Introduced for 2012, Volkswagen's midsized sedan was redesigned and optimized for the American market. In other words, it grew larger than most of its competitors, lost some of that crisp European driving feel and became less expensive. Passat buyers who prioritize fuel economy tended to go with the diesel-powered Passat TDI, delivering an excellent 37 mpg overall in our testing.
There are 8 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handles and drives very nice , good acceleration, easy car to drive"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Acceleration is smooth and even."

T S., SC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Doesn't feel stable when it's windy or when going by bigger vehicles (semis). It gets blown around easily in the wind. Acceleration just not very effective at slower speeds (like merging onto highway)."

BETH C., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Good highway performance"

STEVE E., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"V6 with DSG transmission: A powerful drive train but has initial flat spot when moving away from a stop sign. Difficult to operate smoothly. From a stop, car starts to move but flat spot in first gear acceleration occurs before transmission upshifts which causes a lag and then jerk before trans shifts to next gear."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"I have never had any car in my many years of driving that holds the road at highway speeds and during turns the way this vehicle does."

JOSEPH D., IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"It is a diesel, and up to about 60 mph on highway the acceleration is good."

ORAN P., MS (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great fuel economy, excellent acceleration"

JOHN P., IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)


JOSE H., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"It has great acceleration and vehicle control on the road."

Anonymous, NV (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Acceleration may take a little bit of time to kick in when at a stop."

JOHN M., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Although a diesel, acceleration is quite adequate. Handling is very good, typical European."

J M., ID (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"torque. torque. lots of it. not particularly sporting, but it owns the highway."

DAVID S., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"There's a slight hesitation in acceleration at the low end, but there's excellent acceleration when downshifting while moving in traffic."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Peppy engine when needed- i.e., good acceleration; over 600 mi. on tank of gas (commonly, up to 37 mpg), turnpike driving; cell phone(bluetooth) accessibility; overall, great car!"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great performance. Much better than the sticker price indicates. I have the diesel and I would get it again. When I hear people say they want a car that gets them there and they don't care how it drives, I shake my head knowing they have never driven a VW or another German car."

MARK P., OH (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"throttle response is poor. dashboard controls are an ergonomic nightmare (never use phone or navigation) brakes require too much pedal motion for full braking"

SANFORD D., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"For a 4 cyclander, responsive acceleration and precise handeling"

STEVEN L., WA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Outstanding power at low rpm,, very satisfied."

WILLIAM E., TX (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"This is a car with the maligned 2.5L five cyl. engine, and yet it performs well. No, the acceleration is not special; however it will cruise all day at 80mph and is smooth and steady at 100 mph. It is comfortable and composed at those speeds and inspires confidence."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Awesome turn in and handling. Some tip in hesitating on reg gas"

JOHN C., CT (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"being a diesel it stutters off the line with significant lag. Navigation system sucks it is way too complicated, the blue tooth for the phone is excellent"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Stability on high speed highways is exceptional"

JOHN C., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Back up camera can take 5-7 seconds to come on if your car has been sitting for several hours. The turbo lag or maybe some electrical delay that occurs when starting out quickly from a dead stop is dangerous. You do not want to try to quickly shoot across lane/lanes of traffic. There's probably a 2 second delay from the time you press your accelerator down until the car lunges forward. Driven steady at 60-65 MPH I have achieved 54-50 MPGs (indicated) respectively... many times. The MPGs are st"

DENISE J., CO (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Acceleration and drive ability of the diesel is excellent for a family car. And gas mileage is excellent."

J L., SC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Everything about this car is outstanding, except the slow to respond navigation system."

R P., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Handling is pretty good for a front drive family car. I mean it's a front wheel drive car so it's no Porsche Cayman, but it's comfortable and nimble for a family sedan."

STANLEY S., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Acceleration is strong. In the times when you need to hit the gas and go, the car doesn't hesitate for a moment and quickly accelerates to the desired speed. I travel a lot of winding backroads on a daily basis and the car handles quite nicely on curves at safe speeds."

Kenneth R., GA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The 5 cylinder engine doesn't gain any power much beyond 4000 rpm. It has the power of a 4 cylinder with the gas mileage of a 6. On the other hand, it doesn't have a timing belt, but a chain, which is the primary reason I bought it. That's a $1000 service I don't need to do."

James L., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The press panned this car's acceleration but I find it to be more than adequate."

Jim G., IN (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent acceleration plus excellent gas millage, 37 mpg on the highway. Firm but comfortable ride, a real sports sedan in terms of handling."

