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Did you know that electric cars were introduced over 100 years ago? On this week’s episode of “Consumer 101,” you’ll see one of the earliest electric cars made and learn about the technology behind today's electric cars.


CR experts will explain how to make your small appliances last longer with one easy step and take you behind the scenes to reveal how we test snow blowers, even when there is no snow.


There’s more info for helping the whole family eat healthier in the new year, too.


Watch the full episode of “Consumer 101” this Saturday on NBC. Check your local listings for times or stream it online. And find more great resources on these topics and more, below!

'Consumer 101' Spotlight

How to Protect Your Privacy

Today’s innovative, connected products bring promises of greater ease and convenience for our daily lives. But there’s a dark side: With so many products and services collecting and potentially sharing data, your personal privacy is at a greater risk than ever before. 


Watch these "Consumer 101" videos for simple steps on how you can take back control, thwart hackers, and protect your privacy.

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Jack Rico's curious nature fits right in at CR. Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., he’s a frequent contributor to NBC’s "Today" and He also made history as a journalist when he co-anchored Univision’s first Spanish-language morning newscast in New York City. Join him every Saturday morning with “Consumer 101” on NBC.