This 2006-2010 iteration of the Jetta is larger and more expensive than its predecessor. While it also approached the family-sedan category in both price and interior room, high-quality interior appointments were still a strong suit. Power and handling were improved, but the ride is a bit stiffer.
    There are 5 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "adequate acceleration on highways and predictable handling."

    Anonymous, CO (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Handles great sounds strained on acceleration"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Steering is tight and love the turbo"

    Ronnie P., NC (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Great acceleration with the 2.0T and DSG. Handling is what you’d expect from a German sport sedan."

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "very peppy German quality."

    Anonymous, DE (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good handling, shifter and clutch. It's a manual transmission model. Firm ride."

    Anonymous, KS (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The 5-cylinder engine is spunky, if EXTREMELY noisy, and the car handles twisty roads very well without having an overly harsh ride quality."

    Anonymous, VA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "sorry - answered that in last question - excellent acceleration and handling making it easy and fun"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Excellent acceleration with the 2.0T. There is sometimes a bit or turbo lag. Excellent handling like you would expect from a german car. This is the Wolfsburg edition which is like the GLI in other model years."

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The car handles quite well. Unfortunately, this is due to VW cheating on emissions..."

    John C., VT (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    Anonymous, QC (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Handling and acceleration are very good. The car feels solid and is very dependable."

    Paul D., FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "It is a diesel it has excellent acceleration and good milage."

    Anonymous, GA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Therw is so much power and it responds really quickly. It puts whatever other car we have to shame."

    Anonymous, OR (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good ride and handling for a compact car. Less noise when compared to Civic and Corolla"

    Edward R., GA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Fun, responsive and sure footed."

    Anonymous, MI (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good handling and responsive."

    Anonymous, IN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Very responsive, direct, good acceleration"

    Hanafi F., AZ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Built like a performance car. I like the handling a lot. As of now , no 2016 tdi (not sold due to dieselgate) is Built like it."

    Anonymous, QC (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Very good acceleration, its a peppy car and I enjoy driving it."

    Anonymous, MD (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Very good acceleration for a small engine. Have achieved up to 46 MPG on the freeway. We have no plans to have the car changed to meet emmissions standards, due to scandal. We like it the way it is!"

    Anonymous, WA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The acceleration and handling are exceptional"

    ANDREW K., ME (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good; Fun to drive, fast Bad: repair cost reliability"

    MITCHELL M., CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "very slow off the mark, due to diesel and turbo; great torque, of course"

    Anonymous, NY (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Great acceleration, no fear when moving into traffic."

    Anonymous, TN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "My Jetta TDI engine has been great, plenty of power, fun to drive, handles well. Radio, a/c, ignition, engine wiring harness, transmission, have all had to be repaired or replaced."

    TODD S., OR (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Sun roof is much too noisy when open."

    MELISSA B., MD (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The pickup on my Jetta is incredible, and the handling is smooth but still allows the driver to "feel the road." It's a pleasure to drive."

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Accelerates quickly and handles well."

    J H., VA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The car handles very well and it is fun to drive. Were it not for the TDI emissions scandal and the hard to use navigation system, I'd be very satisfied with this vehicle."

    WILLIAM K., MO (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Fun to drive. Get's great mileage."

    Anonymous, MD (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The Jetta is a turbo-diesel and has a lag when accelerating from a stop or cornering. I believe it to be a "turbo charger Lag""

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "responsive acceleration, good handling for the class"

    Anonymous, KS (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The 200hp, 2.0 turbo is a great engine. Acceleration and handling are excellent, especially since moving to high performance tires which made a huge difference. It specs out like an A4 for about $15k less.....great car."

    Anonymous, NY (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "This vehicle is also a Diesel, has sprite acceleration and lots of torque. Also has the double clutch transmission which I love. Handling is good, but not great."

    RUSSELL S., CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "smooth suspension that also handles well."

    Anonymous, CO (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Excellent front seats. The ride is composed. Good road feel. The downside is more noise than I’d like."

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "almost worthless air conditioning in very hot climate"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good: seats are great Bad: acceleration and road noise too high"

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "very supportive seats. Ride is great for an 8 year car."

    Anonymous, DE (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Comfort of seats is fine but the diesel engine is noisier than I would like it to be."

    Ray L., NY (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Comfortable. Disappointed that A/C compressor malfunctioned at 100k miles. This is very premature."

    Anonymous, WA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Excellent seats. Even back seats are good. Noise level is a little high with turbo and sport suspension. Ride is controlled and predictable."

    Anonymous, NJ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "All around a very good car, quiet, turbo diesel is great for acceleration and mileage, dependable, starts easy in the cold winter months. The radio has a bad reputation for going out for the 08-10 models, do not replace with another factory one because it will eventually fail as well.Not the easiest to get into, but very comfortable once your in if your a big person. Climate controls are very good."

    DOUG S., MT (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Road noise is unsatisfactory."

