The Tiguan is a sophisticated, fun-to-drive small SUV with a nicely finished and relatively roomy interior. It came with a bit of sticker shock for a non-luxury nameplate, but outscored several fancy-branded models that were more expensive.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It has strong acceleration and handles well."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"This car can get you onto the highway and at cruising speed very quickly and smoothly.. I love my Tiguan. When the time comes for a new car I will most definitely buy another Tiguan"

Karen R., PA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Acceleration is especially good. Car feels very solid when driving."

Anonymous, NM (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Hugs the road like a sports car, short turning radius and tight in holding the road."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"for a little econo box suv, this thing really handles quite well, and pretty decent acceleration too!"

Anonymous, GA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Great power and acceleration even at highway speeds for passing. Responsive steering. Drives like a sports car. Fun to drive. Quiet and smooth ride. Very comfortable on long highway trips."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"The acceleration is very good and the handling is excellent on this SEL model for a compact SUV."

Alfred L., NY (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Great accelleration for the class."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"unbelievable zip from 4cyl engine"

Gerald B., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"really great handling"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Nice acceleration and handles well with 55-series tires."

James W., CA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"It is very responsive when accelerating. Love the feeling of it."

John D., GA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Good acceleration. Stereo could be better"

Anonymous, BC (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Phenomenal acceleration & handling compared to the Honda CRV I replaced. The Honda had a larger cargo area, but overall the Tiguan is the better vehicle by far."

Richard Z., CA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Drives quite well."

Ethan R., OH (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"The 2.0 turbo is so fun to drive. AWD also makes it ride very well in the snowy and icy conditions."

Dan S., IL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Average acceleration; hard ride"

Larry M., NV (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Feel for rode. Acceleration great ride"

JOHN M., FL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Very nice turbo makes the car feel "zippy" and overall vehicle dynamics make the car fun to drive."

DANIEL J., NM (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"a great driving experience"

GEORGE B., FL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Excellent acceleration at high elevation, excellent braking and handling. Very comparable to Audi. Great in snow."

MIKE K., CO (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"The car handles very well"

REX L., OR (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)


FRANK E., NC (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"The German engineering of the suspension and drivetrain make it a very predictable, excellent handling vehicle at all speeds."

GARY G., CO (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Love the engine ... it often still amazes me... great pickup at all speeds even with luggage and four occupants."

TERRY M., ON (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Ride is pretty harsh and was really noisy will old tires."

James W., CA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Very quiet and comfortable even during long trips."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"The seats are electrically adjustable and comfortable. The ride is harsh on back roads as we have 19‿ wheels. Occasionally, there is some noise fro the sunroof."

Alfred L., NY (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"too much road noise from OE Pirelli tires"

Gerald B., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"ample seat adjustments, comfortable, not as good as the GTI seats, these are softer, with less side support, but still superior to most. Lots of adjustment, quiet, and solid feel, not float and wallowing, stable especially with 4 motion AWD"

Carl E., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Space in the truck area."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Holds the road very well with a minimum of noise and bumps. Seats are comfortable and there is a good viewing angle for the driver."

Dan S., IL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Excessive engine and road noise"

Larry M., NV (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Large tires give a noisy ride and rough ride"

CONRAD S., IN (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Excellent ride. Dual zone automatic climate control works very well and is very convenient. The cabin is relatively quiet compared with other vehicles. Seats are just OK."

NORBERTO H., KS (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Great ride comfort tight feeling on road"

JOHN M., FL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Excessive engine noise and harsh ride due to 19" wheels/tires"

LARRY M., NV (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Very comfortable seats front and rear. Great seat heaters. Excellent back support. Quiet ride. Traded in a honda Crv for this car. The Honda sucked on all counts. Honda was noisy, poor acceleration, braking, Honda was very uncomfortable to sit in."

MIKE K., CO (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Interior noise from the road on hight way, mostly from the windows, and the sky roof. It is not from wind leakage, it is the thin windows. Weight consideration."

LORRAINE M., NB (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Engine is noisy at all speeds. Seats are great when compared with my Honda."

REINHOLD B., PA (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Superb fit and finish, great options in SEL pkg, great panoramic roof, high quality, components, leather is comfortable, easy to clean when dogs get dirty feet on it. RELIABLE, never a burp, since we got it. It's peppy, it too, has the added Neuspeed power module added, it's a plug and play module, it ups the game, QUICK, the 4WD gives it an added feeling of security...great stuff, priced right, high quality through out"

Carl E., NJ (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Good SUV. I feel we got our money's worth."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"I've found this vehicle to be perfectly adequate in every way. It's not great fun to drive, but it's not a bore. The storage room is mediocre, but the cabin fit and finish was as good or better than anything in class."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"drives and handles beautifully - turbo engine gives it superior power"

GEORGE B., FL (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"We've had 3 recalls on this car, which the dealership handled well. But we are disappointed with the reliability of this model, and with the loss of fuel efficiency (what little this model was supposed to have!) as a result of the fuel-injection system problems."

CHERBULIEZ J., MN (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Price, value & satisfaction are what I expected"

RICHARD S., OH (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Bought the base model off the lot. Dealer upgraded the radio/climate system (I beliebve they are all one unit). The price I paid was very close to the base price."

JOHN P., AZ (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It just looks good."

RICHARD S., OH (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)

"Euro (German ) understated style."

NORBERTO H., KS (2013 Volkswagen Tiguan)
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