Nancy W., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"vehicle hesitates big time when starting in traffic after stopping for same"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent torque provides for great acceleration. Handling is best I've ever had in a vehicle I've owned but I never had a German-engineered vehicle."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The diesel really cruises great on the highway and it has effortless power for in-town driving. Great engine, great car. Cant't beat the TDI."

John S., IA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"smooth, quiet ride; poor throttle response at low speeds; poor brake response."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Acceleration and performance are outstanding"

Clay L., UT (2013 Volkswagen Passat)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable seats"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Leather seats option should have all leather surfaces"

Robert-Helen H., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Too much road noise. Tire noise is much too loud."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"I can not say enough about how comfortable this car is. it's a fantastic car for road trips. I can drive all day and not be sore."

Joe S., OK (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"It is very comfortable and the climate control works well. It is noisier that I would expect."

RICHARD M., VA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The fan for heat/air is disappointing for its lack of volume. When on high (6) it is very noisy. Used to Toyota heat/air which I think is exceptional."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Heated seat stopped working after 20 months"

STEPHEN M., CT (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Like heat & air controls and operation. Split controls air a plus. A/C really does the job on hot days. Ride is firm,, but not harsh. Has very sporty feel, with quick response steering. Cheap carpet and sun visors. All & all very fun to drive."

GARY L., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seats aren't very comfortable. Climate control is OK but windows will steam up if it is not on even though it's really a comfortable ambient temp. Somewhat noisy,"

MARTIN L., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The rear seat is outstanding. So much leg room in this car, and it really makes dealing with a carseat in the rear a breeze."

STANLEY S., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Every thing about this vehicle relative to comfort(seating, climate control, lack of exterior noise, outstanding ride quality).I feel very upset with the allegations against VW, considering this is an exceptional vehicle to own."

R P., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Climate control on the passenger side is defective."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Upgraded seats are very comfortable for long drives. Head rest is not positioned well and creates some discomfort however."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Tremendous amount of room for larger family. (father and 2 boys over 6'2") Overall MPG consistently around 47 MPG."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"the passat is a very quite and comfortable car. We have used it for many road trips over the last year logging more than 40,000 miles"

ERIK M., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seats and ride"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"AC is very weak"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The Passat is very Comfortable. The reason we purchased it is the canyon like legroom in both the front and back seats. The trunk is also very spacious and usable."

DANIEL M., PA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The heater cores plug up on these cars and VW won't cover the repair in full full for some owners. It's a poorly designed system. If they would stand behind their car I would consider another VW. NEVER AGAIN."

THOMAS P., MI (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"AC is not as good as it should be"

PAT C., NC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Rear door handle (Driver side) detached. $250 to reattach. Body mechanic we know says it happens a lot with VWs."

Anonymous, KY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"I am tall, 6'5 34" inseam and it's hard to get in and out of the car. I sit high enough that the mirror blocks my view."

JAMES L., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The climate control seems "weak". The fan must be all the way up to 6 to be moderately effective."

BONNIE K., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Very comfortable seats, easy to adjust for different occupants. Excellent climate control. Easy to adjust except sort of quirky for windshield defogging. Very, very quiet."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"it's all great. the cars owns the highway. unfortunatly, maintenence as well as parts are expensive, i took a trip from nj to elkhart, indiana and got 49mpg's. i dont want them to fix the diesel emissions, because the car will lose performance and efficiency when they get done with it. also, the add blue heater went at 86k. the fix will involve using a lot more urea exhaust treatment, and i suspect the heater will fail twice as fast. it's too bad, because i love the car."

DAVID S., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seats are somewhat hard and not really comfortable. Car is noisy when driving, especially on rougher roads. A/C and heater work well and quickly. The car gets blown around easily when it's windy... It just doesn't feel very stable."

BETH C., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seats very comfortable for a tall driver."

STEVE E., MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Ride is firmer than some. It does not corner quite as well as I would prefer. It has unbelievable rear seat room for a car its size."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Road noise is high on some of our Carolina highways which need to be repaved. Ride and handling are very good and seat works well with my back issues."

J L., SC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Diesel engine noise is not sufficiently dampened. Seats can be a bit uncomfortable on very long drives."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Too soft ride, the struts are already shot. Not made for tall people and those with big feet."

James L., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"8 way power seats and power lumbar allows customization."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"I'm overall comfortable driving the car."

