Each day—whether shopping for groceries, seeking out a reliable car, or deciding on a student loan—consumers engage with the marketplace with the hope that it will meet their needs and support their aspirations. For 80 years, we at Consumer Reports have prided ourselves on being the independent, trusted partner millions have depended upon to help them navigate those large and small decisions.

Throughout our history, Consumer Reports has investigated and reported on the safety and performance of products and services in order to equip consumers to make better-informed decisions, influence business leaders to act responsibly, and spur lawmakers to prioritize the rights and interests of consumers. Our testing, ratings, and reviews—distinguished by our steadfast independence and scientific rigor—have always been a means to a much more ambitious end: making the marketplace fairer, safer, and healthier. In short, we believe in the trailblazing notion that at the heart of individual decision-making lies the opportunity to exercise consumer power in service to a larger social good.

The simple truth is that the needs of consumers aren’t the same today as they were back when we were founded in 1936; they aren’t even the same as they were just last year. These days, standing up for consumers doesn’t only mean informing them about unsafe appliances or faulty electronics. Safeguarding the consumer interest means keeping pace with the dizzying speed of innovation, sparking awareness and action around the use and ownership of our personal data, and ensuring the integrity of the software that fuels the “smart” products that touch our lives today. For Consumer Reports to remain an effective champion for consumers, we need to work on every front that impacts consumer rights—a high bar, but one we pledge to meet in partnership with consumers in every community.

As always, that starts by listening to you—after all, it’s your voices we exist to lift up. Our mission is your well-being, not profits. That’s why we’re reaching out to meet consumers on new channels. It’s why we continue to reject advertising dollars and freebies, and take pride in our nonprofit status. Our independence is a promise to you: we will never be paid, played, or swayed.

As we continue to stand with consumers to build fairer, safer, healthier markets, I hope that you will continue to stand with Consumer Reports. It’s your support, your engagement, and, most of all, your voices that make us stronger, more effective champions for a better world. And I look forward to hearing your voices as we pursue this work together.

—Marta L. Tellado, President & CEO

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