Introduced for the 2010 model year, the Volvo XC60 faces stiff competition against fresher compact luxury SUV rivals, some of which are now in their second or third generation. In order to buy some time before its pending redesign, the XC60 has some updates. Most changes are under the hood. This is a familiar tune; over the years, a wide cast of different engines have graced the XC60's engine bay.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Driving and handling excellent"

Robert D., MN (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Good powe"

Anonymous, MN (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Very smooth acceleration"

Anonymous, MI (2017 Volvo XC60)

"The car feels very secure and under control when I'm driving."

Anonymous, TX (2017 Volvo XC60)

"I'm not happy with driving over rough interstate roads. Too bumpy."

Anonymous, KY (2017 Volvo XC60)

"T6 version of the 2-liter has great acceleration with its 300+ horsepower. Much better than similar cars I've rented or owned."

Charles C., MN (2017 Volvo XC60)

"You have to put the car in S mode to have the proper acceleration needed for ramp speed onto a highway."

Anonymous, NY (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Drives well. Especially like the safety features - blind spot clear alerts, beeps when close,"

Douglas E., MN (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Firm and secure handling.?Quick acceleration that is very good for maneuvering in traffic."

Anonymous, VA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"plenty of power, acceleration, quiet engine"

Anonymous, CT (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Great acceleration and good cornering for SUV"

Anonymous, WV (2017 Volvo XC60)

"My sister owns another type of vehicle which I drive frequently, so I am constantly reminded of how much pep this Volvo has. It has a great, solid feel and is completely responsive. And with the safety features included I have more confidence behind the wheel. It feels as safe as it is rated, the sort of feeling that aging drivers in particular want to experience. I have no hesitation that the power will be there when I am merging into traffic; it will be. And with the increase of aggressive driving out there--I live in a large metropolitan area--I have the tools I need to protect me and other drivers."

Judith P., MD (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Acceleration is strong, but the turbo engine's power delivery is somewhat non-linear. Handling is secure and stable for a higher vehicle."

John F., GA (2017 Volvo XC60)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The leather in the XC60 is not as nice as e.g. in a BMW but the seats are well designed and very comfortable on longer drives"

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Amazingly quiet Gorgeous seats Incredible ride Easy to fit 5 adults"

Jeffrey S., OH (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Best seats in any car. Such an improvement over my Toyota or Subaru before that. Handling is excellent"

Anonymous, BC (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Long rides no problem. Very comfortable and feel in control. Can preset seats easily adjust while driving"

Anonymous, VA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are very comfortable and the ride is good. We get more road and wind noise from this car than from the S80"

Stephen S., MA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"This Volvo has wonderful electronic adjustments for support in the driver's seat. It has more configurations and much more lumbar support than my past vehicles. I love the various ways in which I can support what's aching on any particular day!"

Judith P., MD (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Volvo XC is a very comfortable car that provides support for long drives. Quiet and sound limits road noise."

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are wonderful for backs. Comfortable ride."

Anonymous, MD (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are quite comfortable but the ride is rougher than the 2001 Volvo V70 that I owned previously."

Anonymous, FL (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Most comfortable car seats ever experienced"

Anonymous, WV (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Very comfortable seats Limited road noise Ride is smooth"

Pat K., GA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Very good"

John B., RI (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Best seats in the industry. Ride is stiff, however, at the expense of handling."

Charles C., MN (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Seat ore very comfortable, the noise levels ore low and the ride is smooth and stable."

John F., GA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Sears are extremely comfortable."

Anonymous, MN (2017 Volvo XC60)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car is nicely equipped but Volve skipped on llittle things like sill plates for the back doors, nets in the cargo area. The OEM accessory mat for the cargo area does not fit well. The carpet in that area seems succeptible to rubbing marks"

Anonymous, AZ (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Great value compared to other vehicles in category AND you can carry 4 sets of golf clubs and seat 4 people. However, the price is not affordable for most and that's a shame. I will not be getting another one. It's too much burden on my budget."

Gregory J., OH (2017 Volvo XC60)

"The safety of the XC 60 is primary when considering the value of this vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2017 Volvo XC60)

"It lacks many features (no rear washer, no headlights on indicator), exterior temp. gauge inaccurate, electronics very difficult to use and master, not intuitive, bluetooth works poorly, no oil dipstick, no paper user's manual."

M F., MA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Great car. The price is awesome compared with similar vehicles and well worth the cost. Outstanding value"

Pat K., GA (2017 Volvo XC60)

"Value equal to all safety bells and whistles"

Anonymous, WA (2017 Volvo XC60)

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