There are some things we do for the people we love, and then there are the things we do out of love for people we might not even know. Like the fine folks at an Ohio restaurant who helped deliver a milkshake to a terminally ill woman in Washington, D.C., yearning for a taste of home.
A friend of the woman wrote on Facebook this week that she only wanted two things before she died of pancreatic cancer: A Cleveland Indians hat — which he brought to her hospice bed the next day — and a mocha milkshake from Tommy’s Restaurant in Cleveland, in the neighborhood where she and her friend had grown up together.
A milkshake from a few states away is not so easily procured as a hat, however. He reached out the restaurant via email and asked if they could deliver to D.C. A few days later, he received a call from the owner, Tommy himself.
“’Yes. We will figure out a way to do this,’” he recalls Tommy telling him.
Soon after, Tommy shipped the woman a mocha shake, packed in dry ice.
“I would have even driven up there if I’d had to,” Tommy told The Washington Post.
“She was thrilled,” the woman’s friend wrote. “She shared it with her family. She talked about it for days and days. She shared the story with her friends back in Cleveland and here in the D.C. area. It was something that made everyone smile.”
She passed away last week, and her friend now wants others to know about the “caring and good heartedness of Tommy at Tommy’s.”
“So, my friends, if you are in Cleveland Heights, or anywhere near there, please stop in at Coventry, order one of those incredible milkshakes and ask for Tommy (he is the one cooking in the middle of the restaurant) and say, ‘This one is for Emily. Thank you for sending one to her.’”

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.