    TERESA F., AZ (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The air conditioner compressor broke and it cost 1000 dollars to fix."

    BRUCE R., PA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "very noisy at highway speed; suspension gives rough ride"

    WILLIAM H., FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "I wish the seats were automatic. I find it difficult and timely to continually adjust by hand( my age).!!"

    Anonymous, FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good - Seat adjustments. legroom, driver position Bad - Visibility"

    Anonymous, MD (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The Jetta TDI is very tight with '0' rattles. Steering is also tight, the TDI has super power during acceleration, drives like a sports car, ride is very comfortable, and body style remains current and sharp...."

    RONNIE P., NC (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Seats are comfortable for long trips. Car is relatively quiet for a diesel."

    J H., VA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "fun to drive very good driver seat adjustment lots of room in back seat large trunk"

    LESLIE W., LA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "We love the car but it's part of the whole TDI mess. My wife drives the car but won't reward a company that lies and cheats with a repurchase."

    Anonymous, FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good deal, purchased 1 st Jetta in 1985"

    Anonymous, QC (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Sadly, this car is part of the Dirty Diesel scandal. It will be returned to VW later this month. They are buying it back for roughly the same price I paid back in 2010."

    John C., VT (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Very reliable car, good solid transportation, I would buy another Jetta"

    Edward R., GA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Absolutely Outstanding fuel mileage even when pulling a light trailer (better than Preis, LOL). Fun to drive for an economy car. Great deal for an economy car. Love the little car so much that I may not participate in TDI recall. Quiet and comfortable on long trips."

    Anonymous, PA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Easy on maintenance costs, local dealership has 70.00 oil changes, as the diesel only uses a special type of synthetic oil for VW. Have had no major issues with this car other than the value went down because of the emissions scam, but VW is going to make it right with owners."

    DOUG S., MT (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "It's a VW diesel and not sure what the heck is happening to the vehicle's resale or settlement value."

    TIMOTHY H., MA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Air conditioner is weak on this car."

    Anonymous, MO (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The value for this car was very good until the diesel scandal. Now the car's actual value has been compromised, so it's hard to answer accurately."

    ANASTASIA K., CT (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "TDI issues."

    STEVEN N., FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "This car is part of the VW Diesel scandal. We love this car and would have kept it forever, although interior items are starting to breakdown after 6 years. We just can't put that kind of pollution out in the world."

    NOELANI S., CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "My Jetta has died a very premature death. Major HPFP failure, shavings throughout the fuel system 10,000 estimate repair cost. It is also part of the emissions recall. I loved this car until these two recent major disappointments."

    PETER T., ON (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "It is one of the recalled vehicles. I feel cheated. Nothing new from what you've been hearing from other owners, I'm sure."

    NATHAN T., MN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good reliable basic transportation"

    THOMAS G., FL (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "It was a good value until the emissions scandal. We will see if the settlement makes us whole on the cost."

    GLEN T., VA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "I thought I had gotten a good value with my diesel Jetta but the value was a sham. I still like the car but it's value has dropped considerably in the past year."

    ROBERT M., MN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Jetta Diesel, feel lied to about emissions"

    CHARLES W., TX (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "excellant mpg, tough exterior finish, good pickup, good road handling, big trunk, comfortable seats"

    PAUL M., MN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Lowest maintenance costs of any car I've ever owned."

    Anonymous, WA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Good value at the time of purchase (2010), 23K for better than basic model. Since VW cheating scandal the value is less than what its worth and will not buy VW again."

    Anonymous, TN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    MARLA H., OK (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "I was totally cheated. I paid $7,000 extra for a "clean diesel" and received a dirty, high maintenance POS."

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "The car is a disaster to own. Consider spending $16,200 in repair costs to get the car to 120,000 miles. This is over and above the cost of normal preventive oil changes and likes. By the time the car gets to 120,000 miles the money you will spend on problems will outweigh the value of the car by twice."

    DENNIS S., CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "I am very upset with Volkswagen regarding their egregious behavior regarding the "clean diesel". Their behavior is inexcusable. I will never buy a VAG vehicle again. Despite saying this I have enjoyed the economy and quality of my car. I still have some love for the vehicle, but it sits in my garage awaiting it's return to Volkswagen later this fall. Yesterday, I purchased a 2016 Mazda MX-5 which will replace my 2010 Jetta TDI. A radically different vehicle for sure, but hopefully I will not fe"

    GERARD S., WA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Emissions deception. Otherwise, a very good value."

    Anonymous, PA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "screwed by Volkswagen and their lies about CleanDiesel"

    Anonymous, CO (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Parts are too expensive, for example wiper blades were $30!"

    MELISSA B., MD (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "VW lied about the car. It's a TDI, a "clean" diesel. It isn't clean. It fouls the air with nitrosoxide. That defeats the very reason I bought the car."

    Anonymous, CA (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "every thing"

    Anonymous, NV (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)

    "Very stylish"

    Anonymous, TN (2010 Volkswagen Jetta)
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