Paul R., TX (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Very comfortable and quiet ride. Smoothest vehicle I've owned in terms of overall ride. Seats are comfortable and I don't stick to them as I've done in previous cars."

Kenneth R., GA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Good value"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The emissions issue with the TDI engine is a major problem and I selected to sell the vehicle back to VW. I love the car and the MPG is fantastic. Wish I could have kept it."

JOHN S., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"We have the diesel emissions recall on this vehicle. There haven't been any operational problems--the car drives great. However, we probably would have purchased this car after the lease expired. As it is, we have trouble trusting VW after this experience."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"More car than the sticker price indicates. Great handling and performance. I am much more alert on the long distance."

MARK P., OH (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great value. Very economical and roomy."

WILLIAM W., PA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"While mpg great, the TDI does not meet EPA regs. I intend to sell the car back to VW this October."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"This car drives and handles beautifully and is very spacious and comfortable all around. I had the TDI engine develop serious issue that required major time in the shop. After haggling, VW extended my warranty by 2 more years."

RANGARAJAN J., CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"They cheated on emissions, and that is important to me."

JAMES S., CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Given that I have a TDI, the fuel economy is outstanding. I can get better than 50 mpg on the highway."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Kind of expensive compared to others in segment, but got a better deal on an end of model year deal"

LOUIS L., NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great gas mileage"

Anonymous, NC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"This car will be sold back to VW as part of the Settlement agreement related fraud by VW in advertising TDI engines. I would not have bought this vehicle had I known of the emissions fraud."

MICHAEL J., TX (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Very comfortable front and rear. Amazing room for its price. Zero issues in 43,000 miles of driving. Superb mileage"

TOD P., NH (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Fun roomy and great mpg"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Emissions cheating means value for resale is a problem. Also the turbo went out on HWY suddenly, reducing max speed to 40 mph. This was replaced free.Steering wheel obscures speedometer at certain values. Climate controls are poorly placed; difficult to reach without taking eyes off the road. Generally very stuffy in the cab."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"VW lied to us about the emissions, and now will buy it back for less than its actual value."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Mpg Front seats new more support"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Overall good value for car, but ongoing issues -- including some major system failures give me pause on actual value"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"My car has a diesel engine, subject of the fraud issues for emissions compliance. I'm waiting for official word on remedy."

THOMAS D., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"It is great for travel. A lot of room for everyone and handles very well on the road. Mileage is great."

Anonymous, NV (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Electronic controls are slow to respond: backup camera, media, & navigation. Performance and handling are excellent and exceeded my expectations."

JOHN P., IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"It's a TDI. Enough said? Thought I paid a premium for a well engineered car. It's a good car to drive but it pollutes, and to clean it up it may not be a 'fun' car to drive anymore. I used to have an 1983 Turbo Diesel VW Rabbit and remember needing to give written notice to the cars in the slow lane that I wanted to merge. I was amazed at the power in this generation diesel. And now I see that it's all a lie..."

MATTHEW H., NY (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"fantastic gas mileage and driveability"

MATTHEW Z., PA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The lease offer was just what I needed. No down and low monthly payments for a decent and very roomy vehicle. It's not exciting but it got the job done at an excellent price."

ERIC B., CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Dissatisfied with diesel scandal"

WILLIAM B., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"LOVE THE CAR. Hate the emissions issue. Sad to turn it in but will in Oct."

JULIA A., SC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent trade in price, auto show rebate and an aggressive sale price"

JON N., KS (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The Passat tdi sel doesn't lack for much when it comes to bells and whistles, ride and economy. It is very peppy, swallows a small household of goods in the trunk and the up charge for the Diesel engine paid for itself in 6 months with the number of miles we drive. If available, we would buy another today! The downside is that maintenance can be pricy."

THOMAS J., IL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"The unit is a diesel. The mileage is excellent and the claim settlement will make it the best buy of my life."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent value. Wonderful car, upkeep is simple and straight forward and no major issues."

T S., SC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great value for purchase price and overal operating cost."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Engineered very well."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Volkswagen Passat)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Not a fad chaser like all fast back cars in the market today"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Very attractive vehicle and I haven't seen a four door sedan, even newer models that I like any better."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"conservative lines"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Timeless good looks"

JOHN C., CT (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Just OK, neither flashy nor drab."

RANGARAJAN J., CA (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Clean simple German lines inside and out and some people don't know what it is."

ERIK M., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

"Looks great"

JOSE H., FL (2013 Volkswagen Passat)

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