The XC60 is quick, pleasant and benefited from Volvo's latest safety advances of the time. While handling is sound and secure, the mid-sized SUV is not exactly sporty to drive. Further, fuel economy is mediocre and some controls are not intuitive. While interior fit and finish are impressive, rear-seat room is only sufficient.
There are 7 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is good for 2010 SUV vehicle, the turbo lag is not that noticeable. Driving at low speeds can be a bit sluggish, but highway speeds where the turbo is engaged is a different story."

Sam D., MI (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The car has the perfect handling and acceleration (turbo/AWD) for the challenges posed by urban interstate drivers when defensively driving."

John O., OH (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Fantastic handling in all weather conditions"

Anonymous, CO (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Very good acceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Volvo XC60)

"It’s easy to handle, very responsive. We rarely have to accelerate but when necessary it handles well."

Michael F., ON (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Very good acceleration; car goes where I expect it to go; tight turning radius; excellent braking; good balance. No complaints."

Robert Z., NY (2010 Volvo XC60)

"acceleration,handling beautiful cabin"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The acceleration and handling of this vehicle are exceptional. In the worst driving conditions (and I experience these a lot in Canada) I always feel safe and totally in control of my vehicle. No other vehicle (and I rent many each year) comes close to this one."

Anonymous, SK (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Just drives nicely"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Volvo XC60)

"It has the larger engine so the acceleration and highway passing capability are excellent"

Anonymous, NB (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Handles very well for an SUV; accelerates well"

Anonymous, MT (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Terrible handling. Rear end breaks from pavement when hitting bumps putting vehicle into skid. Volvo and dealership explains such erratic behavior as normal."

PAUL T., CA (2010 Volvo XC60)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"This is a very comfortable vehicle that smooths out all but the worse bumps in the road. It is quiet inside, allowing your phone calls or the music to be heard more quietly than a lot of cars."

Susan H., HI (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The ride is comfortable and is quick enough for passing maneuvers. Power is adequate for the size of vehicle."

Sam D., MI (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Feel relaxed and comfortable, especially important as we’re in our 70’s."

Michael F., ON (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The seats are leather, have many different lumbar settings, leg settings, they are heated, they cradle your back so you are not just sitting on a flat back. You are not bouncing around. I have a bad back and truly appreciate this type of seat."

Josephine B., IL (2010 Volvo XC60)

"I have back problems and the seats allow me to drive with less back fatigue and more comfort. The ride is smooth and quiet."

James W., MO (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The seats are somewhat uncomfortable for long periods of driving."

Anonymous, IA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are firm and comfortable, feel very solid."

Daniel N., PA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Very comfortable and quiet."

Anonymous, DE (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are very comfortable with adequate legroom, and there is good visibility from the driver's seat"

T P., OR (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Size of the cabin and type of seats are conducive to a comfortable ride on long trips."

Richard H., MA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"I have never driven or been a passenger in a more comfortable car that is quieter. I have been a passenger in many new SUVs including Audi, Mercedes, Toyota. None compare with this Volvo in comfort and quietness, even though they are 8 years newer."

Anonymous, SK (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Love the heated seats !"

Anonymous, MB (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The vehicle is wonderful for long road trips; seats are very comfortable."

STEPHEN C., GA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Small back passenger compartment"

DANIEL V., NY (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Love the comfort but the back seat is hard to get in and out of due to the small leg room and ledge to get your feet out of the car. If you are under 5'7" is good but I'm 6' and it's bad and difficult to sit and get in and out of the back seat."

ROGER D., WA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Very comfortable seats. Have taken it on a 5,000 mile trip with very little fatigue or discomfort."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The seats, headrests, and leg position are uncomfortable"

JENNIFER E., TX (2010 Volvo XC60)

"The headrests in terms of the way they project "forward", are the most uncomfortable I have ever encountered"

WILLIAM M., SC (2010 Volvo XC60)

"all of the above"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Back seat legroom is very poor for adults"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Volvo XC60)

"Most comfortable seats I have ever had in a car. Very solid feel on the road inspires confidence. Quiet interior and effortless acceleration result in long trips leaving you less fatigued."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Volvo XC60)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I was disappointed that the rear differential went after 88,000 miles. I contacted corporate Volvo, and to their credit, Volvo picked up the cost of parts; I paid for the labor."

DONALD S., NY (2010 Volvo XC60)

"parts are very expensive and the vehicle is failing already at 100K"

JENNIFER E., TX (2010 Volvo XC60)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Beautiful car"

Anonymous, MT (2010 Volvo XC60)

"I really like the look of the XC 60; especially the rear light configuration. It's very sleek and stylish."

DONALD S., NY (2010 Volvo XC60)
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