom floor. I know some people don't take care of there cars but I try."

TONY M., NY (2009 Volkswagen Jetta)
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