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Join us as Consumer Reports' experts show you how to protect your privacy when using smart speakers in your home. Plus, win the argument on how to properly pack a suitcase with tips from a travel pro and see whether you need to rethink how to clean a grill. 


Watch Saturday, Oct. 12 on NBC. Check your local listings for times, or stream it on demand. 


Read on for more advice related to the topics that will be featured in the upcoming episode.


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More From CR's Experts

Here is some more advice and news related to the topics covered in the upcoming "Consumer 101" episode airing this Saturday.

'Consumer 101' Spotlight: Safety

Get a Grip on Your Vehicle's Tires

As unsexy as they may be, tires are one—actually, four—of the most important safety features on your vehicle. The type and age of tires and the wear and tear of the treads will determine in great part how well you brake, swerve, turn, and accelerate—especially on roads that are slick.


"A car's performance is only as good as the tires, because they are the only contact with the road," says Gene Petersen, tire program manager at Consumer Reports and one of the guests on this season's "Consumer 101."


Watch to see just how big of a difference new treads can make!

What to Know Before You Buy New Tires

Consumer Reports recommends monthly inspections of tire treads. What else do you need to know about tires? Read below!

Jack's Back to Join Us for Season 2!

Jack Rico's curious nature fits right in at CR. Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., he's a frequent contributor to NBC's "Today Show" and He also made history as a journalist when he co-anchored Univision's first Spanish-language morning newscast in New York City. Join him every Saturday morning with "Consumer 101" on NBC.