Dunkin’ Donuts recently dropped the “Donuts” from one of its California stores, and now it’s dropping a lot of donuts from its menus at stores around the country.
Nation’s Restaurant News reports that by the end of the month about 1,000 Dunkin’ restaurants — there were 8,828 locations in 2016 — will cut their donut offerings from about 30 to 18.
Not all hope is lost if your favorite donut doesn’t make the cut: Dunkin’ President David Hoffman said that some of the affected locations might eventually go back up to 24 donut options, depending on customer demand.
The change comes as the chain tries to “reset” its business, while boosting efficiency and improve customer service.
Hoffman tells Nation’s Restaurant News that the menu revamp is “one of the most aggressive simplification efforts” he’d been apart of.
The company, however, isn’t giving up on innovative and new donuts. Instead, Hoffman says the chain will focus on ensure these new offerings have intriguing flavors and combinations that can be successful.
While the company has previously noted that would be turning its focus toward beverages rather than food, Hoffman tells Nation’s Restraint News that isn’t entirely the case.
“Simplification isn’t about saving your way to prosperity,” Hoffmann said. “It’s about creating room for growth to position yourself as a beverage-led, on-the-go brand.”

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.